Mancow Muller, You Are Our Only Hope - To Break Arthur Kade To Pieces

Looks like Arthur Kadyshes is finally going on a reputable radio show. It's sad that Arthur thinks it is because his fame is growing. Rather, it's because the curiosity of how one human being can be THAT ridiculous is a hard thing to avoid. Either way, we've got full hope that Mancow will do what other radio shows have failed to do, and that is to call Arthur out on the wide variety of lies he tells in interviews. You know, the ones about getting bottle service all the time (look for some interesting investigative news from us on that soon!), about being an up and coming Hollywood star when you've not acted in anything that anyone has ever seen, or about acting in trailers for pilots that don't stand a chance at being reviewed by "major networks," and plenty of other lies.
The lastest from arthurkade.com:
After another stellar interview with one of the most amazing, largest, and most popular stations in The South (I feel like I have taken the South by storm, and have now built a Ft. Lee like Stronghold in that part of the world and the amount of Fan Mail that I have been getting has been overwhelming and I want them all to know that I am taking “The Journey” to new levels so keep watching), I have now been contacted by one of the biggest, most popular, and most well known syndicated Radio Talk Show Hosts In The World and of all time, Erich Mancow of The Mancow Morning Show. Everyone knows him as the “Howard Stern” of the Midwest (He crushed Stern in The Midwest for years through the 90’s and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world on his show) and has become one of the most well known and controversial radio shows in the country, and now he gets to talk to one of the most celebrated, fastest rising celebrities in the world, Arthur “Motherfuckin’” Kade (I will be on 6:40 CST ((7:40 EST)) on Monday Sept, 21st so make sure to tune in). His show is syndicated throughout the country, so all my fans from the East to the West will have a chance to see me do what I do, and I am sure that he and his crew will be pumped to know that I am coming on and we can kick it, “Kade Style”. Even Though these interviews are a bit time consuming, it’s one of those things that a celeb of my caliber has to do show the world The Brand’s dominance and growth like my peers in “Young Hollywood”.
I thought my Kadelanta Interview today was a little sterile and lacked the attitude and speed that The Brand and “The Journey” is known for because they asked me real boring questions, but overall the feedback was tremendous with me dominating all of the talking in the interview and giving them “Great Radio”, but I know that Mancow and I will get into the meat of what “The Journey” is all about, and why people around the world have rallied around me to make a future Oscar winner and “A List” Celeb. One of his producers contacted me today and said, “We would like to schedule an interview to talk to you live on the air on the growing popularity of your website and your celebrity”, and I thought this would be a great chance to take The Brand to The Midwest since the show is based in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, and begin the same “Kade Style” domination that I gave in The South.
In the meantime, I had an amazing session with Sharon today to work on a dialogue that I will nailing in Lemon’s class tomorrow from the amazing movie, Doubt, and I could tell that Sharon really liked this part for me because it allowed me to showcase the intensity and frustration that I sometimes feel with people who disagree with “The Journey” because they are too unsophisticated to understand the power and velocity of what I have created, and the vision that I am showcasing for all young actors to become a “Modern Actor”., and I have a Saturday photo shoot scheduled all day on Saturday for the TV show that I have been cast in, and this is being pitched to Major Networks. I have videos but can’t seem to download them right now so I will try and put them up tomorrow.
“When you know you shine bright, make sure to buy yourself another light bulb so you shine even brighter”…Arthur Kade…09/15/09
Here is the link to the interview with Kadelanta’s top station, Q100 (Scroll to the Interview With Arthur Kade), and videos from today:
Here is a great Fan Email showing the power of The Brand in Kadelanta:
Hey Kade! Dude, I never thought I would be able to contact you! I know that I will NEVER be as super as you, but I still try to keep it as kade-style as possible. I hope you will be able to reply, because I am your biggest fan!! As a matter of fact, I was listening to you on The Bert Show this morning in Kadelanta. You totally rocked it out! PS, I thought that was pretty radical when you were kade-scaling them!! Sincerely, Alex


  1. who the hell says radical anymore???

  2. also i think when he said Arthur "Motherfuckin" Kade, he really meant Arthur "Buttfuckin" Kade.

  3. I can literally see his tongue between his teeth when he talks. My boss was in the office, so I thought I'd watch the video on mute, and I can still hear that fucking lisp.

  4. I can't believe that first video.

    "Wow, you're a German working in a Jewish deli! I should get back from you because I'm so stupid and afraid you will try and exterminate me!"

  5. Screen shot on the first video = Big Bird

  6. Kade definately has a radio face.

  7. You know, I'm not Jewish, but most people I know who are take their religion seriously. They go to church. They follow traditions. They do it respectfully.

    Does it bother anyone else to see someone try and use their "religion" to be cool? The "embracing Judaism by having a nova lox sandwich," and the "down with the Torah" nonsense, seriously... Kade is as Jewish as he is black. I think it's terribly offensive to see someone who obviously doesn't follow their religion seriously do things like this.

    And Nova Lox? Come on, it's not like it's some special meal only to Jewish people. You can get that at every decent breakfast restaurant in the country. Salmon, cream cheese, tomato. WOW.

  8. I lived in Chicago for many years listening to Mancow (not by choice). He totally sucks. Stern of the Midwest? Hardly. The guy is a fucking retard.

    Nonetheless, I hope he skewers Kade, which has to be the easiest job description on earth.

  9. Matt,

    Totally agree. Mancow is a hack who has lost a ton of credibility and visibility here in Chicago. He used to be everywhere, but I think a few too many controversies turned people off. Can't remember the specifics, but frankly I didn't even know he was still in Chicago.

    True, his listener numbers were maybe higher than Stern in Chicago for a period of time, but not nationwide, not by a long shot. "Stern of the Midest - he is ABSOLUTELY not and never has been.

    But, the guy is definitely better than these previous interviewers. Maybe he'll actually do something worthwhile and rip Kade apart.

  10. I hate the thought of relying on Mancow to shred this guy, and I don't think he will. He's a famewhore himself, deliberately picking fights with Stern to give himself credibility. Then faked a waterboarding to come out with the radical opinion that waterboarding is torture, which started another media shitstorm because ManQueer has been so adamantly pro-War, pro-Bush, pro-rightwing douchehackery. He's supposed to be about the Bible and our Judeo-Christian nation in the same breath he spanks and humiliates women.
    Obi-Wan he is not. My guess is he will use Kade's story to prove a point about how wonderful America is and that you can really make your own way to the top. He'll hail him as an entrepreneur. You'll see what I mean.

  11. KAIDS givin' you the mundaneSeptember 16, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    So, to sum up those vid:

    "I'm taking a cab ride."

    "I'm buying a bagel."

    This is truly FUCKIN' DOMINATION.

  12. KAIDS readin' the other comments and chortlingSeptember 16, 2009 at 11:16 AM

    @J Bone:

    "Big Bird" - you nailed it!

  13. Mancow if you are reading this please have him do his "best" monologue on the show, it will save a great deal of time for the audience. Rather than rip him to pieces have arthur do it himself.

  14. Medium African ChildSeptember 16, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    Dear Father Arthur,

    Everyone in Medium African Child village wear spectacle because it make them look smart. Unfortunately we bump into many, many thing all day long because we wear prescription frame and we all have vision like eagle. Maybe it not so smart to wear spectacle if you vision is like eagle.

    We listen to you dominate Kadelanta on wind up radio here in jungle and think them hosts very mean to give you such a low rating, and saying you is boring after three minutes. They not see your lion mane? They not hear you roar like Kade of the Jungle? Never minds. Soon you have little yellow man, just like your little yellow hairs and you shows them.

    You so good looking and we here in village take you seriously Father Arthur. Many many girls have your picture up on wall in huts and blush when they thinks of you, Father Arthur. But we very very dark skinned and it quite hard to tell when they blushes.

    I hope you is well and God is keeping watch over your journey and will give you what you deserves.

    With loves and affections

    Medium African Child
    MAC Out

  15. The EntourRAGING faggotSeptember 16, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    blaaahhh go die arthur youre boring

  16. The EntourRAGING faggotSeptember 16, 2009 at 2:30 PM

    Im going to prank call arthur any ideas, ive done it once before but he hung up when i said gay-pride parade