Temple University Student Paper Column Written About Arthur Kadyshes

It looks like Arthur was in fact interviewed by his alma matter, Temple University, as he claimed, but the article really does nothing but make fun of him and allow Kade to spew forth information about his favorite places in Philly. You've got to love Arthur telling them "when I'm not dressed up I'll mostly wear clothes from Barney's New York." Gee Arthur, we didn't know Barney's was selling cheap t-shirts that 12  year olds wear, and cheap hats with brims that don't stay in place. Why not just tell them the truth about shopping at Wal-Mart and online t-shirt shops?

Here's the article. Oh, and Kade doesn't even have this up on his site yet! The original article is available here. Go sound off in their comments and let them know what you think! We highlighted all of their negative comments in red just to help you keep track of the fact that they're really not that impressed with Kade.

Arthur Kade is larger than life. Or at least his ego is. The controversial “model” and “actor” gives his picks.

When it comes to living it up in Philadelphia, there’s only one way to do it: “Kade-style.” At least, that’s what Arthur Kade would tell you.
Arthur Kade poses for a late-evening photo shoot in sunglasses.

The 31-year-old investment banker-turned-wannabe-actor is one of the city’s most contentious Philly celebs. He’s a seemingly delusional fame ball who rates every woman he meets on a 10-point scale and refers to himself as “Philadelphia’s favorite son” and “the original modern actor.”

His blog – which documents what he calls “The Journey,” his path to becoming the next big award-winning actor – is so ripe with self-promoting cockiness that some have wondered whether he’s actually just a very committed performance artist pulling a hoax on all of us. And, when you consider the fact that he’s claimed to be too hot for Angelina Jolie, it doesn’t seem too big a stretch.

At least one thing is certain when it comes to Arthur Kade – he’s a man about town. He may be a permanent fixture on Gawker’s hit list (right next to fellow fame ball Julia Allison), but he does know how to party, and whenever a hot new club or restaurant opens, he’s there. He’s lived in Center City on-and-off for the last 10 years and claims to know all the best places to go – if you’ve got a little extra cash and some swagger.

Check out his picks:

My favorite restaurant in the city would have to be Buddakan. It gives the best combination of food, atmosphere and drink selection, and it has a really nice, young, hip crowd. They’ve been changing up their menu lately, and I haven’t been there in a while, but they had lobster crepes on the menu forever, and that was my favorite dish in the city.

I also love the Fountain Room at the Four Seasons. I go there for pure food and elegant dining. Parc is great for atmosphere, but the food is just OK. It’s copied after Pastis in New York City, and personally, I think the food at Pastis is better, but it’s a fun place to go anyway.


I’ll go pretty much anywhere, but in terms of nightclubs, it’s all about G Lounge. Recess Lounge, which is opening next week, is going to be a new hot spot too. It’s a very exclusive, membership-only club, and my friend Ryan Dorsey, who used to run Z-Bar, is the manager.

I spend a lot of time in New York City, about three to four days a week now, and the New York club world is light years ahead of Philly’s, but a lot of steps are being taken to modernize the scene here.

I think the days of the big clubs are over for now, and we’ll see a return to smaller, more exclusive clubs like Recess Lounge or Strongbox, which is another club I go to all the time. It will be like when Bungalow 8 opened in New York several years ago, and only the best of the best got in. People like being in an environment like that, with a small group of friends and some bottle service.

I know I like walking into a club and seeing only my friends and hot girls I want to be there.

I don’t do much shopping in the city. I mostly shop in New York. But for men’s clothes, the best place to shop around here is Boyd’s. I grew up in the fashion business, working in retail and modeling, and I like the better things in life. Places like Boyd’s really offer that.

I’m very, very fashion forward, and I love wearing Gucci, Prada or Jil Sander for Men when I’m dressed up. When I’m not, I’m more of a hipster, and I’ll wear clothes from Barney’s in New York.

I don’t want to give away the location, but the new place to hang out in Philly is my house, Chateau Kade. I’ve always got booze, and I’ve got a lot of space, so people will come over to hang out and talk before or after we go out. There’s a lot of pre-gaming and post-gaming that happens there.


  1. KAIDS will drink anywhere, especially home aloneSeptember 18, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    So, basically he's a drunk.

  2. investment banker? he sold life insurance and annuities... LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Imagine what Art's telephone looked like after a long day of cold calling. Oily and covered in spit.

  4. His comments about "Play" in a college article sounds like a desperate 30+ year old who is going to try to hold onto his youth by getting college kids over to party with him cause he's giving them free booze. What a dipshit.

  5. It's reassuring that everybody considers him a joke...

  6. Gee, I wonder why the interviewer didn't mention AKs career as a star athlete at Temple? Or any academic honors he earned.... It seems all Temple considers him to be is an alumni internet blogger with an overgrown sense of his own fame and importance.

  7. Artie sucks my fucking ballsack for dollars