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I’m going to start with a few items that I should have included in the last post I did (which was “Showtime, Kadester!”):

Comment from “Throwing a “Kade style” bachelor party”:

AussieNaton 20 Feb 2010 at 11:25 pm
Is there an Arthur Kade drinking game? There should be. Like, drink every time Arthur uses the word “amazing”. Drink twice if it’s in the first sentence.
Plus, reading this shit would be way better drunk. Just sayin’.

Since Kade doesn’t like women very much (except to call them “cumb dumpsters” or to “Kade” them), and he often refers to orgies, this should be his new theme song:

And now, the main event:

Criticism of the February 23rd, 2010 blog post entitled “Happy Birthday Mama Kade!!!!”:

I will be blogging my recap of the amazing celebrity appearance…
The word “amazing” makes a comeback! Congratulations to Kade! I thought he had lost his mojo and his mind…oh, wait. And what of his use of the word “celebrity”? According to the Oxford Dictionary of Current English (3rd edition), the word has the following two definitions:

1. a famous person
2. the state of being famous

From the same book, the definitions for the word “famous” are:

1. known about by many people
2. excellent

It’s possible that Kade can be seen as being “excellent”…but in my mind he can only have this word attributed to him in the sense that he is excellent at repelling people with his honesty about himself, how he views the world, and its inhabitants; thus, he is excellent at being a douchebag. This again brings up the fact that many of us found out about Mr. UnLaid through the excellent website, http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com/. It would also help to explain why FryPanFace (G.N. Kang) had never before heard the word “douchebag” so many times in her life (video reference below).

How about being famous? It would appear that he’s famous for being hated, but is that really a reason to throw the word ‘celebrity’ around? I think further discussion on this particular point is both warranted and necessary.

…one Super Fan said, “You were by far the best part of the episode”…
Kade may see this in a different context than what was actually meant. I think the “Super Fan” was saying that Radishes was the best ‘punk’d’ person on the show; the fact that he took Mark Wootton’s character seriously made his time on the show all the more entertaining. Kade, however, might be under the impression that the fan thought Arthur was by far the best ACTOR on the show (as I’ve said before, Kade was not acting, but rather, being himself). Therefore, one statement can have two different meanings when two different people examine said statement. If the “Super Fan” comes forward to explain themselves, then we will all know what they actually meant.

…I think it is appropriate to use a Jesus-Like description for the time before “The Journey” because of it’s god like influence on the Gen Pop…
No, it is NOT appropriate to use a Jesus-Like description because I don’t believe Jesus Christ was a vain and narcissistic person who believed himself to be better than everyone else and bragged about hooking up with hot 9s and 10s. Jesus may have been the Son of God (or God himself in human form, I’m still confused about that), but he wanted to unite all humanity in love and in following God, NOT have people bow down to him and tell him that he was so, like, great and stuff. Furthermore, the sentence should read “because of its God-like influence…” Grammar fail #1.

…I sat Mama Kade down, and told her my plan to become the greatest actor in the world and asked her, “What if I fail?”, she said, “You don’t know how to fail”.
THAT’S for sure: you DON’T know how to fail! Luckily, some members of the “Gen Pop” DO know how you fail and point out such things on a regular basis (check the comments on Kade’s posts). I tried submitting your entire website to failblog.org, but they rejected it on the grounds that it was so packed with Fail that it would crash their servers and give their readers massive brain hemorrhages.

I won’t dive into the sea of ‘Yo momma’ jokes because a lot of the 61 comments for that blog post already do, and some of them are both vile and vulgar. Another reason that I won’t attack his mom is because of a comment that ‘Anonymous’ left on the “Showtime, Kadester!” blog post:




That brings up a good point: are Kade’s parents connected to the Mob? Is that why no one has thrown a punch at our Lispy hero? Is he protected? Is his dad high up in the Mafia? Nice subtle death threat, by the way! I’m shaking in my mukluks all the way up here in the frozen north! Luckily I have plenty of sled dogs to guard my igloo, and even if members of the Mafia DID somehow make it past them, I would be filled with energy because of the abundance of Maple syrup we have up here.

It’s nice to see that Arthur is aware of the videos I make of him, but at the same time it’s a shame that he doesn’t see the subtle way those videos mock him (the same subtlety that the ChrisDude used to have). Ah well, he can call them “Fan videos” all he wants; as long as they entertain the Katers and fool the ArTurd, I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Criticism of the February 23rd, 2010 blog post entitled “Arthur Kade’s TV Debut On Showtime’s Hit Show, LA LA Land (GawKade Covers The Brand Again)”:

In what can be summed up as one of the most anticipated, acclaimed, and amazing debuts of any celebrity ever to grace a hit TV Show…
No, it can’t be summed up that way. Just because you puffed up your chest about it for a while doesn’t make it so. I can’t say that many other people were talking about it either. How many radio and TV programs were doing segments on your up-and-coming TV debut? None? That’s what I thought.

Let’s go back in time to the July 3rd, 2009 blog post entitled “Cable project” for a moment…
(thanks to the comment that “Fucking Hack” left on the “Showtime, Kadester!” post on February 24th, 2010 at 10:19 AM who took the time to go back into the Kade archives and find this post)

My first trip to Kade Angeles was more amazing on every front than I ever imagined it could be. I made INCREDIBLE connections in “The Biz”, partied at the hottest clubs, and found out how large The Brand is out here, and the only thing missing was getting a role or job that could catapult my career to the next level.
Yet you claim that being on La La Land WILL catapult your career to the next level. Get your shit straight, son!

As I had mentioned, I had a project that I had to work on yesterday, and actually rescheduled my flight to stay an extra day (although all my new friends were begging me to just stay and not go back, and I said to everyone, “I will be here full time shortly, I am too big for Philly, and NY isn’t where the action for movies and TV is”).
If NY isn’t where the action for movies and TV is, then why did you go to both an audition and a meeting in New York City (that you talked about in your March 3rd, 2010 blog post entitled “Secrets”)? Why did you brag and exaggerate about being on set with Angelina Jolie for “Salt” (it was filmed in NY, or did you forget about that)? If you delve into the comments section, you can find New Yorkers leaving remarks along the lines of “Stay the FUCK out of my city!”

The peeps at The CN referred me to a production company that was working with a premier front line cable network (Can’t release because of confidentiality but it’s big) on a “Docu-Style project focusing on up and coming artists in Hollywood, and what they are doing to make it” which will air in early 2010, and obviously with the unprecedented splash I have made here, they wanted to feature me in a segment. I taped all day yesterday, and as always I gave them a show of talent and abilities that they have probably never seen before, and I think the segment will be amazing.
Peeps at the Cartoon Network? It seems that being a friend of Kent Osborne has more perks than it appears! A big thanks to Kent who inadvertently made Kade a bigger laughing stock than he could have made himself on his own! It would also seem that, from Kade’s description, he was either in on the joke and didn’t reveal the fact that it was a punk’d-style show (so as to keep the punch line under wraps) or he actually believed that he was being interviewed as a celebrity and was dishing out quality advice to “Gary,” the aspiring actor (“aspiring” being the appropriate word here, since Kade was exactly that back when this was filmed and still is today).

Getting back to the “Arthur Kade’s TV Debut On Showtime’s Hit Show, LA LA Land (GawKade Covers The Brand Again)” post…

…needless to say, “The Journey” has taken the next step with Arthur Kade speaking in a TV Show, and doing it with such panache’ and grace that “The Biz” is saying today, “This kid is the real deal”
Unless ‘The Bland’ can produce a shred of evidence that ANYONE in “The Biz” is quoted as saying “This kid is the real deal,” I call bullshit. Also, why would they call you a kid? You are CLEARLY not as young as you claim you can look. Check out your comments once in awhile, Kade (and we know you do); there are those who say that you look to be about mid-40s (one commenter on your site said something to the effect that you’ve aged five years from the time you started your website back in February 2009 to February 2010). Judging from the lack of sleep, the constant partying, the unhealthy food and all the energy drinks, it would be quite the stretch of the imagination for someone in “The Biz” to call you a “kid.” (Unless they were referring to your mentality.)

“How cool would it be if I headlined 2 Hit shows on TV at the same time. I would be the “”Akon”" of TV and Film ((Because he is the only music artist to have 2 number 1 songs out at the same time in history)))”.
1. You don’t need those extra brackets, moron.
2. What other TV show, besides La La Land, are you referring to?
3. The “Akon” of TV AND film? When film is usually referred to, it’s in the context of movies. There is a difference between a TV show and a movie. Movies, by and large, are shown in theaters, whereas TV shows are featured on television. True, movies CAN be shown on television, but this is AFTER they’ve been played in theaters and been released on video\DVD\Blu-Ray. There are also such things as MOWs (Movies of the week) that are exclusively for TV; I can’t think of an MOW that’s been played in theaters. You have a lot to learn yet, jackass.

…may get an Emmy nomination in his first turn on TV because of what one fan called, “The most entertaining and funny thing I have seen on TV in forever”, and this will be an added step to opening doors to touching Lil’ Oscar like no one else ever has.
Once again, context, Kade, context; the fan may be thinking that it’s funny for reasons entirely different than what you perceive them to be. Also, concerning your statement about getting closer to “Lil’ Oscar”, I quote Joey Sweeney (editor from Philebrity.com) who said, “What happens to people when their reality shows end? Nothing.” Being on La La Land as yourself will NOT get you closer to an Oscar because you were NOT acting but being yourself. Other people may THINK it’s acting because (as has been said before) they can’t believe there’s such a fucknut out there who would think so highly of himself when they’re a relative unknown. So when people hear you making statements about being a celebrity and such, they may turn to their friends and ask, “Is this guy for real, or is he putting on a show? Is he an actor?” This is where some may get confused, especially if they see you on a show like La La Land because if they know that Mark Wootton is playing a character, they may become suspect as to just who else might be as well. If you’ve ever watched “Operation Repo” you might think the segments in that show are real, but they are not…they are re-enactments.
The visual medium of video is starting to make (at least) some of us wonder if what we’re seeing is real or scripted and is beginning to raise points of discussion around deception and ulterior motives (which can then branch off into propaganda, public relations and mind control). This brings up the questions that others have had in past posts about Kade being a real person versus Kade being a character created by Arthur Kadyshes. Some have sworn that Kade is real, and others have sworn the opposite. For a future LWK post, I would like to open up the floor to arguments presented by both sides: those who claim that Kade/Kadyshes is real, and those who have seen the many signs and hints that this is all simply an elaborate prank. And if this all IS just a prank, one must wonder how far Kadyshes will take this prank…

The Brand decided to watch his “Cherry Popper” by himself in Chateau Kade because I wanted to savor all of the hard work, the hours of practice on The Craft, the sacrifices of money, vagina, and life frills that it took to get to this moment, and I wanted to savor it with the one person I love more than anyone, Arthur Kade. I will let the vids below share my excitement and orgasm in watching myself finally reach the silver screen, and in less than a year of “The Journey”, the brisk pace with which Arthur Kade continues to achieve is unprecedented and unbelievable.
How very selfish of you! Could it be that Kade spent that time alone because his “Entourage” didn’t want to be seen with him? Oh sure, Teefs, The Gunt or Kang could have shown up, but the excuse of wanting to savor it alone fits perfectly as to why no one else is there to cheer at your TV debut.

Criticism of the February 25th, 2010 blog post entitled “A Day In The Brand’s Old Hood”:

Some Vids to show Kade Nation where the evolution of Arthur Kade as he gears up for the most important time in “The Journey” (Several of the BIGGEST Announcements of “The Journey” so far coming soon), and where “Hollywoods Newest Bad Boy” Came from:
- The words ‘Here are’ should start off this grammatical train wreck of a sentence instead of ‘Some’
- “vids” should not be capitalized,
- take out the word “where” in “Kade Nation where the evolution of”,
- the word ‘several’ should not be capitalized,
- the word ‘announcements’ shoud not be capitalized,
- it’s “Hollywood’s”, not “Hollywoods”,
- the word ‘came’ should not be capitalized

And you’re writing a Pulitizer prize-winning book? Your editor(s) will be pulling their hair out with pliers.

An interesting comment (by Tombstone on 26 Feb 2010 at 2:00 am) from this post is as follows:

Your grandmother’s tombstone says “Dora Segal”, you can see it at 0:53. It also mentions that this person was deceased in 1995, see 1:06. what gives?

There will be more on this later.

Criticism of the February 26th, 2010 blog post entitled “Behind The Scenes Of The Brand’s Interview With Social Branding Expert, Lewis Howes”:

What else is there to say about this post? It’s got the usual lies, exaggerations and delusions. It’s always a pain (for me, anyway) to watch any of his videos simply because I can’t stand the combination of his face and voice…especially if he’s looking directly at the camera and talking to it. Take those two things away and his videos might be more watchable.

Kade says that he doesn’t care what people think about him, but I seem to remember people posting comments in past blogs about his hair, clothes, smell, spittle (etc. etc.) and then seeing a picture (that Kade himself took) of mouthwash, deodorant and a few other things needed to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene. I think he DOES care what people think about him, even if only a little bit. He’s still going to say and do what he wants, but I believe he is, at least, listening to the criticism. He also claims that he gets “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of comments every day. If one were to take a look at the comment counters, they would see that quite a few of his blogs get (on average) under 100 comments (not like the over-200 hate-filled comments that he used to get when he started “Duh Gurney”), so unless people are emailing him at his Kadeout email, I don’t understand why he would make a statement like that (he might be including the comments he gets on his Youtube videos, but those don’t add up to great numbers either).

Criticism of the March 1st, 2010 blog post entitled “The University Of Pennsylvania Releases An “Unauthorized Documentary” About Arthur Kade”:

First of all, why are all the words in the title of this post capitalized?

The Entourage and I were discussing my amazing 5 sexual conquests this week (5 different girls in 5 different nights…
I’m assuming that, by “sexual conquests” he means actual sex, which I call bullshit on. With “The Drought” having gone on as long as it has, methinks Kade would devote an entire blog post to the “amazing” sex he had (complete with video and pictures). This post would most likely be entitled “The End Of The Drought.”

…the Balls Ass Hot “Unauthorized Doc” (This is the short version of “Documentary” that we Crafters use) that has been created by one of the top 3-4 schools in the world, The University Of Pennsylvania...
According to TopUniversities.com (http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2009/results), the University of Pennsylvania ranks #12, but I can understand why you would want to compliment UPenn with such a high ranking in the first place. On 4icu.com, it sits at #7 (http://www.4icu.org/top200/). At the Academic Ranking of World Universities website (http://www.arwu.org/ARWU2009.jsp), the University of Pennsylvania comes in 15th place. Good try though, Fade! Anyone who can’t use a search engine would definitely believe you!

One of The Entourage said, “How many people in the world can say that an Ivy League school did a documentary on them”
Just because three students at that school got together and did up a 10-minute film on you DOES NOT MEAN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY TOOK PART IN IT. It would seem to me that the three students who did the film were interested in (1) how your name was being thrown around, and (2) what the various forms of being “famous” are nowadays.

“I am one of the most fascinating, polarizing, charming, talented, and inspiring people ever created…
No, you’re a DICK who needs to be punched in the face by Maddox’s pirate character (http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/images/bcitu_headbutt_1280x1024.jpg)

considering that some of the most brilliant people in the world are discussing ME, that’s pretty hot…
Yes, Ms. Hilton, it IS pretty hot. Care to name any of these brilliant people (but first, can you define the word ‘brilliant’)? Granted it takes brains to get into UPenn (someone call me out on this if they think I’m wrong), but don’t compliment them in that way simply because they’re genuinely curious about a human train wreck like yourself. Or are you simply returning the comment that Aymar Jean Christian made about you in his article? The reader can find it here:

I was so wasted I had “Whiskey Dick” and couldn’t cumb if my life depended on it.
I’m glad you’ve embraced the (now infamous) spelling error you made awhile ago (that people pointed out right away) and are now using it on purpose, as if it’s all a big inside fucking joke. We’re still laughing AT you, though.

Another girl that I went home with and almost had sex with, texted me tell me I forgot my fedora at her house, and when I picked it up at her building, she packed my cookies in the bag…
You mean to say “texted me to tell me” and “packed cookies for me in a bag”, right? Yeah, more little inside grammar jokes from you to us. She baked you cookies? I wonder if she added some ‘special sauce’ or perhaps ground up some doggy dung to mix in. Good thing you shared by handing the deathtraps out to others or else you might have been the only one to get sick from them.

And a few more choice comments from Stumpy McCumDumpster concerning exaggeration:

when Arthur Kade hit the runway, the crowd erupted and you would have thought Bono or Sting got on stage, but they went even crazier when they realized that The Brand was carrying his camera and videoing the whole time while walking the runway (One Kade Nation Fan came up to me and said, “That was one of the coolest and most creative things I’ve ever seen. Your TV Show really will be one of the biggest things in the world”,

She was an amazing kisser although I wish her tongue was a bit smaller because it was slightly overpowering in my mouth), and when she found out I have a TV Show coming out, I think she almost came in her undies.

her mom and her blushed because of how good looking and charming Arthur Kade was, and her mom said, “That’s so flattering, but she’s only 16, but I’m her mother”, and at that point I could tell that her mom was hoping I would take her instead and “Kade” her, but the only way it would have happened was if the daughter was of age, and we had a threesome because she was way tooooo old.

If you can stomach it, watch the the video he’s talking about where he videos himself on “the runway” and tell me if “the crowd erupted”, because all I heard (besides the loud music) was about 5 people yelling upon seeing him…

I think I understand now why Kade posts so many pictures of himself with other people (who are more than likely complete strangers): he believes they are fans following “Duh Gurney.” Also, if someone questions his fame and popularity, he can simply say, “Go to my website and look at all the Gen Pop fans I have gotten photos with. I am Balls Ass Hot and they know it. They wanted to be seen with the Brand, and with the Amazing man that Arthur Kade is, I allowed them to be photographed with me.” He has gotten manipulation DOWN, folks! He can create an entire other world out of the one that we are all living in! It makes you wonder why he isn’t a campaign staffer in the public relations department of some weasely U.S. senator running for president, doesn’t it?

Concerning the documentary: I found it fascinating. However, I would like to respond to both Dan Lee‘s (“If you think he’s morally suspect or worse, then why continue to read his website, to create critical websites that ultimately promote The Brand?”) and Michael Serazio’s (“All these people who are just totally dissing him…it’s still proof, it’s still evidence that the game is taken. If you have haters, you’ve gotten big. Haters are a consequence of success.”) comments:

To Mr. Lee of Philadelphia Magazine:
Some people continue to read his website because it’s entertaining to watch someone degrade themselves without (much) help from anyone else (if he didn’t have his ‘Entourage’ enablers, that is). Some people like to hate. Some people are genuinely interested in where Kade will go and if he will succeed. I think, given enough time, other people will chime in with their own answers as to why they keep returning to his site. The LegoWigKade Blogspot was created, first and foremost, as a refuge from the actual arthurkade.com website. Some of us were tired of being censored by Arthur in the comments section and wanted a place to talk openly about anything we wanted concerning Arthur Kade. We wanted to expose the man behind the curtain (or the organ grinder, as some have said) and bring out all the ugly things that Arthur was trying to keep under the rug. This Blogspot has become a compendium of everything a Kater could want, all without the fear of censorship (if you look at some of the comments we receive, you can see that we have haters as well). Our job is to make people AWARE of Arthur, not to PROMOTE him. If we wanted to promote him, we’d be saying nicer things. True, we could simply ignore him, say nothing and go on with our lives, but sometimes, when one sees something that they feel is wrong, they must stand up and do something to combat it. That’s what we here at LWK are doing: fighting the good fight…and once Arthur is gone, so shall we be.

To Professor Serazio:
I do not agree that having haters makes one big or successful. I believe there are many people out there who are absolutely hated and, at the same time, largely unknown. Would you want to be famous for being hated or not want be known of at all (if those were your only two choices)? I think Kade is hated because of the things he says, how he views women and how big he tries to puff himself up to be; others call that (among other things) sad. So, with the sly smile you gave at the end of your statement, you may think that we here at LWK are inadvertently helping Arthur to become famous, but I assure you we are not. In fact, I hope many people who visit both Arthur’s site and ours never return to either again. As long as they’re aware of who Kade is and take the necessary steps to avoid him, we have done our job.

FAME: Kade Style (Anniversary Cut!) from Aymar Jean Christian on Vimeo.

Criticism of the March 2nd, 2010 blog post entitled “Amazing New Kade Nation Fan Vid”:

It’s interesting that, on this page (http://www.draftfcb.se/global/), the credits at the bottom of the poster for “the film” say this:



No doubt the person who had one of Le Nostril’s headshots added to the film was simply doing this to goad him, egg him on, and/or make him think that he actually had “global influence” (or something silly like that). It wouldn’t surprise me that Kade may have made a comment to one of his Nontourage that he is really becoming famous now, what with the appearance on La La Land, the “Unauthorized Doc” and now this video. Get real, Kadester: three things a celebrity do not make. Oh sure, you could throw in being an extra, doing some runway stints for fashion shows, and being interviewed on radio (and TV) programs, but many other people have done all those things (and a whole lot more) and don’t consider themselves to be celebrities, actors, global icons, or all three of those things. Maybe it’s because you grew up poor that you think this way. I know I’m not the first one to tell you this, but being an actual celebrity (instead of the pseudo one that you are) takes a HELL of a lot more than what you’ve done so far…WAY, WAY more…and you have to be grown up to do it! No taking pictures of yourself in a bathroom giving some silly hand sign, no making bandwidth-wasting Youtube videos, AND NO KADE SCALE! You think you can become famous simply because you’re being honest about who you are and what you think? Get lost.

Finally….FINALLY, criticism for the March 3rd, 2010 blog post entitled “Secrets”:

The Brand remembers watching an interview by one of his amazing peers and fellow Crafters, Tommy Hanks…
The only person in “The Biz” that you should be calling ‘Tommy’ is Tommy Wiseau; you and that guy are a bloody car crash made in a Picasso-like heaven.

…now that I have gone through some of the most rigourous training to become an award winning actor imaginable (I was just at Papa Kade’s Hair salon getting my sideburns touched up, and telling my stepmom about all the girls I have been destroying lately, and Papa Kade came up to me and told me how a client told him, ‘I saw Arthur on Showtime, and although I hate that stupid show he was on, your son was brilliant and I loved him on it. He should really think about doing soap operas”)…
What rigorous training, exactly? (You spelled that word wrong, by the way, Mr. World Class Actor!) I’m sure your stepmom was thrilled to hear all about the girls you’ve been “destroying” lately. Did you tell her about the “incredible head” that another girl gave you to finish you off because she wasn’t on the pill? Must have made her heart SWELL with pride! You know, I don’t think doing soap operas is such a compliment. I’ve had the misfortune of sitting down to watch about 30 seconds of “The Young and the restless” and I wanted to kill myself, my mom for watching that shit, the writers, actors, crew and studio of that production for making such brain-draining bullshit. Still, I can’t see you being on a soap opera, Kade, because even YOUR acting is too unbelievable for such a production!

Sharon and The Brand have moved to really rounding him out, and I have developed 3 secrets that will help me mold Dan into a unique version of what he should be and they are:
They’re SECRETS! That means YOU KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF, just as you should have done with your delusional dreams of becoming an award-winning, Pulitzer prize-winning, balls-ass hot celebrity/model/global superstar! Why would you put the secrets about Dan on a public blog? What if your acting classmates (or your acting teacher, for that matter) are interested in following “Duh Gurney” and happen to discover your “secrets”? Oh no! Heaven forbid!

I wonder when one day an Oscar Winning movie is made about Arthur Kade’s Life, and assuming I don’t play myself, but someone like George Clooney or Russell Crowe plays me…
Yeah, right after they’re in a crippling car crash, they’ll be in the shape they need to play such a fool as you.

she suggested, “I think it would be interesting if you wrote down what you think those secrets are, because it may also help you find places inside as an actor that you can use for your upcoming roles…
That means she didn’t want to hear your bullshit (or, as one voicemail commenter said, "People are gettin' pretty bored of your bullshit.").

I was a finalist for a WB Mason commercial that was being filmed in Boston all next week with great pay and that I needed to head to NYC today for final audition, but they wanted Arthur Kade with long hair, and therefore was forced to pass…
There exist such things as wigs and they would have put you in one if they truly wanted you for the part. You remember wigs, right? You were wearing one in one of your 600-some-odd videos that I took a clip from for the intro to the 7-minute video I did on the absolute mess that is your life. It’s in your Kade Nation Fan Videos and features Fred Phelps as the main screenshot. I’m SURE you’ve seen it…

here are some of Arthur Kade’s “Secrets”:
1) He slept on a love seat for 5 years and developed scoliosis of the back because his Grandmother lost a boob to breast cancer, and because her boobs were so big, she couldn’t balance herself on her back so she slept on the couch next to him. Since he 6′2″ already, his legs from the knee down hung off the love seat.

I would rather die than fail I what I believe in…
So die already! What’s all this delay for?

He has gotten three girls pregnant that he knows of, and none of them elected to keep the children because they felt that The Brand wasn’t mature enough to become a Papa Kade himself.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Those girls should be hailed as HEROES for electing to not bring one of your cracker spawn into this already fucked-up world!

He was the “Ugly Duckling” in high school until he became friends with the hottest girl at the school, and because every girl thought they were dating, they threw themselves at The Brand and it gave him the confidence to seduce thousands of girls from that point forward into hooking up.
I seriously fail to see how hanging out with the “hottest girl” (you’re probably calling her that simply because she hung out with you and you were SOOOO GRATEFUL that she befriended a loser like yourself; maybe she did it on a bet…) would make other girls throw themselves at you. I know that teenagers can sometimes be a little dim, but who in the fuck is actually that stupid?

Speaking of stupid, check out the taxi interview Kade did with “Saeed” (poor guy!):

Interesting comment from Kade’s post entitled “Secrets”:

‘In the 'Biz' on 03 Mar 2010 at 7:24 pm


The only thing that is fast rising in Hollywood right now is my lunch. You make me sick, you aren’t worth the time anymore… bet you’ve heard that QUITE a few times. You sick fuck for barebacking. I’ll bet you claimed ‘drought’ because you have something. A good friend of mine was pulling that same shit and his dick was dripping green goo. He had a smell about him that made cats howl. Familiar?

Math lesson! You’re HOW old? So if you’re 32 and your gran died when you were 20, that’s 12 years ago… 1998.

Dora Segal’s headstone says 1995. So what gives?

There have been commenters in the past (both on this Blogspot and Kade’s website) who have accused the Katers of hanging on Kade’s every word. We here at the LWK Blogspot must examine every one of Arthur’s statements and expose them for the lies that they are. We criticize his every word because of the amount of lying he has done in the past (and no doubt will continue to do in the future). We don’t “hang on” as if his statements are gospel; rather, we expose his fallacies every step of the way. So it’s not as if we’re checking his blog every hour (or even every day), but if we’re going to prevent this vapid mofo from sliming his way into any Hollywood limelight, we’ve got to document all his bullshit so that, even if he does erase it in the future, we’ve still got the proof of his own words (that will be his own demise).

Kade made some comment in the past about all his haters turning into hangers-on in the future if he makes it big; rest assured that neither will be the case. Even if Kade DOES happen to gain some kind of mainstream notoriety, the LegoWigKade Blogspot will NOT change its tune to “we were supporting him this whole time!” Considering all that he has said (and typed), we are against him, we laugh at him, and we hope that he falls deep into the darkness of obscurity. I myself am not trying to gain attention from this blog. As a matter of fact, I like this operation being the small-time show that it is because the less people who know about Kade, the better. On the other hand, I think the more people who discover Arthur Kade and read his tripe, the more likely those people will be turned off by him, become haters, or will never visit his website again and tell people to avoid anything to do with the person known as “Arthur Kade.” Being aware of his existence sometimes means that you can steer others away from getting to know him (kind of a “Move on, there’s nothing to see here” statement).

Are you trying to be the next Bill O’Reilly or what, Kade? How many haters do you want? When are you going to realize that some of the people who tell you they are following “Duh Gurney” are simply fucking with you?

Quick question: What happened to the commenter who went by the name of Team Noto?

A tip o’ the hat to the regular commenter English Gentleman (eg), who can describe something so disgusting in such graphic detail that it puts my writing style to shame. In honor of such a commenter, I hereby call Arthur a protracted cuntnoggin.

As a final note, I’d like to turn the reader’s attention away from Kade. If you have the time (a little over two hours), you should check out a documentary called “Sweet remedy: The world reacts to an adulterated food supply.” It has to do with the chemicals in our food nowadays and how they affect our bodies and our health.

Also, for those of you interested in 9/11, Peak Oil, the drug war fueling the U.S. economy and other controversial topics, you should watch:

The Truth and Lies of 9/11

A Crude awakening: The oil crash

COLLAPSE - Theatrical Movie Trailer

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version

I know this Blogspot is supposed to be entirely about Kade and his Nontourage, but once in awhile I think people should be turned on to other, more important things.

(The proper way to attain a SAG membership will be the first thing posted in the next blog – Thanks to schnitzel says radda radda said.)


  1. Wow, so much to comment on about your comments. Yes. Exactly. So true. You hit the nails on the heads. (more later, I need to pull out notepad and get my thoughts in order)


    'Schnitzel says radda radda' is just me: radda radda. (in case I hid my subterfuge well) I have been going by schnitzel a few days on Artie's site trying to not be moderated so much. It worked for a while and then stopped working.

    Double check SAG requirements as what I wrote yesterday was from memory. I looked it up (using the SAG website and Wikipedia) around the time he was on 30 Rock or whenever he told the person on set he was "SAG eligible" which struck me as an odd way to put it. I decided it was time to find out what's what for myself.

  2. "I tried submitting your entire website to failblog.org, but they rejected it on the grounds that it was so packed with Fail that it would crash their servers and give their readers massive brain hemorrhages. "


  3. Nice try KAKA RASCHES. Please go and kill your self!!

  4. If you want some info on the proper ways to join SAG, I'm a good person to ask. I'm a working actress in LA with a friend who works in the membership department of SAG. I know all the ways to join. You can also see my previous comments on this blog regarding being SAG-E.

  5. I think anon 11:28 copied a comment left for Kade, not meant to be directed at Legowig. I have seen it somewhere recently but for the life of me can't remember where. Gawker?

  6. Arthur Kade and a Playboy model - WTF? LMAO

  7. Fair play to dear Arthur if he's pulled a 'Playmate'. Personally, if I take a lady home to tea to meet my parents I'd prefer it if I was the only one in the room who had seen her genitals.
    One can only imagine the scene when dear Arthur and the playmate conjoin in loving congress. Arthur produces so much white spittle in his mouth it would be a tight decision as to what frothed up the most - his mouth or her rancid flange. And if he were to orally couple with her growler, I imagine it would look like that frothy scum you often see at the edge of the water at the seaside - well, one does here in England - everything from turds, urine and tampons goes into our sea, it's fucking outrageous.
    But I'm not one to rain piss on Arthur's playmate parade. A pert pair of fake titties and a shaved quim is all Arthur looks for in a lady -oh, and also that she allows him bum access.
    There is a lovely photo I have seen of Arthur's betrothed lady, one can see quite clearly her puckered, little brown arse pipe entrance, it's almost winking, I swear it is. Now, that should be the photo Arthur carries in his wallet to show his friends. Their children would grow up to be so proud of their mother - firstly, for having absolutely no skills whatsoever she managed to make a bit of money purely by allowing strangers to see her genitalia, and secondly, for coupling with dear Arthur from whom they inherited Slavic peasant DNA - one can never underestimate the attractions of the soil, the goodly earth. But as we all know, children can be cruel, one hopes the little Kadyshes and Kadyhes don't get teased at school - yer muvvers a slut who showed off her cunt and yer dads a fuckin mental liar....that sort of thing can be quite hurtful to little ones.
    My best wishes to Arthur and Jayde, no doubt Arthur's dad will soon be jizzing over her centrefold, and sexually pestering her....'Oh go on, keep it in the family, I only want to put my finger up your arse, if you get pregnant I can do abortions as well, I can'.
    Yes, a lovely family to marry into.

  8. Don't forget the 'incest is best' theme that must be adhered to. Failure to produce a cooperative family member could be a deal breaker...that and the fact that klispy has ingested more male body fluids than her

  9. radda whatever raddaMarch 6, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Arthur sleeps alone.

  10. I wasn't implying that he was 'with' men, I'm referring to his meals. If you think that his food is being served unmolested you should work in a restaurant for awhile. Service personal can be brutal. With his attitude and behavior you can rest assured that he is being treated special. Fear factor...kade style.

  11. Radda Radda, you saw that quote in the post above!

    Remember when Team Noto threatened to find Arthur in Atlantic City and shit in his hat? Ah, the good ol' days....

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