Awesome voicemail.

I spend a good deal of time coming up with joke voicemails for our lisping hero, but once in awhile someone will call in with something that simply blows everything I've done completely away. After hearing the message, I clapped for the man who left it. Not only was he right on every point he made, but the sincerity and passion in his voice was both hilarious and heartwarming.


Someone left a voicemail on the Legowig Snapvine account awhile ago saying that we should have a voicemail contest. I'm all in favor of that, but I am simply too poor to be mailing out prizes. If we were to host a contest, it would simply be for fun. By the way, the guy who left that message (about the voicemail contest) has left some pretty damn good voicemails on Kade's Snapvine account, especially the one where he posed as "one of your fans from China." Great job, sir!


Kade, if you're looking for inspiration as an actor, you need look no further than Jeff Bridges: very talented, very likable, a lot of onscreen presence, he doesn't think himself to be better than anyone else, he doesn't have disdain for the "Gen Pop", he's got years and years of experience under his belt...and he's a nice guy to boot. I would suggest that you try to shape up and be a nice guy like Mr. Bridges, but then again, you have to be who you are.


  1. I'm thinking the lispslur is caught up in the alcohol. All he does and all he wants to do is drink everyday. Alcohol has captured far better men than party arty. You can tell he's running himself into the dirt. Good job drunken douche, you never fail to disappoint. Lisping slobbering freak fucknut.

  2. That was good. People hate kADE.

  3. Ignore that last post of mine, I was being a drunken douche.

    Arthur is so clueless about acting that it makes me crazy. He thinks being a self-involved asshole will get him places. Ha ha that he has shot himself in the foot so many times with his ridiculous blog that he is walking around on a stump and doesn't even realize. He was 'done' the minute he posted his Kadescale.

    "I spend a good deal of time coming up with joke voicemails for our lisping hero". Is that you Magistrate? I LOVE your work. I rarely listen to the voicemails until I hear you have done a compilation. Do you ever put them together for youtube? A slide show of stupid pictures of Arthur (no shortage of those) with a Magistrate phone slam would 'sell' I think. (get 5 stars)

  4. Yes Radda, it is I, the Magistrate. I've been contributing to the LWK blog since February 1st of this year. Unfortunately I don't post slideshows of the voicemails on Youtube. I think they're better off as audio-only presentations. However, I have one idea for a voicemail that I'd LIKE to do as a slideshow, but I would need permission to use the pictures and I don't think the webmaster of the site would give it to me. Thanks for being a voicemail fan! Hopefully I'll have another one out by the end of this month.
    Speaking of clueless, did you see Mr. UnLaid's Chatroulette video? It was sad and painful to watch (I thought).

  5. Fin Face -- who the hell is Lewis Howes? A 2 time All American?! I can find no evidence of that. He must be an internet fruad like you. Whatevs, Fin. Whatevs.

  6. ha ha ha ha ha ha... yes, now I've found it Finster. Lewis Howes. Ah ha. went to some non-college called Principia College, which USED TO HAVE a Division III NCAA Football team. Before the college cancelled the program. Technically, Mr. Howes holds these record... but really. From some shit ass college with a program that was so useless the college actually cancelled it in 2009. It's not like he played for Auburn or USC, asshat. He's as big a fraud as you, Douchey McLisp. So balls ass hot. You're all internet liars, and we all know it.

  7. Wig,

    Love the new header!

  8. Principia College is some tiny Christian college that is affiliated with a Christian HS (they share a website, LOL!) It's in Missouri and they had a very tiny football program until a yr or two ago... they sucked really bad and the program was cancelled but they beat up on some other Christian colleges badly and ran up the score, so that d-bag caught 20 passes some game. What a joke, just like Kade's life.

    Love the new header also. Unfortunately, I really don't care about Kade anymore and only visit your blog every few weeks. :(

  9. Any guesses what the new "really big announcement" is?

    Featured Extra?
    Infection Cleared up?

  10. Wow Finster -- your big news is you're going to LA for pilot season. Like every desperate wannabe on the planet. You aren't special. You aren't different. And you won't succeed, pal. Sorry, Lispy.

  11. Actually, pilot season is almost over now. Most things need to be shot in the next week or two so the pilots can be ready for network presentations. Then the networks have to decide on shows before the upfronts in May.

    There are still a few pilots casting, but since he doesn't have an agent it will be very difficult for him to get in. And no casting director wants to deal with unrepresented non-union actors who crash auditions.

    I'm not sure if I'm hoping to run into him or not while he is in town. I work for a very good film festival (with a very prestigious sounding name) and I wonder if he will try to crash it. We are also hosting the festival at a very popular studio so it gives people to get on a lot that they would otherwise have no chance to do.

    I'll let everyone know if something goes down.