Gutter Trash

Three paths to becoming middle-aged gutter trash.

Left: Lindsay Furman, undereducated, low-self-esteem New Jersey spawn with a bad dye job and cheap clip on bangs who looks about 35 and dates a parade of loser guys (party promoters and the like).

Center: Arthur Kade, a.k.a. Lispy McSlobberfuck, mentally ill 32 yr old unemployed cokehead famewhore.

Right: Sabrina Strickland, former stripper, constantly in debt, gunt-having, dating fellow middle aged trainwreck w/ criminal record, Randy Wittenberg.

Three methods, one result. Gutter trash.

Above: a cockgobbling mental patient in his natural habitat.


  1. Sabrina's one of those unfortunate women who look like their Dad


  2. Sabrina's Dad is a pre-op transexual?

  3. Doesn't it seem like the gunt has added 25-30lbs in the last few months? BTW when you look at Arties part pics he posts notice that rarely is he seen smiling when it is with women but frequently he is smiling when it is with men. Not saying that he is gay but it is really strange to me.

  4. Women for the most part are pretty fucked up people, and there is no shortage of extreme insecure mentally unstable ones that WLL fuck or hook up with losers like Chad Boonswang and Arthur Kadyses.. It's just numbers.. and Philadelphia is a really really shitty city as well.. you add all this stuff this is the PERFECT place for these losers to be to get that sweet action!

  5. People paid that Hag to strip?

    Oh, Philadelphia, where is your self respect?

    Let's just hope that none of the 3 of them reproduce and their polluted gene pool dies with them.

    When I look at them I have a sensory memory of driving S. on I-95, you open the window at either Bridge St. or Girard Ave........ Whew! That awful smell... part Industrial, part pollution and part "Gutter Trash".

  6. That chick on the right was a STRIPPER? What, like 40 years ago? Holy shit. What city....East St Louis? Disgusting.

    And no way that other chick is 35...she's pushing 45 for sure. Jesus. Fucking nasty, man. Way to go Kade! Hahaha...you're "the man" all right.

  7. Too bad those chicks are so fugly - it would be a great submission to "Hot Chicks With Douchebags"

    Kade even has the shiny "mark of the scrote" on his forehead, as you can see. Not to mention the gay gang signs and stupid kissy face.

  8. Matt, Lindsay is actually 27 or 28. She does look 35+, though. Cheap dye job and clip-in bangs. She is extremely insecure, which probably leads her to the dying of the hair and clipping-in of the bangs. LOL.

  9. Sirs,

    You will be hearing from my lawyers over this libelous besmirching of my good name. Good day.

    Gutter Trash

  10. Fucking excellent write up LW.
    Lindsay Furman looks like a dirty cock sucker. The sort who gets your tadger out, looks at it, teases you, licks the tip, looks up at you then takes the whole shaft down her gullet whilst keeping eye contact. She spits on it, cups the balls, nibbles the frenum, and generally has a jolly good time a suckling the cockle.
    Fuck me, I've just caused my penis gland to become erected, all that dirty talk. I did once have a gf who loved to suck on the cock, the most she managed was 24 blow jobs in a 24 hour period, I swear, my balls were so empty of spongle they wrinkled up like a walnut and just refused to eject anything but air.

  11. This blog got owned in that Documentary on Kade.

  12. So Lispy was in NY doing open auditions from a website called Actors Access? Is this for wannabe A Listers? How exclusive!

    If he was such a "Brand" as he states, where is the SAG Card and speaking roles? The only speaking he's done is some bullshit radio morning shows that have run out of ideas.

    P A T H E T I C

  13. schnitzel says radda raddaMarch 3, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    Kade doesn't have a SAG card because he hasn't worked enough and keeps choosing to be an extra in a mob of extras. Till Kade came along I thought, like most, you only need to be on camera 3 times to be eligible. That is totally wrong.

    To get a voucher, you have to fill an empty spot that isn't taken by a member of SAG. Each kind of filmed production (commercial/tv show/movie) has to have a minimum number of people on the production that are paid at union (SAG) rates. I forget the exact numbers, wikipedia is the fastest way to find them. For instance, for a film you need 50 actors paid at SAG union rates. If you can only get 40 SAG members to work on the film, then 10 non-SAG members have to be paid union rates to fill the legal requirements (the rest get minimum wage). >>You get a SAG voucher when you take an unfilled union spot and get paid at union rates.<< It is only likely you can get one of these 'left-over' vouchers if you can sweet talk the SAG union rep (usually a female who is a 4.3 on the Kadescale -- so his getting one through being charming is out), or there are hardly any people involved in the production. When Kade was on Salt, there were so many extras he would not have gotten a voucher, ditto for 30 Rock. I didn't see the Gossip Girl episode, so I have no idea how many actors were involved, but I doubt he got one for that either. For LaLa Land he almost certainly did get one >_< . He has one (or possibly, but doubtfully, two) vouchers. To get the three he needs he is going to have to actually work in a production that isn't overflowing with extras. *Then* he has to come up with over $2000 it costs to get the card. (did he ever pay the IRS? Why doesn't he have any furniture? Why doesn't he have any new clothes that weren't given to him for free? I don't think he can afford a SAG membership)

    When he says he is 'SAG eligible' -- that is, like most of everything that comes out of his mouth, a total lie. (along the lines of his 'playing basketball in college'...alone in an empty gym after everyone had gone home) He has been on camera 3 or more times, but that doesn't get him into the club. In HIS mind, he has fulfilled the requirements. In SAG's mind he doesn't exist and won't anytime soon.

    @Legowig, putting up "how to" get a SAG membership might be a good addition to the site. It will dispel 'conventional wisdom' on the matter, as well as make it clear that Kade is NOT 'eligible'. (unless he has been acting behind our backs)

  14. He refers to himself as the most up and coming young Hollywood star - and has had 3 appearances as extras. You see this really is not tolerable, this level of lying needs to be addressed.
    The student film made all the right noises about him, all except one - they never said about his collosal lying. His totally mendacious life. They never touched upon it. I mean, fucking jesus and fucking mary and cunting joseph...at least mention that his total existence is built on lies.
    You may just as well have sucked his cock for all the good you did. Shame him, don't make out he's some sort of internet phenomena, he's a liar, pure and simple. A Billy Bullshitting fantasist.

  15. @EG

    The bullshit is hair-rippingly frustrating, isn't it? He has "had 5/5 vagina this week", but the only vagina he talks about he didn't have. And what the hell is wrong with him that he calls it "vagina" in the first place? I have been a female all my life, as a matter of fact, and can tell you that word is whatcha call a 'doctor' word. No one actually uses it in a sexual connotation without a chart or model involved.

    Anyway, I only got 6 minutes into the 'documentary' before Vimeo quit working (better than usual record as Vimeo goes for me) Did it end up with the 'haters' looking bad? 6 minutes in it was Kade 0 / Everyone Else 1

    Most aspiring actors do at least 15 auditions a MONTH. Kade brags about doing 6 a year. (like, wow, he is out there working his ass off or somethin) If anyone gives him a real break, I will send off a scathing e-mail before you can say "but..." I mean it!

  16. I too shall write a strongly worded letter to anyone who allows Kadyshes to get within a whiff of a real star's fart.
    He's a lightweight....he's got no talent and not the motivation to get one. He wants fame and adulation for doing fuck all - he is quite frankly the cuntest cunt of all.
    I too am appalled at his use of the word 'vagina'. There's no need for it. One can choose from a variety of quite adequate synonyms for the hairy pie - one has the snatch - quim - minge - clopper - clunge - growler....etc.
    I hope, Rada, you don't take offence at my use of colloquials for the lady's abdomina..... as you have one I'm sure you probably have one or two of your own words for it.
    Personally, I have a name for my tadger - Nigel. Sometimes he's 'naughty Nigel' (anal pipe) and sometimes he's 'good Nigel' (normal pipe) and sometimes he's 'Billy No Mates Nigel' (self pollution)

  17. Lispy has a new post up and calls Tom Hanks....... "Tommy" - I cannot fucking stand this lying piece of shit! Such a poser, wannabe.

    LegoWig........ please amp up the reporting!!! Expose the lies and delusions!

  18. I was just called by my agent today and told that I was a finalist for a WB Mason commercial that was being filmed in Boston all next week with great pay and that I needed to head to NYC today for final audition, but they wanted Arthur Kade with long hair, and therefore was forced to pass.

    ---------I don't even know what to say about this one!

  19. What agent? What book? What show? What fucking anything? Korky needs to kwit it.
    AK = evidence that mandatory sterilization is necessary sometimes.

  20. "I was just called by my agent today and told that ... ...they wanted Arthur Kade with long hair, and therefore (I) was forced to pass."

    WTF, man? is this parody or irony or *shudder* for real?

    If true, then do tell more!

  21. @schnitzel says radda radda said...

    well said.

  22. ArthurKade: I wonder if fergie will bring the brand on stage for a celeb shout out? http://myloc.me/4pumb - Wednesday, March 03,

    ArthurKade: So much young vagina. I'm in heaven - Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    He is too fucking screwed up for me. I think I will watch tv now.

  23. @ anon 5:50 Thanks!

  24. From Kade's comments, just as a point of interest if anyone didn't see it:

    Former Coworkeron
    04 Mar 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Allright, so I’ve been watching, reading and listening and I feel like some things need to get cleared up. I have seen this done before but I need my voice to be heard.

    1. Arthur did dominate AMEX for many years, he was in fact a top performing advisor until he got lazy and just cared about banging chicks and who he was going out to dinner with that night and his practice suffered after a while. I would estimate “Kade” has earned on average $150k per year after taxes for the past 8 years. He also averaged speding about $160k. He is notorious for spending money, (although I’ve never seen him pick up a tab) and complaining about $10k Amex bills and how much he owes the IRS. He has never saved a dime. I also believe he sold his practice for $400k, payable over a three year period. This isn’t from “Kade” this is from someone close to the purchaser. The reason he sleeps at peoples houses and steals internet is becasue he is one of the cheapest people in the world when it comes to spending money on important things, i.e. beds, housing, saving and extremely frivolous when it comes to eating out, clothes, vacations etc.

    2. Arthur has always been like this. This is no act, his stories, constant need to one-up somebody and be the self absorbed center of attention have always been his top characteristics.

    3. Despite his arrogance, lisp, rudeness, self-centerdness, and sometimes his terrible odor he’s actually not that bad. Let’s say he is at least tolerable.

    Best of luck Kade, if you get to be famous and make the millions you’ve always felt entighteled too hit me up to be your FA. Biz is booming, you picked a wrong time to get out. Rollovers coming into RAVA left and right.

    I had to throw some quotations in, by the way you really need an editor, you couldn’t write financial plans in decipherable english, why do you think you can be a famous blogger? Weren’t you a com major at Temple? Yikes.

    Your old pal from conshy days.

  25. I don't believe anything the former coworker says.. if he made 160k clear he would have bought a better house than a 300k shithole and a better car than a 3 series BMW

  26. @anon 12:23 I don't know if the 'former coworker' is to be trusted, but he does say that Kade didn't spend money on things like housing and taxes, and about the car...Kade drives like a blind spastic judging by the number of tickets he got, so the car wasn't that important to him either. I guess it is easy to rack up a lot of bills when you spend $250 on bottles of $25 vodka every time you go to a club, and won't eat food that isn't cooked in a restaurant (when he had money, probably expensive ones)etc. And don't forget how much coke costs. He easily could have blown his money on pointless flash and blow instead of on a decent car and condo. Our boy Artie isn't known for his maturity and responsible attitude, now is he?

  27. yeah but 150k a year clear is QUITE a lot of money.. he was only payind 2-3k most on his mortgage.. that leaves him with 10k a month to just blow..

    he would have to be really really spending aggresively to blow through that stash every month.. on booze etc. even bottle service every night would be like 9k a month only.. and he didnt do that.. philly isn't a city that even has that.