Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland and [Red] Legowig Furman re-appear

A pair of rapidly-aging, classless, single Philly girls made another appearance in Lispy McSlobberfuck's recent blog. These are two of the only 3 "Players" who seem to hang around Lispy.

Red Lego Wig, on the left, is Lindsay J. Furman. The girl with the gunt on the right is Sabrina Strickland. A pair of Philly 4s if we do say so ourselves.

Not that Arthur's ex (a Philly 5) was any better, but at least she's had the sense to abandon The Cockgobbler and move on with her life as his gets sadder and increasingly desparate. These women know full-well that Kadouchey (does not rhyme with "Radishes") is a mysogynist, unstable douchebag with delusions... but just can't turn down any chance to take a stupid picture to appear on a website. I can't imagine how vapid they must be.

Remember Kade's comments about women who get increasingly desparate as they age? These two girls appear to be 30ish and, of course, are indeed single. Imagine the nightmare of dating either of them... it's making me want to vomit right now.


  1. Arthur's ex... you've got to figure that she is just completely broken now even if she did get out early. What kind of therapy must she be in to cope with knowing she was with someone - emotionally and physically - that turned into this?

    It must be as bad as a wife finding out that her husband has secretly been into kiddie porn their entire marriage?

    What I want to know is, did the hygiene issues, the bad breath, the hyperactivity, and all the other bullshit exist back then, or did it begin with Arthur's totally obvious cocaine addiction and hopefully-lethal cocktail of Red Bull, caffeine, energy supplements, and ego?

    That Sabrina Strickland though... she could be an adventurous chick if you put a few drinks in her and dangled some Little Debbies cakes in front of her. Once you wore her giant milk mams raw with some serious titty-fucking, you can turn perpendicular and dry fuck her fat rolls.

  2. Looking at that picture…is that what klispy meant when he said “half eaten seafood salad”?

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen…GN has left the building

  4. teefs! gunt! yay! welcome back ladies. now if you can get chad to do another douche kissy-face my week will be complete

  5. @Kudos 9:09--Kang is probably taking the picture. She's smart enough to stay out of Kade's pix since he started spiralling out of control. But we'll get another slip up like Kade wearing her sunglasses and get the chance to bust her balls properly

  6. Everyone accuses Kade of misogyny, but the crap that gets posted about these girls in comments here and on the main blog is far worse than anything Kade has written. Attack their vanity and stupidity in hanging around him, sure. But there's no need to call anyone who is obviously in the healthy weight range "fat", and all the gunt talk makes me sick.

  7. Penal Insertion..

    as someone who knows these fameWHORES.. trust me they are pretty fucking pathetic.. and insane.. female versions of AK for certain.

  8. I don't mind anyone calling them pathetic or insane. But this whole idea that women shouldn't have any fat is revolting. It's perfectly healthy for a woman to have a small belly. I'm a straight female myself, but I think women with totally flat stomachs look unnatural.

  9. Scranton's own Mr. MeatballNovember 18, 2009 at 9:33 PM

    Penal Insertion,

    Who said fat is revolting? Biff is clearly a gunt fetishist and would put that fat to good use. The "you can turn perpendicular and fuck the fat rolls" line had me falling out of my chair. You could not do that with a flat stomach now could you?

  10. I think the "Gunt" nickname comes because Kade has some post where he discussed, at length, the "stomach-vagina connector bump". people are pointing out that these girls are stupid for hanging with someone like that. It's not promoting misogyny, it's mocking it by showing that Kade's own vapid BFF isn't exactly a walking fitness specimen. She has a gunt, in fact. If you'd see her in person, you'd see what we mean.

    Overall, the tone of the post is--let's see if Kade's own friends even match his critiera... hmmm... well they're old (Sabrina seems 30+ and Furman is 27 or 28 at least), they're not wanted by men and hence single, Furman has horrible hair (dyed poorly, as is Kade's) in the Lego Wig tradition... and Sabrina has a man's voice, is extremely plain looking, and has a gunt.

    Hope this helps you understand the post

  11. I am totally with you, Penal Insertion. As a girl I can get just as pissed reading about how the poor vain girls who circle him are "fat," "single," "old," "orange" in the comments as reading kade's actual demented entries. i try to rationalize that it's just people ragging on them any way they can and not an indication of actual woman hatitude but maybe we could ease up on that shit a little.

  12. Hey lets call a gunt a gunt. And if she is a fat gunt then she is a fat gunt. If it makes you sick then go curl up in a ball and cry your fat ass to sleep.

  13. Acceptable collateral damage

    The gunt
    The fat gunt
    The stupid ugly old slutty gunt… stays

    If you find this to be offensive perhaps you should de-gunt yourself.


    Gunts don’t kill people
    They don’t have to

  14. I'm actually pregnant, so I'm proud of my gunt!

    To the anonymous who think Kade started the gunt thing - I read people talking about his gunty friends when I first came to his blog, and that was long before Kade ever used that term. I got the impression that he picked it up from the comments on his blog. So hooray for Kade Nation, you helped expend Kade's misogynistic vocabulary!

  15. (By expend, I meant expand).

  16. Hmmm... interesting
    There are also plenty of men with a dicky-do!
    now THAT'S attractive!!!!

  17. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 19, 2009 at 6:32 AM

    Hmm, what a quandary.

    On the one hand, I would never look at a 30+yo woman on the street and think "ugh, look at her flabby stomach". Besides that being useless and superficial, it's quite possible that she was a KA 10 in her 20's, then grew up and decided to do something useful with her life like focus on a career, raise a family, etc.

    On the other hand, if you're 30+ and your big goals in life continue to be: get into clubs, be seen, get drunk, pose for pictures, be noticed, get on a website, get drunk, etc. AND you're willing to hang out with a complete asshole to accomplish those goals, I kinda feel like you're fair game for all kinds of ridicule.

  18. Please help me decide which is the worst part of Furman's hair:
    a. the atrocious side-mullet
    b. the ridiculous bangs (you look 29 trying to look 9)
    c. the elderly-Russian-lady dye job

    On a side note, she looks like the mousey type who's a complete sub in the bedroom. I bet she's secretly into anal and water sports.

  19. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 19, 2009 at 7:02 AM


    Trick question. The answer is:
    D. the fact that she's still wearing her Halloween wig two weeks later. That thing must stink to high heaven.

  20. Cooooool!

    Hey you guys!

    Everybody in that photograph is the EXACT SAME SHADE OF ORANGE!

  21. If I were an assassin I would consider killing that posse for free.

  22. He posted about going to therapy right before this...

    Back of a cab. I'm an important figure of philadelphia history
    about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

    ...maybe you should spend the day at therapy.

  23. to the person criticizing the use of the word "gunt"... you're wrong, kade started with his myisogyny fromn the beginning. his "kade scale" was posted VERY early in his blogging. he also started dismissively referring to "moms" and so forth pretty early. he used the word gunt a long, long time ago. and, funny enough, it was around the same time (if not the same day) that he posted a bunch of pictures of sabrina strickland (the one everyone started calling "The Gunt")

    the fun of laughing at arthur is that pointing out the truth causes cognitive dissonance which always ends in some funny denials or further cover-up by arthur. eventually his house of cards will fall apart and leave us with a funny spectacle. hopefully not involving a mass murder...

  24. arthur--we LOVE your celebrity-filled entourage!! you've shown us Sabrina and Lindsay... awesome. now how about some pictures of you with A List midget chad boonswang?

    lol @ that "entourage". a poor man's posse, to be sure.

  25. it looks like Lindsay Furman bought her version of the lego wig at some cheap urban fashion store. it's awful. painful to look at, really

  26. what kind of desperate girls hang around the Most Hated Person in Philly? i guess he bought them drinks--or something else, maybe food in sabrina's case, lol.

    or blow, maybe?

  27. Loo here...

    @ Penal. We're just calling a gunt a gunt. The "Non-tourage" as I like to call them, are all complete jokes and they are getting what's coming to them. (Not to mention they are vile and easy targets.) They are aiding and abedding this creature feature and it's game on.
    Sorry to offend, I know you're hormones are raging. And by the way, "Flat" girls give me the heebie jeebies. Meat GOOD! Ask any "worthy" man about that... :)

  28. I meant abetting... :) Loo

  29. Yo kiddos. If you think someone's fair game to ridicule if in their 30's they still like to go out with friends, get drunk, be noticed and take pictures with those friends, then I direct you to the Union League and countless charity and other events that happen each weekend. There is substantively no difference. Some just have more money to throw around. A judgmental eyeroll at the 30+ set doing exactly the same thing - but at a bar/lounge and not the Kimmel Center - suggests you don't know the social scene well enough for your ridicule to particularly poignant. In fact, if you aren't in that social scene, any ridicule or judgment is much less a reflection on the ridiculed than on you. It comes off like a chick who didn't make the cheerleading team and so whines to her friends that the team was vacant bitches, so who wants to be part of it anyway. In other words, often the people who protest the loudest against a particular group are those who were or feel rejected by it (cough, gay priests, etc.). So, please, spare the judgment unless you have something meaningful to say.

    I agree that Furman and Sabrina are fair game, but only because they willingly hang out with and pose with such asswipe. But neither their (presumed) ages, their interests, or their activities make them any more or less subject to ridicule than anyone else who parties with their friends and a Nikon.

    Sincerely, 30 year old in the social scene, but loyal enemy of Kade.

  30. The reason they are ridiculed is because they hang out with dipshit. If they are fair game well who really gives a shit. Try not to over analyze, there will be no grades.

  31. There is a HUGE difference between the Union League and Lipsy & the Nontourage... are you kidding with this crap? Sabrina and Lindsay are uneducated low-level employees (Sabrina in sales, Lindsay in some stupid Philly PR firm--not exactly NYC or LA type work) who have no class, no style, and realistically speaking no money to throw around. And they are willingly helping KADE, fully aware of his misogyny and general mental problems.

    They're not out there, having a few martinis and networking or going to a charity ball to raise money for the fight against cancer... they're vapidly chasing some misplaced idea of what it means to be "someone". What a fucking joke. If they all died in a horrific car accident, no one would blink for a second... nor should they.

  32. artie talks about having kids by BREEDING with
    a GIRL.then he wants to BREED with his DAUGHTER
    to create a beautiful race.as if.insane fuckery.

    penal..the 4 females in the pic above deserve nothing.have earned nothing.they get what artie gets.times ten.
    4 fugly,stupid,partied-out,over 30,clubbing,thick,cackling gunts.so what?if you don't like it,get the fuck out of our sandbox.just sayin.
    get ready LWLofTJ- he's getting a haircut.

  33. Add Arthur's therapist to the list of people who rob him of his money yet provide ZERO improvement in terms of what he is paying them for:

    Therapist - Arthur's insanity grows every day

    Stepmother Hair Dresser - We all saw what she did to his hair. Who colors hair three times in two weeks!

    Speech Coach - Very little improvement on the lisp, some words actually got worse like think-guh, lookink-guh...

    Acting Coach - No emotion, no ability, praised him for acting like a pimple and thought he was a swingset when he was pretending to be a tree.

  34. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 19, 2009 at 11:07 AM

    Look, KIDDO....
    I seriously doubt there is more than one person who doesn't like to get drunk once in a while - have you read the comments? You have to kill some brain cells to come up with some of the genius that's on here. And sure, some people take pics and that's just fine. But what you're missing is that these bowlstains are not at the Union Club, not raising money for a charity, and not enjoying a few candid shots amongst their group of friends. If that's what YOU do, good for you.

    And part of your analogy was spot-on: they are the vacant bitches on the cheerleading team. Problem is, my friend, high school was 15 fucking years ago. And we're not the chicks whining about being rejected by them, we're the chicks who went off to college, grad school and/or life and looked back and realized how silly the petty little HS cheerlead bullshit actually was. Sadly, some people haven't figured it out yet, and THAT is why it's so fun to make fun of these half-wits.

    So again, if you're just out there having a good time, not going around thinking that your shit doesn't think as you pick it up and try to show it off to all of us, then by all means enjoy.

  35. Had to jump in here. These "friends of Kade" are deservingly guilty by association. The horrid things he's said about the female populace has been appalling. They have been willing accomplices in this "venture". So, yes, it is only natural that we feel as much revulsion for them as Lispy. In a way, they're even more guilty for being fame whores on this train wreck.

    So the two trash recepticles are fair game. The Philly nite life scene with Lispy has been cruel to these two trolls. Hard, weathered, used and put away dirty.

    Ladies, gunts, here is your FAME! Whew! Now we all know your names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. totally agree with anon 10:36 - the comparison of Artshitz & Co. to the Union League crowd is laughable.

    Most (not all) of the over-30, bar/restaurant/event crowd are not creeping around the city taking pictures of themselves, harrassing innocent bystanders by asking them how good looking they are, making nonsensical mouth goo filled movies of vapid empty moments in their lives and taking snapshots of their every meal.

    AK and his sad band of sycophants do all of the above. And places like G Lounge and Recess are their mothership.

    As for people thinking that the commenters are disparaging women - think again. As a girl I feel that people here are just holding the them up to AK's own standard of what a woman should be. Although secretly I believe his ideal version of a woman would include a penis, but thats a topic for another day.

  37. @10:46 - 10:27 here. I'm heavily involved in the charity social scene, and I assure you I've seen more booger sugar and binge drinking and famewhoring at those events than I ever do at places like Recess and G. I'm serious. Most don't care about [insert cause here] any more than Furman does - they want their photo taken with Mayor Nutter or Chase Utley, or rub elbows with Rendell. And the charity events I've run demonstrate it time and time again. No Philebrity/Celebrity on the guest list or MC'ing? Well, get ready to present your cause to an empty room. That's life.

    All I'm saying is that the fame/cokewhoring is no different whether you're at G or at a charity event. And I'll gladly take anyone's address to send an invite for the next charity event if they think they involve some people just sitting around sipping a few martinis and getting warm and fuzzy for the good they're doing. No judgment that you don't know - but that couldn't be further from the truth.

  38. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 19, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    ahh fuck, I got all worked up and started typing like Arthur talks.

    "I seriously doubt there is one person HERE who doesn't like to get drunk"

    "thinking that your shit doesn't STINK as you pick it up and try to show it off to all of us"

  39. @ Anon 11:12

    invite away!!! I'm clicky. I usually attend charity events where there is good food, good booze, a great speaker and not a lot of cokeheads but I'd love to throw my money at a good old fashioned "booger sugar and binge drinking" fundraiser!!!

  40. ..and..i have been following this shithead since
    march. the journey is a road to nowhere.
    DJ...who unfollowed you?
    his latest offerings are rambling fuckery.
    artie,we want video of the russian model not another fucking sharon video.YOU PAY HER.GET IT ?
    you are a boring shithead.stop adding your location to your lameass tweets.TWEET A PIC.
    you don't because you are a liar.

  41. 10:27 again. I should add that I don't think I'm disagreeing with anyone here. Read my original comment again. My point is that dipshit and his non-tourage DESERVE ridicule for all the reasons mentioned, but NOT because of their ages and to a lesser degree their choice of venue.

    Anastasia, please send your email and home address to juicylovey at gmail dot com. I will ensure you're on the invite lists. No snark necessary since I'm talking about some of the best and well-attended events in the city. And yes, that is my real email address. Tool away.

  42. OT - but did I totally miss it? What happened to the durty t-shirt furniture picture? Was it so heinous that the internets burned it?

  43. people refer to the girls' ages and artie's age because a) arty has talked about desperate girls who are pushing 30 and therefore desperate bc, kade says, real men want fresh 21 yr olds. lol and b) bc kade refers to self as "young hollywood" and "look how much i've accomoplished (LOL!) in 9 months".

    kade put his age out there. when he started the blog, he said he was "mid 20s"... then someone pointed out he was 31 going on 32 at that time. then kade started saying late 20s... finally he coughed it up and admitted he's 32.

    same with these girls... furman lies about her age, i believe, on her online profiles. and both those girls look old and beaten down, as if they don't take proper care of themselves and always hang out at bars and lounges. horrible way to live life.

  44. in person, both those girls look like trainwrecks.

  45. @ 10:27,
    Despite your awful email address, you sound like a good shit. Still, given how douchey the nontourage is, it's all fair game. It doesn't mean that we hate everyone who's 30+ and parties (I fit into that category) or everyone who goes to G-Lounge (though they might want to consider a ban on Kade - it's bad press) or even everyone who's got a gunt.

    The problem is that these folks - mostly via Arthur - are promoting themselves, their "beauty", their awesome lives, their better-than-you attitudes etc. For what reason, I don't have the slightest clue. But most of us feel that if they're putting themselves out there like that, they're fair game. for whatever.

  46. i love how those two pigs always try to look important and cool, yet the FAIL aech time.

  47. @juicy lovey gmail

    no snark was intended - I was sincere in stating that I would consider your events. I have to attend some god-awful snooze fests for work but would love to attend some on a personal level.

    But the email scares me a bit and the only Nigerians I wish to help are Large and Small African Child. So I'll pass but good luck with your endeavors and events :)

  48. Again, if you go out in philly and know the scene.. there is nothing special about these people.. lost in a larger group of famewhores with inflated ego's yet no reason to have anything of the sort.. it's an old story.. many people are like this.. unfortunately

  49. Pretty sure the other two unknown hoares are the ones who left lispy mcbigglesworth a message on his voicemail (5 of 59).

  50. I would just like to say that I've enjoyed reading the debate above. Very well argumented on both sides (if ther is a second side), but in the end, Kade's friends are valid targets.
    Keep em coming, Lego!
    Great post!

  51. I couldn't read it all... my eyes are burning. I think the juicy lovey email thing threw herself down the staircase. Who gives a rip! Let's party!

    Loo :)

  52. @Anastasia...

    I second that motion! (topic for another day... The Blonde and I have said it many a time!)

    Loo :)

  53. Penal Insertion:

    I couldn't agree with you more. I love coming to Legowig and laughing with my boyfriend at Kade's antics and ego, but there is always a nagging feeling of hypocrisy when I read the comments that are misogynistic and homophobic, while bashing Kade for similar traits.

  54. LOL. Thanks Gunty McGuntGunt :)