Kade And The Playmates

More lies. 'Nuff said. Right off the bat Arthur ponders being upgrade from being an extra to being a principal "for the day." Among the many words that Arthur likes to say is the word "principal actor." Always used incorrectly too, as you can see here. No extra would get moved up to principal, because principal means STAR. It means the MAIN ACTOR or ACTRESS in a production. There is no "principal for the day!" And what extra shows up and even gets speaking lines, or a kissing scene? As for the rest of the post, we'd love to know what exactly about bothering a DJ proves you are a celebrity.  As usual all lies and bullshit highlighted below. More stupidity and lies from Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)... And folks? The second video below needs a warning, as in THAT IS WHAT A SERIOUS COCAINE ADDICTION LOOKS LIKE kind of warning!

As I mentally and spiritually prepare for “Kade Style” domination on the set of “How To Make It In America” (It will be interesting to see if the director or Shannon or Luis are fans of “The Journey”, and will I get thrown any lines to upgrade me from Featured Background to principal for the day or even a potential Kissing scene?), I was reflecting on an amazing night at Dusk (Once again, Young Hollywood ((Arthur Kade)) joined forces with 2 of Playboy’s hottest Playmates, Jayde Nicole ((Brody Jenner’s girl)) and Shannon James and one of the band members from Taken Back Sunday, who was a cool dude) to take the party to new levels, and Dusk was already on fire without us, but we just added the Sriracha and Hong Kong Hot sauced it up. Dusk has truly grown into a mega club powerhouse, and I find myself having more fun there then anywhere in Philly except Recess and G these days, and it is great to meet new girls who all want a piece of The Brand. I wasn’t planning on schlepping down to AC, but two good friends convinced me, and I knew that they needed Arthur Kade there to make sure that they were able to party at Hollywood levels.  It’s also ironic that many people in “The Biz” look at me like a cross between Hugh Hefner and Bobby DeNiro as well.
At The Piazza at PYT (The owner twittered this message showing how star struck he was to have me there: “So honored the illustrious @arthurkade is late brunching at PYT. I’m gonna call my mom!”) today while grabbing brunch with The Entourage, a girl asked me what I would rate Jayde. She said, “I think she is so ugly and looks like she’s a mutant”, and I responded “Actually she is much hotter than she looks on TV, and I would give her a KA 8.95, with an absolutely slamming body, great legs, unusually sexy face, and great stare, and the tooth gap she has is so sexy. Reminds me of a brunette Lauren Hutton” We all had a private section and table to ourselves, and it was crazy how many rabid fans wanted a piece of the Playmates and Arthur Kade, and the light bulbs wouldn’t stop going off to capture pics and vids of us killing it. An average Gen Popper will never understand what it is like to have a bouncer protecting you from the throngs of girls who want you, and how cool it is to see girls in the crowd and pull them in to meet celebs and trend makers like us.

I ended up bringing in a random girl to the area (My friends nicknamed her “The Polar Bear” which I have no idea why), but my good friend told her she had “The Most beautiful Eyes”, and I ended up hanging out with her the whole night, and took her into the DJ Booth so that she could get a feel of celebrity life, and I think she was so blown away with my looks, charm, and power (Once a girl hears that I have a TV show in development with IMG Media, and a NY Times Bestselling book being authored and “Repped” ((This is lingo in “The Biz” for represented)) by Trident Media Group, they pretty much will drop their panties at my command), that if her friend wouldn’t have cock blocked me and pulled her out of the club, I could have considered giving her the ride of a lifetime. We texted the rest of the night, and I told her that I would be up in NYC on Monday filming and we could meet up after, but I was so turned off that she didn’t ditch her friends for Arthur Kade, that when she texted me to confirm the date Early Sunday Morning, I still haven’t written back for her blatantly disobeying my instructions (I’ll see how I feel tomorrow). I am such an “Eye Guy”, but I had trouble telling if she had an amazing body because her dress was a bit baggy, but she reminded me of a “Bond Girl” with a strikingly beautiful face (My friends disagreed that she was as hot as I thought she was), and when we were in the DJ Booth, I made sure to feel around her waist, and she seemed like she worked out and had no additional fat (If she did, I would Have probably asked her “Why don’t you workout?” to send home the message), so I decided to pay attention to her the whole night.
I might have drank a bit too much, because I woke up in bed next to one of my friends with a half eaten Seafood Salad next to me and my hair looking very “Kramerish”, and couldn’t remember how I got there, but I know that it was a “Kade Style” night from start to finish and I definitely changed Some Gen Popper’s Life just letting them see how I unite KA and NYC when I party in the 609, and teach The Gen Pop that are not in my roped off area with a personal bouncer what they should all dream of. The life of Arthur Kade is truly a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.
I promised “The Future Mrs. Kade” a shout out!! Great Calves babe!! and to my boys who were with me: “I’m OFF THAT!!!”.
“Arthur Kade is the Jewish Steinbrenner who uses “”Katers”" like Deodorant”….Arthur Kade….11/15/09
Partying “Kade Style at Our Table


  1. FIRST!

    Somebody please photoshop a naked dude getting blown by Radishes in the 5th pic. He makes this so easy.

  2. Didn't fuckhead brag that he was getting the Room Comp'd?

    On the Video, it was his friend. Who's the Celebrity?

    Also, how full are the Hotels in AC in November? I'm guessing they'd comp my Grandma for playing quarter slots.

    The second video almost left me speechless...... to sum it up, Kade and His Video: VULGAR!!!!!!!

  3. Does that chick have her knee planted in Kade's groin? And why does everything he eats have a huge load on it?

  4. ewww...to think all the herpes that leaped off that skanks lips onto that bottle...but i'm sure Artie didnt care, it's not like you can get double herpes.

  5. I'm still waiting for an update that shows he owns furniture.

  6. Waking up next to tipsy lispy had to be a treat. Seafood salad morning breath and freeze dried hair next to me in a hotel room? I’d never drink again. And I would want to know how the salad got involved. Kugly lisping tosser was shrimping some ass.

  7. Yo Radish cock you know why they pay playmates and other d list celebrities to fly across the country to host lame parties? So couch monkeys like you will hop in your car, drive a couple of hours and snap pictures of them. Seems to be working. How is your favorite band "Homeaux" doing?

  8. “I don’t know what happened”

    You drank, sucked and woke up next to a guy, nothing new. Did he smell good Kego?

  9. Blond playmate in the first pic has her nipple showing. Drink much lately hunny? Arthur needs to get off the drugs. Stop trying to act like you are the young guy in his 20's. Its sad. Act your age and you mught get some respect. I doubt it.

  10. Zombie kade here...

    You need to "mentally and spiritually prepare" for extra work? What the fuck is wrong with you? Extra work is so moronic it's even easy for a dolt like you, anal- all it takes is the ability to walk and breathe without looking like a complete jagoff...oh wait, I see the problem. Go on with the mental preparation, doucheface.

    But it is nice to see your bragging about being "back on a movie set" reduced to yet again being an extra. Fucktard.



    Entering ac city. Limits. Comped room cuz I'm arthur kade. The brand 4ever 9:38 PM Nov 14th from UberTwitter

  12. So now it's your friend's comped room asshole?

  13. More Zombie kade...

    "(Once again, Young Hollywood ((Arthur Kade))"

    First, nice parentheses, you subliterate goon - do you use the big crayons or the little crayons when you "author" during craft time?

    Second, you are not young by hollywood standards. You are already a creepy old fuck by hollywood standards. Get that through your greasy misshapen skull, you senile std carrying cretin.

    "many people in "The Biz" look at me like a cross between Hugh Hefner and Bobby Deniro."

    And again, anyone in Hollywood hearing you say "the Biz" automatically knows you are a clueless provincial tool from the guido swamps of philly.

    Also, if anything people look at you like a cross between Tiny Tim and Peter Lorre, or more accurately a cross between the plague and the hiv retrovirus.

    "they will pretty much drop their panties at my command"

    Except for the last 8 plus months, when you have failed to get laid by your own pathetic account. Dolt.

    "I would be up in NYC on Monday filming"

    You fucking retard. You are a FUCKING EXTRA. You aren't filming any more than I am performing surgery because I watched House on TV tonight.

    You insignificant, dent skulled, sideshow freak. You do not matter. You never will matter. You are a speck on a pimple on a goiter on the ass of Hollywood, you fucking slow motion train wreck of stupidity.

    Ugh... you are a fucking piece of shit, anal lint.

    The Bland, indeed.

  14. There was originally another video of him bleary eyed the morning after talking about the woman he almost took back to the room. Other men in the room were heard saying she wasn't that good and that they "weren't on that". He claimed she was taken away by her friend but continued to sext him all night and that they were making plans to meet - but he wasn't sure if he'd go. Other highlights included someone farting, kade commenting on the amount of spit in the corners of his mouth, someone in the room yelling legowig and arthur again asking "what is legowig anyway?" and kade saying if anyone doesn't know who he is, they should google him "google me, google me! Kade out!".
    This was up for about 10 minutes and titled Kade Style 1. The coked up clip was originally Kade 2. This was then renamed when the other clip was taken down.

  15. If I googled my name and the same shit came up that does for Kade I would hang myself

  16. He's babbling about being featured in movie, when it's a tv show. Either way, he's still an an extra, or as someone once said, "a coffee table with a bad attitude."

    The lying Penal Cowboy rides again.

  17. Arthur Kade is the best anti-drug awareness program in the country. If everyone in the world watched his second video, the country of Colombia would fall into a massive depression.

  18. Arthur, I despise you. You are ugly.

  19. That woman in the final 3 photos (presumably "Panda Bear" and the "future mrs kade" look just like his stepmom.

  20. because Kade's got Mommy issues

  21. Wherever klispy eats, just before his food is brought out, the kitchen must sound like a tuberculosis victim’s convention. That ‘waiter’ is smiling a little too much.

  22. "Girls who check phones are the worst" as his latest twitter.

    Is he talking about girls who look at their phones at a bar or something?

    Funny! I can't think of many things worse than a guy posting to twitter from his phone constantly in a search for validation to people that don't give two shits about him.

  23. Hey all,

    I think I may have found the reason Kade's friends were calling that girl a polar bear. I quote from Urban Dictionary:

    #23 Polar Bear

    A verbal advertisement used by drug users who are willing to 'chill' (have sex) with anyone, even the same sex, to do more drugs (polar bears eat everything). Usually spoken with nothing else said - indicates that they are a polar bear who is ready to have sex with ANYONE to get more drugs.

    Someone blurts out "polar bear", or "hey polar bear." Normal response is "Sure, "I'll chill."

    Could be why they were calling Kade's girl a polar bear, because they figured only a junkie looking to score would try to hook up with him...

  24. @ Anon 9:30pm…

    In all fairness polar bear can mean good looking, or gay, or/// fuck that! And fuck all that fairness crap. I think you called this one perfectly. What’s really sick though is klispy fagart ‘outing’ himself (“I’m holding the bag”) in the same way as she does (“I’ll do anything”) by posting that. He couldn’t ‘close’ that dime store bag whore, so he’s going to advertise to attract others like her? He’s pulling his own covers (and probably doesn’t even realize it) out of desperation. He can’t even buy it from a crack whore, talk about your epic fail. This has got to be the saddest display of loooooser mentality crossed with an asshole personality. Lisperado, you need help you crippled bitch, you are fucked up and refucked again. Sir butt plug, I rename thee…Kolar bear #23 (you dribble dick dumb shit cumb stain). Kreepy Kunt.

  25. Being the arch bishop of douchebags anal has to maintain the limied "buzz" that keeps his blog afloat. Therefore he is doing all he can to annoy and provoke his megar group of followers to comment. Arthur's delusions are more annoying than interesting and that is why many of the posters no longer care. I've stopped even going to arthurlame.com and get my news 2nd from legowigkade. Once he hits a year into the journey it will be all but defunct. I wish he had actually had achieved something because he gave it a good effort (alchemist style: turning lies into truth) but alas all was for not. G.n. Wang that festering walking piece of stool didn't get her way eiter. With that being said chio in the morning needs to be flushed down the shit pipe the same time Arthur Kade . Com no longer exists.


  26. Good lord that second video is the recording of a coked up madman. He's losing it day by day.

    Lispy McSlobberfuck, your day is coming.

    I haven't been on his blog in months. This is MUCH better.

  27. @MC


    this is the owner of the bar who tweeted about AK. In jest, according to an employee.

    Met the owner while there a while back and he seems like a really nice guy, straight up dude. and the burgers were great.

  28. GN site is down. Comments closed. Grinding for the monkey=fail
    Football in underware=fail
    The rest=fail

    So sad. You keep making poor choices. Try being a real person, you do better.

  29. Hanging out with skanks, not getting laid and waking up in a cheap hotel room, sleeping next another guy and a bowl of seafood salad with no memory of what happened sounds like the worst night ever.

  30. The best choice GN could make would be to come over to one time world dominating England and go out with me. We could produce indo/aryan little chillun and I would make sure she is pleasured in the way ladies like to be pleasured. Actually, joking aside, I do fancy her.....we're connected on a spiritual level and I can sense that she is nothing like Arthur...infact she told me subconsciously that she doesn't like him...the collection of spittle in the corners of his gob makes her feel ill............so she's not all bad. When I cheekily asked how she would feel about a collection of my spongle in the corner of her mouth she gave a sexy little giggle.....saucy minx

  31. What a retarded fag Lispy McSlobberfuck is.

  32. OK, just found this site.
    PLEASE tell me this guy is part of some elaborate, twisted, social-experiment? Like a bad-Borat? That at the end of "The Journey", it'll all come out and turn out that he's writing a thesis that will change mankind?
    I'm a newbie... but... is this real????????

  33. @Anon
    I wish I could say it was all a joke, but I can't. This guy is very real and very close to losing it.

  34. "Hello, front desk? I'd like to complain about the strange noise comming down the hall...

    ...well, it sounds like a 32 year-old coked-out guido faggot bouncing off the walls slobbering like one of Pavlov's dogs. Could you send someone to take care of that please? Thanks."


  35. @ohplease...your wish is my command. Click the link in my name - it's not exactly what you wanted but close enough!

    Has anybody read his latest bullshit today? Fuck me, what an fucking asslicker.