Giving Birth To Greatness

More bullshit and lies. I won't even comment, I'll leave it to all of us in the comments section. Have at it! Delusions on top of lies wrapped in bullshit surrounded by fibs and falsities from the mouth of Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

After finishing my amazing conference call with IMG Media about our TV Show, I was on the phone with a good friend while walking to Kade’s Corner at Cosi to do some Craft and Authoring work, and he asked me, “So How’s it all going?”, and I responded, “I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I am creating something from scratch (Hit TV Show With IMG Media and NY Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group), and this is how a girl must feel when making a baby. I feel like I am about to give birth to multiple Kadetuplets”. Sometimes Arthur Kade just wants to pinch himself because of these amazing accomplishments that I have pioneered, and also the worldwide Brand that he is creating (I am working on an endorsement deal that will be HUGE), and living my dream all in the process and on my terms (I think this is what annoys the Gen Pop “Katers” the most, the fact that they have to live by society’s rules, and that The Brand make his own laws). I feel like I am in my second trimester where you can feel the baby kicking and moving and you know it is alive, and you can’t wait until you give birth and see the beautiful “Model-Looking” babies that I will make, and then send the pictures to People and US Weekly for several million that The Brand could give to charities that are “Repped” by Angie Jolie to help the cause in Darfur and Sierra Leone (I don’t wear jewelry and wonder if when “I make It” will I care about buying a diamond studded necklace because I care so much about the cause of helping starving Africans). I would even love to help by creating a charity called “Kade’s Kids”, and I think a trip to the jungle would be a really cool vaca as well to show my commitment to The Cause with other award winning artists.
Going through this process of creating an award winning book and TV show (I BBM’ed my friend this morning after my call, “They should just get the Emmy ready for me and IMG ((It’s IMG Media, but I always say IMG for short which is popular for everything in “The Biz”, and why many of my “Kadeisms” have become so popular in KA and Hollywood, because it shortens the time you need to communicate with other busy actors and producers in “The Biz” like Arthur Kade))) has made me appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into the “Behind The Scenes” of both of those arts, and how much thinking and planning it takes to make a product “A Hit” in “The Biz”. It also shows me that Arthur Kade’s mind functions in a stratosphere that only people like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Steve Cannell, Clint Eastwood, and even Martin Scorcese could go, and I could see my see myself getting behind the camera one day like them, and making my own award winning shows and movies. I love Eastwood so much that I should have Team Kade reach out to his Reps in KA and see if he is a fan of “The Journey”, and whether he would like to make a cameo in my life for some added exposure for both of us.
I have my doubts as to whether I ever want to have Little Kades, because I am so narcissistic and enjoy my “Kade Style” life so much (Hanging with athletes, rappers, fellow actors and celebs, and travelling) that I am not sure I could devote enough attention to love them and The Craft at the same time, and still be the edgy, controversial, cross-genre artist I am today, but if I find the right girl to breed with, where she could take care of the kids and let me be a movie and TV star and star author, it could actually work. The truth is, that Arthur Kade has already won his battle in Life because he gets to do it his way, live it to The Max, do a craft he loves, and have gorgeous girls around him and all over him all the time.
“Failure is Arthur Kade’s heroin, which is why he will never be in Rehab”…Arthur Kade….11/18/09
I also received an interesting fan E-Mail from a huge Kade Nation member who wants me to show him a good time for his 21st Birthday. I would love some ideas on what I could do to make it a birthday he will never forget?? Here is the email:
“Help me live a ‘Kade Style” night for my 21st
The grand Arthur Kade!
Hi Arthur, my name is Skyler and I am a huge fan and live in the Philadelphia area. My 21st birthday is coming up on November 27th, the day after thanksgiving, and I want to spend some of that day with the soon to be award winning Arthur Kade. I want to have a Kade-style night live and direct from Philly! You are an inspiration to my life, please let me know if you can put some of your time aside for a fan. Also if you can’t make it, can you give me any tips on how to live a Kade-style night?

1, 2, 3… KADE OUT!”
and the top 3 moments of the night:
1) While “Socialiting” at ZBar at the Belevdere party, 2 huge fans approached my girlfriends who are on the blog, and told them they loved them and were fans of them. They even called one “You’re the pretty girl we always see on the site”. So cute and fabulous.
2) A girl complimented me on my style because of the edgy “TITS” shirt I was wearing, and when she asked me for a card, I said, “Just go to ArthurKade.com for my info”, and she said, “I know who you are”.
3) During my session with Sharon doing Improv training again (Vids coming next blog), she had me play a therapist in therapy. I Murdered it!!!!


  1. Whoa, hold on there... he wants Clint Eastwood to make a cameo in his life for added exposure for both of them? Added exposure? He's Clint Fuckin Eastwood! What extra exposure does he need!

  2. Shrink:

    Arthur is truely "fucked up." his mental illness is more evident than ever. his cocaine abuse has been noticed and It's sad to say this but Arthur's "addiction" has been made "aware" to a certain Police Detective. It will sure be funny when gawker Posts, "philly's most mentally I'll famewhore taken down in a police sting becaus of his blatant cocaine abuse. That day will be great because we the gen popwill run his blog. Times a ticking anal

  3. @ Mr. Vomit....
    I'd like to see a cameo where Eastwood - at almost 80 - hands Arthur the beating of a lifetime which he so richly deserves that nobody in Philly has yet had the balls to deliver. Seriously folks, why hasn't someone called him out in public as the little bitch that he is??

  4. That picture of his hair all fucked up and standing straight up is just begging for some Photoshop action. I haven't the skills (nor time, but that's another story) but I know someone out there will do a bang up job of it. Let's make it happen people!

  5. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 18, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    How many t-shirts with two chicks and their boobs does Cumguzzler own? It must be a closet -- er, rather an overflowing hamper -- full of them.

  6. HE REALLY IS FUCKIN INSANE. I can't wait to see this train crash.

  7. Yeah, you guys are on to something. I only started following his turdblog three months ago but the deterioration of his mental and emotional state over that short period of time is staggering.

    It really is like a car crash. I wanna look away and keep driving, but I just can't help it. I wish I could feel sorry for the poor guy but his misogyny, ignorance, disdain for "the Gen Pop" and overall guido skeezyness really lead me to believe that he's bringing this on himself. Definitely has a serious cocaine problem, and definitely mentally ill.

  8. THE GUNT has reappeared (sabrina strickland, on the right in arty's first 2 pictures).

    plus lindsay j furman... with what appears to be a RED LEGO WIG.

  9. This douchebag has a thing or billion to learn about "The Biz." I have a friend who is a WRITER in LA. I'm not talking about someone out there HOPING to be a writer as they sit there banging out whatever spec script they're working on, but an honest to goodness been paid to lay pen to paper writer. She has had a project green lighted with a MAJOR actress attached to it for about two years now. For whatever reason this project has not yet been put into production. The fact that The Bland thinks his little shit show is not only going to make it to air, but win an Emmy is fucking LAUGHABLE. Even if what he's working on IS the greatest show ever conceived and Emmy worthy, in the time it takes to make it to air he'll be long dead of a KoKade OD. Fuck him, fuck his mom, fuck his dad, fuck his step-mom and fuck all the Philly fucks who enable him.

  10. Also, I'd like to put this out there: If any of us see him in person anywhere, at any time, we should shout LEGOWIG! at the top of our lungs. If he just keeps hearing that everywhere he goes, maybe - just maybe - he'll get a clue, shut down his travesty of a blog, stop trying to be "Young Hollywood" and get his shit together. If anything, it'll come up in even more of his videos until he can no longer post any.

  11. Love you guys and gals!!!!

    small African child

  12. Tried to post this on Kaids' turdblog but its apparently being moderated. Since we all know he checks this site obsessively, I thought, hey, why not post it here too? He seems to be afraid of people comparing him to the likes of John Fitzgerald Page, Aleksey Vayner, Julia Allison, Paul Janka, etc. Probably because he knows he suffers from famewhore syndrome just like they do:

    Please explain this, ArtTard:


    You have done nothing. Being an extra means you’re some everyman off the street. A Joe Sixpack, if you will. No matter what movie it was, or whether its popular or even if it wins an Oscar. Being an extra = nothing. Get that through your thick skull. You remind me a lot of this guy:


    Gawker named him The World’s Worst Person. But unlike you, he didn’t try to spin it by saying they’re his personal fan page or some bullshit. However, just like you, he’s a misogynist douche, he brags ad infinitum about inconsequential things like being an extra in a bunch of movies, driving some sort of car and having lunch with some government guy.
    You are also reminiscent of Aleksey Vayner:


    Here, the similarities are more striking because (1) he too is from Mother Russia; (2) like you, he enjoys lifting cold weights around hot, sweaty guys; (3) he is a habitual liar and exaggerates his “accomplishments” exponentially; (4) dismisses those who call him out on his lies and douchery as “losers”, much like you and your “Katers.”

    I hope this has been helpful. Seek professional help.

  13. Hey, do you think every time Arthur creates a blog post, he congratulates himself for being a published author and then scrolls through his numerous authorings?

    Because after posting the above, a message appeared that said, "Your comment was published." I guess I should tell everyone at work tomorrow that I was up all night authoring and that I'm a published author soon to win a Pulitzer. They'll never know I'm just an insomniac with an abundance of snark and an aversion to creepy 32 year old cokeheads who are delusional famewhores.

  14. zkwdy here...

    If nothing else, this guy is near impervious to reason, insult, or flat out appeals to face the reality that he is a festering boil on the ass of civilization.

    I have seen the finest insulters on the internet let loose the dogs of hate and wreak havoc on the zit encrusted assclown known as kade for months now.

    And yet this fucking whack-a-mole from the darkest pit of Hell keeps coming back for more, almost daily spinning another fantastic lie about his impending fame out of nothing.

    Maybe it's the coke. Maybe it's the acutane reacting with the preservatives in his cosi's muffins. Maybe it's his rainman style, idiot savant (emphasis on idiot) like obliviousness, or his raging undiagnosed case of Asperger's disease.

    Whatever it is, it allows him to live in a sunny amusement park of delusion, where there's never a line for the rides and the cotton candy is always free. Granted, noone else is ever there, but that's probably how hamperhead likes it.

    Anyway, this prick has done wore me out for a while. This zombie is going on hiatus for a bit, y'all will have to keep flinging the hate without me.

    Fight on legowigs, fight on...

  15. ......I suspect this is co-written with the gunt ladies - more and more I am convincing myself that he is seeking fame or notoriety through being the cuntest cunt out there - he inspires hatred and he thinks this is his way in - so basically every post he and others come out with is designed to provoke ire in us. I know that deluded cunts exist - Fitzgerald....Allison etc, but Kadyshes' stuff too contrived, a bit too obviously made up.
    Don't get me wrong, as a man he is a total cock, quite repulsive...and he comes from repulsive stock - the cocaine thing is real tho, there's evidence that he is a heavy user, infact I doubt he goes anywhere without taking it so he's probably in trouble with that...I don't mean with the law, I mean addiction