Harvard (The Anti-Kade)

What can I say without being as repetitive as Lispy McSlobberfuck the ambulatory version of Ipecac? He lies a bunch, shoots pics of himself in the toilet like all celebs do, takes a train to set just like Brad Pitt, talks about how all "working actors" get up at 4am to make a 6:30am call time (no, if you were more than just wallpaper you'd be put in a hotel in the city you were shooting and wouldn't have to travel for 2 hours) shoots some video of his apartment with no furniture so he lays on top of dirty clothes, acts like a 15 year old in the back of a car while his "friends" in the front seats won't allow him to shoot their faces, and then walks along the streets of NYC crowing about how he's a celebrity and every one of the people (nobody even looks twice at him) he passes loves him, and wants to be him. God, this guy is getting worse and worse in the area of delusion. I really can't wait until he snaps. I just hope he only takes out his family, his moron friends and himself. For those of you in Philly, keep your heads down. More fucking delusion from Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

It was so amazing to finally be back on the set of an HBO series doing what Arthur Kade does best, The Craft, and helping create something for The Gen Pop to watch in the coming months. There is nothing like the smell and feel of being on a production set knowing that you are being featured to create movie or TV magic, and that without you, it doesn’t work at the same level. The average Gen Popper will never understand that The life of a working actor demands getting up at 4AM after a weekend of utter social domination with Playboy Playmates and the who’s who of Philadelphia society, jumping on a train to NYC at 5:15 AM, making a 6:30 call time, and then giving 12 hours of your life to create something for them to watch, and despite having celebrity, fame, and soon to be millions of dollars from a hit TV show and NY TImes Bestselling book, nothing can match that feeling.
When I got back to the 215, I met some friends at Rouge for dinner and drinks (I wasn’t going to go out because I was so beat up, but my arm got persuasively twisted), and met a young guy who is a professional model and actor, and we had a very interesting and intense talk about The Craft and different ways of pursuing your dream. He is a trained actor having studied Meisner, Method, and under various tutelage of famous acting teachers and is a starch believer in the truest form of being a traditional actor, and has a very deep disdain for the “Reality TV World” that we live in now because as he said “They are taking food out of our mouths”. I argued with him that people like Arthur Kade are different in the fact that they are entertainers as well, and are very good at what they do, but are making millions, while trained actors like him are hoping for a big break, and the line between Reality and Traditional Acting is a significant one, but they are both forms of entertainment that take courage and balls to make happen. He said, “Eventually the pendulum will swing back and “The Craft will win out”, and my thoughts were, “The Craft is already winning out because there is freedom to be something more, show the world more, and be yourself in the process”. That’s what has been missing, and I could have never been what I have become 15 years ago because the rules were different, but the great minds, the ones that are sometimes ridiculed and hated like JFK Jr., Christopher Columbus, and James T. Kirk are the ones who are willing to bet their life on discovering a new continent and when they look out their window, they don’t see land, they see a horizon to discover. What’s funny is that the art of “The Modern Actor” that is being ushered in by superstars like The Brand is a combination of those two worlds because it is the story of a rising film and TV actor who does it in a “Reality Type” format because of this blog, and is not afraid to share all aspects of his life while pursuing his dream, and in my opinion that is the truest form of courage because I am doing in such a way that actors like him hate me and what I stand for, while famous authors, actors, producers, celebrities, models, and stars in “The Biz” call me a “Genius” and want to meet me and experience the Kadolution. He was the Anti-Kade, and there is nothing wrong with that, it just lacks courage and imagination, because in the end I am an explorer trying to find a new land that people don’t realize exists.
While at lunch with my friend at my favorite Korean place in the city, Miga, we talked about the discussion last night, and how I respected the kid, but he lacked the life experience to see that The Craft has evolved into something more than it was 15 years ago. I know that many actors with crazy levels of formal training and experience HATE Arthur Kade because of what I have accomplished (I even asked him, “How many brilliant actors and artists are there who can barely feed themselves while horrible actors like Keanu Reeves has a job?”), and how I am changing “The Biz” with my unorthodox approach, and I compared the situation to a kid going to Harvard, making Law Review, and working at a star firm, versus a kid who went to Temple, fucked the hottest girls in the hottest cities, but when the light shines brightest he becomes a star in front of people and has that “It” quality, and essentially will make partner at that same firm way before the Harvard kid because training and education don’t buy “Success”. That is what separates The Brand from the pack, because I bring the best of both worlds together and make The Craft stronger, more alive, more “Real”, and can honestly look in the mirror and know that I walked away from a six figure career and white picket fence life that 99.9% of the Gen Pop would give their right testicle to have to do it “My Way” and created a phenomenon called “The Journey”, actors behind me should thank me for opening up a new door of Art to prevail. One star marketing exec here in Philly told me a couple days ago, “I’m interested to see where this all goes” because we are watching history in the making watching a tremendous actor living “Kade Style” changing the way the Game is played
When I was THE star financial advisor at my old company, I would see kids who graduated from PENN, Cornell, Princeton, and Harvard who had this entitlement mentality and would look at guys like me and laugh, but couldn’t survive what I excelled at for even a month where I dominated at the higest levels for years, because I was better. I wasn’t smarter or more educated, but I was better because I was a Gladiator who could survive in the Jungle, while they would cry for Mommy because there was no caviar around, and I stayed up most of the night thinking about this kid and our talk and when I woke up it hit me. It wasn’t that he didn’t get it, it was that he hasn’t lived long enough to see it yet. I am him and he is me, and neither of us is wrong, it’s just that I am right.
Big Shout out to my fans on the hit show, “Glee”. Heard that a couple of you are following and a big “Kade Style” welcome to Kade Nation. Here are some pics for The Gen Pop of what it is like to be on a Production set.  I also have a great story about “The Polar Bear” that I will share in my next post
“Arthur Kade isn’t about making millions. He is about making “”History”". Welcome to Kadealot”….Arthur Kade…11/17/09


  1. still no furniture, """"Kade Style!""""". so balls ass.

  2. Can we track down the so called pod service he's got his alleged furniture in a bribe them to lose it??

  3. Yup, yup, yup. Right where I knew he'd be about now.

    Must be hard authoring when you have to lay on a pile of dirty clothes instead of a couch.

    Do you sleep there too?

    No, don't answer that.

  4. I can't wait to get ahold of this son of a cunt and lash him to a rusty mattress frame with dried ox intestines, the stench of which might knock him unconscious within seconds. I'll be outfitted in a hybrid Hazmat suit combined with my best rubber dominatrix cape and pants. He'll be gagged with a section of sheep intestine filled to the breaking point with hundreds of clit hoods I bought on the African black market, and tied like a sausage link. His eye sockets will be pushed in with testicles I got from from dead Congo rebels (not cheap, not cheap at all). and sewn over with their foreskin. I have fabricated a whip made of dried and braided pubic and asshole hair from aboriginal whores who are forced to shave their entire bodies as a form of punishment for cheating on the tribal chief, and all along the whip there will be the teeth of Great White sharks. Once he's mounted to his deathbed, he will be whipped until his entire body looks like it's been picked apart by tigers having their first good meal in a year. I'm not sure what will bring me to orgasm more: the look of total horror on his face, or the vibrators I'll have stuffed up my pussy and asshole, both whizzing away at the kinds of speeds that would make an inexperienced 19 year old college girl squirt her cum across a football field shortly before she fainted and slept for a week.

    I'm so worked up just thinking about this. The pillow I'm sitting on may as well have just been dragged out of a lake right now it's so soaked with my vaginal juice, and I've not even touched myself yet. I will retire to my bed now and slide onto my recently purchased mechanical fucking machine, setting the timer for 45 minutes. I'll probably be unconscious 30 minutes in, but that thing can just keep fucking me into my sleep. After a session like that, I'm not happy unless I'm fucked so raw I walk like I've just gotten off a horse for at least the next 36 hours.

    You've not heard the last of me.

  5. WHAT THE FUCK!@ That woman above is insane!!!!!

  6. Ahhh, it's good to finally see Babs Buckshot posting here. Hopefully Racist Whore will follow suit; then we'll REALLY have some crazy posts!
    After watching that god-awful video where Kade-o-Saur was yelling at the camera in his "comped" hotel room, I can't bear to watch any more of his videos. I cringe every time I see Hamperhead's face.
    I know it would be considered assault, but it would be the balls-ass, hot-ass bomb if someone videotaped their friend walking straight up to Kade and decking him in the face, then posting it for all to see (the video would be used in the court case as evidence, so this is why it hasn't happened thus far...I believe).

  7. For his big day, Arthur "the Celeb" Kade:

    A. Did not get put up in a hotel the night before his 6:30 am call time
    B. Could not afford to put himself up in a hotel
    C. Had to take the train-not a flight, his car or private car service- to NY
    D. Didn't travel Acela 1st class or even Acela at all, but the Amtrak regional
    E. All of the above

  8. @ Magistrate:

    What you say is true. However, I believe the defense could use Arthur's own videos as justifiable cause for the attack. I think the court would regard them as ample proof of provocation, especially if the judge and/or assailant were female or a minority.

    Furthermore, I would happily send a check to support the defense fund for anyone willing to carry out the task and I'm sure plenty of others would as well. So by all means, roll tape folks.

  9. I used to think this was performance art, not in the same vain (sic) as Sacha Baron Cohen, it is neither insightful nor humorous ergo cannot be regarded in the same light. No, it was more in the style of Morgan Spurlock who supersized his 15 minutes by documenting himself eating nothing but McDonalds food for a month. Eventually his health was ruined and his doctor was pleading with him to stop the insanity...

    It was is if the Leper woke up one bright sunny morning and decided that it would document itself living off nothing but douchebaggery and fame whoring for a year or so and see where it led. It had no idea or perhaps no regard for what effect this would have on it`s physical and mental health.

  10. Of course I was wrong, this is not performance art, at least when you disregard the Leper`s deliberate exaggeration of it`s delusions, a desperate ploy for more love/hate comments on the lepersite.

    Against my natural revulsion of this frothing toad, I have watched some of it`s recent video clips. What is interesting is it`s body dynamics. In clips where we know without out a doubt that it is lying (most of them) it`s eye movement and facial expressions show none of the hallmarks of telling porkie pies. In clips where it is just shooting shit the closest thing it can come to the truth, the body dynamics are exactly the same..

    The only conclusion I can reach is that when the Leper lies, it thinks it is telling the truth. It is now completely disconnected from reality. What will happen when reality crashes unsympathetically into the deluded Leper world ? Judging by the coked up vid, this is not far away.

    Much as I hate the Leper, I do not want to see it harm itself or innocent others. It really is time for intervention. Someone must plead with the Leper to stop the insanity, much as Spurlock`s doctor begged him to stop eating quarter pounders with cheese..

  11. And so it is written...rising in the East, like a sodden cloud of despair, delusion and ignorance comes unbidden a foul and greasy specter.

    It is the fifth rider of the apocalypse, and its name is Lispus Maximus the Retarded.

    On a squeaky one pedaled bicycle it inexorably comes, leaving a trail of traumatized women, unpaid bar tabs, and cum stained movie extra instructions in its wake.

    Its purpose? Noone knows.

    Its accomplishments? Outside of annoying decent people everywhere, none.

    Its effect? The degradation of all that is decent and good in civilization as we know it.

    How can it be stopped? In these confused times, it is uncertain if it even can be stopped. The Lego Wig League of Truth and Justice is doing all it can to keep Lispus penned up in a concrete box full of dirty clothes, but it's a dicey thing at best- the brute is retard strong and fame whore crafty, with the speed and cunning of a coke whore the week before welfare checks arrive.

    More tomorrow.... or not.

    zkwdy zout.

  12. @ Magistrate:

    Hamperhead- for the win!

    Well done.

  13. kade is able to live with a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance. it's quite frightening. when he wakes up and realizes his life is aimless, pointless, and that he's not loved... shit will hit the fan. he has some inkling about that reality now. imagine when he's really confronted with it.

  14. Intelligence truly IS the anti-Kade thing.

  15. JFK, Jr., Christopher Columbus and James T. Kirk??????

    Delusion has a new face and it's Lispy McSlobberfuck.

  16. This is all getting dark, no?

    The abject squalor, the inarticulate howling, the spinning of even deeper delusion, that hollowness, the haunted look in his rapey eyes...

    If we were to get Anal's address and start sending him razorblades, it wouldn't be long before he put them to good use. And washing up all the blood in his urban Habitrail and cleaning out the place with shovels and Hefty bags wouldn't even take up an afternoon.

    And the final irony? I could see where Anal's painstaking documenting of his downfall, with the story arc completed by his final pitiful and lonely act of self annihilation would make a compelling read, and perhaps, in the hands of a decent screenwriter, even good cinema. Maybe with Jim Carrey or Nicolas Cage in the title role. Millions leaving the threater, mumbling to themselves, "What a colossal fucking douchebag he must have been. I'd better put that Ed Hardy tshirt I got for Christmas two years ago in the trash quick..."

    And @ Magistrate: Hamperhead = unmitigated genius.

  17. Sometimes I like to imagine what 42 year old Kade will be doing. Besides giving Beejs to Reality Bytes I would guess he will be living in AC working in a night club, probably as a cashier, living in a shitty hotel room nursing a 500 dollar a day drug habit.

  18. Saw Lispy on the street again last night, this time with Chad Poontang, I mean Boonswang. First of all, Lispy was wearing EXACTLY the same outfit as he was the last time I saw him... blue track pants, that assinine peacoat, a white baseball cap and sneaks. Shorty McPoontang was kind of stalking down the street, not really paying attention to Lispy, while Lispy - no exageration - bounced around him like a hyperactive 12 year old trying to get his parents' attention to tell/repeat a story for about the 50th time. Poontang did not look amused. Just thought I'd report in.

  19. We should really be encouraging him to go to U of Georgia. Now that would be a good video.

  20. Here's the show that Kade is talking about filming in that Christmas video. Hmm...where's his name?


    ...is this the infamous "pilot" he's been talking about for months???? Or is that something else that never even happened (or he was kicked off of) anyone know?

    From what I understand, you can create your own IMDB page if you're willing to pay for it and have even a single credit. So why doesnt he have a profile page? Wouldnt you think he'd create one and list all of his "extra" work? Is it not that easy to just pay the price and create a page.

  21. Yay Babs is back! Life is getting better!

  22. He is a vile, vile man. If he has anyone that cares for him (ha), they need to stage an intervention. OMG-I just figured out what show he is working on!

  23. Here's what makes me so angry about Mr. Kade. I am a working legit actor. Not in NY, but in LA (if your focus is film/tv, you really need to be in LA. NY is for theater). I know what the lifestyle is like. I'm not a "gen popper". I've had 6:30am call times (and 4:30am ones too). All the stuff that he is saying is bits of legitimate information and then twisting it so it's a bunch of bs. Yes I'm one of the actors who have been training for years (got my BA in theater in 3.5 years and training in LA with various people for the last 5), but in no way am I jealous of what he has. He has nothing. If I wanted to continue my career by doing a ton of extra work, then none of the training was necessary. But my goal is not to be able to say that I've "appeared" on however many shows he claims. I never tell people what projects I did extra work on unless they ask or it's part of another story (the day I worked background on a major show on my birthday and the whole cast and crew sang to me is a fun story). I'm tired of hearing what Mr. Kade claims to be doing and want him to start proving it. I know that my posts affect him, because every comment I have ever written on his site ends up having a blog entry about it. So Mr. Kade, here is my challenge to you: Spend some time with other working actors. See what they are doing. See if you are doing the same. And don't say that you can't do that because you are a celebrity. You are not. You are a joke. If you are able to be cast without auditioning because of your name, then maybe you are well known. If you still audition, you are a "gen popper" (the horror!). If you can't find another actor to shadow, here's an idea of my schedule that you can try to follow:

    6am-wake up, eat breakfast
    9am-look at actorsaccess, lacasting (nycasting for you) for jobs
    10am-research (read a script, watch a tv show, see a film)
    1pm-check actorsaccess and lacasting again
    2pm-something fun (coffee w/ a friend)
    4pm-thank yous and follow ups with people I've met
    7pm-go to The Actors' Network to meet an agent, manager, or CD
    9pm-check actorsaccess and lacasting one more time

    Good luck. Sorry everyone else for my rant. I'm just really getting tired of reading this but I can't stop watching the train wreck.

  24. A thirty year-old man wallowing in a pile of unwashed, tacky t-shirts should not be congratulating himself on his first Christmas as a celebrity. Pathetic.

  25. Oh Babs!! My snuggie is covered in sweat... I THINK it's sweat.

    Loo :)

  26. Any woman who would be so lacking in self-esteem and moronic enough to actually kiss - let alone sleep with - this slimeball would deserve the horrible and crippling disease she would inevitably get. To wear that shirt that he wore out in public - any woman who would consider him a "man" is a delusional as he is.

  27. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlNovember 18, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    Why does he keep repeating himself, "I was the best at this, I had sex with that....etc".
    It's like you know it's straight bullshit. When one has not accomplished something, that's when you hear them repeat it over and over and over again. Like, the more they say it, the more "real" it will become.
    Prove it fucker!

  28. Loo here...

    Re: "Off to the office to author"...??? I was just in the office authoring, too, and had to use lots of tp... I mean "authoring paper".

    What an insult to writers everywhere, especially Babs. I want the whole series, Babs. Someone needs to sketch out the scenes as well.

  29. @ Anon 6:45pm im the sales manager for PODS in Philadelphia, we dont have anything for kadyshes, Kade and only 2 orders ever under first name arthur. Could be under a different name but I think hes full of shit guys. I think I should get corporate involved over his bad mouthing of PODS, I mean one of the nations rising A list celebs being reduced to sleeping on a pile of dirty shit because of my company, that would be some serious bad press that could easily jeapordize our company's image...

  30. Forget to add:

    i'll chill

  31. Did he REALLY put down James T. Kirk? Really? Baahaahaaaaa!!!!

    Gawd Artshitz, just when I think you can't make me laugh anymore at your idiotic buffoonery, you prove me wrong.

    James T. Kirk indeed. Snort. Wonder what Denny Crane would have to say about that?

  32. what a duchebag i believe this guy sucks lol