The Art Of The Blow Off

This post and the accompanying videos tap a new low even for this piece of shit. When you watch the video "How Hot Is My Shirt??" just remember this scumbag is in a family restaurant, not some shitty club filled with drug addled assholes. There is a pleasant surprise for anyone who's a fan of THIS website in the third video, which is titled "A Star Struck Fan." Do you think we're getting to Cock Gobbler? I think so. And why oh why must this jerkoff film MEN dancing? Oh, I know, cause he's a closeted homosexual. Anyway, I didn't pull the pictures off his site because I'm being lazy, but take a guess what you'd see if I did? Yup, food, him in the bathroom, crowd shots in whatever shitty club he's hanging in and random chicks who don't go home with him. More disgusting misogyny and deluded stupidity from the cock gobbling Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

Before I was Arthur Kade, “Celebrity”, I was Arthur Kade, “Socialite”, and one of the many amazing lessons I learned being the center of popularity here in Philly is how to avoid Gen Poppers that I didn’t want to bother with, or as one would say, “Blowing them off”. When I am out dominating the social scene, I am in my own little world, and I am only concerned about three things: Taking home and ravaging a KA 9 or 10, meeting fellow peers or political connects in “The Biz” and figuring out how we can collaborate and further “The Journey”, and Making sure my friends get laid with a girl that they could never pull if they weren’t friends of Arthur Kade (I call this the “Kade Effect” where a friend will bring a girl over and say, “Have you met Arthur Kade?”, and they are so star struck meeting me, but after I look at them and deem them not worthy, they sleep with my friends hoping that one day I might notice them and hit it as well, but I don’t “Double Dip” after my peeps). I also have trouble remembering what people look like because if the girl is hot I will stare at her tits, ass, abs, and tits a lot of the time, and will forget them when I see them again.
Last night at G Lounge and Recess, there were two instances where girls (One was a Philly 6 and the other a Horsey Looking Philly 7.35) came up to me and tried to talk to me, and I blew them off, and my good friend said, “You are the master of ignoring girls. You should write a blog on different ways you blow girls off”, and I agreed, so here are The Brand’s blow off techniques for those deemed not worthy.
1) The “Have We Met”-I used this one last night where a girl will say to Arthur Kade, “We’ve met before”, obviously expecting me to remember meeting her, and sometimes even if I do I will say “Have we met” just to send the message that they weren’t important enough for me to care. I will use this 2 different ways because one way is to the ugly girl away from me because she thinks I am an asshole, and the other is if it’s a hot girl, then she will feel insecure and want me more because she thinks, “He must have a whole stable of girls like me”, so she goes home with me. It’s even more effective when you have already slept with that girl and you don’t remember her because she will fuck you better the second time to prove her point.
2) The “Excuse me, I have to piss“-I use this one when I am locked in a conversation with an 8 or under, and she is being forceful from letting Arthur Kade leave, so I tell her I have to go the bathroom to get away, and then disappear with another girl and make out with her in a different part of the club. Where this can backfire is when the girl says, “Me Too”, and follows you to the bathroom, or “I’ll walk you over”, but the key here is you have to say, “I’ll be one minute, just wait here”, and when you run into her later pretend you never met her.
3) The “Say Nothing”-This is when you meet a girl, and you don’t say anything while shaking her hand like, “Nice to meet you”, “Pleasure meeting you”, or even “Hello”, and just give them an annoyed look that they have invaded your space and should not be meeting you. This will usually make you look like an asshole, but the thing that has killed me in the past is that a girl might think you look more mysterious by not talking and try to fuck you more. When this happens, just turn around to the person who introduced you, and just say “I’ll be right back” and jet.
4) The “You sucked in bed”- This is when you run into a girl you fucked or hooked up with, and she was horrend in bed and you swore you would never go back, and she comes up to you and wants a ride on the “Penal Cowboy” again, so you just say, “Listen, you seemed like a nice girl, and we had some fun, but truthfully, the sex wasn’t what I hoped”. This will piss her off to the point where she may throw a slap out there so be prepared, but it’s a truthful and honest way to make sure the Rodeo doesn’t come into town again.
5) The “6 degrees of Arthur Kade”- This is where you meet a girl you know slept with someone you know, so you casually throw out, “Do you know John Smith?”, and you both know she fucked him, and it creates a tension that she wants no part of you because you probab;y know what she was like in bed, what her nipples are shaped like, whether she swallows, and how she is shaved, and having that in your mind makes her want to run. It can also be used in reverse where you tell her you know one of her friends that you slept with, and a “Good Girl” will never let you “Tap It” (This is more of an urban term for sex that my black friends use), although a “Slutty or Horny girl” will love it, and you can close her faster.
6) The “Usual Suspects”-This is my favorite (It happened last night) where a girl will talk to you in a club like you know eachother and you talk back like you know her, but you never use her name because you have no idea who she is, and finally when she says, “Do you know my name?”, you say “No”, and turn around and make you get away. Then make sure to find a friend that’s nearby and tell him/her the story so she can see you talking about her, and it will piss her off to no end.
“Celebrity isn’t a gift, it’s a responsibility for the chosen few Like Arthur Kade to be cherished”…Arthur Kade…11/14/09


  1. Who's Lego Wig?

    You KNOW who it is asshole.

  2. I've nominated him for intervention, even though I don't know him in real life. What if he hurts himself or someone else when he realizes his life is farcical??


  3. What is this talk of Diabeetus? I missed something didn't I? 'splain please.

  4. Wilform-- as long as you're not re-using catheters, I wouldn't worry.

  5. The beauty of Arthur's blog is that sociopathic, misogynistic post after sociopathic, misogynistic post, Arthur is turning his drought into an epic, Kalahari desert style drought.

    He takes pride in humiliating women in public... what a thing to brag about. How on earth can his mother and step-mother stand to associate with him? They should shave their heads and spend their lives in penitent prayer to make up for having been the female role models for world-class misogynist Fartie Radishes.

  6. "Dance! Dance!"

    Haven't you figured out yet, Arthur (aka Penal Cowboy) that this is exactly what we're making you do?


  7. i wonder what role arthur's mom and step mom (Raya) played in making him hate women so badly.

  8. Who dropped the "lego wig!"?????

    It HAS to be someone here...hahahaha.


    You know what the funniest part is, he's acknowleged this blog before then acted sooooo confused when he said "who's lego wig?" like he's NEVER heard it and never seen this site.
    LOVE IT.

  9. Take off that silly ass hat

  10. You have to give him credit for one thing that is pretty amazing when you think about it. In 8. whatever months he has gotten more people to hate him than almost anyone else in the world. It seems that anyone who is even aware of this guy hates him. Anyone in Philly that is exposed to him, hates him. Every single day he succeeds in alienating more people in Philly. There was probably 20 people in that birthday group and by the end of today they will all have blacklisted him. Except for the half dozen people that use him as a jester, everyone hates him. Even that group seems to be dwindling.

    I've run across a few screwed up people on the internet and followed their postings for awhile trying to understand why they are screwed up but I truely believe for a functioning mental case Artie takes the cake.

  11. Sorry but I have to keep ranting. Who the fuck would still invite this freak to any kind of social gathering? The club videos and most of the other ones aren't suprising because it is still a free country but the smaller social gatherings dumbfound me. For the long time followers you may rememeber the birthday party where he almost had sex with the dog and now he shows up to a birthday party at a restaurant not just in a ratty hat and a t shirt but a fucking t shirt with naked chicks on it AND he thinks it's fucking cool. If there is a God he will let Artie get gang raped by a gay biker gang. Then again he might like that.

  12. the music in that club sucked the big one. kinda like arthur.


  14. This post was clearly written by somebody else.

  15. ^Good point. I hadn't actually read it properly; I haven't read any of his crap over the past few months, I just prefer to get the gist from the comments. But this one does flow a lot more coherently than usual. It even contains commas!

    And after a quick scan, I counted only four sets of parentheses.

    He must have hired a ghost writer - sorry, author - off craigslist. Or else the girls are trying to fix the mess they have created.

  16. Legowig,

    Please start a petition to ban Pizza Face from establishments in Philly. You guys are great at this Internet stuff. If we can get enough names collected and forwarded to the owners of places like G, Recess, Dusk, etc., saying that the signees will not set foot in places Arthur Kade frequents until he is banned, it could work. No place would risk losing business. I realize the legowig crowd probably wouldn't be caught dead at Recess, but it's worth a shot to ruin fuckface's already lame life. The best way to ruin this whole farce is to get Arthur banned from the 4 places he goes to.

  17. Sean Jones:

    this post is from a conversation art & I had about 4 years ago. If you put my name where his is then that is the real story. Arthur would beg me to go out just so he could get laid. Why? Girls would sleep with him once or twice and constantly ask him about me and when he would get mad then he would kick them out. He had high turn over but when he realized that I was his "corporate nipple" and his jealousy took hold. I feel sorry for him-truely sorry.

  18. @Sean

    I was just thinking that I had read this before, and it's exactly what people post on his site reffering to you. Do think this is where he got the desire to be famous? This deep seeded jealousy has just been eating him up, so now we have this crap?

  19. Sean Jones:

    I know it's beating a dead horse but at the end of the day this is all my fault. Art was so jealous after the rolling stone spread that he was hitting the gym and "supplements" so hard it cause muscle growth but many of the unwanted side effects as well. The acne got especially bad. Well, when I moved in with him and we were going out all the time he couldn't fathom why I was drawing all the attention and he wasn't. He would have late night crying jags when no girl would go home with him which wasn't often cause I always tossed him something. He Isnt very smart and mentally unstable so it isn't a far stretch for him to pass off the jealousy coupled with the compulsive lying for reality. He isn't long for this life of infamy. I'll say something at the funeral.

  20. Congrats LegoWig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. He has Aspergers. It is so obvious. Look up the symptoms, you'll be amazed by what you see.

  22. No, he doesn't have Aspergers, that's always an incorrect diagnosis of someone's personallity. He is just your run of the mill megalomaniac, with delusions of granduer.

  23. Well, this Sean fellow sounds just like Arthur but without the grammatical and spelling errors. I can't believe just how many folk lead such vacuous, self absorbed lives and put so much importance on absurd things like 'clubbing' and then copulating.
    Fair play, some ladies are hypnotised by the cock snake but is that reason enough to talk about them like their only use is as a place for you to leave a batch of fine American spunk? A gentleman would never talk about a lady, there is no class in this demeaning conduct and it is an ill reflection on the man who chirps on about it.
    Yes, there have been occasions when I have inserted my penis in a strange lady's vagina shortly after making her acquaintance but believe me, it has cost me half a dozen Hail Marys and a couple of Act of Contritions.
    Oh, and another matter......this post isn't Arthur's work. Surely you've all read enough of the turd's shite to spot a counterfeit Kade? And you know, I'm still not convinced it isn't us who are the monkeys being tormented .........as yet I haven't seen anyone express a curiosity as to what his book is about......well, I can tell you, because it's the only fucking thing he's got.....it's a true story about a man of mediocre talents who in a short space of time enraged by entire continents simply by using t'internet....yes, even starving Africans hate Kade.....'What's for tea today mum?'....'fuck all again'......'Uhhhh, at least we've got cunty Kade to hate'. Hate keeps a man alive (who said that? - Jack Hawkins in Ben Hur)
    It's a fucking scam me ole mateys, anteater face is pulling everyone's plonker like it's kiddies' plasticine ....and it's stretching straight to the publishers office, over the road to the tv studios and finishing up at the bank.
    Ironically, it probably will make him famous, he'll be on Leno's show (and that other fucker who shags his staff) plugging his new book and tv show with a build up of spittle in his gob like a fucking ten pack Wrigleys.
    It's a paradox isn't it?.....becoming famous for being a cunt, then saying you were pretending to be a cunt and in real life really being........... a cunt.
    I've gone and fucked my brain now (...what film's that from?)

  24. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 15, 2009 at 12:19 PM

    7) The "Entrance". I use this one ALMOST every night. And it's so amazing because you can drop it on a bunch of 6's and 7's before they even know that they want you. Plus, it's so simple and Kade-style. Basically, what I do is walk into a room and almost instantly all the chicks just clear out. I just dominate so hard that they can't even stand it and flea the scene before I have to proactively "blow them off".

    8) The "Pants Drop". This one is sick and works 100% of the time. See, sometimes I work so hard at "blowing off" a 7 or 8 but she just doesn't get the hint and hangs around The Brand until the end of the night. But once I get her back to my amazing, "dual level" pad, I immediately drop my pants and show her what she'll never have.... my 3.5in penis. Usually they run out the door screaming - or laughing - and I smile, knowing that my mad skillz are still working like an amazing charm

  25. Sean Jones?

    Correct me if I am wrong.. but isn't this the dude that does some 2nd tier modeling (emoda, like arthur) nothing major.. and was on a season of some crap reality show temptation island?

    And he had a pic of himself in Rolling Stone (not on the cover) which he showed everyone and anyone who was willing to look?

    That's it.. that is all he has done.. now he works in construction..

    This is the ultimate player? Arthur is a Loser, Sean is a Loser..

    they sould share a cell in the local mental ward as they shared a apartment together in Philly

  26. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 15, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    “Asian boy porn isn’t a gift, it’s a responsibility for the chosen few Like Arthur Kade to be cherished”…Arthur Kade…11/14/09

  27. Frank Sinatra didn't take videos of guys bent over in a club with their butts sticking out, in tacky acid-washed jeans.

  28. I'm old (though not as old as Arthur) and stopped going out to clubs some time ago, so maybe I'm just out of touch with reality....but don't REAL "ballers" stick to partying at the top clubs in cities like New York, LA, Vegas, London, etc? No offense to Philly, I love me some Pat's.

  29. All those cities are small time. The real ballers are in Atlantic City

  30. Fuck, GIRLS who dance on platforms at clubs are generally annoying attention whores and are best ignored. Dudes doing it - especially when they're alone and especially when dancing to bad late 90's hip hop- should be escorted to the back alley and beaten severely.

    But what do you do with the OTHER dude who's on a nearby platform, dancing by himself to bad late 90's hip hop, yelling to and taking video of the first guy?

  31. Sean Jones:

    1st tier or 2nd dosen't matter. I still got paid.
    Temptation island, extra work, & a full page spread with multi page interview: not bad for a massage therapist from Tennesse who was discovered in a restauraunt in L.A.

    Bottom line it's my fault because arts jealousy of me is the cause for all this. And I can't understand why it's ok for the Negros to go out to clubs and talk about "balling" women all the while cheating on their "boos" and then having additional "down low relationships" and it's all cool. I do some t.v and modeling work, sleep with a few Los angles 10's & Philly 11's and I'm getting burned at the stake.

  32. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 15, 2009 at 1:43 PM

    @ Anonymous 1:34 PM:

    EradiKADE him?

  33. Arthur should take out a Personal on Craigs List. That'll take him to "the next level of fame"

  34. Artfuck should have a litter of shit kittens birthed in his mouth.

  35. really artie? this is what we get?i think the last time a woman was on camera with you was the lady with the dog.she hated you.
    club,club,club.hangover.brunch.we get it."dusk is ridic" etc.i'm bored.
    what does he see in the mirror when he puts that gross hat on his head?
    everyone must go over to AK and read philly reality in the comments.haha.
    ATZ, i adore you.all the tweeters.
    penal insertion.penal cowboy.the t-shirt?really?
    you have reached a new low.what is it with the loud,cackling women?does a 20yr old know who sinatra is?sinatra.who cares. hipsters?3 videos of a bday dinner you bitched about all day.and a very dark video of a guy dancing.
    i'm ready for some chateau pics.

  36. So...lemme get this straight: you are proud to blow off girls? Like, you don't want girls around you. Am I right? Is that about it?

  37. "Who's Legowig?"


    Arty, you can't even act your way out of THAT!

  38. ArturdTheZero formerly AKZListNovember 15, 2009 at 6:53 PM


    Thank you! If you are AT LEAST a Philly 7.87692 and are ever in NYC I would be happy to show you the dark little cave I live in and Twitter away from. The only thing I ask in return is that you bring me the bones of Papa Kade's aborted fetuses so I can have sustenance to continue my work.

  39. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 15, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    Serious question:
    Has Arthur ever bragged about - or even mentioned - his cock?

    I know, it makes me sick to even have considered it. But really, with all the shit he talks about his great features, hair, enormous shoulders, etc., you'd think he would say something about all the compliments he gets on his schlong. The only thing I can think of is that it's SO small that he wouldn't even dare to bring it up for fear that some girl would call him out. I mean, even if it was 5in, I would think he could at least stretch the truth to a "thick six". So does that mean it's only 4? 3? Or less?

    Could it be a micro penis? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropenis

    This is a working theory that would explain a LOT.

  40. There has never been a visible bulge in any of his pictures so he may not even have a penis. Probably pees put of his anus which is a plus when he is getting bored out.

  41. word on the street is people in that bar in NJ were chanting "Le-go-Wig! Leg-o-Wig!" after some fans of the site explained to everyone else about our site and about who Arthur really is.

  42. Blowing off girls – Faggart style

    # ?…The Kadzilla…This one is where;

    With a purposeful grimace and his fedora pulled down
    opens his mouth and his breath will knock you down
    Bartenders yell and waitresses scream
    in the corners of his mouth is foamy dick cheese
    Greasy face with troll doll hair
    He’ll go home alone but he don’t care

    Oh no, here comes lispy kego
    Go go, Kadzilla yeah
    Oh no, his nose is filled with blow
    Go go Kadzilla yeah

    Tomorrow night he’ll do it again
    Blow off girls cause he doesn’t like them

    # ?…The lispbegone…This is used in korilla warfare.

    When a female enemy enters his perimeter (the spit sphere) he simply speaks;

    “Tho, whaths it like to thee a theleberthy tho clothse up”?

    When they puke in their mouth he walks away knowing that ‘gen pop Philly 5.45’ wanted to go home with him. And she would brag to her friends that he made her throw up. And he would brag about how he wasn’t going to ‘tap that’ just like his urban black friends would say.

  43. Sean - not burning you at the stake....just kind of touching your scrotum with a cattle prod, metaphorically of course. Fair play to you (not wishing to come across as a condescending know all, which I am) but you seem to have an ironic appreciation of your 'fortunes' in the celebrity world and really I suppose it is also a gentleman's duty to satisfy the lady's needs...of which they have many. Sounds like you've stepped up to the plate there with the good looking ones...but just think of the joy you'd get from poking an ugly one - it would be like a community service, quite rewarding....
    True what you say about those black types who seem to have an appalling regard for ladies......but I don't know much about black American culture or hip hop....I have sometimes acceded to a lady's wish for 'anal play' but I'm not sure I would like to listen to lyrics where the fellow tells us he ' fucked his bitch up the booty' or whatever the expression is. I suppose I'm just old school.

  44. I really didnt think this guy could possibly piss me off anymore.
    Mostly I come on here to see if anyone had beaten him down yet.
    But if I EVER see a guy in a 'family' restaurant, in a shirt like that, talking about rubbing one out in the bathroom...? I will fukn take him down myself.
    You may not have any respect for women, but you DAMN well better have respect if kids are around.

  45. That shirt was unreal. Who the hell would wear that stupid fucking thing in public?? Oh yeah..I forgot...Lispy McSlobberfuck would.

    and kudos to whoever hollered Legowig on that video. CLASSIC!!!

  46. Zombie kade here-

    The global village idiot has another smear of verbal shit up on his blob...

  47. Sean Jones:

    eng gent. I love all women. Even take a biggins down every now and then. Sometimes I love a ten or sometimes I love two 4's. All arthur's talk of threesomes comes from what I told him. The only 3 Somes art has had is him double whacking with a live gerbal on board.

  48. Arthur I just talked to your X (god I feel bad for her) about your lack of penis size. She said you had an unusually small and extremely veiny penis. As she said this her dog puked and her cat ran out of the room.

  49. Like other past commenters, I see him out all the time, and agree that he stares at women like a pervert. I've unfortunately spoken to him twice while with a mutual acquaintence (who can't stand him), each time he asked for a photo of us together. Each time I laughed in his face and walked away, as do other girls I know, so it's pathetic (yet fitting) he spins his interactions with women as the polar opposite. Frankly everyone I know in this town totally avoids him because they don't want to be associated with his loser, misogynistic ramblings. Particularly guys who chase quality tail cause they 99% of beautiful and intelligent women would be completely turned off by that personality.

    Ironically in Saturday's WSJ there was an article that reminded me of a psychological characteristic that helps explain this turd's continued inability to grasp reality, notwithstanding his megolomania, sociopathology, etc. It's called confirmation bias, and essentially it means that people seek out information and facts that confirm conclusions they want to draw while avoiding data that conflicts with that conclusion. We can all obviously see that played out in superlatives in doucheface's case.

    Though I can intellectualize his type of psychosis ad nauseaum, I sense there will come a point when I have a bad case of the drunks, he leers at me, and I throw my fist into his worthless face as a favor to my fellow ladies. Consider it one for the team.

  50. Chad Boonswang and Arthur are doing a TON of blow

  51. Arthur's ex.. christ who in their right mind would want to be an ex of that fucking nutball?

  52. an "ex" is infinitely better than a "current"

  53. Wow radish dick judging by the attire of your poor fucking waiter I would imagine you bill was about $50.00 including tip. Solid. Now you can put your dusty wallet away for another year.

  54. On camera and all over the cutting room floor.

  55. This vile piece of shit excuse for a human wears a shirt like that to a family restaurant?! The management should have told him he had to leave or turn it inside out. Someone there should have told him what an ass he is. I cannot wait until the fucking Russian mafia gets a hold of him and tears him to shreds.

  56. Sean - ...nice one, two fours make an 8 which is both double community service and in the top echelon
    I must say I was a bit shocked when you said you sometimes 'take down' a biggins.....you see, over here, Jeremy Biggins, known to all simply as Biggins, is a big fat girly poofter - an Elton John type of invert..... a big girl's blouse (as my dad would say). So at first I thought, fucking hell, I tip my hat to Sean, that's way beyond the call of duty....but of course this can't be the case - a biggins to you is probably a larger lady...but even then fair play to you. A mate of mine once had a really fat lady, I mean we're talking really fucking moose territory....'what was it like' I asked...' well, can't be sure I even shagged her hole' he replied, 'for all I know I could have had my cock between two layers of fat'.

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