We Puke A Little Every Time Kade Compares Himself To Frank Sinatra

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The Gen Pop can never understand the amazing level of constant pressure that a rising actor and author in “The Biz” like Arthur Kade has to go through. It gets to the point that not only is my phone going off every 12 seconds (The Q&A was a perfect example of how in demand The Brand is on a sexual, social, and professional level) with people in “The Biz” trying to either talk to me, girls trying to get with me, or casting directors inviting me in for audition or work, but I am in the process of developing a Hit TV Show and authoring a NY Times Bestseller, and my mind and soul have to be on even when I sleep. I am a master of creativity and adventure (This is why I am so well known in the writing and acting community), and I have to constantly be “ON”, so that I can continue with the crazy level of success that I have had in “The Journey” after only 8.284 months, but I have to also make life altering choices like do I take today and work on Law and Order, or instead spend the day authoring or working on the TV Show with IMG Media, and all the while getting emails, appearance/Press requests, and twitters from fans from around the world.
While grabbing lunch with my friends at Butcher and Singer today (One friend asked me how is Manicure looked, and I laughed and said, “Manicures for Men are so “IN” right now. I really need to stop biting my nails!), I made the choice that I needed a few hours to myself to decompress, and let the pressure of Hollywood and NYC slide of my shoulders, and headed over to the Spa for a much needed massage. Most people will never lead the “Kade Style/Sintra-esque” life that I do and do stuff like that, so I think it’s important to share that aspect of my life with the world, and tell them, “Even when you’re dominating like Arthur Kade, you need to make sure you take care of your body (My body is the thing that makes me money as a model and actor, so it has to be my “Temple” which is why I work out almost everyday), and today was an example of that. I also loved when my masseur said I had a “Great body!”. My new Cali BFF, Molly Weiner also said thank you for the “Kade Style Shout Out”.
“Sometimes The Brand has to rest his mind so that he never has to rest his Platinum Amex”….Arthur Kade…11/12/09
I Had someone tell me today that with my lighter hair color (Ashy Blonde), I look Like Matthew Mcconaughey.


  1. Oooooh, Kent, you've been replaced. You are no longer the Brand's "Cali BFF"! I think that last video you made stepped over the line... even Arthur got that the joke was on him.

  2. If you actually focused on acting and not answering twitter, going out to lunch, being a douche, bopping around, wasting your personal trainer's, therapist's, speech therpist's, Cosi employee's, innocent bi-standards time, you might actually have improved your acting. But you haven't. You do nothing all day but dream of being famous and fuck around.

  3. Yes, because normal people never go and get massages! Only 'a list celebs'. That's why there are so many thriving massage parlors, right?

  4. You are the nightmare on the darkside of every glory hole.

  5. Loo here...

    Speaking of Dummy's new Cali BFF, check her IMBD page! It's HILARIOUS! She's an "no credit" extra. The First one listed is "prostitute" in some movie "Crossing Over"... oh boy!


    But alas,she IS a Philly 7.



  6. Hey Chad do I have a nice body?

    Fuck yeah bro, now lets do some chimp dust.

  7. Did anybody else catch this?

    "I've got some work to do tonight." (Points to nose.)

    And I think that a beachball has more definition than Anal does on his pecs.

  8. ZKade will destroy you here-

    anal lint kade would look like matthew mcconnaghey only if by chance mcconnaghey was to get into a horrible traffic accident with a truck carrying boric acid, which fucked up his face and burnt all the hair off his head.

    At which point he'd get an laughably moronic nosejob featuring bizarro keyhole shaped nostrils, a bolt on wig made from rotting beaver pelts, and have someone apply bondo to the deeper gashes on his face.

    Then anal and matthew might bear a slight resemblance, if mcconnaghey had been out drinking all night in a hurricane.

    and anal- the only sinatra you resemble is the bloated, bald, half senile, gibbering idiot end of his life version - you know, the one that was an evil cranky embarrassment to all his friends and family.


    By the way, anal - yahoo serious called and said he wants his post young einstein career back.

  9. I am a journalist working in Kabul, Afghanistan and I got a massage today. Guess I must be a balls-ass-hot-ass A-list celeb here in a fucking war zone. Where's my Little Oscar?!?!

    Kade, you should come out here and "dominate." I would love to send you down to Kandahar (Kadeahar?) so I could introduce you to some really, really big fans of The Brand. They would love to make a video with you and I can almost guarantee it would end up on international news outlet Al Jazeera! Think of the exposure!

    Keep up the great work LWK!

  10. Why is he obsessed with "cab drivers" knowing who he is?

    He thinks he's "global"!

    To the Cab Drivers of Phila.: Drive by this idiot........ he won't tip!

  11. I bet he got a masage by Wanda and doesn't know it yet.

  12. Look at him striking a pose in that second picture, trying to look 'buff'. That must have been excrutiatingly painful, Artshitz.

    Gads, the idea of him lying naked on that poor masseuse's table makes me want to projectile vomit!

    The ONLY table I want to see Artshitz naked on, is a mortician's.

  13. So let's review the week. Arthur paid for some new headshots, went out to the same old shitty Philly clubs, saw a movie, got a message, got denied from auditioning at an audition and was banned from a friends restaurant. Not bad.

  14. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlNovember 13, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Wow....he really isn't doing anything different/interesting at all. I mean, get creative Artie! Come on!!! Back away from the lines on the mirror and drop some acid. Seriously......

  15. Moron is moderating heavily again. Remember what happened last time Arthur? With out us you are nothing.

  16. ZKWDY here:

    Hey, whiffle dick has a new sack of delusion up on his blob- hurry hurry, there's tons to rip up and I don't want to waste it on lisperado's (thanks again Kudos) shit site.

  17. arthur and chad boonswang are doing tons of BLOW these days