A New Blog about Arthur Kade, Douchebag Extraordinaire

If you're interested in helping out on this blog, please drop me an email . Please use an ANONYMOUS account, bc i would ideally like to keep everyone’s name private so they feel free to share the maximum amount of details and facts they know.

The email address is: legowigkade@gmail.com

The most devastating aspect of us starting our own blog would be rapidly reducing the amount of Arthur's page views, because people would go to our blog for the real story and analysis. People would comment on this blog (no moderation, unless its true spamming) instead of Kade's douchey moderated site. Many, many less page views for him. Zero advertising revenue. He would be the one exposing himself to ridicule on a daily basis, but all the traffic would be at the other blog. People would read his blog once (but since we could post excerpts, maybe people could skip his site entirely) but not keep visiting to read the comments multiple times a day.

Secondly, due to less moderation, the truth would come out. We could post real names, real stories, and use whatever terminology (within some bounds) we feel is appropriate. No more having to wait for a moderator to let you say “L/e/g/o w/i/g”. And, of course, Kade's people can't spam our comments section... we would remove that crap, because it's pure spam. (If it's really bad pro-Kade stuff, we could leave it up and mock it...()

Let’s get this started soon… the material is endless and I’m tired of giving this guy page views. Without the comments, his site becomes totally useless, bc comments are the only reason to come here now.

Drop a line and join in:


After you email, I'll set you up with details about how to get a password to the Blogger site and how to submit material for posting here.


  1. Hey nice blog.

    Artie is have a shit over there, blocking everything I post with the words site and blog. Trying to spread the word but aint easy.

  2. There is now no reason to visit arthurkade.com. So spam the comment boards and Kade's hits will flatline. They've already been dropping steadily. Mirror his posts here and NO MORE MODERATION!

  3. Hey y'all, poster formerly know as TheKell over on shitstain's blog.

    This'll be awesome.

  4. Great job guys, he must be so pissed!

  5. artie is probably shitting his pants right now