Arthur Kade on the verge... of suicide? We can only hope.

Below is El Lego-wig's most recent, barely-readable offering. His new favorite hobby is saying "in the meantime" about everything... We can only hope that "in the meantime" between now and his next post he is hit by a very large truck or overdoses on cocaine with his enablers. Anyway, here is Kadyshes' newest garbage:

I received so many phone calls, BBM’s, and emails yesterday from friends and fans, asking me if my second audition for the possible pilot principal role went amazing, and after I left the audition, I jumped up and down, and pumped my fist in the air, and people in NYC were looking at me knowing that they were watching a budding superstar taking the next step of “The Journey”. I “High-Fived” 2 passer-byers, and pretty much strutted up Park Avenue, where people were looking at me like I was John Travolta in “Stayin’ Alive” (People always tell me I look like him when my hair is Poofy, and The Brand is now one step away from landing his first principle role, and having a chance to be part of such an original and groundbreaking project that, I could be the next Tony Soprano, and with the influence of my brand, my name, my images, and this blog, what network wouldn’t want to feature one of the “Most Up and Coming” actors of a generation (I am so excited I may piss my pants sometimes).

In the meantime, I ran into Dom from Entourage as well as my buddy Ryan Dorsey at G (Formerly of Z-Bar and now Partner/GM of Recess Lounge which I wrote about opening in September), and from what he said to me, “This is going to be the most exclusive lounge in Philly”, and he told me that he will only allow the top of the top crowd with memberships in, and the place is being designed in such a way that we will be able to dance “St. Tropez” style on the banquettes, and my favorite line of the night, “I interviewed 8 girls today, and don’t get me wrong they were all hot, but I don’t think I will hire any of them”, which tells me this place is going to be so off the charts, so “Kadeish”, and exclusive that New York peeps will want to come down to party with Arthur Kade and The Entourage immediately. My playground is about to take shape, and it looks like it will help me continue to transform Philly into a National Nightlife Powerhouse like my other cities that I dominate like KA and NYC, and I will be the Tony Goldman (The man who created Soho, NYC, and SoBe, Miami) of Young Hollywood.

In the meantime, a girlfriend just called me to let me know that I have a new famous fan in “The Biz” twittering that he’s reading my site (So many people don’t believe how many “A Listers” in “the Biz” are followers, I am being told the boys from Entourage love me, and the power of The Brand is getting more International and Cross-Centric), and a fan of “The Journey”, and he’s actually one of my favorite recording artists, Rob Thomas from MatchBox 20. I wonder if I could get him to play my next birthday party if I have it in France? By the way Rob, “This is How a Heart Breaks” is one of my top Ipod Songs still, and I loved when the NBA used it for the playoffs a couple years ago. Keep killing it “Kade Style”.
Here’s his twitter: “my friend turned me on to this. you’re welcome
http://arthurkade.com/ so cheese-tastic, it’s hard to believe it’s real.”

Comments are open... feel free to shout the truth about Kade's loserish pathetic douchebaggery.


  1. I have an alternate FB page and I friend requested him. Not 1 minute later I got an email from him wondering how he knows me.

  2. And who takes cheese-tastic as a compliment

  3. "how do you know me??"

    Yes he uses parenthesis and multiple question marks in emails too.

  4. it's so great that Rob Thomas is "actually one of my favorite recording artists", one of the most milquetoast motherfucking recording artists out there

    Arthur is every American male douche cliche in one shitty package

    fuck you Arthur

  5. Kade Style is about mooching off of other people while trying to pursue a hopeless journey. I'm for people following dreams, but when your some halfhearted lisping clown that everyone and their mother mocks on a regular basis, I'd say time to find another fuckin gig Jack. Kade will read this comment and just laugh it off like I'm some stupid moron who doesn't follow dreams. Let me tell you this you worthless sack of shit, I've done more at 25 than you've ever done. Your life is a complete lie and everyone knows it. you live with your parents and have no hope of getting a job even at Cosi's. You're just that untalented and dispicable. Good luck with your "career" you annoying lisping hack. Oh and check out your comments on the Wedding Crashers video you made. They're ALL negative.

  6. FB - check out Kade-holics Anonymous (or Kade-Aholics) - great place to post the link!!!

    And then on the AK posts...suggest people check out the Kade fan site on FB


    Me and Kadyshes are fast becoming pals thru Twitter:

    @ArthurKade how was the audition? Did you dominate it Kade style?

    Reply: read my new blog...i do things in only one speed....warp


  7. *sorry, had a Kade style illiterate moment - check out the group on FB

  8. kevinbrueck (1 day ago)

    You have ZERO comedic ability. Your monologue was GOD awful!!! The fact that you think you're in the same universe as Vince Vaughn is beyond laughable.

    Once again all I heard was you delivering words on a page. No acting. No feeling. No emotion. Just you say "blah blah blah blah blah........" GIVE IT UP KADE!!!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!

    ferettibella (1 day ago)
    EXTRA EXTRA, Thats all your gonna be. I see the hat to cover the bald spot again. Man your parents did a number on you. That had to be the worst acting I have ever seen you sound the same dull and no emotion at all.

    NaeJoy (1 day ago)
    you are not actor material.

    incrediblehelp (21 hours ago)
    Holy Christ this guy is awful

    t00mey93 (11 hours ago)
    your just reading up words, please try to act more dude.. You sucked

    cchlaw (2 hours ago)

  9. Wow, he completely blocked us from commenting on his site, and we never said anything that mean. Big baby!

  10. @MGC
    Ha, I messaged you this site through a pseodonym on FB from the Kade-holics page.

  11. Need to embed the videos he ran to accompany this mess...

  12. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 22, 2009 at 12:48 PM

    Thank goodness - I just refrained from leaving insulting somments over at ass-clown's site, came here instead.

    I hope that'll be the trend.

    Hey, Arthur: Yuo're delusional. YOu're a moron. You're untalented. You're not very attractive. People don't admire you or like you, even your friends.

    Can you imagine this asshole trying to give you a high five, sight unseen, on the streets of Manhattan? I don't think anyone was thinking about seeing a "rising star" if that actually happened. Too bad some jumpy guy didn't give him a couple of broken ribs out of reflex.

  13. @J Bone

    Don't think that was me, I found out about this site through the KadeMeister himself!! But you're a quicker thinker than me, let's hope your link brings in all the other AK posters

    Also...re his question to you, I thought he was in international celebrity/household name and has been for the last 5.8746 months...how could you now know him?!?!

  14. *not know him, sheesh, my illiteracy is really going to a Kade level today

  15. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 22, 2009 at 12:52 PM

    Oh, and here's the link to the Kade-aholics group. I sent a message or two, but don't enjoy filling out captchas. Could be a good way to recruit to this side, if anyone has the energy.


  16. The "next Tony Soprano?"

    Excuse me while I laugh my fucking ass off!!!!!!!!

    James Gandolfini was in the following BEFORE Sopranos even started!

    8MM (1999) .... Eddie Poole
    ... aka 8mm - Acht Millimeter (Germany)
    A Whole New Day (1999) .... Vincent
    A Civil Action (1998) .... Al Love
    The Mighty (1998) .... Kenny Kane
    Fallen (1998) .... Lou
    Perdita Durango (1997) .... Willie 'Woody' Dumas
    ... aka Dance with the Devil (USA: video title)
    12 Angry Men (1997) (TV) .... Juror #6
    She's So Lovely (1997) .... Kiefer
    ... aka Call It Love
    ... aka She's So Lovely (France)
    "Gun" .... Walter Difideli (1 episode, 1997)
    ... aka "Robert Altman's Gun"
    - Columbus Day (1997) TV episode .... Walter Difideli
    Night Falls on Manhattan (1996) .... Joey Allegretto
    The Juror (1996) .... Eddie
    Get Shorty (1995) .... Bear
    Crimson Tide (1995) .... Lt. Bobby Dougherty
    Le nouveau monde (1995) .... Will Caberra
    ... aka New World (USA: video title)
    ... aka The New World
    Terminal Velocity (1994) .... Ben Pinkwater
    Angie (1994) .... Vinnie
    Mr. Wonderful (1993) .... Mike
    True Romance (1993) .... Virgil
    ... aka Breakaway (Philippines: English title)
    Money for Nothing (1993) .... Billy Coyle
    Italian Movie (1993) .... Angelo
    A Stranger Among Us (1992) .... Tony Baldessari
    ... aka Close to Eden (Australia) (UK: cable TV title)

  17. So, look what I found on Actor's Access...

    Well shoot, I can't post it. But I found the breakdown for Artie's little "film." Looks like a winner. Obviously, it doesn't pay, so I'm not sure how he plans to make his millions off of it. They asked everyone to show up to the audition wearing a tight shirt, it seems, so that probably worked out well for him.

    If there's a way for me to post this, let me know. It has his character's breakdown, and a description of the trailer. Because no, no, it's not even a pilot.

    Apparently it's called In Between Men.

  18. It's a trailer for a pilot...

    Trailer for TV Pilot-Non Union “In Between Men”
    Submission Deadline, Saturday, Aug 8th, 3pm
    “In Between Men”
    In Between Men is about All-American, average guys who also happen to be gay. They represent the large majority of the gay community not represented on television. These are straight-acting, masculine, everyday guys who feel caught between two worlds. They feel they relate more to straight men than their gay peers. In Between Men is a 1 hour Dramedy about four “out” friends, living in NYC, who believe that gay only means that they are attracted to other men, nothing more. The average person would never know these guys are gay unless they told you. Through wild adventures, joys and pains, IBM examines the relationship the men have between each other, their lovers, and the greater gay community. All actors MUST be comfortable with kissing and being affectionate with other men.

    Dalton Grey Fuller- 28-32 to play 29. African-American. 5′10ft-6ft tall, average build, but fit. Attractive, masculine with an understated sex appeal, charming sense of sarcasm, quick-witted humor and down to earth personality (although he can be occasionally bourgeois): he is urban yet classy. Dalton is ambitious, passionate, affectionate, outspoken, funny and argumentative. Dalton is attracted to men of all shapes, sizes & ethnicities. He is looking for love, but has become cynical and jaded as he approaches 30. SERIES LEAD




  19. WTF @ Pre 2nd Audition

    Is he walking around filming himself. Douchebag ^ 9999 O yeah everybody make sure you drop by that video and comment as well as giving it the usual 1 star he deserves not because he is a douche but he is a douche that can't act

  20. We added the photos and youtube videos! Love the first photo, he should have just slit his neck and ended this charade.

  21. 1st video:




    (although...shouldn't it be Kade West?)

  22. "These are straight-acting, masculine, everyday guys....."

    how the hell is he getting cast for this role????

  23. Someone please do some research on who to contact with production on the TV Pilot and let them know that Arthur Kade should be avoided like the plague.

    We are in the process of writing a definitive "warning" email that chronicles all of Kade's sexist, misogynist, holier-than-thou, self entitled behavior to post here so that it can be copied at a moment's notice anytime one of you feel like contacting anyone involved with any of the projects Kade says he is working on. Look for it soon!

  24. First pic - That's right Art, use a knife like you would a cock.

    Fourth pic - prostrate exam or he thinks he's spider man.


  25. According to the breakdown, the writer/director/casting is Quincy Morris, at 215-290-8479. Maybe he's the guy to contact?

  26. If you contact anyone, just simply state to them that you will boycott the project should Arthur Kade be involved. I think that's the safest thing to say. Remind them of the power of social networking, how quickly we can get word out that this despicable prick is involved.

  27. Folks - no need to get too excited about this. It's a TRAILER to show to networks to see if they want to make a PILOT, to see if they want to make a SERIES.

    Somehow I don't think we can t expect to see this on HBO EVER.

    He's still moderating everything.

  28. Hey, Kade it be magic here!

    Just found this site via the idiots Twitter!

    I've added my thoughts to his latest post, including the words "Boring balding blogger" as I'm sure that gets to him every time.
    I also managed to slip in a Lego comment!

    Kade Out!

  29. once they get a glimpse of old lego wig I think they'll make their decision. Kade is the least hip, sexy, funny human being alive. Putting his tragically unhip persona in a project will instantly make it seem amateur hour...because Kade lacks talent and class and style. Just look at his first video for proof, what an ugly getup and unfunny performance.

  30. Everyone please start leaving the following on all kade's youtube posts.

    L E G O W I G K A D E . B L O G S P O T . C O M

    Search the web for "lego wig kade blog" and join us there!

    Make sure to copy and use that text, it seems that full urls cause some issues and do not immediately post.

    LegoWig Out! And FUCK YOU ARTHUR KADE!

  31. Lego Wig Kade, why no link to here from your Twitter? And can you post here any replies you get or emails from his "friends"?

  32. I just have to jump in on the thing about transforming Philly into the Nightlife Capital of the Western World or whatever.

    The best thing about Philadelphia is it's a nice walkable city where you can get a decent place to live without spending a fortune and have a pretty good quality of life.

    The worst thing about Philadelphia is people who live there but are oblivious to what it has to offer just because it is not, in fact, New York City. They either dis Philly saying shit like, "OMG, this is so lame, cuz when I was up in NYC last weekend..." or they try to pretend that some typically lame Philly nightlife offering is Just Like NYC.

    Hence, in my rare postings on Artie's blog, I've done my best to encourage him to do a Jed Clampett and get on outta there. The Kade's of the world are cancer, and LA and NYC are adept at isolating those tumors and killing them off.

  33. exactly Drew. I'm here in Phila as well and I've railed at him on his comments in this respect. he and his crew are the people stupid enough to do lame shit like "bottle service" and tanning salons and shit. their status as Philadelphians is tweaked because their always trying to love up to some other expectation

    if Arthur really wanted to be an actor he'd try to join a local theater group and just hunker down with his craft and other actors. but he really doesn't want to be an expressive artist (in his case, acting.) he just wants fame. I can't imagine any fellow actually respecting Arthur

    Arthur = no cred

  34. Wow, Rob Thomas is a Twitter friend? Jesus, Arthur, why don't you get John Mayer is well, then it can be a milquetoast douchebag trifecta.

    You suck, die already.

  35. Oh Arthur. You are an illiterate moron. You can tell just by the way you speak (and I don't mean the horrible lisp that you can't seem to shake despite spending $$$ on therapy). You can't express a single thought without using curses and the word amazing and lame, ridiculous catch phrases like "off the hook." Clearly from your writing you have no grasp of the written English word (really, a 5th grader knows English grammar better than you, and you're even too stupid to use your spell check to clean up your writing before you post) - but I had to note how atrocious your ability to speak is as well. You are an idiotic, illiterate, stupid dancing monkey who has misplaced life priorities and will die sad and alone living with his Mom (we all know you moved in with your Mom Arthur. We all know it). You're sad. Really sad.

  36. ^AS well. The illiteracy is contagious.

  37. And we know you're reading this, Lego Wig.

    So, just as a reminder,
    1. Balding - you need to see a doctor about Rogaine & possibly some plugs.
    2. Hair is dry - see your step-mom for some conditioning treatments, and possibly some daily conditioning therapy.
    3. Skin - looking ROUGH. Get to the spa ASAP. Facial, exfoliation, peel.
    4. Lips - dry. Get some product.
    5. Wrinkles by mouth - getting worse. Need Restalyne. Also touch up the botox while you’re at it.
    6. Bags under eyes - see a plastic surgeon. It’s a minor procedure.
    7. Overall maintinance - Go to Blue Mercury, get a consult and update your face products. They’re open today. Go there. You know - by Cosi. You know where Cosi is, fool. I know you do. Stop smoking. Get out of the sun.

  38. @hellkell My apologies - I get on a rant and I just type like mad. Thanks for the catch. :-)

  39. And Arthur - Rob Thomas was making fun of you. We all are. Including your friends. We are all laughing AT your sorry, sad, ignorant life.

  40. Hey Kade, since you're reading, how well does your stepmom give handjobs? I'm thinking about calling her up!

  41. Hmmm... your comments on your latest post are WAY down Arthur. Uh oh. Wonder why? How will you ever become famous if everyone abandons you? Of course, you must be used to being abandoned by now, huh? Dad abandoned you... Mom abandoned you... your ex abandoned you, and even kept your dog... G.N. Kang walked away from you and your pathetic little blog... Marissa had to move out of the country to get away from you... so, I guess you're used to it.

  42. @Amused: it was actually my language boner I was correcting--yours was fine. Reading Kade's bullshit is making me dumber everyday.

  43. @hellkell LOL - I agree, his writing can be mind numbing!

  44. Arthur, will you be able to pull yourself away from moderating your site, making up fake comments, reading this blog, and talking to the voices in your head to go stalk people and take random photos with them tonight?

  45. The look on Domenick Lombardozzi's face is priceless. "Who the fuck is this balding loser with bad skin and worse breath standing next to me?"

  46. And Kadipshit would only know him from Entourage because he's not smart enough to watch, much less comprehend, The Wire.

  47. Another brick in the wallAugust 22, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    I'm doing my best to promote the blog but I'm getting deleted every few minutes!
    I'm UK based so it will be up for a few hours when Kades in bed!!

  48. @ Another Brick in the Wall

    Unfortunately, he never sleeps but rock on and good luck!


  49. He's Edward Cullen's deformed little brother.

  50. Arthur,

    You are an ugly, deformed waste of skin and organs. Fisherman would chop off their own arms and use them for chum before they would ever chop you up and pollute the sea with you in an effort to catch fish.

  51. You somehow missed cut and pasting this quote.

    “Winners like to win, and losers valet their cars”..Arthur Kade 8/22/09

    This sort of confusing pronoun usage was stuff I cleaned up in the fucking 6th grade. English motherfucker! Do you speak it?

  52. How can you misinterpret “my friend turned me on to this. you’re welcome http://arthurkade.com/ so cheese-tastic, it’s hard to believe it’s real.” ????

    And what's up with the finger pictures...no, I don't want to know.

  53. And one other thing while I'm at it...

    Can't you memorize a fucking paragraph of text? Must you READ everything you're suppose to be acting??!!

    YOU SUCK!!!

  54. @ Anonymous 615pm... I bet Kade has no idea why that sentence is so damn poorly written.

    It's also fucking mundane and cliche... winners LIKE to win? Ummmm who doesn't like to win? Also, how is a fired former insurance salesmen a winner in any sense of the word? Even if you're pretty good at it, that's like winning the special olympics. LOL @ Kade's life.

  55. I noticed his comments have dropped off on his last post.

    Art, you FAIL yet again. Fuck off and die now, OK?

  56. this blog now gets more comments than kade's own blog.

    too funny.

  57. 56 posts here 51 there


  58. the new post above this ^^^^ is priceless. Lego Wig Contest... LOL!

  59. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 22, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    Questions, so many questions . . .

    If Kade's going out a few times a week hitting hot spots, getting bottle service, and ostensibly doing blow with his entourage, who's paying? Cause he sure as hell ain't selling enough T-shirts to support that kind of shit. I have a hard time believing anyone would be foolish enough to keep him around when he brings nothing to the table.

  60. "this place is going to be so off the charts, so “Kadeish”"


  61. Yeah, I'm officially banned on asshats' site. YEAH I did it! So I will now be commenting on here. The site is great!

  62. @Pogue Mahone...

    Welcome to the club. Both my home and work IP addresses have been flagged. Can't get shit through moderation let alone a call for everyone to come here instead of going there.

    For some reason this makes me feel AWESOME!

  63. loving that the Rob Thomas thing was a fake and he broadcast it for all the world to see........

  64. Ana

    looks like that was actually the real dude: http://twitter.com/ThisisRobThomas

    doesn't really matter, Rob Thomas is as inoffensive a musician out there. he makes Arthur's shitty clubmates Good Charlotte look like Black Flag . . .

  65. Wo ist mein Handy?August 26, 2009 at 5:46 AM

    I posted a little link to this blog on his Facebook page, mwuhahahahaha.....

  66. Kade won't let me post the DSM IV definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder-

    A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:[1]

    Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love (megalomania)
    Believes they are "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, people (or institutions) who are also "special" or of high status
    Requires excessive admiration
    Has a sense of entitlement
    Is interpersonally exploitative
    Lacks empathy
    Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    I don't know why.

  67. If Narcissitic Personality Disorder is Axis 1, I think he really needs an Axis II! Would "Douche" be an Axis II diagnosis?