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  1. Warning to all…

    This might get ugly. If you can’t handle it rough perhaps you should not participate. Consider sidelining yourself because there are no rules. May the strongest prevail.

  2. Word to the motherfucker.

  3. @ the first comment. LMAO!


    I was floating down the river on my tube, and Pancakes was right next to me. He is a small, 13 legged centipede who loves taco sauce, hardy partying, and never forgets to take his gummy vitamins. I looked back and he was gone, floating away. . . SCREAMING. No one knew what to do. He is a very good floater, probably because of all the gummi vitamins he takes. He never eats McDonalds when I do either. If you find him could you please e-mail me immediately!?? I miss him so much and I have no one to talk to, and no one to drink beerz with. He was my only friend. He was supposed to be 12 this upcoming Feb. 9th. He is an Aquarius.

    Ps. He Has A SMILE as BRIGHT as the SUNNNNNNNNN :-)

  5. You can call this number from any phone to leave us a message - so if you feel embarrassed reading legowig at work, hopefully others around you wont notice you leaving at hilariously obscene phone message (just say its a credit card company)

    1(206)777-0137 Code: *7865655

  6. Bloody fucking nora, who the fuck are those cunts leaving the voice comments? Fucking scared the bejesus out of me. How many Ted Bundy's can there possibly be in America? Poor Arthur's making himself a target for every psychologically disturbed cock cheese out there. I wouldn't like any harm to come to him just because he happens to be an utter wanker. In a way Arthur's kind of achieved one aspect of celebrity - the attraction of mentalists whose eyes swizzle in their sockets, who insanely laugh whilst thinking of 50 ways to skin alive a young lady.
    I think I'll stick to this site and put my faith in the intelligent types who don't frighten me.

  7. I read this comment and realized that this person was desperately trying to help Arthur. And I think I know why. I have done my best to correct the spelling and typos, and then I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing almost the whole thing. Please allow that what he writes is factual (As far as I know) and is worthy of your consideration…(I will include the original comment below.)(I’ll have to split this into two post)

    I hate admitting this; but most people on this blog are more intelligent than me and have a better sense of humor than me. I never knew (didn’t know) (people on) blogs could so intellectual. I hate that (I regret that), because (in the past) I have had nothing but contempt for the Internet and the people who waste time posting on it. But obviously I was wrong. (And I’m hoping you will listen to what I have to say)
    Look, this guy (Arthur) had a hard time in school. The school janitor molested him and there was a ‘public’ trial. (Also a lawsuit, I believe) This was very ‘bad stuff’ for the family. Ok, so then he got harassed (at school and…) to the point where (it’s rumored) he tried to commit suicide. Rumor also has it that ‘the janitor’ (and I have posted this before) made tapes etc. and they may still be out there somewhere.
    It’s a very sad story. It was very traumatizing for him. Arthur was bullied in school because of this and was isolated for a long time. I heard he ‘bounced back, but (I also heard that) he may have (due to his trauma) experimented with men, etc. (only Arthur knows) He went to therapy and (somewhat) recovered. Now, I am not trying to insult him or anything (it’s just that) the damn case was so long ago that it’s not on the net. (And I feel people should know about it, then maybe they can understand)
    Obviously he has developed one or more personality disorders. (As might anyone that has been molested?) Many victims (of molestation) do, and that is a fact. Many, if not all, serial killers have been victims of sexual crimes as children. (I am not saying Arthur is a serial killer, but he suffered severe physical and psychological pain, enough to push someone over the edge. He has survived, but who knows how much damage was done?)
    So far, at least for now, he is only (being foolish) out there being a prick, and not killing others. (In other words, he is not a serial killer, but we’re afraid that could happen and want to protect him from that) He lives in his own little world, please leave him alone. If his world shatters and breaks, which it may, it could be very bad for others and him.
    Most serial killers have started murdering after a life-changing event; death of a mother/father, eviction from family home, a broken heart, etc.
    This guy has built an imaginary world for him self to live in so he can escape reality. Its ok, (for him to do this) the people who know him understand why and allow it. Let it be. (We think this is the right thing to do)
    I speak from experience…he was suspended (for extreme violence) from school during his senior year. He can become violent and dangerous. The school councilor (who was a good friend of my family) confided to my mother that he (Arthur) was now considered to be pathological (?) and required medication and therapy.
    Members of his family have already posted on here (trying to explain why he’s the way he is) and we know (we believe) he does not read the posts. (Which is why I am posting this here, hoping he doesn’t read it)
    Although I feel it’s pointless saying all this (I have tried this before) since it seams like no one reads (or maybe just didn’t understand) what I have written (About Arthur’s past) at least I know that I’ve tried to explain everything the best that I can.

  8. # Kudos

    All this has been said before, in bits and pieces, but this has opened my eyes. I can’t say that I feel sorry for him or that I am afraid of him or that I feel anything. I can say that I am going to leave him alone from this point forward and that I sincerely hope he’s able to make it to wherever it is that he trying to go. I agree, by the way, that there are many intelligent and humorous people that Arthur calls the ‘gen pop’, Kudos to you all.
    This is the original comment…

    I hate saying this but most people on this blog are more intelligent than me and have a better sense of humor than me. I never new blogs could so intellectual. I hate that, because I had nothing but contempt for the internet and people who waste time posting on it. But obviously I am wrong.
    Look this guy had a hard time in school. Molestation and public trail and very bad stuff for the faimly. Ok he was harrased and also it is humored that he tried to commit sucide. Rumor has it the that janitor (as I have posted this before) made tapes etc and may stilll be out somewhere.
    Very sad story, very traumatizing etc. Bullied in school because of this and isolated for a along time. Bounced back as I heard and may have due to his trauma experimented with men etc. Sent or therapy and recovered. Its ok I am not trying to insult him or somethings the damn case was so long ago that its not on the net.
    Obviously has some personality disorders after that as he grew older, would’nt you if you were molested. Most victems do, and that is a fact - Most serial killers have been victims of sexual crimes as children.
    At least he out there being a prick and not killing others. This is his own little world leave him there please. IF it shatters and breaks which it may it may be very bad for others and him.
    Most serial killers have started murdering after a life changing event, death of a mother/father, eviction from family home, broken heart, etc.
    This guy has built a imaginery world for himto live there and escape reality. Its ok people know him and admire and him there. Let it be.
    I know this from experiance as he was suspended for extrem violence in school in his last senior year. He can be violent and dangerous, to the extent that the school counciler who was a good friend of my family as my brother and I graduated from there told my mother in private as gossip that he was now considered to be phathelogical and had to under go medication and therapy.
    His family has already posted here and he know he does not read the posts.
    Pointless saying it since most you don’t read hwat others have written we I try.

  9. I can only ask..what have I done? I didn't see the whole picture. Arthur, I am sorry. You need to get some help, and it seems that I do too. I'm afraid that it might already be to late. Good luck on your journey. Wherever it leads. And Chad, straighten yer shit up. Before it's too late.

  10. I always kind of figured it was something like this. Man that's fucked up. I think it is too late to stop him from hurting someone unless his family commits him or seeks a really aggresive form of therapy.

  11. Guess what, I've known a person who was molested, at about the same point in time as Arthur. He got no therapy, the pervert who did it never even got arrested never mind having a trial, and to top it all off the family of the victim blamed him for doing something wrong.
    This person whent on to become a Rhodes scholar and has traveled the world as part their academic career. He is easily the most worldly, sophisticated, intelligent person I will ever know. Other victims of abuse have turned it around and are now among the most vocal advocates for survivors aid programs and prevention innitiatives.

    So Artard is potentialy dangerous? THEN PUT HIM DOWN LIKE A RABID DOG before he goes pop. One hollow point to the back of head while he's in line at Cosi or sitting at Rouge. Boom - Kade out. Public service performed.
    If that can't happen (I hear polce take a dim view of this sort of pre-emptive action) then let him blow, hope the damage isn't great and his compulsive self-photography should make it easy for the cops to ID him, pick him up and dump him in the pokey where he can spend the rest of his days getting ass-raped by dope-fiend niggers until he hangs himself in his cell.

  12. But if you're smart, you'll clean up your act quick and get out of the spotlight. And instead of encouraging your "friend" to take this path that you know will lead nowhere b/c it's fun for you, why don't you be a real friend and tell Arthur that he's ruining his life and may want to talk to someone about his issues.
    Gen Pop

  13. Zombie kade here-

    I don't know about anyone else, but it seems this plaintive screed about anal shit mousse being a poor misunderstood man-child is just a bit too convenient for my liking.

    It comes right on the heels of him threatening just a touch of violence - twittering about "wanting to punch a wall" and someone else reporting that he got punted from Cosi's.

    All while choad pooh thang is getting hung out to dry by a real lawyer, the W is getting ready to ban anal from all its properties, and we've all finally tipped to anal being ALONE through the majority of his bizarro world attempt at "fame".

    I mean look- right as the man butter gargling, crisco smeared, subliterate dipshit known as Lispy McSlobberfuck is having his entire imaginary funhouse torn down, there is a plea for mercy and pity?

    Smells like high school level performance art.

    Not buyin' it. Nope.

    Anal shitmousse- you're still a talentless sideshow freak. Do something useful, go lick a donkey's ass, shithead.

  14. Truthfully, I think he will harm his self, as in fatally. I agree that whatever happens in your past is not an excuse for abhorrent behavior in the present. But given enough stress, the brain can become ill. Just the same as your heart, skin or any other organ. The problem is that people don’t think that the brain can get better. All the other organs can heal, but not the brain? If you noticed, no one is being judged for what they have done or will do concerning Arthur. I remember reading a comment near the beginning from his cousin (I think) basically saying the same thing. I think it’s genuine. Carry on by all means. And so you know, the first comment was from me. Things change. But then again…They shoot horses for a lot less, don’t they?

  15. Childhood tragedies aside, there is no excuse for the behavior exhibited in this "Journey." Arthur is using people, belittling and degrading people publicly, lying constantly, and is putting his entire life out there for scrutiny to one and all.

    If he wants to be a celebrity, well, this is what he gets - treatment no different from other celebrities that rub people the wrong way and have vindictiveness launched towards them.

    There are dreams, and there are insane, lost-your-mind, think you own the world crazy ass dreams. Arthur is a level beyond even that. I consider this site to be a massive attempt at an intervention; somehow being human we all care to some degree about our fellow man, but Arthur needs a wake up call. Honestly, if he really had a good job at Ameriprise (though it's been confirmed he was just a glorified telemarketer that was laid off) and has a work history, he has still destroyed any opportunity at future employment. A background check will find the path of idiocy and embarrassment he has paved across the Internet. What human resources group would dare even talk to him?

  16. Shrink @ Mr. Ward's Personal Assistant:
    Thor, really? That must have been a tough casting call to track down. Good work none the less.

  17. the first 2 voice messages left me in a fetal position.

  18. i'm sorry i don't buy it. you can still google search newspaper archives. for something with such a "public trial" .. there's nothing on google about it ...

  19. Why the sudden injection of concious? Who cares if Arthie was molested or violent or whatever... then instead of starting a goofy website dedicated to the voices in his douchenozzle head, he should have joined a support group. Everyone has thier issues. Whether it be childhood molestation, being bullied, being abandoned, having cancer or just a bad hair day... I'm certainly not going to off myself or go on a killing spree because someone touched my pee pee. We're lending too much credit where it's so not deserved. This idiot needs his nose smacked continuously just like a dog who keeps crapping in the living room.
    This guy has made some really poor choices in friends, quitting his career, and starting his blob. Whatever happens to him he gets and the idiots on his train need to be derailed as much as him. If people are starting to go soft, then back off. It's your choice.

    The Loo ;(

  20. I guess I meant "conscience"... at home today nursing the pukes.

    The Loo

  21. seriously, is anyone wondering if everything is okay on ak's end? he updated the twitter once but things have been might quiet ....

  22. Yes, he's the "50 Cent" of acting now, whatever that means.

  23. Oh brother... what is it you're concerned about? Whether or not he tied all his t-shirts together and hung himself, or that he's "not posting new blobbery"

    My guess is that he's gettin kicked in the nuts left and right, albeit small blows... but in his world they're huge. So he punched a wall cos he got booted from Cosi. I'm sure that was just a minor excuse to get him the hell out of there and stop tainting thier name. Maybe he just needs more blow since he blew all his money in SoBe and his dealer isn't hooked up for AMEX.

  24. # JuicyLoveyon 08 Dec 2009 at 1:07 pm
    Okay, I posted over at the Wig too, but for the benefit of non-lawyers posting here (I’m a Philly attorney): contrary to what the other “lawyer” stated, there are a number of complete misstatements about lawyer ethical obligations and defamation law. I’m an occasional reader of the Wig and know the cast of characters pretty well on the social and professional circuit. Not a fan at all (duh, why I read the Wig), but they’re pretty harmless. But I’m compelled to write a few things now because there’s some seriously inaccurate information being posted by self-identified “lawyers” that I fear will be to the detriment of commenters here:

    First, contrary to what another “lawyer” suggested, defamation law does NOT exempt public figures from winning a defamation lawsuit. It just makes it harder. What’s more is that C B is almost certainly NOT a public figure. I’m not going to bore you with the legal intricacies, but generally public figures have to be a lot more well-known and publicly self-promoting (i.e. weren’t thrust into the public sphere by another person’s blog, they take active steps to promote themselves to a wide cross-section of the public). It’s slightly more complicated than that, but as a general matter consider a news reporter or a politician a public figure. Not a run-of-the mill attorney. Yes, attorneys can be found public figures, but they must be something MORE THAN just an attorney to qualify unless they’re like a nationally known dude. You get the drift. You can argue with me all you want, but C B is probably NOT a public figure.

    Unless you want a legal battle, I would very much recommend (as an attorney) that people ensure their comments on C B are either (1) clearly opinions or (2) facts they’ve experienced FIRST-HAND. Why? Because you are seriously flirting with a lawsuit otherwise, and one which you’d probably lose. Adding a snarky statement that a comment is your opinion doesn’t insulate you – if a reasonable person would read it as fact, then it’s considered posted as fact. And reposting what someone else witnessed or heard or believes doesn’t insulate you. If you’re posting information as fact, when you don’t know with 100% certainty it’s true, you’re asking for a lawsuit. It’s why newspapers are sued by celebrities all the time and lose. They report “facts” from “sources” without knowing their truth. What makes it worse is that defamation is considered particularly bad when it interferes with someone’s business. It’s almost a sure win for a plaintiff and it triggers all sorts of additional damages. And it’s relatively easy to subpoena IP addresses in these types of cases. No one is anonymous when it comes to defamation actions; courts just don’t tolerate it.

    Why does this matter? Because unlike most commenters here I know C B well enough professionally to know that a lot of comments here regarding his competence and skill as an attorney are probably false, and there are a lot of rumors flying around presented as facts but no one’s witnessed anything first hand. All big no-no’s that would make any attorney cringe. If your comments don’t meet the criteria of (1) or (2) above DON’T SAY IT FOR CHRISTSAKES.

  25. It is my opinion that Chad licks the penises of baby goats.

  26. "50 cent of acting" ??

    Makes some sense: both "Fiddy" and Artard have brutal speech impediments.

    The comparison could improved upon though, Arty needs to get shot multiple times.

  27. JuicyLovey just killed it. No one wants to play anymore and I'm not interested in this B.S. I'll just watch the news instead.

    Goodnight all... it's been weird!

    Loo :)~

  28. Can we stop with the legal battles? No one should be suing anyone over this website, it's all in fun. Let's find Kade!

  29. JuicyLovey did kill it....

    Leave it to a lawyer to come in and make it not fun...

    Sorry if we hurt your feelings AK, CB, teefs, gunt, GN etc. during the past 9.857485 months

    everything has been OUR OPINION

    but i'm done playing now. this has been to kill time and put off not working. i'm not looking to slander anyone.

    see ya'll around sometime

  30. maybe everyone should just stop ..

    no one is going to submit any pictures to anyone. no one is going to rally up girlfriends that have horror stories. it's been real, but it's time we shut this conversation down and talk about something else....

  31. Nope, JLovey, hmmm sounds alot like JNasty from the other site... HAS FUCKED IT ALL UP BECAUSE I 'BELIEVE' she may be an acquaintance to C B, as stated in one of her posts above. I've only said funny and crude things to one ArthurKade.com because it's my first amendment right and I don't know these people. It was fun to give him my opinions on how I felt about his blog, so there...

    LEGOWIG WEB MASTER... You'd better put something of a disclaimer that "all of the opinions expressed..." Cover yo ass, sir!

  32. This just in from JuicyLovey... on the OTHER site:

    Ahhh, forget it. At first I thought you guys were pretty cool/funny/entertaining, but you’re no different than them just traveling in a different herd. I frankly don’t care what you post or write or say, and it’s certainly not an attempt to police; just thought I’d offer a favor since I didn’t want anyone to deal with trouble up creek. I almost want C B to come after you guys if this crap is how you respond to polite information. It’s absolutely amazing how backwards it is.

    Have at it homies. I’m out for good. Good luck in your lawsuits.

    What the hell?

  33. maybe moderator should go through and remove all names from comments ....

  34. All,

    I have taken the hint. I will retreat.

    I do not know C. personally. I was under the impression that his personal habits were fact (although I never personally stated it to be fact), since it is commonly referenced to and C takes it upon himself to personally post on the site referencing alleged activity.

    I have no desire to harm anyone's career without proper cause.

    I apologize for any inconvenience and I respectfully request that my posts are removed.

    That said, this isn't fun anymore, I will no longer be partaking in this site or Arthur's.


  35. *Update* C takes it upon himself to personally post on this site, which in the comments regularly reference his alleged activities.

  36. i can agree to that. i don't want anymore of this legal talk anyway its boring. i wont ask that girl about the pictures, if we can all agree to let this go and keep this a lego lawsuit free zone.

    can we talk about something else now. like kade getting kicked out of kade's korner?

    has anyone talked to cosi and gotten an official statement?

  37. Yeah, probably best to squash this legal nonsense.

    Now, start putting that Snapvine feature to good use already!

  38. looks like you won chad, touche.

  39. ok so cosi! was anyone there? can someone give us details about what happened? im dying to know, honestly....

  40. Where is our a dancing monkey?

  41. Um, please I didn't repost my posts here, so let's lay off the whining ok. I'm a fan of the Wig. I'm not a fan of tearing someone's career to shreds based on rumors. And definitely anything posted on a website without the person identifying themself is a rumor. I'm also not a fan of the Wig or any of the (funny) commenters being shut down because of inadvertent defamatory comments or indiscretions. Sorry if that makes it so not fun any more, but I guarantee it would be a lot less fun to get served by CB. And lose. My apologies for raining on on anyone's lynch mob parade but this is reality. That thing everyone harps on Arturd about.

    Like I said before on AK's site - merely adding a tag line that "this is my opinion" doesn't cut it for commenters. If it comes off like a tag line and not sincere, then the tag line won't protect you. I only spoke up now about this since the comments about CB have gone from funny/insulting/personal jabs to factual assertions and assaults on his ethics and competency that I strongly suspect can't be backed up in most cases since I freaking know the guy in professional circles.

    As for the Wig, yeah, there should be a disclaimer on here. A good one based on how much the comments can potentially be the basis for a (winning) lawsuit. I think ATL has a very good one, though a lot of it wouldn't be necessary here. They just deal with a lot of defamation issues and wily commenting so their "site agreement" has grown out of that.

    http://abovethelaw.com/tos.php. To the Wig: if you don't have a lawyer friend that will modify this for the site or create a good disclaimer, feel free to hit me up: juicylovey at gmail dot com. It would take me all of 10 minutes.

  42. new post over on his site.. he's baaaack!

  43. Arthur was molested by the janitor because the teachers wouldn't have him.

  44. Zombie kade here-

    This flaming pecker nosed jagoff said he was the 50 cent of acting?

    Wrong. He meant to say he's made 50 cents while acting.

  45. Talk about raining on someone's parade. So Arthur had his bumhole fingered by a dirty cunt perverted janitor - I can't see it being true actually.....why? Because of all the appalling sexual bigotry that Arthur directs towards the ladies. Can someone whose life was almost wrecked by sexual abuse and as a consequence received years of therapy, and still does - then conduct themselves the way Arthur does ....and all in the desire for celebrity? Don't you think he would be sensitive enough to the issue to steer clear of it?
    Let's face it, if he really was buggered by the burser then the shallow cunt has learned fuck all from it other than how to continue the destructive behaviour himself. No, there would be a record of this case on t'internet.
    I don't know what game this person is playing but it aint fucking cricket.
    Show me the money.

  46. Now that the fun at legowig is over, where are you losers going to go circle jerk?

  47. @ JuicyLovey:
    As a lawyer, I hate you for introducing the legalese here; this place was my haven. And in order to keep it as such, I'll agree that folks shouldn't try to assassinate anyone's career with blatant lies. I'm not sure I've read anything that has risen to that degree of malice but I could see things going down that road.

    Also, I hope you haven't given your fellow PA lawyer any bright ideas. Not only would such a suit be far from a slam-dunk, if anything said was proven to be fact, it could severely damage his reputation. Especially because he and his firm are one and the same.

  48. put up the new post from lispy's site!

  49. Sigh.

    @ Joe Lawyer. Sorry, again, to rain on the parade. Hate's a pretty strong word. First, I didn't introduce legalese; my comments were pretty straight to the point and basic enough a 10th grader could understand if they had the patience to read through them. No "notwithstandings" or "herein's" or "res ipsa loquitor." Raising legitimate issues don't amount to spewing legalese.

    Second, I know CB on a professional and marginally on a social level, so I'm probably one of the few, if not only, commenters that actually has a good sense of what's probably factual and what's blatantly not. I've seen enough of the latter now that I thought it was time to sound an alarm. And I'm not saying I'm friendly with the guy or even like him. I'm just pointing out reality here.

    Third, I didn't mean to suggest it would be a slam-dunk. But you should know that any attorney would advise his clients to only sue on the non-factual stuff. And there seems to be plenty of non-factual stuff posted for CB to pick from. In other words, if he chooses to sue based on X he most likely doesn't have to defend himself on Y. That evidence would almost certainly not be allowed to come in. This is litigation strategy 101. I do it every day.

    (warning legalese here) Finally, malice is irrelevant, at least in the legal sense, presuming CB is a private figure. In PA, merely owning your own law firm doesn't get you to a public figure status where malice must be proven. Malice includes reckless disregard for the truth - not such a very high standard. And I've seen a lot of malice in these comments!

    Plus - people leaving messages on his office phone? A concerted effort to have him suspended or disbarred without reasonable evidence supporting it? I don't think he'd have much trouble with malice at all since those actions alone go a step BEYOND the definition of malice. Fuck, that's harassment in some situations.

    The point is while reasonable minds can differ, I think commenters on these boards are taking very big risks in posting any untruths or posting information they don't know is true or not. I'm not trying to start a debate, just pointing out there are very real reasons commenters shouldn't be so reckless with statements about people, especially people who haven't willingly put themselves out there for public scrutiny and ridicule. If you think doing that is fun, that's pretty fucked up.

    I'm not the only one who's said as much, just perhaps the one that's been the most vocal.

    And now my fucking voice hurts. Peace.

  50. JuicyLovely,

    You are clearly a friend of Chad Boonswangs.. no matter how you are trying to color this.. If you knew the guy even marginally on a social level you would know what kind of activities he is into..

    I'm not going to waste more time pointing out the obvious.. but the "habit" we are all discussing is something that is pretty much clear to ANYONE who has been anywhere near the moron out at a club..

    I must agree though with not wasting time on this idiot.. Trust me.. just see him out on the town.. he's one of the more depressing and desperate cases any of us have ever seen.. He's a pathetic guy.. he doesn't need any help from us to completely fuck up his life..

  51. @ Juicy,
    Don't be so sensitive, I was using the word "hate" quite loosely. And I didn't read through all of your comments, as I often lack the patience of a cat, much less a 10th grader. I just assumed that you must have gotten all technical at some point or another.

    No need to debate, we could go on for hours and I mostly agree with you anyway. My point was simply that the threat of a lawsuit seems silly at this stage, when it's just insults and empty threats being tossed around by various blog commenters. Not exactly compelling stuff in the eyes of the court. But you're right, the ice starts to get thin at some point and it's better that everyone just takes a few steps back.

  52. Fuck him in the mouth. I hope he does go berserk. I'm far away and will laugh from the sidelines. Maybe it'll teach people the benefits of concealed carry.