Arthur Kade Gets Nominated for Award by Philebrity.com

Looks like Arthur Kade is up for an award sooner than we thought! Oscar? Emmy? Pulitzer? WRONG! Philebrity, a Philadelphia nightlife blog, has nominated him for an award much more fitting than any of the ones he wants to win:

To quote the poll: "As a city, we vote to cast this demon out and see it never again"
With voting closed, Arthur came in fourth place behind Michael Vick, who won, and some other Philadelphia people we don't know and don't care about. 
Now, We can just see Arthur saying this proves the city loves him, since only 420 of 3,368 people voted for him. On the contrary, let's look at what awards HE likely thinks he should have been nominated for:

"Good deeds inspire us all. Whose work brought just a little more light into our city and our world?"

"This award is near and dear to us. Which Philadelphian most represents our town as a living, breathing monument to all that is "fabulous?""
To see the poll and results, if that kind of thing is interesting to you, go here: http://www.philebrity.com/awards/ 

We think this is hilarious, especially since Arthur has bestowed upon himself the title of "Philly's Favorite Son." 


  1. 420 people seems a bit high for people who know who he is (this sentence is just wrong, but I am too tired for english apparently). Do you think num nuts was like "I was nominated for somethingk" and then voted for himself 375 times?

  2. Time suck is sooooo appropriate. Ugh...

  3. Ha hah ha! This is so funny!
    Philly's favorite son indeed! God, what a deluded schmuck!
    I hope some higher force doesn't punish all of us for laughing at an obvious example of human tragedy... But you just can't turn away! His patheticness is way too gripping...

  4. "Meanwhile, we’re proud to have provided the forum that should tell the world just how definitively Arthur Kade has jumped the shark: The dumb bastard got only 12% of the vote. That’s right, kids: Arthur Kade couldn’t even win a goddamned Philebrity Award. Sad."