Insatiable Hunger

More delusion, more food, more lies. More from Cock Gobbling, cum gargling, anal wart Arthur Kadyshes...

For 7.913 months, “The Journey” has moved at warp speed and Arthur Kade has accomplished things in “The Biz” that almost no other person has done this quickly, and yet, last night I found myself complaining about where I am at. While watching My Phils (This Phillies team exhibits all of the same “Rocky-Like” characteristics that I do, and somehow I feel that we will forever be linked together in history as having put Philly on the map with other world cities like KA and NYC because of our heart, personality, and will power) almost steal another game from The Yanks, I was talking to a girl and told her, “I Love acting. It just sucks because I have spent like 50 hours the last 2 weeks concentrating on writing a book (I love authoring as well, but I wish I could have a camera on me while I did it), and have a hit TV Show that I am developing for networks with IMG Media, and haven’t been able to get out there and do what it is “”The Journey”" is all about (The Craft and partying with fellow celebs)”, and she answered, “Are you seriously complaining right now? People would kill for both of those opportunities.” Between writing and conference calls, I have been doing everything to take these opportunities to the next level, but I miss the smell of a movie set, having the cameras on me, and doing my part to make the movie or TV Show a hit. I am “The Buzz” right now in “The Biz”, and yet I am never happy.
When I was in Sharon’s Improv class this week, it was just The Brand and his craft (No Cameras, no publicity, no celebrity) and I was just able to be an actor, and it felt so good, but at the same time I crave the limelight and have an opportunity right now to become the biggest star in the world, and can’t do it half way. For anybody who is not an author like me (I was talking to a writer at Cosi who recognized me who told me he has been writing a novel for 4 years now, and told me that what has happened to me is “A Home Run”), they will never understand the time and effort that is involved in writing an award winning book, and how much acting work, I have been turning down like background on The Beaver, Fringe, White Collar, and other shows and movies to get “The Book” ready.
While walking home, I thought to myself, “Yes, I am in this holding pattern because I have to focus my energy for the next few weeks on creating a hit TV show with IMG Media, and writing a NY Times Bestseller for Trident Media Group, but I should get on my knees for god everyday because he has blessed me with the talent and drive to make this happen so quickly, and there are hacks out there like the guy who did videos of me a few months ago in KA, who labor around in obscurity and would give their right testicle to be where I am at. Success and Celebrity are a gift and a curse at the same time, because sometimes I become so used to being on top, that I can’t accept why I am not moving even higher right away, but the reality is that I have years to act in major productions, but only moments to make 2 HUGE national things like a TV Show and Book a hit. I guess this insatiable hunger and never being satisfied is what has made me the media sensation I am today, but at the same time it’s why I battle constant anxiety and depression because I wonder if i will ever be satisfied?
I am still deciding if I am going to party with Audrina Patridge at our table at Dusk tomorrow (My friend and fan Marshall Barnes, who is considered by many right now the hottest DJ in KA is also spinning there), but will let Kade Nation know as soon as I decide.
“In the heat of the battle, the hot girl will always go home with the guy who has the biggest dick”…Arthur Kade…10/30/09
Here is a picture of a fan who stopped me in my building and said, “Oh my God, Can we take a picture. Me and my friends stalk him” He was a real cool dude so I took it.

Off camera there is a Kadecomplis holding a gun to Sharon's head.


  1. LOL - hope you guys caught this enormous lie:

    Kade has not mentioned SAG in a long time. Last time he did he was hoping to be SAG eligible soon, but since then he's done nothing that would earn him more vouchers. I'm surprised - I figure if he were eligible he would have gotten a card as fast as he could to brag about it, but no... he's only "eligible" now, yet he's done no extra gigs at all in several months, and of course no real acting work whatsoever in that time either.

  2. Oh, and that "Mad Men haircut" is atrocious. She could have given him a mohawk, told him it was a Mad Men cut, and he would have told us the same thing. No ability to judge good from bad. Kade would act in a sewage treatment plant training video thinking it would get him somewhere.

  3. ARTHUR,




  4. Somebody please find that restaurant and let us know so tell the proprietor that until he wipes his ass with Kade's menu we won't eat there and we'll tell people we know that it sucks.

  5. Yeah,this haircut makes him look even uglier than he is and not even close to any guy from "Mad Men".Hes not good enought to be anything on that award winning show,they would not hire him to clean up after the extras on that show.And btw,what happened to that gat doctor role,the one he coloured his afwul wig for?Actually,what happened to him in general?I accidentally got to the very 1st few entries of his blog and watched his 1st videos and photos and he wasnt as ugly and crazy and obnoxious as he is now.He looks,acts and writes a million times worse than he used to,whay do you,guys think that is?Drugs?Mental disbalance?Refusal to admit to himself his true feelings about his sexuality?

  6. The only part in that training video he could play is the sewage. I could see him being very convincing in that role. Flush please.

  7. Another question for dimwit AK: What happened to that audition that you were bragging about this whole week in NYC?Did you killed it as usual Kade style?
    (meaning failed as usual and embarassed himself by acting like retard and causing casting directors to laugh uncontrolably and throwing his scrawny acne ridden ass out)

  8. You became so used to being a top? I always pegged you for a bottom.

    Oh...."on" top. My bad.

  9. Be serious, looser, you aren't turning down work, you are turning down auditions. You don't get offered work but once in a blue moon when they are desperate for bodies to fill space.

    The 'hack who did videos of you in KA', you mean Kevin Bruek? He did a lampoon of you and routinely gets 4 and 5 stars on his work and thousands of views on youtube. The guy in the spoof was actualy a lot better looking than you, you should be flattered about that, and the jealousy is yours...Bruek's fake videos are better than your real ones can even dream of being. The obscurity is all yours.

    As for being an author, anyone who writes original work with the intent to publish is an author. I wrote part of an outline and part of a chapter for a book once, so that makes me an author too. In otherwords, you calling yourself an author is no big deal. We will talk when you are a PUBLISHED author. Till then you are full of shit.

    Sad Girl, I accidentally ended up on a post he wrote in March, did some looking around and I am convinced he didn't write any of his blog at the beginning. The writing style is female as well. (a female writer trying to sound like a conceited guy) Legowig should do the horrifying work of going back through his blog to see when the ghost writer quit or Kade said "hell-- the Kade can do bettir than this). It must have been dramatic enough to see the change from one post to the next. I was going to but I don't wanna.

  10. Already trying to make an excuse for an exit from the failed acting attempts. So now for the next 3 months, you will be "working on your book" which is sufficiently vague and where progress cannot be measured and therefore, failure cannot be seen.

    You'll be that fuckup who is still "working on his book" 6 years from now as you sit at a bus terminal begging for potato chips.

  11. When is Bruek going to do his second video??? Or did I miss it? Or did Bruek come to his senses and realize that the person he was parodying is so fucking insignificant that the joke would be lost on all but our small group of haters?

  12. He did a preview and a full version. Hence 'videos'. Maybe he will post and let us know what is going on. (if there is a second video, I haven't seen it either)

  13. Zombie Kade here...

    Ugh, Anal the delusional fuck is a burning turd shot from Satan's fiery asshole.

    "Anal kade has accomplished things in the biz that almost no other person has done this quickly"-

    Alienating everyone you work with by doing things like insulting principal actors on your blob is not an accomplishment, Anal. Other than that- being cast as human wallpaper a few times is not an accomplishment, you imbecile.

    "...complaining about where I am at."-

    Way to end a sentence with a preposition, Anal. Yeah you making smarty smarty good type "authoring" and writy writy big boy words on paper, Anal. Yes uh hums, Anal make squiggly talk on paper more betterer dan anyones.

    "I love authoring as well, but I wish I could have a camera on me while I did it."-

    What, so people could see the shiny crayons you use? Odd - we wish you could have a flamethrower on you while you did it, Anal.

    "I am the buzz right now in the bizz"-

    And the buzz says "Anal is a cockmunching, neurotic, failure".

    "When I was in Sharon's improv class this week, it was just the Brand and his craft".

    Au contraire, you pimply coked up chimp. You forgot to mention the poor, near saliva drowned woman that was cursed with trying to teach a hairless ape to "act". Her, and the pile of drool soaked towels at her feet.

    "they will never be understand the time and effort that is involved in writing an award winning book..."

    Nor will you, Anal. Nor will you. Fucking subliterate chimp.

  14. also, I think Bruek would make a second one despite the few people who would get the joke because he REALLY hates Kade. He routinely leaves hysterically mean comments on Kades videos on Youtube.

  15. @Zombie Kade

    The time and effort involved in writing his book is mostly in opening new packages of crayons. He keeps gripping them too hard and they snap. And he needs more pretty colors because he uses them up scribbling out mistakes.

  16. Kade's stepmom obviously despises him. LOLZ

  17. Zombie Kade, continuing:

    "I am SAG eligible"


    Unless there is an organization called Slobberers' Anonymous Group, you ain't eligible for SAG, Anal.

    "...and blowing up so fast."

    If only, Anal- if only.

    "Mad Men hair..."

    Try insane and drooling neurotic's male pattern baldness, dipshit.

    You're a fucking failure, Anal. Die.

  18. Really??? Here:

    About the "Book". Can you imagine Kade trying to develop a character? Exploring the human condition, motivation, emotions? Nah! I mean, look at the development and dialog of the Kween:

    Hello Bitches.......
    Got any Cheese? Xtasy?

    Now he's done 3 Kween videos and this is the full exploration of the Character. Oops, forgot the T-Rex arm movements.

    So we can rule out Fiction. I'm gonna guess "fantasy" because his life is not based in reality. Is is main Character a Young, Virile, Handsome Italian Greek God who is desired by all women and men- but the Hero is so focused on rising from his humble existance that he abandons his life (amazing job, women....) to become Arthur Kade???????????

    Oh my God, it's a Horror Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Yeah kevins been sitting on the next two kade episodes because i know at least one is finished filming.

    and its funny cause thats his off-channel from WAF that routinely gets anywhere from millions to hundreds of thousands of veiws

    so arthur tell me, whos laboring in obscurity? be honest with yourself, we all know you lied about the hits you get on ur site

  20. Fave comment so far

    2nd place AKZlist : you forgot two words from the title "For Cock"

    1st: What smells do you miss from the movie set? Astro glide and black man sweat?

    haha when i need the laughs this is where i go

  21. Maybe his book is about the life of Trent DaVinci and his issues with being the son of LEONARD=O.

    What was Trents claim to fame, a 3 wheel bicycle?

  22. "For anyone who is not an author like me..."

    Ugh. Kade's been talking about his "book" for what now, a week or two? Suddenly he's an author? He's like a little kid that goes to a karate class one time and then thinks he's a black belt and tries to karate chop his way though a cinderblock. Does he think he's a doctor as well because he took Tylenol once?

  23. How fucking dare this asshole say he's an author. And why does he have to turn down work to write? Is it that hard to construct sentences?
    In the past year I have written three novels, two short stories, two short film scripts, and one essay.
    In the past year I have sold one short film script, and my essay will appear as the back matter in Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' comic, Criminal. I am stoked with that output for one year, and all the time I have been working as a primary school teacher. I am also organising a wedding and just generally living life. I've just started shopping one of my novels, slowly, around Australia.

    AK4.7 says he's the master of the multi-task, why can't he prove it?

    Also, I am not running around telling people that's I'll be Eisner winning in one year and owning a film studio, my achievements are small, but they're all stepping stones. AK doesn't know about the stepping stones, he just leaps into the water and hopefully sinks like a stone, or else someone has tied one around his neck.
    The anonymous commenter who said AK is like a child going to one karate class and then thinking he can dust Bruce Lee is right.
    Fuck AK and fuck his stupid arrogance.

    I also love that AK says he doesn't read his comments. If I was a "high-profile name in the "biz"" (which AK is not) I'd be all over the comments section on my site, but he's not because he knows he gets no support there. AK saying he doesn't check his comments is him just flat out admitting that he knows people hate him, and no one loves him. Poor fuck.

  24. That food makes me sick...no wonder he looks like crap.
    I thought AK was going carbless?
    Better offf going cokeless

    Glad he was ripped by Oct 1. (another dropped project)

  25. Trent DaVinci's claim to fame was a one-legged bike.

    @ Zombie, "Slobberers Anonymous Group" LOL!

    kevin brueck (nice misspelling everyone) is not that funny.

  26. First time poster, long time hater here.. I can't believe no one pointed this out yet:

    'Here is a picture of a fan who stopped me in my building and said, "Oh my God, Can we take a picture. Me and my friends stalk him" He was a real cool dude so I took it.'

    Uhm, if that fan was really talking to Arthur shouldn't he have said 'me and my friends stalk YOU'?? Lies, lies, and more damn lies!

  27. If Anal wants to publish a book, I think he should go with a compilation of comment to his blob. Literary genius there, week after week for the past 7.02935783059480925 months.

  28. Too many penis butter sandwiches for the famed actor’not/author’not. Crisco lispo has made his hair look like fuzzy dice, his face looks like a glazed raisin bran muffin and he’s still wearing the same clothes from collage.

    And when I say collage I mean…How the fuck could he have went to collage?

  29. @ Anon with the Karate comment, so true. He is the definition of "cart before the horse". I have written a couple of blog posts on wine so apparently I am an author and an expert. I love how he keeps saying he got a book deal too. Having an agent and getting a book deal are to very different things. I bet Trident is taking like 40% too and Arthur has no idea what he signed.
    "So I have a bookgh deal?"
    "Ah, yeah totally, just sign it"

    @Kudos, I love your stuff, but its college. Sorry, it makes me cringe.

    Anastasia brought up an interesting point on shitheads website that he was not invited to one of his friends weddings. Can anyone confirm this?

  30. From his twitter:
    Wow. Whitneys I will always love u just came on my ipod
    about 18 hours ago from UberTwitter

    Find me one straight man in America that has that song on their ipod.

  31. AKZlist:

    I'm kind of new to Twitter.....why can I understand your "Twits" (Bravo) and idiot boy is typing some form of Pig Latin? Can that fucking idiot not communicate in 140 types or less?

    Does he now have a secret language to go along with all the voices in his head?

  32. Really??? Here:

    Great Item in Today's NY Post/ Oh My God, they're look for Arthur Kade!!!!!!!! Too bad he's so busy "Authoring". Fear not, he would have been rejected anyway.

    New York University's popular Web version of "The City" is casting a wide net to expand its cast

    Sean Patrick Murray, the young creator of Internet series "Under the Arch," which follows the lives of nine NYU students and their friends, will be hosting an open call Nov. 16-20 at the David Barton Gym on Astor Place to cast new talent for the upcoming second season of his show

    "We're looking for anyone -- aspiring actors, athletes, models, doctors, lawyers -- who has a story to tell," the recent NYU grad tells Page Six. "We want a wide spectrum of people who are all pursuing their dreams here in New York."

    Seven Webisodes of "Under the Arch," produced by Michael Flutie's Madwood Entertainment, have already been put online. (Flutie is also reportedly working on a reality show with Amy Sacco.) Murray says the next batch of episodes will be ready by mid-December. "Basically, we're going to cast and then shoot and edit everything to get it ready as soon as possible," he says. The focus, for now, will stay on undergrads. "It's lightly scripted," he says. "We're trying to toe the line between reality and fiction

  33. @Anon 7:44...

    Thank you, glad I can provide you with some entertainment. It all comes down to me being somewhat intelligent and Shithead being a moron.

    It really is as simple as that. Go figure.

  34. i can confirm that arthur was NOT invited to sabrina tamburino's wedding. the wedding is today and the reception is tonight. crisco mclispo will NOT be there--he was NOT invited. she's embarassed of him and was afraid that he would bring shame on the event.

    she hasn't hung out with him or even acknowledged knowing him in the past 3-4 months, i would say.

  35. ArhurKade is on ONE list now, go to his Twitter to check it out (click my name and then on the right see 1 Listed)

  36. I'm going to try an finish up the next episode of "Arthur Kade: The Journey" this week so I can post it ASAP. After reading this post tonight (someone emailed it to me because his shit gets so repetitive I've stopped going to his site) I really want to finish it because clearly the episodes get under his skin. I'll be delving into his acting chops, sexuality, etc. in future episodes. In the meantime I just left him a message. I'll post it here in case he decides to censor it like he does with so many other comments....

    Dear Artie,

    I'm glad that you're a fan of my "hack" videos making fun of you. Does it bother you that I've been on MTV and had an NBC pilot? While you have toiled in obscurity standing 20 feet behind Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl. I understand your jealousy and rage trying to comprehend the fact that I've done more in "the biz" than you have. Its okay Art, let it out. But calling me names isn't gonna make your daddy love you. You and I both know that. Maybe if you were one of his hot hair dressers that he sexually harasses on the regular he'd pay attention to you.

    The reason why I've accomplished more than you and will continue accomplishing more than you is because I'm not a shitty actor like you. I won't go so far as to say I'm an amazing actor because, unlike you, I'm not full of myself. But if I had to compare myself to you?! Sheeeeeeat!!! Then God dammit I'm Daniel Day Lewis to your Paul Walker. I'm Robert DeNiro to your Keanu Reeves. You suck at acting, you REALLY suck at improv and you've shown no marked improvement since I started watching your videos. That's not an opinion so much as it is a concrete fact backed up by the myriad of 1,000 other peoples assertions.

    The other thing I find fascinating is how you call your shitty pilot presentation a "hit show". It probably hasn't even been cut yet, and if it has, a network has yet to buy it. Talk about counting your chickens before they've hatched!!! And you haven't even written a first draft of what I have no doubt will go down in literary history as the worst book ever written yet you refer to it as a New York Times Best Seller. I almost want your publisher to green light that steaming pile of shit so we can see it premier on Amazon at #45,391. But just like your reality pilot you and I both know your "book" will never see the light of day.

    I'm going to try really hard to get that next episode up soon Artie! I know you're going to love it. And don't be mad that my buddy is more talented and better looking than you. When you get mad it gives you wrinkles. Something you clearly don't need any more of since you have the skin of a 52 year old.