The New Chateau Kade

I'm guessing we never see this place again. I say that because despite it only being a 6 month lease (so he claims) I don't believe he really signed a lease. I bet he shot this video when he was pretending to look for a place and now is claiming it as his own. If he's telling the truth - why start now? - it'll never get decorated and he'll live in it like a transient. More stupidity, delusions and pictures of food the Cock Gobbling deluded one, Arthur Kadyshes...

Arthur Kade is now in the process of relocating The Brand to an amazing new bachelor pad that will help give him the privacy and ability to explore his sensual and sensitive side for the next steps of “The Journey”. The new “Chateau Kade” has so much personality and charisma, and will be great for the next 6 months as I finish up the East Coast legs of “The Journey”, and take my looks, talents, and celebrity to KA for “Kade Style” domination. I would describe The Chateau as “intimate, sexy, and inspiring”, and I am sure that any 9 or 10 that makes an appearance will want to stay over and experience it.
Here is the video of the new Chateau Kade, as well as videos and pictures from last night.
“The Phillies are everything that is good about Philadelphia. Arthur Kade is everything that is great about America”…Arthur Kade…10/29/09


  1. ive never seen anyone get so excited over living in a loft with a brickwall and 2 sinks.

  2. And a Pantry in the Bathroom!

  3. "we all know what the toilet is for"

    ...We've been watching you swirling for 7.90283752309857023 months, Anal! How's that Early October Shooting Schedule going?

    "and I guess this is a pantry?"

    A pantry right off the bathroom! Of course that's what it is.

    "so I can look over and see the party going on"

    I guess you've grown used to peering into the VIP sections of bottom tier nightlife venues looking at D-List celebrities, but for most people, when you have a party at your own apartment, the guests don't mind you mingling.

    "he's a fan and... looks like he booked"

    Umm... Yeah.

    "he's whispering in her ear!!! he's whispering in her ear!!!"

    If there are any further mysteries of social intercourse I need cleared up, I guess I'll know just what retarded bonzo not to go to, Anal.

    Seriously, did your keepers give you a day pass or did you just go over the wall?

  4. That place looks like it's in the same building where he had been bunking with what's his name. It looks like no more than a glorified efficiency. I wonder what the rent is?

    I agree that we'll probably never see any more of it, though.

  5. Oh, yeah, and "intimate and sexy" and whatever other adjectives he used to describe the place are Kade-speak for I can't afford anything more than this.

  6. These photos look so posed.

    Like as if he said, "Hey girls, I'll pay you $50 bucks to kiss me and pose while my friend takes this photo."

  7. Zombie here-

    This dingy mope has frozen the front of his misshapen head with botox, hasn't he?

    Every single one of his moronic pictures features the same idiotic "I just ate a penus, and BOY! was it good!" smirk on his weak chinned, razor lipped, zit scarred face.

    Yeah, young hollywood is looking high and low for the next greasy 32 year old frozen faced coke fiend from philly.

    Yooooooooooooooooou betcha.

    And that's a bitchin' efficiency, you fuckin' no money making wannabe thespian. Course it will be handy how you'll be able to wash dishes in the thingk while thucking off your latetht trick in the bathroom- kade thtyle. Fucking putz.

    You need to have pitchforks hurled into your face at close range, you ass faced piece of dung.

  8. Does it seem that he is grimacing in every picture except for the ones with the dudes standing too closely? I mean in the first dudepic it looks like they're touching their nipples together as a pose. (Not that there's anything wrong with that... when you're actually out of the closet.)

  9. And hey, check out the Lone Ass Ranger pictures.

    Hi ho, cokie! Away!


  10. "You made him persue his dream, which is kinda crazy." Camera guy, you sound rational. What are you doing hanging with Kade then?

    Communal Table? Kitchen-island tard. Why the hell would you have a small room with a just sink in it? A sink just for soaking the stains out of your underwear? Or is it so guests can wash the grease off their hands after they touch the things you have touched? I hope the echo in there gives you an ever-lasting headache. It gave me one just listening to your video. It is also pretty damn sad that you STILL don't have an actual bedroom. A study at Ron's, a loft in your new one of a million apartment. Since you are spending 99% of your time alone at your place it won't matter, but if you have other people around, no door and no walls, aren't you afraid someone might walk up while you are changing and see your tiny penis? And those lovely beams in your 'loft sleeping area' make the room look like it is in the basement. Tres sexy. 9's and 10's will get one look at the place and suddenly remember they left the water running. Ha ha ha.

  11. I scrolled down those pics of cade and i sweak a shiver went down my back

  12. swear*

    and anyone notice cade hadnt even taken his backpack off?
    yea i bet he hadnt even filled out the lease yet

  13. Arthur, nice Schat-teau. It's perhaps somewhat on the large side for a loft apartment... that's so balls-ass hot. That closet is so HUGE too! More than enough room for the 3 t-shirts and one greasy fedora you own. Maybe you can use half as another "pantry closet", whatever that redundant term is supposed to mean. Again, very impressed Arthur. It's all happening the way you said it would.

  14. that picture of food looks like a burnt hot dog with onions on it. i've shit a better looking meal than that.

  15. That kitchen looks like a veterinarian's exam room.

  16. Its a linen closet, dicktard.
    He's driving me friggin Insane!
    I feel like I'm turning into a masochist, minus the sexual gratification.
    Ohoh and--- 'Hang pictures of myself and hot girls' (or whatever the hell he said) This is what 12 yr old boys do!!!
    He probably still hides his porn onder his mattress.
    Makes me want to lash out irrationaly and hit him with a shovel extremely hard. One thats says 'Grow Up, You Ratbag'

  17. Christ, I can`t read this anymore..it`s too depressing. This autistic syphilitic leper cannot possibly be allowed to succeed. The very future of western society depends on it. If this lazy self absorbed cunt can succeed, it will send a message to every other lazy self absorbed cunt out there. You can become star without hard work or talent.

    Movies, books, music will become less than mediocre. They will be shit. Everything will be shit. Everything will suck.

  18. Impaired social interaction, repetitive patterns of behaviour, physical clumsiness, atypical use of language, limited empathy, poor nonverbal communication skills, obtuse to the point of autism, arguably minus mental retardation, one-sided verbosity, general delay in language skills, restricted prosody, lack of social and emotional recipricocity, engaging in one-sided long-winded monologues about self, have a theoretical understanding of others` emotions but unable to recognise them and act on them, distill their observation of social interaction into rigid behavioral guidelines, and apply these rules in awkward ways, socially naive, considered insensitive, childhood desire for companionship can become numbed through a history of failed social encounters,hand movements such as flapping or twisting, and complex whole-body movements, obsession with mundane things, literal interpretations and miscomprehension of nuance, use of metaphor meaningful only to the speaker, the conversational style often includes monologues about topics that bore the listener, fails to provide context for comments, or fails to suppress internal thoughts, limited range of intonation, speech may be unusually fast, jerky or loud, speech may convey a sense of incoherence, particular weaknesses in areas of nonliteral language that include humor, irony, and teasing.

    This is a description of Asperger`s Syndrome. The syphilitic leper is an aspie.

    Aspergers, chronic sociapathy, confusion about sexual identity, Mummy AND Daddy issues, repulsive misogyny, the intellect of a brain damaged baboon, narcissistic personality disorder. The only thing unique and amazing about the syphilitic leper is that it has managed to cram all this disorder into one hideous skull.

    If it had a single shred of humanity it would immediately donate the pile of odious mushy shit it calls a brain to medical research, so that it could be studied and prevented from happening again.

  19. Cock Gobbler is proof that Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" isn't fiction.

  20. Its so incredulous to watch how this simpleton who calls himself an A-List Celeb and jet setter who used to the finest things in life,bring camera and show the whole world the hole that he named "chateau Kade'.It looks awful and cheap with no decor and the kind of place that a person with a very low income can afford.And this moran is so proud of his new diggs,2 sinks is to him like jakuzzi to someone normal.He doesnt even know whats a linen closet is and what to put in there,he thinks its a pantry.This whole thing is so dumb that its not even funny anymore and he continues to get dumber by the second.Also he looks much worse now than he used to look mere 6 mnt ago,this lifestyle definately works its "magic".And his twitter comments are very annoying,but last nite he admitted that he and his "friends" discussed the possibility of kissing and blowing men,so maybe he'll soon come out anf thats gonna be fun to watch,although what kind of guy would let this disgusting goblin touch him?Even his parents are ashamed of him,his dad seems embarassed and his stepmom was saying some garbage about him in russian(I do speak russian,so I heard some stuff,although his obnoxious voice was louder than hers)and there are rumors in russian community that they dont want to be a part of his home made videos,'cause people start telling them that he is mentally challenged and in need of psychiatric help.He is a real bad representative of russian jews and its good for him that hes all the way in Philly,because if he'd be in Brooklyn,he'd definately get his ugly face knocked in.

  21. Ive NEVER NEVER NEVER....Did I say never? NEVER stood that close to a dude while taking a picture. Dude space must not be vilolated, unless you like it.

  22. Its ‘amazing’ how this foul taint (The Anal Actor’not) is creating a situation for himself that will be worse than homeless.

    You don’t need to speak Russian to know that his step mom hates his ass.

    Aspie? Even severe sufferers of this syndrome would be insulted if he was categorized with them. Maybe ‘Asspie’ would console them.

    And GN, you grinder, I know your lurking. $7000.00 so you would feel better about your appearance and you’re still hanging with Mr. IknowI’mgay? You are not wise. There is no other answer. Tits and Zits, good job, douchefag and douchefagett. Happy Halloween Miss Pumpkin Head and Mr. Monkeyfag

  23. So Arthur is moving for the fourth time in eight months? He couch-surfed at Mark Z's, then someone else's place (where he had the disgustingly filthy room), then "Chateau Kade", and now another place... He has absolutely no stability. Evidently no one can put up with him for more than two months.