Running Around

I have nothing today. Well, nothing other than pure hatred for a complete jerkoff who thinks he has so many fans they would constitute a "Nation." More from the deluded, big nosed fuck face Arthur Kadyshes...

I’m on the run all day night to some amazing Philly events tonight (1 “Biz” and 1 Non-”Biz”), but I had some videos and pictures from today to put on the blog. When you’re a celeb like Arthur Kade, you don’t get much time to actually live your Non-”Biz” Life, so today was what I would call an afternoon off from The Craft to run around and actually get some errands done in my personal life. Until I get an assistant on board soon to work under me and do all the dirty work, I have to to all the normal Gen Pop stuff like paying bills, sometimes driving myself to places, and life errands on my own. My radio interview today with the station in Palm Beach went fantastic, and it was fun and playful, and I think they did a Great job of expanding my stronghold on the eastern Florida coast (Especially Miami where I have a huge Latino Fan Base I am told) and The South in general, and this will continue to expose The Brand to new markets and wealth, and I will try to find the podcast when it goes up and link it. Every day I am learning how popular and widespread “The Journey” has become, and it’s amazing to know the influence I am having on people’s lives around the world. The day of “The Modern Actor” is upon us, and with my “Dev Deal” with IMG Media in place and moving briskly, and my other principal role in the potential pilot, the day of the Emmy is near.
“If Jeezy’s payin’ Lebron, I’m payin’ Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…10/01/09 (Courtesy of my Boy Jay-Z). I can’t wait until he mentions me in one of his songs.

My “Personal” Afternoon:


  1. I think his ex boss is thrilled he is outta there, but is saying sorry that the rest of the world (that knows Kade exists) is now is stuck with Kade (instead of him being safely tucked away in an office). Or was he apologizing to Kade's ex-clients? It would have a sound glitch right at the most important part. Sorry he ever "hired" him is to the clients, "fired" him is to us. Either way, clearly not a glowing recommendation from his time working there.

  2. Why would Kade have a boss if he had is own "practice"...hmmmm?

  3. Is it somehow possible that we can get Kade involved in the Nigerian 419 email scams so they can spam his website endlessly? I had such a laugh reading the stories at www.ebolamonkeyman.com that I wondered how AMAZING it would be for those scammers to pester Arthur. Can we get the 4chan folks involved as well? We could turn it into a circus over there!

  4. He's Enormous!October 2, 2009 at 10:01 AM

    It was so awkward with his ex-boss. I really think ArtKade might have Aspergers, because he truly seems incapable of picking up on social cues.

    Even pretty blatant ones like thousands of people flat-out telling him how much he sucks.

    It explains why he thinks so highly of himself, but can't get a job or get laid. Kind of sad (but still amusing).

  5. the lisp is getting worse

  6. As has been mentioned, how could he have sold his own practice for a six figure sum if he worked at a company for a boss? That's a contradiction.

    The boss sure didn't want to say anything positive about Arthur on video.

  7. @ He's Enormous: His narcissism would do the same things. Asperger's doesn't just suddenly hit you and he has been able to hold jobs and have relationships -- but narcissism can go from mild to crazy in weeks. Especially if he is manic or bi-polar as well (which ALSO does the same things...lack of empathy, inability to hear you are fucking up.) ...unless you are making fun of the way ass burger sounds, and that is a different joke...

    If he had Asperger's it would be really really mild. It would be impossible to tell for sure from his website, but he just seems to be a manic narcissist who's on something when he is at his most annoying. And the reason he doesn't hear all the 'hate', his boss' discomfort, or even the *valid* suggestions from us (we could teach him to be a better actor but all he hears is buzzing) is that his sanity is based on the image he has built for himself in his head. It is pretend, but it is HIS reality for now. If he lets it crack at all he will loose it. He is so tightly wound up in his narcissism, his belief that he is awesome, that all he needs is to go to one of those casting things and have 5 out of 5 say they wouldn't call him back and that it is because of his appearance in some way. Kade "the depressive on suicide watch" could well appear. Aspergers aren't empathetic but also aren't hung up on what *you* think about *them*... Kade is dead without attention however.

    There are a number of mental problems that can leave you with a lack of empathy (from being a flat out sociopath, to being acutely depressed quickly come to mind) Aspergers seems less likely than him being a sociopath, which is also unlikely (he is too gormless) even though he has a good number of sociopathic/antisocial personality disorder symptoms too.

    Aspergers would gain him more sympathy, but I don't think that is one of his many problems.

  8. @ Drunken Housewife:

    Knowing how Kade spins things, maybe him 'selling his practice' was actually the money he got for being fired. Along the lines of a golden parachute.

    Maybe they simply paid him to leave.

  9. he sold the royalties that he earned that were part of his commission. Every sale he made he gets a part of each year. He probably chose to take a lump sum. Either way he's a moron.