A Tale Of Two Nights (Part 1: All Access)

Cock Gobbler claims that people always say his life seems like a "fairy tale," well, that's partially right, he IS a "fairy" and he IS telling a "tale."   He also lets us know that he's giving us an inside look at "what it's like to be a rising celebrity in Young Hollywood."  Uh, Artie, unless celebrities sleep on people's couches and wear t-shirts EVERYWHERE you can't tell us anything.  Christ, my head hurts, and now more bullshit from the forked tongue of Arthur Kadyshes...

Update: So we spent some time browsing the web today for any information about Arthur Kade being "with" Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass at Dusk. Know what we found? Zero. Nothing. Nada. Not a mention of his name anywhere. See for yourself!

Arthur was found in ONE photo amongst anything we found. Why oh why doesn't he smile?! It's baffling - he actually looks like he frowns on purpose.

People always ask me, “Arthur, you’re life seems like an amazing fairy tale, and you give the world this show of what it’s like behind the scenes of being a celebrity, but is it really what happens? Is that how you guys really live?”, and I respond, “It is absolutely what happens. People aren’t used to someone like Arthur Kade giving them the inside look of what it’s like to be a rising celebrity in Young Hollywood with a No Holds Barred approach because other actors like Pitt, Maguire, DiCaprio care about image and rep, but I care about being The Brand and taking millions along for the ride of a lifetime. The best stuff happens when I don’t even have the camera around (The jokes, the girls, the jet-setting, the celeb interactions), but I can only show so much in each blog”. It’s almost surreal sometimes that 6.812 months ago, I was selling annuities and life insurance, and now I have captured the hearts and minds of a generation in cheering for a Young Handsome Jewish Boy to find his prized Little Oscar, and create a new movement of acting along the way (The Modern Actor), and also give the world a look into “The Celebrity Lifestyle” that is being The Brand. I always knew that this dream was my destiny, but when you’re in the a pit of a super hot club with other celebs and socialite power, and flashbulbs are going off like you’re The President, you just smile and say, “My life rules!!”. The only thing left is to have those cameras going off while I give my Best Actor acceptance speech one day, and think about the crazy after parties with my celeb friends to celebrate my emergence as one of the great actors of all times.
Saturday Night at Dusk is a perfect example of The Brand’s Life, because where most Gen Poppers are out with friends or family sipping Bud Lights at a bar, I was at the hottest club in The Northeast with “A and B List” celebs (Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass) celebrating birthdays in private VIP areas, drinking Rose’ and watching live performances of Platinum Artists (Sean Kingston who is taller than me and huge, but kind of reminds you of a huge teddy bear that you just want to hug and wrestle). Hilton was much prettier in real life (KA 7.35) than I expected with great legs (Nice shape and length but really boney knees) and a unique face and a super cool personality (I heard someone in her camp say she was “A Real Sweetheart to work with”), and seemed very down to Earth in how we all partied together in our VIP area. Lance Bass and his boys were absolutely cool as can be and socially comfortable and if he hadn’t been one of the biggest stars in the world like I am about to become, I could see just killing shots with him somewhere in a dive bar in West Hollywood (I talked with someone at Dusk about how “When I really take this to a level that’s never been done before, I will never forget that I was a kid on Welfare who just slept with average girls in his teens”) and talking about normal stuff that the Gen Pop talks about. I talked to Lance’s boys about my groundbreaking “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, and we exchanged numbers so that we could network in NYC where one of them is a personal trainer to the stars. The music was great, and overall the vibe was electric, and there was press everywhere that wanted a piece of all of us, and I had several fans approach me to tell me hello or take pics and everyone loved my outfit from Jack and Jill Boutique in Philly.
Dusk was so hot, and I actually was texting friends, “The girl to guy ratio here is 3:1, and there were so many 9’s running around that I hated having to do my celeb duty and help Nicky bring in her B-day at our private table. People were trying to climb around the security that was set up to protect us, and they were snapping pics from every angle trying to get all of our pics (To probably sell to tabloids or brag to their friends that they saw Arthur Kade), and when Sean Kingston went on, the crowd went nuts, and people were dancing to 911 and Beautiful Girl like it was a U2 concert in a stadium. I found myself right behind Nicky and her crew jamming away, and I almost tripped and fell into her cake, but our VIP bodyguard caught me coming down.
Once we ate the cake, we drank Rose’ like it was going out of style, and I looked around and thought, “People tune into HBO to watch Vinnie Chase do this type of stuff, meanwhile Arthur Kade is LIVING it and giving the world “”Full Access”" to what we all dream of growing up”. Sometimes I want to pinch myself and ask why I am so lucky to be in this position, but then I look in the mirror and know that I was put on this Earth to live “The Journey” and inspire a world to become better and change their lives. The responsibility of being Arthur Kade can sometimes be overwhelming, because I have to constantly become a better actor, get great jobs in “The Biz”, hang out with the hottest girls on the planet, and go to the hottest VIP Parties there are, and then I can here my Dad’s words where he says, “Are you really complaining about your life. People have to run businesses and balance checkbooks everyday, and you get to chase your dream for a living so be grateful”
Stay Tuned for The second half of my night hanging out with one of the top 5 House Dj’s in the world in tomorrow’s blog…
“When you stop and reflect on what you are doing in your life, than your wife is already sleeping with another guy”….Arthur Kade…09/27/09

Anyone else see the two dudes making out in the background of this picture???


  1. Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass are A list celebs? Since when????????

  2. That Lindsey chick couldn't get any uglier even if she paid someone to try.

  3. To paraphrase Kade's latest bullshit quote: "if you stop and think about what you are doing with your life, your wife will sleep with someone else?" Or put another way, "if you want your wife to be faithful, don't ever give anything a second thought". Still doesn't make sense. Kade, you are a retard. Oh, sorry, I mean, have a challenged IQ. Did someone smack you in the head with a baseball bat about the time you decided to start this journey?? Your thinking processes are screwed up.

  4. The "the fast is broken. I'm such a good jew" twitter is despicable. Just plain despicable. He is nothing but a disgrace to Judaism. He doesn't go to church. He doesn't follow any elements of the religion at all. Fasting is just something for him to brag about. What a waste of a life. He's disgusting.

  5. Kade, nsync (or however you spell it) sucks. They are there for 12 year old girls, like Britany Spears is. (another of your faves) Either you are a 12 year old girl, or want 12 year old girls. You should probably talk about that with the therapist.

  6. "Duthk."

    Every time he says that I crack up.

    What a maroon.

  7. The ghost of Cindy BradySeptember 28, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    Uggh. I can't even be bothered to read any of his posts or watch a moment of this guy's videos anymore. Not interesting. Straight to the comments, until he starts dieing his hair again, or injuring himself or something.

    This act is not getting better. You peaked early Kadyshes. That's all you got.

  8. "food is amazing. my man moses would be proud."

    How the fuck would Moses be proud of Arthur Kade?

    Arthur fasted for less than a day, lives his life like a walking sewer, and follows no aspects of the Jewish religion except when convenient - like twittering about fasting - which could technically be called "work" as far as Arthur is concerned, and thus violating one of the rules of Yom Kippur, which is TO NOT WORK.

  9. 1. He tells about Nicky's personality based on something he overheard someone else say about her. Fuck beans he's a knob.
    2. Even Lance Bass has his boys run interference. They got his number, but I bet they didn't give one out. Doesn't sound promising, fuckwit.
    3. His jacket falls onto the ground in that 'fashion' video of his. Tool.
    4. The photo you guys unearthed of him waaay in the background is fucking hilarious. He looks like such a goon with all the other chicks just trying to get a slice of the fame. Fucking fuckwad.
    5. He doesn't smile in the pic with her, what sort of impression does that give off? Tosser.

    All in all, AK4.7 shows himself to be a real cock and a massive fameball. He's digging his own grave now boys, we just gotta be there to kick the dirt back in once he takes the position.