A Tale Of Two Nights (Part 2: Old School)

I guess I'm supposed to say something about this asshole here, but what more is there to say? Kade has some pictures taken NEAR a celebrity and then through careful presentation of additional pictures, he spins a tale of how he's one of them and they were all hanging out and blah blah blah fucking blah. What it comes down to is he has friends who work in PR (Lindsay J. Furman in this case) who get him into events and then he pretends like he's a "baller" (God I fucking hate that term) and lies his ass off spinning a yarn that is just a GIANT FUCKING LIE. Notice, he gets pics out front, but there are NEVER pictures at the table of the VIP WITH the VIP (Nicky Hilton a VIP? Only cause of assholes like Kade - she's actually just a lucky girl who hit the genetic lottery) because he is NOBODY. Arthur, yes, you are a fucking nobody and you need to wake up to that fact. More from the deluded fucking cunt, Arthur Kadyshes...

The amazing number of emails, phone calls, and responses to The Brand’s Big Celebrity Night on Saturday at Dusk was so flattering because it tells me how many people live for seeing Arthur Kade socialize at a VIP table with other celebs and their entourages, and how they live vicariously through me. Those types of experiences show the “New Arthur”, the one who is always at the hottest parties with the hottest people with the hottest VIP access, but there is also another side of Arthur Kade that I don’t get to show anymore, the one who partied at the hottest clubs with the hottest club/house music, and wasn’t about just sleeping with 9’s and 10’s, but just enjoying great music and dancing for 2-3 straight days without sleep, and then usually concluding with a fun threesome or relaxing vacation to follow. Those were days where I was still a king like I am now, but not one that was constantly being photographed with or being approached because of the phenomenon that is “The Journey”.
Saturday night made me remember what it was like to just put away The Brand, and “The Journey” for a few hours, and leave my “A List” celebrity life with Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass at our celebrity table, and then headed over to Harrah’s Pool where one of the most famous DJ’s in the world, Oscar G, was spinning. Oscar G is rated by many as one of the top House DJ’s in the world, and is a resident at the world famous Space in Miami, and travels around the world to play gigs. Space used to be one of my favorite places to party in Miami because you would get there at 4-5AM and then party until 11AM, and then walk out to sunshine and run over to News Cafe on Ocean Dr. for some Eggs Benedict. One of my favorite stories with Space is going there after partying at CrowBar all night many years ago, and I met a professional model who I started making out with at the club (She asked me what I did, and I told her I was on a Soap Opera ((Guiding Light I think)), and next thing I know I am at some random mansion on “The Bisc” (Biscayne Bay) for 2 straight days where I was in and out of a drug induced coma, and girls being ushered in and out like a Victoria’s Secret fashion Show (I remember seeing at least 2 orgies), and a party with people I had never met that reminded me of St. Tropez. style partying. The guy who owned the house had a small yacht out front, where I ended up taking one of the girls (She was a Miami 9.5 with a size zero body, tiny but sexy boobs, sick DSL Lips, and the longest legs you can imagine, plus she was a former Volleyball player, and was very tight and limber) and having amazing sex, but we never exchanged numbers so I figured that was that (I’m pretty sure I ran into her at Mynt last year, but she looked so horrible because she had gained 30 Lbs. and looked like a used prostitute, and when she made eye contact, I decided not to approach and just cherish our tremendous half an hour together).
We met up with Oscar G at Harrahs where it was a crazy packed house, and had the purest “Kade Style” VIP access in his booth (See Video), and in some respects people will tell you that he is a Huge World Known Celebrity in his own right (The House Music world is like another version of Hollywood), and we got to party with him full force. It was great to just forget that I am a rising celebrity for a few hours and just chill with great friends and unbelievable music, and just dance like it was Old School Kade when I used to dominate SoBe. Almost no one recognized me or asked for pictures or talked about “The Journey”, and for a few hours I was just Arthur Kade “Pre Journey”, and it was nice to feel regular again. I was telling my dad right now on the way home from Yom Kippur dinner how lonely it can sometimes be being the biggest of big deals, and he responded, “You chose this life, and it’s the destiny you wanted”, and although I wouldn’t change it for anything, sometimes it’s nice just to party and live Old School.
I have to get up early tomorrow because I have another Radio Interview in Greensboro, NC at 8:20 AM (North Kadeilina?) with their number 1 show, Murphy In the Morning, so I’m sure that it will be another prime showing by The Brand, and bring me thousands of new fans of “The Journey”, and get another crazy day off on the right foot.
“Every great talent needs a great rival. Ali had Frazier. Magic had Larry. Woods has Mickelson. Arthur Kade has Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade….09/28/09

A good friend just called and told me there are some “Haters” who seem to not believe that I was at The VIP Table with Hilton and Bass, so here are the pics again where you see me with her cake, one of my friends cutting the cake with the VIP Bouncer, the back of Nicky’s head in front of me as we watch Sean Kingston perform in 2 of the pics, Me drinking Rose’ with Lance’s Boys, and a picture of the whole table. Witness the power that is The Brand and next time check your facts.  I always wonder why “Haters” hate, and then I realize they are just Gen Pop fans who may be having a bad day and need some Kade in their life.


  1. 'Tis a shame Kade couldn't get a picture WITH Nicky AT the VIP table, instead of getting a picture of the back of her head in front of him as they watched Sean Kingston perform. Same goes for Lance Bass: if Kade was such an up-and-coming superstar, he'd have gotten pictures WITH Lance...most likely taken by one of "Lance's boys". How about video, huh? Video of Kade with his arm around Nicky Hilton and her saying something to his camera. THAT would be impressive.
    What Kade is doing here is taking the reality of the situation and spinning it into HIS kind of positive light. Since we're seeing into his life through his words and pictures, he can spin them any way he wants so it APPEARS that he's the "balls-ass, hot-ass" celebrity he says he is.
    We need someone to go stealth (undercover) to follow Kade to his next super-hit party and take pictures and video of exactly the opposite happening of what he will spin it. Example: he goes to a club and says he was rocking it with 9's and 10's, shaking hands with Will Smith, and laying down mucho moola for bottle service; the undercover Legowigger gets pictures and video of Kade bouncing around by himself, asking people for pictures, and being shoved back by Will Smith's bodyguards.

  2. I think he's wearing the shades because they're all on X by that time of night. Look how wired up everyone looks in that first picture and how they're hanging on each other like they like each other. Also, Arturd was unusually late with his update the next day, I bet he was all ate up. That's how professional, modern-day actors do it, you know.

    His friend Sabrina has one of those vaginal-gut-connector-bumps ArtKade's always dissing.

  3. I don't even know what the fuck Nicky Hilton looks like so I sure as shit couldn't spot the back of her head. Ha ha ha ha. It has come to this? Artie getting indignant and yammering about being pictured in the same frame as some vapid twat d-lister's head? Ha ha ha ha. I have to laugh.

    You know what Kade? I ran into Tara Reed once at a fight in Vegas. Literally - ran right into her. I then laughed in her face because she thought she was such hot shit but in person was a total joke. That was during her brief flash-in-the-pan "stardom" - and then she fell back into obscurity...which is more than you'll ever do, I guess, but still.

    I can only imagine what a joke Hilton is as well. Ha ha ha! A picture with Nicky Hilton's head turned the other way is a big night out. ha ha ha Priceless.

  4. guys, we see kade out all the time in philly.

    he is usually wandering around by himself, or with one or two people.. and not having fun..

    he is one of the philadelphia nutjob/sosciopaths..
    there are many of them.. nobodies who think they are awesome, tony p. chad b. etc. etc.

    we ignore them.. you should do the same

  5. I love that all the girls his pictures are 4's and 5's.

  6. Kade you are a Delusional Assclown who doesn't have Any Idea that people dispise you and has No Idea how to Properly Write so people Can Read your Idiotic Ramblings with Random Capitalizations and No Punctuations.

    Please, for Christmas this year ask for a 9 MM and stick it in your putrid mouth.

  7. Uninvited friend of the help now that is funny.

  8. I still wonder why Lindsay lets him tag along. She's not all that, but isn't bad enough to resort to hanging out with embarassing trash. Since her PR/Event Planning job would seem to require that she maintains some decency with people/clients, I wonder how she explains Greasy Retard at these events.

    It seems like I read somewhere on here, or from peoples comments, that she's actually a nice girl. I would like someone to explain the friendship...

  9. Probably just says she has a special needs employee , explains that he dresses a little funny and loves to take pictures but other than that is pretty harmless.

  10. In the vein of Matt Beauchamp:

    I rubbed shoulders with Gerry Hall at Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris). She was filling out passport info and it was a cramped room. I was in an elevator with Arnold Palmer in Vegas. Rosemary Clooney rushed past me at St. Louis airport. I came across Angela Lansbury who was filming a Murder She Wrote in Dublin Ireland, she was only 100 feet away from me, past a barrier (lol). I shook hands with Dewey Bunnell of the band America cause he was half owner of the cafe next to where I worked. Ummm, let's see, Val Kilmer asked my best friend for a date because her name was Val too and they were using the same divorce attny (and she is pretty). She turned him down. My mom's friend's daughter is a BFF of Debbie Harry. Until he died, I was really good friends with someone who wrote for the Hollywood Reporter...Lauren Bacall yelled at him, and Burt Reynolds stayed with one of his friends for awhile before he became famous. You get the idea.

    Does any of this momentary airspace sharing rub off and make you famous and fabulous? No. Can you build it up in your mind and convince yourself it does? Sadly for some, yes. Or, some can spin it trying to convince others it means something. Arthur is just a 31 year old club kid. That is the only 'worth' in his life. That is where he puts all his genuine effort. (it certainly isn't put into his acting) Celeb spotting is his game, and like people used to ask for autographs Art asks for a photo with them. Big woop. I will give him credit for his 'balls ass' ability to annoy true celebs so that he can 'get a pic with them for his blog'. That is all that is going on here. (you listening Artie?) Any actual celebs in 'the biz' or elsewhere who contact him seem to want simply to find out if he is real or faking it. (that is the thing everyone who has a clue who he is wants to know) The only lasting fame he will ever get is if he manages to become a meme. Aside from Kevin Bruek's "The Jouney" lampoon, even that isn't happening.

    However, he is giving countless people the joy and opportunity to spew bile at him, myself included. Thanks Kade! It is better than hitting something when I have had a bad day.

  11. @ Anon…10:43

    It’s you again. I can’t be sure, but I think I smell saline. Come back with “I guess I have to be a hater” and I’ll know for sure. If not, what possible reason do you have for trying to deflect some heat off of kanus?
    And what’s your interest in all this, “We”? Who’s ‘we’? You see him all the time? Tell us more please.
    Who are the etc.? Would it make you happy if we just ignored him? That's not going to happen, he’s made sure of that.

    You dropped the same names as before. Check your style. Try harder.

  12. @ anon 2:01

    I'm not saying not to hate on kade he is a total fucking moron, and so is GN Kang.. what I am saying is that the people in philadelphia who know of these people do not respect them. I mean the normal people who go to the same places as these nuts..

    We just see them as what they are (nutjobs) and ignore them.

    that is what I meant.. but by all means hate on all of them.. I can certainly see the reasons to.

  13. @anon 2:01...

    I don't get it, the anon from 10:43 said NOTHING that would make you think he was for Kade or criticizing us. I'm beginning to think some of the people here can't comprehend written English.

    @Anon 10:43 & 2:08 glad you came back to set the record straight, though I must apologize for the paranoia that sometimes comes through when people say, "I see Arthur all the time..." Stuff like that sends some people into a tizzy over what they perceive to be some inkling of support for Cock Gobbler.

  14. @Mc 900
    I agree, people are getting paranoid. The only person I am wondering about is the "English gentleman" from the last legowig blog, and even so, so what?

    @anon 10:43 and 2:08, I thought 10:43 was a good post. Too bad you had to 2:08 to defend yourself.

    @anon 2:01, get a grip man. Philadelphia is a big city. Lots of people are going out or else all those clubs would shut down. I am suprised there aren't MORE Philly people chiming in.

    For some reason I really want a cheese steak now.

  15. I see Kade out all the time in Philly, too.

    His guys friends are cool; only some of his girlfriends are nice, but most are just users. (I'm a girlfriend of one of his "nice" girlfriends). He's acquaintances with some hot girls but never gets pictures with them. I wonsder why.

    I'm not sure where the animosity towards the guys he hangs out with comes from -- I won't name names, but as far as I can tell, they seem like easy-going guys. They're very popular and good looking, and seem normal. Maybe I just don't know them well - lol.

  16. Are you one of his "guy friends"

    which of his guys he hangs out with are "very popular" and or "good looking"

    so I can get an idea of which one of them you are :)

  17. Anon at 6:53, enough creepiness from the kadster without the likes of you.

  18. Because hanging out with and being seen as an ally of kade is like walking around with a swastika armband. that, or laughing at a carlos menstealia's jokes

    its just not good news

    anyways that last picture of arturd all the way in the back of the gen pop definitely made the journey worth while
    although with the help of legowig arthur delivers the laughs

  19. and i use the term "gen pop" in a satirical way
    arthur you are not gen pop. because the majority of people arent quite as low as you.

  20. ps. ENOUGH ANONS

    make an alias its not that hard

  21. jesus everybody here, including me, is getting accused of being kade or gn.

    it was pretty obvious when gn raged in here a while back, and it was definitely my favorite legowig moment. let's hope she comes back.

    now wait for some lame anon to say that i'm her.

  22. Today, we are all GN Kang.

  23. Wait a minute. I questioned who “we” is and found it strange that “they” stated “we ignore them…you should do the same”. After all, what is the point of this blog?

    The first name, last initial of two of his friends, in those two posts struck me as odd. (And the “hate” comments that followed were predicted)

    And, I’m not paranoid, so why is everyone picking on me, why are you all trying to hurt me, why do you all want me to die? HELP!

    Seriously though, I’m sorry if I offended with my questions, and I’ll admit to being over zealous while attempting to prove my hunch. I still think I smell saline, but I’ll try to be more polite in the way I mention it.

  24. “Even a paranoid schizophrenic can have enemies…”
    As such, just because you don’t see something, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  25. I didn’t bring up his friends, and post their names; I questioned why they did.
    Who accused anyone of being Kade?
    What was so obvious? GN?
    What animosity towards his friends? Only yours. User’s? That’s nice.

    Thank you Confucious, (7:32 PM) you are wise and humorous

  26. @ MC 900…

    What makes you think anon 10:43 is a he? And why fixate on the “see arthur all the time” question? There were less benign questions. And an apology in the same ‘paragraph’ as the words “cock gobbler” portrays the “class and decorum” that you claim others lack. Check the post again, maybe you missed something? Maybe? (Hint: Ignore him)(Hint 2: Legowig.com)(Hint 3: Posting on Legowig.com saying that we should ignore him?) Please read “Why does this blog exist?” and report back.

    I actually think your one of the best here, as such, I’m trying to defend myself from your belittlement.

  27. @Anon 1:57am...

    At this point I can't even follow this convo any more. Make up a name and post under that so I can try to follow the thread easier.

    If there is anything I don't care about here it's "class and decorum." I have NEVER accused anyone of lacking "class and decorum." I may have pointed out spelling and grammatical errors, lack of understanding of previous comments and other stupidity, but lack of "class and decorum" has never come out of my mouth. I started calling Kade Cock Gobbler long before www.legowigkade.blogspot.com was started, go into Kade's archives to see exactly when, but it was pretty soon after I started posting over there.

    He/She does it really matter? When you read a book does the writer always make the scenario gender neutral? Next time I'll use "She" to even things out, OK? Also, don't be so sensitive.

  28. Ah, I see I am thought of as a possible friend of the fetid cunt. Well, if he needs a friend I'd be there for him....not in a queer way, I don't like bummers and I like even less that they insert their penis's up other men's anus's (did I say that right?)...although I must admit I have sometimes persuaded a lady friend to allow me access to her female back abdomina with my dirty tadger. That said - er....I don't really have a point, if I did I've forgotten it

  29. I really get tired of the homophobia in the community of Arthur haters. People, it's 2009. It's old fashioned and pathetic to bash gays. Stick to the subject: the grotesqueness of Arthur Kadyshes.

    I realize it may be confusing to some as Arthur seems to be such a closet case, but it is possible to bash Arthur and his closet without witless overgeneralizations about gay people in general. Straight and gay people can unite in loathing Arthur!

  30. Speaking of homophobia- and I agree with drunken housewife we are here to hate on Artie, not homosexuals they don't deserve to be associated with this egotistical idiot.

    ANYWAY- Spotted: Arthur Kade in the Philly Gayborhood around 10pm. No Joke.

    I still this loser all the time, creeping around ALONE. I've seen him be rejected from the Mogul Room more than one time. In light of the amazing photo someone submitting exposing Artie's true place at Nicky Hilton's Birthday Party I am going to make it a point to try and snap some photos to further expose his lies!

    PS: coincidence- Artie in AC during their LGBT celebration week ?

    Also, this is funny but EVERY time I have seen Artie out (@the chelsea, strong box, g, parc, ladder- he has ALWAYS been COMPLETELY ALONE).