Sociopath Relives Abusive & Shameful Childhood in His New Post

The closeted douchebag known as Arthur Kadyshes wrote a blog about shame, which is an emotion he (like many mentally ill people) knows nothing about. This whole entry screams out that he's reliving his abusive, neglected, shameful family life each day of his life--while displaying every shameful, inappropriate behavior possible (misogyny, racism, douchebaggery) he defends it by claiming he's just being himself.

Basically someone pointed out that he's a failure of our educational system, or society, and a result of poor parenting and lack of culture. Of course, he responded by saying how PROUD he was that he's just being his usual, uneducated, uncultured, abused-childhood-reliving self. So, so, sad. The end grows closer every single day... the way Kadyshes repeats and recycles the same tired garbage and then defends it shows that he actually identifies with his abuser (probably his dad) and keeps reliving the shame... only he doesn't realize that's what he's doing.

The lame, fake fanmail he appends, together with the gay ass quote is just totally predictable and boring. More delusional bullshit from a total psychopath. How fake is that "fan mail"... well, someone sent it to him to fuck with him.... the email is from "Craven Moorehead", a/k/a "C. Moorehead", an obvious reference to Kade's questionable sexuality... Kade's retarded or clueless or both. It's hilarious.

As usual, the actual entry is garbled diarrhea, so good luck reading it... you can almost hear Kade's obvious lisp while you're reading his retarded ramblings. Without further delay, here is the latest from El Lego Wig's lisping mouth:
Being Arthur Kade is an experience of emotions that is like an amazing roller-coaster ride of ups and downs that can make me feel like a god one minute and guilty for my incredible honesty the next, and today I had an experience that made me feel like shit for a couple minutes. I ran into a woman that I had always been friendly with outside of my parent’s hair salon, who I went up to kiss and say hello to, and she pulled away, and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t know how you sleep at night with what you write about women, and I don’t want to even say hello to you.”, and I responded, “Ashamed??, I would be ashamed if I ran away from who I was, the changes that I am helping make for young actors, and if I stayed in a career that made me unhappy, and what I am saying about “”Everything”" is what guys say behind the scenes, and I am just putting it on a famous blog for the world to see. I know that there are people who don’t agree with me or see my points, but the fact is that great minds are always debated, and I am proud of what I say and what I think, and how I help people around the world. I don’t hide my face, back down from anyone, and I stand tall in front of any “”Haters”" that try to bring me down, and I wish more people had the courage to be themselves because this world would be a better place”.

I tried to kiss her and hug her again, and she said, “I think you’re point of view is disgusting, and I lost respect for someone I thought was a great guy”, and she walked away and I walked to my car, and this conversation haunted me for the next five minutes while rocking Kade Style to Akon’s “Troublemaker”, and all I could think about was this 60 year old girl lecturing me on what she thought was right, and how certain people think I am an “American Hero”, and as one internal mutual fund wholesaler said last week, “The guys I work with worship you”, and how someone could argue with all of the success I have had, the people’s lives I have changed, and the influence I will have on “The Biz”, and yet all I could see was the disappointment of this person.

I guess this is what makes me so great, that I make people think about their lives (Good or Bad), I give the world “Food for Thought” (I am almost like a Full Time Actor version of Chris Matthews or Bill O’ Reilly), and I show the world that an actor can be himself and still make it to the top, but situations like that make me reflect and remember what it is to “Polarizing, Controversial, Unique, and Original”, and then I took a deep breath and said, “This is MY Journey to make, and if I let every “”Over the Hill and Out Of Touch Person”" that will never understand or connect to what I am doing affect me, then I will lose the essence of the greatness I am creating, and I midas will go sell Mutual funds and make more than 99% of Americans again. Do I sometimes question how far I take “The Journey”, and am I pushing the limit too far? Of course I do, but I remember hearing Jim Brown say “Hardships mold us”, and no one as had it given to him harder and longer than Arthur Kade, and I have used that adversity to become a pioneer in “The Biz” that Brown would be proud of, and in the end she will be at the front of the line clapping my success as a fan and I will blow her a kiss when Little Oscar is in my bed with me.

“There are some things in this world that I won’t be the best at, but being the “”Best”" isn’t one of them”…Arthur Kade…09/01/09

Here is Day 2 of Wedding Crashers practice as I become more comfortable with the lines and Sharon and I break down the rhythm and nuances of the monologue and get me to where I need to be for my workshops in 3 weeks in NYC in front of the top casting agents in NYC, and some comments from the camera still being accidentally on for a few seconds. I also start “Advanced Film Class next week with Mike Lemon.

A great Fan Email today that made me smile:

Hey Arthur,

I wanted to send this letter to you on behalf of a friend of mine, who was too shy to click the send button to you!

Today is a day that I find comes with a bittersweet tinge. I realized that there has been a passing of the proverbial torch. I am sure you know that the last of America’s royalty died recently. Senator Ted Kennedy passed on from terminal brain cancer. As I heard the news, I felt far more shocked than I should have. I was not sure why… but I could feel it deep within my bones. There was something about this moment that was tremendous. And as most moments that make the world stop for a moment, they are filled with both sadness and happiness. I have realized what that happiness is… you Mr. Kade. I realized that it will be YOU who will take the healm of the new American Aristocracy. No longer will people talk of Kennedy, but instead of Kade. I hope you understand what weight these implications carry. I know that you will rise to the occasion and usher in a new era of hope and inspiration for our generation.

Thank you so much Arthur Kade. You are a true gentleman.

C. Moorehead

Keep up the great work! Kade out!


  1. Arthur Kade: A mysogonistic, selfish, arrogant, poorly groomed, out-of-style, ill-mannered low-life. Time to wake up and smell the fuckin coffee Arthur. You're not a hero. You're a zero.

  2. Is C. Moorehead one of those names, like Seymour Buts?

  3. Delusional faggotry personified.

    Kadyshes' name will live on, probably as a serial killer.

  4. Arthur Kade's ugly inside and out.

  5. Great video of your fucking crotch Arthur! Jesus Christ, first off, you probably pay this woman extra to pretend you're good at this bullshit you call acting, secondly, she can't hold a camera straight?

    What the fuck???

  6. The lisp has not improved one bit. Not at all.

    You still sound like a lisping Philly faggot.

  7. He didnt make that e-mail up himself, its from C. Moorehead, as in Craven Moorehead, someone fucking with him. What a stupid dick AK is

  8. Arthur is looking for Amanda Hugginkiss.

  9. Arthur Kade is such a noob

  10. I like how he said "midas will" for "might as well".
    I have seen people fuck this up and say "mine as well" or "minus well" but "midas will" is fucking great! hahaha.

    "midas will" -AK

  11. yo doucheboy don't feed the trolls dawg

  12. Hey, whoever emails Arthur... can you send us a "bcc" from now on? We'd love to have a heads up when you guys fuck with Doucheboy.


  13. Maybe Arthur Lost his fortune to a Nigerian Prince

  14. It haunted you for an entire 5 minutes while you rocked Kade Style to some gay song? I can't even read this shit anymore. I'll just read to comments to figure out what actually happened. Reading your posts is like trying to untangle a big rat's nest of fishing line. It pisses me off and frustrates the fuck out of me.

  15. "..you're sitting there, you're wonderink, do i have food on my face, and i eatink?" YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPEAK YOU STUPID LISPING GAY ASSHOLE

  16. Perhaps legowigkade should get a new account and send Arthur "fan mail" and see if he posts it! But have some hidden message in it that's hilarious.

  17. it's true... a lot of my anger at kade isn't bc he's a harmless and misguided douchebag, it's because he CANT WRITE IN ENGLISH AT ALL.

    it's anger-inducing just to try to navigate the sheer stupidity of an arthur kade post.

  18. During his "monologur" his voice pitch gets higher and higher and higher.

  19. good god. i think the monologue got even worse. if that's possible ...

    I just got out of college, and I'm starting out as an actor in NYC, and, as you might imagine, it's a very frustrating industry to crack. When I'm going through a period where I'm not getting a lot of callbacks and I'm not booking roles, I can get a lot of self-doubt about whether I'm talented or whether I'm deluding myself ...

    but then I see an Arthur Kade post, and it makes it all better. Thank you Arthur, for inspiring me every day ... though, I imagine, not in the way that you intend.

  20. "intrithtid"

    Kade: Did you take my advice and was that your Kween persona doing the Jeremy Grey monolur?

  21. Hilarious. He was deeply shocked by the woman (Shout Out to her, btw) that he felt like shit for a full five minutes while ''Rocking Kade Style'' to Akon...
    Also, the quote is even more profound, seeing as it was the anniversary of WW2.

  22. oops oops you're on my HAIR!!


  23. Posts like this are good reminders of why I hate this fucker. He's a human piece of shit and whoever raised him should be ashamed of what they produced.

  24. I think it would be great if Kade would hold a townhall forum.

    Just sit back and imagine how great that could be. I'd even pay to attend. He could perform the Kween, practice the monologue, even do live QandA. It would complete my life.

  25. I hope that woman stabs you next time. Do you think Kade's stepmom cringes when he mentions he salon/abortion clinic on camera? Arthur you have definitely failed. Making up excuses for being a douche has to mean that you realize you have no hope. You have no talent and have done irreparable damage to your name, so what’s next? You will never get a decent job again. That woman was right; you should be ashamed of yourself, and not only because of your attitudes towards women, but for dragging everyone else in your life into this too. If a woman who you know through the salon calls you an asshole wouldn't you think that your parents are being judged about your behavior too? I am not saying they are completely innocent in this because their lack of parenting skills definitely contributed to this, but should they suffer for your idiocy? Think about it fuck face.
    Oh and Arthur, taking imaginary life advice from some douchebag stockbroker is probably not the best way to get people to like you.

  26. @ Noto

    Do you think we could rent a small theatre in Philly and convince Lego Wig that they want him to do a one man show? I think I might have to start leaving tomatoes out.

  27. Kade is a cuntflap on toastSeptember 2, 2009 at 7:04 AM

    The monologue sounds like a shrieking valley girl whining at daddy for cutting her allowance just before she heads to the mall.

    And how can this cunt talk about honesty when he's changed his name?

  28. "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!"

  29. And your anger and disrespect towards women rears its ugly head again.

    You refer to a 60 year old woman you claim to have been friendly with as a girl. Do you even realize how you lash out at women show such incredible disrespect and ignorance? I doubt it. That would require self-awareness, which you do not have.

    What you do have:
    - dry, balding hair;
    - a sallow, rough complexion that is riddled with acne;
    - ever increasing wrinkles on your forehead and on the sides of your mouth;
    - bags under your eyes; and
    - very dry, chapped lips.

    Among other thinngs, that is. Those are just some highlghts.

  30. The Wedding Crashers monologue is getting worse. Your alleged faux frustration is creepy - it feels like you are a step away from strangling your acting coach. Your anger towards women and the world at large is quite evident - you can see how in your insane, narcistic little brain you feel the world just doesn't seem to recognize your apparent greatness and you are just going to show them. Except you AREN'T great Arthur. You just aren't. You're average at best, kiddo. Average.

    Also, you are speaking WAY to fast. As a result, any comic timing that might have existed had a talented person done this has ceased to exist.

    It's not funny. It's not particularly good. It's a little creepy and generally just average.

    But, you did manage to memorize the lines. So, good for you , monkey. Good for you.

  31. eeeewww, towards the end of that clip, his mouth gets frothy in the corners, gag, gag, heave...

  32. @legowigkade
    Can you hurry up and put together a glossary of all of Kade's homosexual Freudian slips, please?

    "No one has had it given to him harder and longer than Arthur Kade."
    "I will blow her a kiss when little Oscar is in my bed with me."

    Ok, the second one could be homoerotic, OR, a pedophile's call for help. Little Oscar? How little, Arthur? Pray tell? We are already aware of your penchant for crusing Britney concerts.

  33. this guy is nuts -pure and simple. That email was a total jab and he's lost his sense of reality. What a fucking loser.

  34. @ Dr Engine -

    If you email us a list of his Freudian slips about his sexuality, we can get something started.

    I can't speak for the other admins, but I'm trying to limit myself to 10 min/day wasted on the Lego Wigged Douche.

  35. this arthur kadyshes character should be in a mental health clinic somewhere right now. it's scary that he's out running around in public

  36. Whoever the friend is who pulled away and called him on his fucked up attitude towards women, I applaud you. Well over due. Keep it up. That is the one thing that makes him totally unacceptable as a human being and makes us picking on him acceptable. Everytime I feel a little sorry for him, I remember what he expects a woman to be and I condemn him. His attitude towards the rest of us as a whole is worse than anything we think about him. Don't let him touch you. It is probably contagious.

  37. arthur has horrible relationships with his parents and most of the women in his life... not surprising that some respectable person pulled away from him.

    only low self-esteem women would hang around with him.

  38. The ghost of Cindy BradySeptember 2, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    No, sorry, Legowig, 10 minutes a day just isn't going to cut it. We need 24/7 commitments from you people.

    Kade keeps pumping out the goodness, y'all need to keep up!

    Love how Kadypshits keeps trying to get himself in frame in that second video ("the Crotch Shot"). You know, because he knows all his fans just really need to have him on camera at EVERY MOMENT.

    Even while his acting coach humors him and doesn't even try to hold the camera up any more.

    "Really? That wath the betht rethital?"

    Yes, Artee. We're all very proud of you for finally memorizing the words. Really.

  39. @realist

    you hit on something that struck me...what kind of friend would set you up with Kade? So that you will be harshly judged, by being given a number, and then either being told you are less than an 8 or ignored. End of friendship.

  40. Oh, curse you, LegoWigKade, giving me a homework assignment! Now I have to visit his website to fish through all his posts. I'm like the evil guys in Superman II, getting carried off in that shard of glass...Noooooooooooooooo!!

  41. if you guys make that Freudian slip list, it would be awesome

  42. It’s sad when…monkey kween gets more attention than saline kween. She try’s so hard. Only a 4.6 on the Qade scale. Anyone else smell silicone burning?

  43. Still more shirt slogans…

    I’m with Saline

    Monkey see
    Monkey do better

  44. Hate me for it, the Jeremy Grey 2 bit is the best acting I have seen him do do date. He didn't do it really well, but at least there was some acting involved FINALLY. Rofl!
    Kade-os for the complicated memorization. Next time pay attention to what you are actually saying. I know, it is like patting your head and rubbing tummy at the same time, but hey, that is what acting is. Maybe I have been too harsh on your acting coach. I don't forsee an oscar or emmy, but there is a good possibility now that you will be cast to say "did you see that? What the hell was it?"

  45. look at how defensive Arthur's tweets are getting over there in the tweet column

    he still doesn't get that he is the court jester

  46. "C Moorehead" -- I can't believe Kadyshes didn't realize that was a joke... joke's on him, now.