I don't even know what to say.  I'm at a loss.  This dude is seriously fucking mental.  I mean it.  More idiotic, out of touch ramblings by the Lego Wigged one himself...
I love getting emails from my Southern “Bible Belt” fans telling me that I have now brought The Brand and Kade Nation to one of the largest, hippest, and most up and coming cities in the World (Everyone knows that Atlanta is the hip-hop hot bed of talent in the US, and the fact that they are now bringing me in shows that The South wants to use “The Journey” in a more urban and hip-hop format, and it resonates and connects with all races and religions), and how their most listened to radio station, Q100, did a whole feature on me, and the domination that is Arthur Kade. I have gotten numerous phone calls and emails indicating that Atlanta is now abuzz in “The Journey”, and even though my readership has always been known to be global (Strongest in KA, NYC, Philly, Miami, Sydney, London, and Beijing), it is great when a city as “Hot” as Atlanta embraces me, and tells the story of the rise of Arthur Kade. Even though I haven’t been to Atlanta in several years, I may have to make a visit just to say hi to my fans (I wonder if a crowd will now greet me getting off the plane?), and maybe even meet and collaborate with some of the hottest Southern hip-hop stars on the planet like T-Pain, and T.I (One of my dreams is to have a rap song written about me, because I’ve said before, “That’s when you’ve made it”), and I am sure that I will come away with it being called Kadelanta like I did with KA.
I haven’t heard the playback and I don’t really pay that much attention to the International Press I get anymore because there are new stories every day (I leave that to Kade Nation to care about and obssess over), and I think I have like 30-50 pages on Google devoted to me when you type in Arthur Kade, in just 5.946 months, but I love when I get emails like this that let me know that “The Journey” is changing people’s lives around the globe. It also shows how people see my “Male Sex and The City View on dating” being so effective, and that I may have now become a guy version of Carrie Bradshaw in addition to a future award winning actor. Kade Style.
Welcome to “The Journey”, Kadelanta…
“My hustle is getting so big that they may now call time periods of relation, PK and AK (Pre-Kade and After-Kade)”….Arthur Kade….08/31/09
Hey Dude,
I knew absolutely nothing about you ever in my life. Whatever youre doing, looks to be working.
Q100 atlanta, very large radio station was talking about you this morning.


  1. For the record, Atlanta sucks. Kade can have it.

  2. I'll co-sign Atlanta sucking. I haven't heard this Q100 thing, but I'll bet they were taking the piss out of him just like Bondaduce, Gawker, and everyone else who encounters "The Brand."

  3. Kadelanta: the chancre on the penis of America.

  4. easy there you two.
    if you haven't lived here then you don't know.
    it's a fantastic place.
    I'm cringing at the thought of Kade visiting

  5. I've been there enough times to know (a)traffic is horrific and (b)don't visit the Buckhead area after dark unless you're armed. It's gone to shit.

  6. Murder rate is 4.5 times the national average

    Robbery is 3.9 times the national average

    Forcible rape is 1.8 times the national average

    All violent crimes are 3.3 times the national average

    It's becoming the Detroit of the south.

    Just saying.

  7. Off the clock... Arthur's going places but they're only in his head.

    For the record, I live in London and have been following "The Nonsense" since February- I apologise for my part in A gathering a global readership.

  8. Actually, in view of the above, I am hoping Kade DOES move there and gets robbed, raped and murdered all in the same night.

  9. Wait wait wait a second. I thought you knew you made it when you've hired your first bodyguard?

    Those are your words Mr. Kade.

  10. You don't listen to the International Press you get anymore?

    For the record, you have received ZERO press from anywhere outside of the United States. Fact.

    Secondly, Atlanta is not "international." It's in the United States you absolute idiot.

  11. @ Doc

    To be fair Arthur has had some international press. The Sun in London featured his tweets in an article on dickheads who tweet too hard, and there was a website in Oz that called him the ultimate talentless wannabe.

    It may be mockery, but it is international mockery.

    In 5.9736 months he has become an International Uber-douche with a global platform for his fuckwittedness.

  12. Fuck you Kade. T-Pain stands for Tallahassee Pain and I guarantee no one in Florida has heard of your stank ass.

  13. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlAugust 31, 2009 at 3:02 PM

    Gettin' more haggard lookin' Artbuttfunkle!

    Go to Atlanta....stay the fuck away from Vegas. KThanx

  14. Kade lives somewhere very far from down town Philly, by the looks of it.
    And it's not even his appartment. I don't know how anybody puts up with the amount of shit and lies that he pulls on a daily basis. If he made a video of MY place (description of rooms and possible places to fuck a girl Balls Ass Kade Style), I would hit him until he bled. And thrown his ass out without further ado.

  15. The entity...

    It has already been confirmed that Kade lives in Ron Hansen's windowless den, and does not pay rent to live there.

    Did you not read the thorougly investigative and hard hitting expose on some of his lies and his lifestyle that was posted over the weekend?

  16. I called it correct a while back: AK looks to be filming himself from scenic and beautiful Kensington or thereabouts, overlooking glamorous Delaware Avenue, where the elite gambol and frolic.

    I might be wrong, but I honestly don't think that I am. For the longest six months of my life I worked at 2nd and Lehigh. The sound of gunfire would start up about 7 PM. Earlier in the winter months.

  17. Agreed.....N. Liberties bordering on Fishtown. At first I thought it was the new condos they built at Delaware and Brown but its too far from the bridge....probably a factory rehab that got hit hard when the market crashed. 150 tops for a 2 bedroom...and he doesn't even own it! Loser. Someone posted an addy of 444 N. 4th Street Condos, which would be around 4th and Willow....could be but this video looks like its further up.

    Definately not Camden.

  18. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlAugust 31, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    Just read an article that states that nearly 1/3 of all cocaine seized in the US is laced with a live-stock deworming drug called levamisole. At least 3 people have died and dozens have become ill.
    It severely weakens the body's immune system, leaving one vulnerable to fatal infections.

  19. In comments on an earlier post, some people were referring to Kade as a comic genius. I tend to agree that, if this is just a farce, it's definitely pretty impressive. I often hope it is ... people come in all varieties, but this guy seems too pathetic to be true ... and most things that seem too ___ to be true, are. But, if this is a farce, what's the punchline? He's basically fucked up his entire life, lost friends, and made himself a social pariah. Seems a little over the top, no punchline us good enough to justify all of this. I'm still mystified, though. Maybe it really is the coke.

  20. shit she disappearedAugust 31, 2009 at 4:34 PM

    I'm begining to think there is a distinct possibility that Arthur will live his whole life as a delusional wannabe, rather than give us the closure of killing himself. I remember making the terrible mistake once of mentioning I had friends who worked in the movie business within the earshot of some delusional old fuck who kept rattling on and on about the movies he had made with Leonardo Dicaprio and Mel Gibson (as an extra, of course). The guy was well into his 50's, worked a service job for a living, and still thought of himself as a successful actor. There are so many delusional types out here that manage to live entire life under the fantasy of being stars that I wouldn't be surprised if Kaids joined them soon. He will be updating his blog at age 60, talking about how he has dominated the extra business for years and how his lifetime achievement yellow man should come any minute now. Buckle up people, the journey may last a goddamn lifetime.

  21. I did extra work for a few weeks when I lived in LA, just to make some extra money. Every day I went, there was always some middle aged guy who would stalk and hound the PAs for some extra SAG vouchers.

    You just know Kade was THAT guy. He probably made the poor PAs crazy, while he was begging for vouchers.

  22. Arthur, you're an act. Your posts (if you are writing them) are deliberate attempts to piss people off.

    Legowigkade, you are either in league with Arthur, or you have been manipulated into providing him/them with free publicity.

  23. Legowigkade is culture jamming that has slipped into a Hegelian dialectic with the object of its jam?


    But not very.

  24. For several years, I ran an agency that worked with mostly homeless drug users on New York City's Lower East Side. I have a pretty good idea how it will be with Kade in a few years.

  25. We've confirmed it's the 444 N 4th st building. We have a source who lives in the building.

    I have another expose that I need some time to confirm & type up.... will probably be posted Wed or Thurs. More new stuff... I'm talking to multiple people who used to work with Kade (both when he sold clothes and when he sold insurance) and also some people who live in his building and/or have seen him out in Philly.

    So stay tuned.... I just wanted to hop on here and confirm that, yes, it's 444 N 4th St.

  26. Lego Wig Kade, when are you gonna get in Kade's face. When are you gonna DESTROY him. That post that was called The Arthur Kadyshes farce barely pierced him in that he didn't even acknowladge it. He's a slippery motherfucker, he'll never face the truth. It would ruin his fantasy I guess.

  27. still think you guys can post anything you want about kade and hide behind the walls of anonymity?

    see this link: http://mediamemo.allthingsd.com/20090819/on-the-internet-everybody-knows-youre-a-name-caller-google-unmasks-the-skank-blogger/?reflink=ATD_yahoo_ticker

    if you can actually get your hands on the court docs, not only was the identity of the owner of the blog identified, so was the identity of the the commenter who who called liskula a "skank" and a "ho."

    i'm pretty sure many commenters on here have called kade much worse things not to mention things written about some of the "players"...

    let the games begin. act 1 to come soon.

  28. LOL, yeah. Good luck with that.

  29. Yes, but said blogger is now suing Google for $18 million for not protecting her anonymity.

  30. Come get me, sugar tits!!

    To quote a movie: I'm gonna make you famous, cocksucker.

  31. Woohoo watch out Matt. She'll send Chio after you, and he's hungry! Hungry hungry Chio!

    Make her famous, that's what she wants. I got a feeling she'd sell her own mother to be famous.

  32. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 31, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    No Kudos for Rtee's unappreciated vocalizing?

    "See, I can sing, it's just nobody knows it"

    Right, Artee, nobody who hears you try to sing knows you can sing. You're the only one who really knows the full extent and range of your talents. That's why you're so famous.

  33. He IS a non sag extra. I work in production and was on twof the jobs he was on and he was in holding with hundreds of others. He was actually a little quiet. No director noticed him or wanted to throw him a line. And he had his camera with him. We were going to confiscate it but we had bigger fish to fry. He was a face in a crowd. That was it.

    I hope he doesn't start bugging me for vouchers. I would never give him one.

  34. OK, so, we are all going to be taken to court and raked "over the coals".

    Google RAY GORDON. See where that got him.

    GN Kang. I have defended you. I think you are cute, and have a future. Distance yourself from AK. I beg you. Untill you do, fuck off with your threats.

    Oh! Sorry, RAY Gordon is aka Gordon Ray Cooper.

  35. This blog is great! You people are gods!

    Anyone is posts anything that doubts that must be Arthur! Or GN! Beacause no one possibly think that this is not the greatest website of all time!

  36. @Lego Wig Kade
    Wow! You're talking to multiple people! Wow! That is the greatest use of time I ever heard of! Great job!

  37. Jesus Christ has anybody noticed that Kade's queen character looks like a gay dinosaur? What the FUCK is he thinking??? Anybody could act like the """kween""" just by making that gay ass small arms look and talking in a gay voice talking about extacy and cheese. I'm suprised he hasnt mentioned cocaine in those videos because the only fucking way anybody could ever think that's clever or good acting has to be on a coke binge.... Wow.

  38. Kade, you write hip hop brag songs about *yourself*, not about other people (unless they are Dr. Dre or are dead) Since you aren't Dre, if you want a song written about you.....

    His "Male Sex and the City View on dating" is effective? Look around, decide noone is good enough, leave. Very effective.

    @Kadetastic, I hate that Kween thing. It is stupid. You would have to be on drugs for that to be funny...and I am thinking about who ever told him it was funny in the first place (remember him being told he was in the top 5 funniest guys ever?). I want to know if his 'friends' are egging him on to see his downfall come faster, or if they just humor him, "yeah yeah, great, whatever", which he takes to be overwhelming approval.