Inside the Arthur Kadyshes Farce

A few days ago we revealed the fact that Arthur's roommate is Ron Hansen, the same guy who registered El Lego Wig's blog, using the ultra-exclusive GoDaddy.com, 5.9765 months ago. Several tipsters contacted this blog over the past few days, telling us that they've been laughing at Kade for months and now that our blog was running, they wanted to set the facts about Doucheboy's "journey" straight. I replied in true Kade Style: "well, using the word straight in the same sentence as Arthur Kade is questionable, but please share whatever information you would like".

It's important to keep in mind that all our information was volunteered freely and we are greatly appreciative. We confirmed that all these people know Doucheboy and have been giving us their honest opinions and observations. Looking back over the emails and texts, I'm going to make this the first post (of many) that will reveal what we've learned so far... I simply can't get it all into one post and there are still other parts that are unclear/need follow-up. If this post seems fragmented, it's because there is so much ground to cover and our tipsters have a lot more to tell us. Also, I'm trying to copy some of Kade's shitty writing tendencies in this entry (e.g. 5.9765 months, overuse of commas, overuse of quotes, and quoting myself in quotes).

Starting at the top, Ron Hansen is apparently a nice, quiet, shy guy. He wouldn't seem like the type to hang around with Arthur Kadyshes, but they have been roommates for several weeks now. Tipsters say the lease is in Ron's name, and Kade hasn't been on any lease in a long time. He's a house guest--he pitches in for rent sometimes, but not always. Before living with Ron, he was living in the living room of a student, after his first living arrangement ended badly. The arrangement with the student ended badly, too. Kade crashed with G-N Kang for a while, but we're not sure how long or why that situation end. Frankly, we're shocked that situation ended, because G-N is Kade's #1 enabler, shooting much of his video and pictures and generally encouraging Kade.

With Marissa Rosen out of the picture, G-N has become Artie's "go to" girl. Ron has stepped up into a similar role during the same time that many of Kade's "Players" have stopped returning calls or hanging out with him. At some point, Kade made it known that he was low on cash (tipster actually said he used the word "poor" back in the Spring when Kade still had some sense of reality) and presumably this made people avoid him. He started to get a reputation as a sponge/loafer/couch crasher.

Some informants have questioned Kade's choices with money after his gig with Ameriprise ended. For example, if Kade really "owned' a condo, like he claims, he must have had little or no equity in it or sold it for less than he bought it, because not long after, he was said to be hurting for money. He did buy a new car, but he is a bad driver, so he relies on public transportation "more than anyone else I know with a car". Maybe Artie just sucks at driving, or maybe he is hurting for money ($15 Bolt Bus to NYC) and wants to save on NYC parking, the tunnels and bridges, and gas money. How ironic that not only is Kade the ultimate, striving "Bridge and Tunnel" exemplar, he doesn't even drive up there, he uses the train and bus to go through those bridges and tunnels! In short, Art is the exact same "B and T trash" that he attempts to deride on his blog.

Back to the roommate/enabler situation... Ron (Arthur's roommate) is the "CEO" of a "marketing company" based in Perkasie, PA, which is apparently a hotbed of autoracing and marketing or, more likely, just a family home address. The address for WOT Marketing's "World Headquarters" is the relatively rural home address of 312 Harriet Drive, Perkasie PA... Check Google maps and you will be rolling on the floor laughing. (This is all public info available on WOT Marketing's site, by the way...) Hansen's also the guy behind the "Race Chairs" logo on Kade's site. We visited the link and it took us to an online shop of tacky leather chairs bought by people with no taste willing to blow money on something that belongs in the bedroom of an uncultured 14 yr old boy who has a hard-on for race cars. As far as helping Arthur, we've seen several videos where Athur brags that Ron ("a professional chef," said Kade) made him cereal or put some leftovers in the 'fridge. Awesome, Artie!

Sources agree that no respectable girl is going to want to accompany Doucheboy back to his den, but sources were divided on whether the apartment is in Camden or just a less desirable part of Philly. Our most trustworthy source said Camden, but we haven't been able to confirm it either way... the key is, Chatteau Kade is a joke. (Editor's note: four people emailed in and all agreed, the building in Kade's videos in 444 N. 4th St. in a non-"elite" area of Philly.)

Kade's worst housing situation was with the student, who is a quiet, no-nonsense guy, completely unlike Kade. The situation didn't last long and the student gave Artie the heave-ho for several reasons, including the reason that Kade sucks at paying his share. We checked it out, and we can comfortably say that the student (a med student at Jefferson) is far more intelligent and dedicated to his craft. We wish him the best and are sure he'll overcome the trauma of living with a guy who, we're told, doesn't shower much, doesn't use cologne (smells bad), and does indeed wear the same outfits (usually t shirts) over and over. Those pictures we saw of Kade's room with the disgusting carpet... those were not aberrations.

Kade's biggest enablers (there will be another in-depth post later) have been GN Kang, Marissa Rosen, Brett Perloff, Chad Boonswang, Tony Churchilio (mentioned in the Philly Magazine article as "Church"), Sabrina Strickland, and more recently Ron Hansen. Marissa Rosen, the cackler, moved away and since then, no one who knows Kade has wanted to be in a video or be seen publically backing him. We're not sure what effect the Lego Wig blog has had in Kade's "Players" circle, but we do know that the word is getting out within that circle of Philadelphians. Our tipsters all noted that they have passed the blog on to others who hang out with Artie and knew him when he was younger, when he was basically considered a quiet, shy kid, but basically a loser. Sources say it's unlikely we'll see any of Kade's friends voluntarily go on camera--they're too smart to put themselves out there next to a mysogynist with questionable career and fashion choices.

Our sources say that Kade's parents were initially supportive of Kade looking into modeling/acting, although they were wary that he was 31 and most parents would've said he should look for a real job. The sources say, however, that as time goes on, Kade's parents are questioning the whole thing and they think his parents are worried they're going to end up supporting Arthur when this all crashes. You can see tidbits of this where his step mother puts on a happy face (while giving him a ridiculous haircut that became the name of this blog) but soon after, his father questioned Kade's penchant for eating out at overpriced restaurants when he doesn't have the income to justify it.

Of all Arthur's people, G-N Kang (thank you to a reader for e-mailing the art displayed above) has been the most steadfast and supportive. Many people have told us that G-N is a nice person at first, but when you get to know her, she is obsessed with become a celebrity, somewhat like a female Arthur. Not content to be a sidekick on a third-rate local morning show, she wants to become well-known and has spent a lot of time and money to enhance her appearance (which anyone can see if they go to her webpage, which has a full section dedicated to her plastic surgeries). This fixation on looks is shared with the Lego Wig, a tie that binds the two together. G-N and Kade's friendship has seen cracks in recent weeks as Kade's "journey" has started to go off the tracks and show signs of craziness.

Speaking of craziness, club owners and restaurant owners have apparently noticed that Kade is unhinged--they actively dislike him. Apparently, servers and bartenders are in on it... a few weeks ago, at one of Kade's favorite restaurants, it is alleged that someone pissed in Kade's drink (a very slight amount) before bringing it to him. While Kade was drinking it and apparently not noticing, which was the idea, the service staff was laughing amongst themselves from the other side of the restaurant. The staff at Cosi dislikes Kade as well--regarding him as a moocher who mooches off free wifi by buying the absolute minimum. Apparently, Kade also believes he should get things "comped" -- free coffee, sandwiches, etc. He has tried this at Starbucks also... the word is that people are onto him and actively dislike him.

This brings us to the Mogul Room at "G". We have it from a good source that Kade is not allowed into the Mogul Room anymore, because the owners of "G" believe he is too much "drama"--meaning that he walks around with a camera, hectors people to take pictures, is openly mocked while out in Philly (Kade pretends they are "fans"), and Kade is usually wearing a t-shirt. Kade has continued to lie about his welcome status in the Mogul Room, but he is friends with Brett Perloff, so presumably he'll still be able to get into Brett's clubs.

Females who know Kade say he used to be more normal, almost like a regular person (only slightly deluded) but now he has become a pariah. Our best female source said Kade was a "7" before "The Journey" but now he's only a "4.5". The reasons are apparent--poor fashion, smells bad, moocher, bad skin, lego wig, bags under eyes, creepy persona, and ptosis. Needless to say, Kade should've stayed with the "Philly 6" he was dating prior to being dumped by her before "the Journey". Apparently, Kade's growing weirdness was a big factor in her leaving him.

Well that's all for now, like I said, there is a lot of info coming in and it takes a while to sort through the details. There is so much more to tell... until next time, keep checking the blog and have a great weekend!

Other loose odds and ends:
- Website data updated to include this weekend.... Since launching last Sunday (with no link posting or marketing the site on Sunday) we have had 37,000 page visits, from every continent except Antarctica.. Apparently this site is popular not just in the U.S., but the rest of the English-speaking world--Australia and the U.K. are right behind Canada, followed by several European countries, South Africa, and East Asia (e.g. Japan).
- Our site gets much more traffic than Lego Wig's own blog, gets many more comments, and has better fans. Look at our artwork section if you don't believe this.
-The average viewer to our site views 4.66 pages per day. Almost 80% of site visitors visit more than one page, for a "bounce rate" just over 20% ("bounce" is Google Analytics terminology for someone who views one page and bounces). Low bounce rate means this site draws people in to read more... good measure of success.
- We're growing every day. The most recent data shows that 29% of site visitors are new visitors. Help us keep adding to that--let your friends/coworkers know. Even if it's just scribbling a note on a sticky note and putting it on their desk.... it all helps get the word out.
- We get most of our traffic from people directly typing in our URL... however, our percentage traffic from search engines is increasing significantly... it's doubled in the last 4 days (although still far less than direct hits). It is funny that when people type in "Arthur Kade", they're starting to end up here... still a lot of room for improvement and we should be climing the search results each day. The average person who finds the site via search engine visits a whoping 6.5 pages, clearly a good audience for us. Imagine meeting Kadyshes out on the street and he tells you his name and you go home and Google it and then you come to this site... how hilarious would that be? Even better, imagine you type in "lego" and you end up here... apparently, people are doing this and coming to the site and reading it, instead of leaving. As Kadouches would say, "amazing".
- Upcoming: We're working on more stories about Kade's poor tipping, his sitting in expensive areas of clubs even though he usually only drinks soda (which he makes known to everyone), and Kade' open mockery by other people at bars. We'll have specific examples and a full round-up next time.


  1. This is partially accurate.. As of a few weeks ago he still was in the mogul room..

    Uncertain about the living situation..

    He was a 7? Dunno about that.. He's not a handsome man..

  2. As predicted idiot's new post is all about himself reflected in the prism of DJAM's very sad death. Arthur - having read the above I was starting to feel a bit sorry for you, but every time I feel like that, you go and say something douchetastic that makes me think you actually deserve everything you get.

  3. He's banned from the Mogul Room now, we've confirmed that. I don't know about a few weeks ago.

  4. Brilliant post! I'm starting to feel a bit of sanity creeping into this whole, weird farce. It's refreshing.

  5. If I lived in Philadelphia (excuse me for a second while I get down on my knees and give thanks to God that that's not the case), I would go to Staples and have them print up for me a bunch of little stickers that read, "Kadyshes: Get an honest job."

    Then, on my travels about town, I would surreptitiously put them everywhere I could. With minimal effort, those little stickers would become fairly ubiquitous.

  6. @ Drew -- that's an awesome idea. and then put the URL for this blog underneath the stickers... that would be amazing.

  7. Ahhhhhhh, I see the light that is at the end of this douchebags tunnel!


  8. Why did his job at Ameriprise end for him? Was he being too much of a self-absorbed douche? Or was it more because of the economy?

  9. We will remove spam where necessary. This is one of Kade's tools doing this... what a loser. We won't moderate any content people post, but spam about Continental European Philosophy in the 19th century is clearly not anything related to this blog.

    We aren't fags like Kade who will moderate the truth. Just wanted to clarify our policy.

  10. you're can't hurt us with words so you just copy and paste shit. you're fucking pathetic. you only make her look worse which isn't really possible at this point now that this blog has ruined her

  11. not if it's to silence retards such as yourself. This blog is about truth, not enabling assholes to paste copypasta. you're annoying and unoriginal. fuck off already

  12. Truth? GN doesn't know any of you. You are flat out posting lies about her. Your only sources are your pathetic imaginations.

  13. what lies, she is a shallow famewhore. that is not a lie. ask her plastic surgeon.

  14. this blog did a good job of describing her accurately: She's a third rate morning show sidekick desperate for attention

  15. % I rim GN Kang --

    What are the lies? There are OPINIONS, FACTS, and PARODY on this page... point out any lies you can.... our sources are people who know all of these people. Been talking to them since we launched the blog. They're all laughing at Kade and now they have a vehicle to get their observations out (and they can pretend to be cordial to Kade/Kang in real life). Win/win situation.

    Point out any lies. Any lies will be taken down. Feel free to email us or just post it here... we'll let you post anything you want, except huge blocks of text that are copy/pasted for the purpose of obfuscation.

    Thanks in advance... legowigkade@gmail.com is the contact email.

  16. @ I rim GN Kang --

    Nope, our sources are people who can tell us details like we've posted. More than one person, and it all checks out.

    How do you think we got that accurate info, just wild guesses that happened to be right? LOL, you're so stupid.

  17. Oh, and to the Anonymous coward fucktard--GN's a hooker? Really? This is what your blog is about?

  18. yeah one post by somebody doesn't represent the whole blog. You're just creating noise and going way off topic. GN is only part of this disaster. She is an enabler. That's it really.

  19. I'll admit one lie about G-N. Apolgies to G-N. She did NOT, I repeat DID NOT scale the Empire State Building and swat at passing fighter planes.

  20. Commenters are being facetious, trying to parody Kade, etc. They're not speaking for the site.

    What we've reported on the site is from people who KNOW GNK and AK. And it took a few days to get this post up (and the others that will follow it) bc we are making a Good Faith effort to stick to FACTS, OPINIONS, REASONABLE INFERENCES, and straight-up PARODY of KADE.

    Kade's the one who has broadcast all this stuff... hell, you can hear GN and even see her in some of the videos... We're not guessing it's her, we're going on what our eyes can see and what people who know her are telling us.

  21. I'm still waiting for GN (or her defenders) to tell us what, if anything, was wrong in what we've said.

    If she (or her defenders) can point anything out--in the comments or by email--we will remove it IMMEDIATELY.

    For the record, we've gotten hundreds of emails, but none from her. And we haven't gotten any emails telling us anything is factually inaccurate. Most likely, this is because our sources are not lying (and why would they lie, these are ppl that used to be or still pretend to be Kade's friends)

  22. shit she disappearedAugust 29, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    @ Lego Wig Kade

    Oh no, you guys better watch out now. You are up against a vertiable MENSA of morons. Artzits Kadypshits, Lego Tits G Kunt, Doug, Chad Boonswang (hahahaha), and Ron Hansen. Can you imagine this batallion of imbeciles showing up in court trying to take down this blog? The judge would laugh his ass off when ambulance chasing Chad "lionel hutz" Boonswang made his opening statement, followed by Kade with his daffy duck lisp going on and on about how enormous, balls ass his shoulders are and Doug, scared shitless from being out of the "Batcave" crying all the time, screaming "leave G.N. Kang alone"

  23. HIlarious, I did google map the address for WOT and it is definitely a house in a suburb.

  24. This is so fucking awesome. You are doing a fantastic job with this site. It's clear which side has the brains.

    That vapid Asian twat must be out of her mind - she is very mediocre-looking at best....and this is from a guy who has an Asian fetish. I was in KL and Thailand earlier this year and every hooker I saw was way hotter than her! No joke. I know it kills her to read that but it's true sweetie.

    Maybe if you actually filled that flat little head of yours with a personality or some knowledge about things that matter, you wouldn't be so insecure.

    What a sad little girl. It's too bad. Her entire life is going to be disappointment - and it's only going to get worse each year as you age and sag a little more.

    She'll end up the Mamma San at some sub-and-tug on the wrong side of the tracks some day.

  25. @ I rim GN

    Nice of you to send us that photo-chop art in.

    Keep on choppin.


  26. Perkasie isn't even a suburb... well maybe a far-flung suburb. It's over an hour from Philly, with normal traffic it's like 80-90 minutes to get anywhere near downtown. It's a long, long way from The Main Line or anything like that.

    World Headquarters... LOL. Kade STYLE!!!!

  27. Incredible article you guys! This is absolutely hilarious and riveting stuff.

  28. You know, I'm sure some will say that image of GN is offensive and mean.

    But I see it another way: you may actually be supporting her with it! What better promotion for a girl in the, ahem, "Lingerie Football League" than a picture showing her climbing the Empire State Building? Do you know what kind of skills and strength that would take?!? If she brings that to the football field, it's all over...

  29. Studying for a final on Monday and I found a small town in Germany name Assmannshausen, which is weird because I thought that was an appartment in Camden.

  30. @Lego Wig Kade

    1) Um....just becaude you type the word "fact" in capital letters does not prove a statement is true, dickhead.

    2) Why would a celebrity like her waste her time emailing an insignificat piece of garbage like you? I doubt she is even aware your existence.

    3) "We will remove statements that are not true" "We do not moderate" -- stop the fucking lying already.

    4) Go fuck yourself.

  31. Re : the dirty T shirts.

    I thought that maybe, just maybe, that he was just wearing the same cloths day after day to get people riled up, for comments of course. But now I see that he really was wearing the same cloths over and over.

    As for putting his clean shit on a crazy dirty floor, well I had hopped that was also for "show" but now I seriously think it was all real and he was oblivious to the grossness of it all.

    How many insect exoskeletons and peices of mouse shit did you have stuck to you that day Artee?

    We have to post that vid for the new peeps. That was the worst one to watch, esp on a full screen.


  32. He's been wearing the same shirts & not using cologne for some months now. It was away before people brought it up on his blog.

  33. @ I Rim GN Kang --

    You email us anything that isn't true and we'll correct it or remove it. That's a promise. We have gotten this material from solid sources who are friends with Kade but laughing at the "Journey".

    Also, GN isn't a celebrity, she's a surgically enhanced, insecure sidekick to a fat, middle aged goomba with a show on a 3rd rate radio station in Philadelphia (not syndicated).

    Hope this helps, and please email us with any lies so we can fix them. BTW, we won't moderate any comments unless they're extreme or unless it's a ridiculous copy/paste spam kind of thing.

  34. No one outside of Philly has heard of her, she's just like every other local radio station character in terms of status

  35. I didn't realize being in the LFL made you a celebrity. If I want to watch giant headed women run around in helmets I'll go to the Special Olympics. At least then the money I spend on a ticket will go to a noble cause.

  36. LWK - surprised, no shocked actually there is no mention of drug use, especially cocaine in your recap here. I've seen repeated observation by other posters and a first hand account by his AC 'date' earlier this summer.

    Delusions of grandeur, excessive self absorption are hallmarks of the white lady - I simply can't imagine this isn't a large part(at least half) of the mix. No mention at all?

  37. tdships, no drug use because we need to keep this a family site

  38. Guys, I feel like "I Rim GN Kang" is just trying to get ppl pissed at GN... it's not actually someone trying to defend her or simmer down the site... It's actually someone trolling our readers to make them hate her. This person is prodding people to dislike her.

    We're 100% committed to removing anything untrue on this site. All we need is an email with some kind of correct. We have received NONE... so this person obviously can't correct anything. We're not blocking him/her and we're not censoring him/her like Kade was doing to us.

    Troll, feel free to email us if you are sincere. If you're not, we can't help you.

  39. @ tdships - it's a serious charge to say that he uses coke regularly. While I wouldn't be surprised, we can't report it as fact unless we have a source who can back it up.

    My honest opinion is, he's just such a delusional douchebag that people will look at his actions and realize there must be some kind of substance abuse problems... but I can't vouch 100% that it's a fact.

    Everything we have here on the page and in this post was OK'd by people who are friends with Arthur (and laughing at him behind his back these days)

  40. @LWK
    What a fucking joke---this site is saturated with lies.

    "That's a promise"---you're nobody, nobody knows you, your word means nothing. This site is proof you're a liar.

    "We won't moderate any comments unless"--key word UNLESS--in other words, you moderate dickhead

  41. LOL @ your insanity, GN (if that really is you). Keep it up, it's entertaining.

  42. @LWG

    "it's a serious charge...we can't report it as fact" Are you fucking serious? Nice try dickhead

  43. hey I Rim most of your comments are here, just the ones that were giant walls of text are gone. I'm assuming that was you.

  44. I don't get your point... do you want us to report that he does coke?

    Lots of people have anonymously reported this or commented on it, but we don't have anyone willing to tell us who they are, how they'd know, prove their ID, and put it on an email as fact.

    If we did, we would report it. Until someone is an eyeball witness to it and emails in/verifies their identity, we can't report it. So it's just speculation from commenters.

  45. how is this site proof that he's a liar. sounds to me like you just don't like it and you're being a whiny little bitch about it

  46. LWK, et al - understood and respect your position on this. Having been a functioning member of contemporoary society in the 70's and 80's I feel qualified to make my own observation on this subject as I have repeatedly on the AK site - no way this isn't a significant part of the equation. But again, that's just my opinion.

  47. @ I Rim GN Kang --

    Do you see the difference between why we've reported these facts and why we haven't reported on cocaine? For these facts (e.g. the fact that Kade lives at Ron's apartment, that WOT is headquartered in some far flung suburb, that Kade used to live with a Jefferson student who didn't particularly like him) we have multiple--meaning more than one--credible witnesses. They proved to us how they know and who they are. We had the stories a few days ago, but we didn't run the full story until Kade's friends signed off on it. We've emailed and texted many times with these people... we're still emailing and texting now (using a KadeBerry, LOL). They're cracking up. Kade living with Ron is a hilarious story, sorry you can't see the humor in it!

  48. Can you just ban I rim??? Let him hang out on Art's site. He's just so annnnnnnnnoying. Blah. Both of these sites are meant for entertainment. STOP TAKING IT ALL SO SERIOUSLY. When GN decided to be a part of Art's site, she chose to be in the public eye. Granted, she does have a face that was meant for radio, she made a decision to put herself out there. If people want to rip on her.....SO WHAT???? Geez. Its a gorgeous Saturday out here in Hollywood and I am going to drink by the pool. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. Oh yeah, and um, Art Kade sucks nuts. :)

  49. @I Love Lamp

    Don't worry, of course I'll be banned. So will anyone else that calls them on their lies.

  50. Why would we ban him/her?

    It's funny. It's desperate. It's feigning outrage when we report facts--facts that Kade put into question because he's a pathological liar who involved these people in his "journey". If Kade hadn't blogged about "Radiobabe" and then used all her tickets to go to events and then mock the "GenPop", no one would care. If Kade hadn't blogged about "Chateau Kade" and his roommate being a "professional chef", no one would care about Ron. It's all lies, though, and it's been put out there for the public by Kade.

    Then he started moderating his own site when people exposed the lies. So we just started a site where we DONT moderate (except SPAM) and we let people say these things and then check them out to verify them.

    Kade's own "friends" are the ones who tipped us off to this stuff.

  51. You fucked up when you strayed from bashing AK. The blog was funny because we were mocking his delusional posts. You want to go after him personally? Whatever, get sued, get arrested, whatever, I don’t really give a shit. But you WILL stop posting lies about GN.

  52. shit she disappearedAugust 29, 2009 at 3:25 PM

    @ I rim GN Kang

    The biggest proof that they don't moderate is that your stupid ass is still here, flaming 24/7. And so are your obnoxious, moronic comments calling them liars. Only obese basement dweller Doug would have this much free time. Keep it up dipshit, no matter what you do, this place is already a success and has established an audience. Maybe if you keep trying really hard, lego tits Kang will let you cop a feel.

  53. @I rim GN...
    This is the internet. Lots of lies on the internet. Why are you so worked up about GN? I tend to believe what i read here bc im from philly and have spent time with Art and GN....before the "Journey" began. I know them both. Have partied with them both. But even if this site is 10000% full of lies, who cares? Again, its the internet. This blog is not CNN. Its a blog. People can say what they want then those who read can draw their own conclusions. I highly doubt anything written on here is going to somehow damage GN's impressive radio career. GN does desire to be famous, you can tell that if you spend 10 minutes with her. WHo knows, maybe this blog will help her. Either way, its just a blog....no need to get so riled up. Life is short my blog buddies....lighten up and smile. :)

  54. @I Love Lamp
    Yes, this blog has become serious. Humor requires incongruity. The contrast between his posts and the outrageuos comments ON THE SAME SITE. Was what made it funny. Now we have a sick separate site that goes after people personally. Sick. And certainly NOT ENTERTAINING.

  55. LOL, OK let us know about these "lies". legowigkade@gmail.com

    Til then, keep checking the site! ta-ta...

  56. GN has helped AK write some of his blogs. And his blogs are lies. SO she has helped write lies. Oh, the irony.

  57. I Love Lamp = Lego Wig Kade admitting he is a liar.

  58. ya, being the sidekick of a fatass middle aged goombah named "Chio" and reading off of perezhilton.com to report "celebrity gossip" is certainly a lucrative celebrity career


  59. let us know where the lies are until then shut the fuck up

    Lego Wig has multiple sources verified. You on the other hand are just one person.

    So tell us the falsehoods. Please I'm dying to know where the lies are. Just a reminder commenters don't count.

  60. most of the stuff is just opinions about GN. i mean, she does seem insecure--her blog is loaded with pictures of her boob and lip procedures. and sorry to say, she doesn't strike people who know her as an intelligent person. sort of classless. i don't see a lot of material for GN to call "lies" though... looks like mostly observations and opinions.

  61. Shut the fuck up? Fuck you
    "Lego Wig has multiple sources verified"---bullshit

  62. Do you think it was just a wild guess that Kade lived with the Jefferson student?

    Do you think we just guessed that he prefers to drink gingerale or club soda instead of ordering drinks?

    Do you think we just guessed that his roommate was Ron?

    Damn, that's a lot of guesses that all turned out to be correct! We must be miracle workers!!

    Haha, no, Kade/GN, we have informants within your own camp. And we have lots of info still coming in. Every lie you've made in a blog is fair game. And there are lots of them.

  63. @I rim...
    haha i have no clue who lego wig is. But I do like his/her investigative reporting. Art makes fun or all humans. From obese children to us with our "dull boring lives". GN HAS helped him write blogs. therefore she is a part of it all. GN and her gross fake boobies will be just fine. Spend 10 minutes with GN and you will know that shes fake and just longs to be famous. But also knows that she isn't attractive enough to ever be in front of a camera. Stick to the radio, dear. So alas, I will finalllllly go to the pool. But one question i would love to have answered. At what age was GN when someone hit her square in the face with a large frying pan? Thanks. :)

  64. that's right FUCK YOU. you're fighting a losing battle. for real fuck off and then go fuck yourself

  65. Do you think that I give a fuck about AK?

  66. I have the truth on my side. No, this will not be a battle that I will lose.

  67. who's I. it's you isn't it GN

    cus there are a lot of people that don't give a fuck about that asshole. Sounds like GN trying to defend her "rep"

  68. Kade's so desperate at this point--very little commenting going on there, except his comments on his own site. So he's stuck coming here to comment and carry on. Good stuff. Hopefully he'll get Chad "Lionel Hutts" Boonswang or Brett Perloff (another joke) on the case... what a bunch of losers/confederacy of dunces

  69. If she reads her twitter than she def knows about this site. And seeing how this very post was tweeted to her, she is either here or send someone here for her

  70. sounds like you already lost the battle "radio babe". Did you do his laundry for him. Give him a sponge bath?

  71. No, but you are upset that he takes time away from your "precious". The only court order here is GN against you, you Lego Tit lovin' freak.

  72. @ I rim GN Kang

    you are a broken record! seriously, tell us what they're lying about or shut the kade up!

  73. I rim must have just realized they were at the truth site and not the one with lies. Upon realizing they quickly headed over to arthurkade.com and starting calling them liars

  74. I am quite entertained.

  75. @ I Rim:
    I belive your defence of GN is heartfelt and sincere.
    I also find her to be very atractive. Keep in mind that I am a 43 yearold pervert and my wife is 7,000 miles away for a while, so my entire sex life for the past week and into the next month, is/will be entirly looking at women on the internet and masturbating.
    However, until she distances herself from Arthur, she and anyone else associated with Asshat deserves to be mocked.

    Your defense of her on this site just FAILS.

  76. @ I rim GN Kang...

    I'm still trying to figure you out. I can't actually believe someone who is friendly with GN would pick the name you have so I'm trying to guess what your angle is. Right now I'm thinking one of two things:

    1) just trying to rile people up for your own amusement. I kind of like that, I'm known to do just that.

    2) you're actually a psychopath stalker of GN Kang and criticism of someone you have placed on a pedestal is causing you to come apart at the seams. You can't lash out physically against anyone because the internet is more or less anonymous so you rant and rave here while you come closer and closer to the breakdown.

    If you stop posting and there's a story about someone in Philly who went on a crazy shooting spree, well, we'll know theory #2 was a BINGO!

    Other than that enjoy the site!

  77. Good work in putting this all together.


  78. I have fans and groupies just like Arthur Kade and am becoming famous with 92 views so far of my recent video blog..at about 5:15 in is where I rap about my fans and groupies..oh yeah and I want to see Arthur Kade suceed..I've never been a hater..the hate will inspire him to do better. Your blog is making him even more famous..check out my video blog..and no I don't live in a basement. I'm cool...


  79. Medium African ChildAugust 29, 2009 at 4:38 PM

    Dear Father Arthur,

    Famine stalks our land like the lioness hunting the antelope, please send hot pockets or me and my brothers will surely die. Small African Child is too weak to write and Large African Child has been adopted by Madonna, so we don't see him any more. My father misses him very much.

    Much love and thank you for the new tee shirts

    Medium African Child

    P.S. What is a lego wig?

  80. Doug,

    Are you, or are you not I Rim GN Kang?

    As for you being cool - I'm hardly one to talk - you were probably fairly cool at chess club and band camp, but in the real world...

  81. this blog is not making him more famous. he is becoming more hated and mocked because of this. he will never be able to get a descent job now that there is so much shit out about him. Google his name, it's hilarious

  82. He's Enormous!August 29, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    Poor Medium African Child! (Yay for our boy Large African Child though, he'll be swimming in t-shirts with catchy slogans)

    PMAC, you should ask "The Kween" for some cheese. S/He always has some to share.

  83. I am not I Rim GN Kang..I am not that creative..lol..

  84. Almost couldn't get through the posts tonight - honestly I am not giving 2 shits about GN Kang, she is already a nobody in Philly so I am not sure why we are spending so much time on her.....
    she is just not that interesting.

    BUT......I am glad I stayed long enough to meet Medium African Child....holy shit, that is fucking funny stuff right there and I think it should remind all the readers of why we are here - to laugh our asses off at the farce that is Arthur Kade.

    Oh, and did I or did I not call it that Kadipshit would make DJ AM's death about him. What a dick.

  85. I love how Arthur "had him brought over to be introduced" bitch check yourself. you're worthless and a failure

  86. Every time I forget who has encourged Kade in his obnoxiousness, I see a comment by someone called "I rim..." and , am instantly reminded. - FACT

  87. Just wondering...

    Would Kade look more or less rapey if he had facial hair?

    I'm thinking more.

  88. I am I rim GN Kang

  89. shit she disappearedAugust 29, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    @ MC 900 Foot Douchebag

    If Kadipshits grew facial hair he would look like the gay Rasputin.

  90. Medium African ChildAugust 29, 2009 at 5:25 PM

    Dear He's Enormous,

    The other children have nightmares about Mama Madonna. She swoops on village with claws like vulture and steals children. We believe that Large African Child might be her lunch. We very afraid for him.


    Medium African Child

  91. Just ignore "i rim"and it will disappear. If it gets no attention, s/he/it will shrivel up and die soon.

  92. My guess is this, as far as this "I Rim" character goes...

    Girls like to write about themselves on the internet, so they can find out what other people say about them. They write "OMG, can you believe -fill in bitch's name-? She is such a slut..." just so they can find out what other people say about them.

    But then they are called out, or some real personal and accurate information comes out. This is when the girl either comments as herself, saying "OMG, you guys. I am so-and-so, and someone just told me about this site. It's not true blah blah blah," OR, Internet Bitch's "friend" begins to comment with "Hey you guys, I know GIRL personally, and she is SO not blah blah blah."

    Either way, someone's trying to backtrack. My guess is King or Kang or whoever is actually really Kang. She was posting stuff about herself (such as I bang myself or whatever it was) so that people would talk about her. Once people started saying negative things, and even WORSE, she was associated with Kade, then she freaked out and didn't want people talking about her.

    Just my long, rambling opinion. I'm a girl, this is what I see other girls do.

    Kade sucks.

  93. @ Medium African Child

    Fear not, Medium one. Midge has taken your dear Large African Child but after her Romanian tour she has left him with the Roma for safekeeping. And for what they call "publicity". He will have a wonderful job telling peoples fortunes and will have many, many t-shirts to eat.

    After Madonna is through with the current tour, she will visit the Kabbalah center and pray for Large African Child. She will wear many red strings for him and will mention him in her next book. Rest your head on your rock tonight and sleep well my friend.

  94. Kadipshits has a new post about nothing up.

  95. He's Enormous!August 29, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    Medium African Child, have no fear. Madonna does not eat. Ever. She is a Zombie and that's a little frightening, but she's very busy screwing some new young boyfriend and Large African Child is probably being raised by very kind nannies. He'll probably even have a few more daddies by the time it's all said and done!

    Maybe one day a celebrity like Kade will adopt you! It's very trendy to have your own African children these days in Hollywood, so there is hope. Don't forget, thin is in!

  96. It’s the coke. Cocaine, blow, magic fucking pixie dust, call it what you want, is the reason for all the fucknuttery. GN knows this could ruin her. She must be freakin out. I guess I would too. As for proof? How much do you need? OK, nobody’s produced a video (not surprising), and no one has come forward and out’d themselves (again, no surprise) but all you have to do is look at the preponderance of evidence.

    Numerous comments about cocaine use (and no denials)
    Kades outward appearance (classic signs of cocaine abuse)
    Kades living and financial situation (coke, coke, coke)
    Kades psychotic posts (wouldn’t a medical condition have been identified by now)
    What’s his motivation? Where does he expect this all take him? (Only makes sense to a cokehead)

    Poor personal hygiene, unkempt appearance, delusions, irrational behavior, no job, no home, no wife or girlfriend, friends are distancing themselves from him, family probably feels helpless (especially if they are naive about cocaine addiction, and they probably are). His total unawareness of the perception others have of him. Chapped lips, greasy skin, acne, bad hair, nervous, not able to control his lisp, rambling post, no attention to detail, constant contradictions, blatant lying…

    My God, how much do you need? I realize that there are others involved who don’t want, or need to be dragged through the mud. But you are judged by the company you keep. Should have considered the risk before they got involved. Kade is displaying every sign of cocaine abuse. For that, I do feel bad for him; it’s a rough ride that never ends well. He can however stop, if he wants to and not until then, so any sympathy I have ends there. Sometimes drugs intensify your personality and if you happen to be an asshole...

  97. @ Kudos -- i'm not doubting that you speak from some knowledge, but how sure are you? and what is your experience with this? are you a counselor/therapist or something? just curious how strong your knowledge is.

  98. Been there, done that

  99. I realize that its hard to perceive how strong cocaine’s affect on people can be, unless you have experienced it yourself. The textbooks get it partially right. The truth is everybody reacts differently, but many of the symptoms are common and pronounced. Crackheads are examples of the extreme, occasional users aren’t so easily identified. Excessive users display noticeable signs, and Kade shows many of them. My experience may only be non-professional, but I bet my insight is spot on. Songs are written about it. Many famous people have ruined their lives over it. Tons and tons are smuggled into the U.S. every year. Someone’s using it. Until you’ve been caught in its grasp, you might not understand its power. Never the less, don’t under estimate how strong of a hold it can have. He’ll stop when he wants too (intervention seldom works) or some catastrophic event forces him to.

  100. But also, all this stuff about delusions of grandeur, inability to write stuff that rings emotionally true, inability to make deep and lasting connections with people, the lack of empathy, the constant lying, the inability to accurately self-assess - all this could exist just because of sociopathy, even if there were no coke use at all.

  101. I 100% agree with Kudos. The dellusions, the grandstanding, the lack of a stable home, going out evernight (at 31), and most of all, the lying. It is easy to read about this stuff or study it as a toxicologist, but you really never know until you have been there and come out the other side. I have, and I can tell you that Shark Fin shows all the symptoms of probably a gram or 2 a day user. Any more and he would be completely on his ass and any less it wouldn't be too obvious. Like I said I am not a professional, but like Kudos said, "Been there, done that".

  102. @Kudos
    I don't know about his probable cocaine use (need a urine drug screen to confirm/deny it) but I work in a ER doing mental health assessments - he reminds me of an untreated bipolar patient. Without consistent treatment, they can get really delusional and grandiose. Plus all those descriptions of his bouncing around at events also fits with the profile.

  103. You guys are retarded for obsessing over this incrdible losers life.

    By doing this you are making Arthurs dreams come true. Now he can add to his reality:
    "They even started a blog about my blog! I have the best fans!"

    Do the right thing and delete this blog immediately!

  104. arthur was always a douche. i know him from n.e. philly. he was a salesman at neiman marcus. he was always a douchebag. he has no real freinds cuz he is a phoney.

  105. Kade is up and at 'em!

  106. His new post is horrifying and the pictures associated with it are scarring. Horror story stuff.

  107. Every time I begin watching one of his retarded videos, I inevitably feel sorry for him. But then he does, or says something that makes me despise him...
    The newest video with the ''fan'' was so awkward and lame, I watched through my fingers.
    The guy he tried to pass off as a fan, was really drunk and didn't have the slightest idea who Kade was. How does somebody become what Kade has become?

  108. Arthur's house is still for sale...Plus property tax info and traffic citations galore...

    house listing:


    traffic stuff:




    There's too much to list...just go here:


    go to public web docket sheets and search by his name. Arthur Kadyshes.

    property tax records: (you'll have to go to the home page and enter last name Kadyshes:


  109. Why can't I highlight text in here in comments?

  110. It isn't just the inability to copy and paste (highlight), right clicking to open links in new tabs is impossible as well. Much as I love the site, those two problems are unbelievably annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Anonymous 7:56,

    This was done to combat Arthur's repeated copying of our comments to his blog last week. One has to assume that he will attempt the same as soon as that feature is removed.

    I think the admins have been going through links on here and posting them when they're good. Also, you can always link within your name if you choose anonymous or simply post with a different screen name.

  112. Kudos et al:

    I don't think he has enough money for a coke habit from all said here. He fits the criteria for narcissism on EVERY point though (which is very unusual). http://www.narcissism101.com/beginning/dsm_iv.html

    I also somewhat agree with the anon above who brought up bi-polar disorder (manic depression) except he shows no evidence of crushing depression so I think he might be hypo-manic. (a low degree of long running mania).

    If I could copy and paste on this site, I would pass on the relevant information, but I refuse to type it all out by hand....(sorry) The guy is mental in a very real sense. Unfortunately for him there is no cure, so to speak, for narcissism. The meds needed for mania are the really serious kind -- the ones that make you start drooling and shaking and such. He wouldn't take them till someone made him take them. He isn't quite there yet.

    @ Doc, I thought that might be why c & p was disabled, but why the ability to right click? Oh, never mind.

  113. @ Kudos...@ JBone...

    I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Of all my knowledge of Kade from the site and seeing him out, I would assess that he's probably "rocking out Kade style" two or three different cluster B personality disorders which all have a common thread of excessive belief in self importance. He definitely has narcissistic personality disorder, which is described as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. I think there's some borderline personality disorder present, that involves unusual levels of instability in mood; "black and white" thinking, or "splitting"; chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual's sense of self. Lastly, I'd throw in a dose of histrionic PD which is prevalent with all of the attention seeking behavior he exhibits when out in public, like constantly reminding everyone that he is a celebrity and the strange performances in the videos.

    So from everything I've read, cocaine abuse, alcohol, heroin, or pot would be a coping mechanism to deal with the onslaught of the disorders. Bottom line, I think we're seeing the personality disorders shining through the most and possible drug/alcohol dependence as a means to cover it up and make it through another day. It's pretty serious what he has going on here, psychotherapy is probably the best course of action. I think if AK was abusing as much coke as you say he is, we wouldn't be seeing as much ridiculous behavior or as many videos and blog updates. Besides, there's not enough cock in Philly to suck for all the cocaine that lego nose would need to get high.

    I'm done being serious.

    Team Noto

  114. @ Team Noto
    So you're thinking an extreme case of "Sunset Boulevard" syndrome? I'm ready for my close up Mr DeVille....

  115. He's Enormous!August 31, 2009 at 9:34 AM

    I don't think AK smokes pot. He seems more like an "upper" kind of guy. I'm guessing he's the douchebag on ecstasy doing coke off of his driver's license in the bathroom.

    People that smoke just don't think the way he does, even the degenerates. Besides, he didn't smoke with Kent&Co and who would pass up that opportunity?

    AK wouldn't like the relaxed, "down to Kearth" view you get from reefer.

  116. All I have to say is once you meet chad boonswang.. then you get an idea of the level of narcissisim we are dealing with there..

    that dude is the absolute most insane and fuckin ridiculous prick on the planet.. we're talking NUTS.. that is why he hangs with Kade.


  117. @ J Bone...

    I think it may be more of a case of "Queens Boulevard" syndrome. For some reason, Arthur thinks Entourage is real and that his life somehow mimics Vinny Chase's. Only, Arthur isn't Aquaman, doesn't buy his friends Ferrari's, doesn't know anyone name after a reptile and has a face that looks like it was beaten with a wet chain. Oh, yeah, one other thing...Vinny tags everything that moves, unlike our boy Kade. Let's just hope the delusions continue and he jumps into the Delaware pretending to be Aquaman and this whole farce can come to a nice speedy ending!

    Team Noto

  118. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlAugust 31, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    In regards to him being bipolar:

    Just my 2 cents:

    I'm supposedly bipolar, the manic type. I refuse to take meds, however, I do (and have been more than half my life) self medicate, which is pretty common with this "condition". If Artie is bipolar, I'm not sure if I think he's the depressive type, I would shoot more for him being manic. It would explain the erratic behavior. If he was depressive, I could see him not leaving his closet for days on end.
    And drug use not only masks the problem, it does make it worse since it fucks with the chemicals in the brain.

    I know a bit (unfortunatley) about drug use, although coke was something I only did when it was offered. I don't think he's using meth, but I can see the coke use. Definately not tokin' up, although I recommend he should. Can't see him using hallucinagenics, though sometimes his clothing choices make me wonder. Don't see him as a pill-popper (mmmmmm pilllsss) unless maybe something like Ativan which is speedy.

    My guess is coke. No way Red Bulls are gonna keep you up all night. And his body has such poor muscle def, especially since he "claims" he works out so much. Looks more to me like someone who doesn't eat much, so yeah, when you're on the scrawny side muscle tone will show up.

    Ok, I'm done rambling...

  119. Jesus Christ. Nobody told me it was Dr. Noto.

  120. Jesus, the Jester is going apeshit at Artie's blog...

  121. Kadyshe's former townhouse looks fine, but it looks exactly like every other 3 Bd townhouse in every other townhouse development in every other suburb. Not one think "ultra-exclusive" or "VIP" about it. I lived in a very similar place when I was 23 years old, after graduating from college, and before I had a wife, two kids, and a real life. Hardly anything out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

    If he was making $250,000+ per year for several years before he commenced "The Journey," why wouldn't he live in a nicer place than an ordinary 3 Bd townhouse in an ordinary townhouse development, on the market for less than $350,000?

    Oh, that's right, he lived there because the $250,000+ per year was a lie, just like everything else out of his lispy mouth.

  122. art's a humongous faggot. and a narcissist.

  123. Mike Honcho,

    Another thing about that town house: Kade said it was decorated with "designer furniture" and that he had a designer or some crap set it up. In one post he said:

    "For the last 3 1/2 years I have lived in a gorgeously decorated 2500 foot townhouse that was a tremendous closer for me."

    I've linked a picture in my name, and will put some below. But that place is UGLY. Just UGLY. What self respecting man in his 20s would have let someone decorate this place like this? It is the very definition of a suburbanite walking into Pottery Barn and buying everything thinking it's high style. It's not.

    The place is decorated as if a mother and sister decorated it. UGLY. There's no masculinity there whatsoever.

    In the photo linked above - look at that hideous couch! There is leather and two kinds of fabric on the main cushion. Just disgusting. And those pillows!

  124. Another one - looks like a chick's place. He brags about this?????????

  125. WTF - If I were a man I would be embarrassed out of my mind to bring a woman back to this place.

    I'm actually in awe that there are no Anne Geddys babies on the wall.

  126. LOL at this bedroom. Again, no masculinity. Zero. Nothing but generic garbage.

    I guess it shouldn't surprise me though - kade's entire existence is generic. Nothing unique about him. No wonder he thought this was an acceptable style of decoration.

  127. still think you guys can post anything you want about kade and hide behind the walls of anonymity?

    see this link: http://mediamemo.allthingsd.com/20090819/on-the-internet-everybody-knows-youre-a-name-caller-google-unmasks-the-skank-blogger/?reflink=ATD_yahoo_ticker

    if you can actually get your hands on the court docs, not only was the identity of the owner of the blog identified, so was the identity of the the commenter who who called liskula a "skank" and a "ho."

    i'm pretty sure many commenters on here have called kade much worse things.

    let the games begin. act 1 to come soon.

  128. Hey Lego Tits - it's getting old. That story means absolutely nothing. Did you finish high school? Do you understand anything? Or were you just shipped over from China in a box for some poor nerd who paid $3000? Clearly, you don't understand how the real world works.

  129. I was in the mogul room two weeks ago and they wouldn't let Kade in.

  130. @ ACT 1 around the corner:

    Kaydeshes has defamed himself. His blog is there for all to see. Comments on his blog, or here, are free speech reactions to what he makes public. No judge would take the case on. So piss off, or waste all your money and bring it.