Kade sighting @ Rouge and Kade's Wednesday night revealed

Leading off today's post, we were catching up on tips from informants when we uncovered a gem about Arthur Kadyshes' Wednesday night activities. According to reliable sources, including a bartender and waiter at Rouge, Kade showed up at Rouge with Chad "Lionel Hutts" Boonswang (a vertically-challenged personal injury lawyer) and Tony Piazza (a longtime douchefriend of Kade) and two dancers. When Kade showed up at Rouge, our tipster says, nearly the entire restaurant was laughing at him. Boonswang and Piazza appeared really drunk. Not too long after this, they were all escorted out.

The girls who were with Boonswang and Piazza (Kade was alone) didn't want their pictures taken with Kade. In fact, the blonde girl refused to let Kade keep her picture up on his page and reportedly the other girl, a party dancer named Julie Abramson, isn't that happy about it either. Apparently both these girls have boyfriends and were just using Kade's crew for free dinner and drinks.

Below is a picture of the girls with the ambulance chaser Chad Boonswang (Boonswang is the little man between them). Wisely, the blonde one made them take pictures with Kade off the page.
(Full credit to Philly Chit Chat for the photo. His site has a lot of Kade douchebaggery, be sure to check it out.)


  1. I'm still going to call out Blondie and Abramson on this. When you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Rather than pout until your picture gets taken down off some website, time to address the REAL problem. Being in their company to get a picture taken in the first place!
    However, my emotional reaction to blondie and Abramson are that for them I would order two servings of caviar, a bottle of Dom Perignon, a steak sandwich...and a steak sandwich. And charge it to the Underhills.

  2. If you would like to live it up "Kade style" one night you too can hang out with these chicks, for a fee of course.


  3. On a related note, I'd like to add that my punk band has just discovered its new album title. "Nevermind The Boonswang!"

  4. The brunette girl tagged the pic of her and Kade on her FB.

  5. I would have something clever to say, but I have to be honest with myself. No flies on these girls. Gotta tip my cap to Doucheswang and Pizza-boy for bagging these two. I'm acknowleding my jealousy here.

    Hey, sometimes you eat the bar. Sometimes the bar eats you.

  6. Christ.. these girls both have bf's and neither of them are these fucking clowns.. they are getting free dinner + coke/booze off boonfuck and piazza.. nothing to see here.. show me a sleazy philly whore and I will show you a few douchbags hovering around them offering them booze/coke to try and get some..

  7. I was just outside my office in Center City Philadelphia and saw Kade pacing up and down the street talking to himself.....Kade Style!

  8. Don't fancy yours much!September 4, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    I assume these two skanks are the 9s he mentioned in his Tweet. Kade Style!

  9. He is a laughing stock of Philly, and

    fuck it im at a loss for words, kade is way too a douchebag for mere words to describe

  10. KAIDS is hangin out with your short friendsSeptember 4, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Can we be charged if he actually does kill himself?

  11. KAIDS is sowing the seeds of doubtSeptember 4, 2009 at 12:07 PM

    Boonswang is selling you out, Kade. He's running out of money for his habit.

    Unfortunately, no one wants to pay him since a)you're not interesting, and b)he talks anyway.

  12. Kade has been telling stories about anal with Julie A. Apparently, she has a little "problem" after Arty finished. True or not I am sure her BF will want a word with Mr. Kade.

  13. THAT little brown dude is Boonswang? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now it all makes sense. Is he an Indian or a Korean or something? What a fucking midget! HAHAHAHA. Can't buy height, Boonswang. I'd shoot myself it I looked like that. No wonder he has to buy pussy.

    For the record, Boonswang, I'm 6'1 and every girl I've ever dated or banged admitted that they dig tall guys.

    Sorry you got fucked by genetics. HAHAHAHAHAHA. NO wonder he chases ambulances. Never make it anywhere else.

  14. @Matt -- Name sounds Indonesian. Koreans aren't particularly short, at least not when compared to the typical southeast asian / pacific islander stock. Non-eastern Indians are actually pretty much on par with Europeans height-wise, and Sikhs tend to be fucking giants, even with their turbans off.

  15. @Matt Beauchamp:

    Dude, there's SO MUCH to make fun of with Mr. Boonswang: shitty lawyer, (alleged) cokefiend, douchebag who's propping up the AK-4.7. But you don't have to go after his height. Making fun of someone for something they were born with/can't control is kind of a dick move.

  16. Yeah I would say "you want to come back to my place and have some coke" Boonswang has about 50 other character traits that you can make fun of.. no need to mention his height..

    we need to get boonswang to make a blog too..

  17. "AK 4.7"

    Nice one, Mr. Legowski.

  18. You guys are sad for believing such stupid stories. Both girls are awesome if you actually knew them.

  19. Don't go after a guy because of what he was born with?
    Why the fuck not? If one is unlucky in a random placement of genes and inherited dna then this is certainly something to mock.
    So he can't help it - hard fucking luck - I imagine every day he looks at his short legs and curses god - short little stumpy legs on a squat body - why me god - being a shortarse is crippling for a bloke, second to going bald

  20. I've seen Boonswang around and this is what I've noticed:

    1) He gets more ass than a toilet seat;

    2) Rumor is that he has a lot of $$$; and

    3) He's not as short as that pic makes him look - he's about average height.

    His biggest problem is that he comes off arrogant and hangs out with Captain Douchebag - if he was smart, he'd drop Kade & that crew b/c otherwise he has a solid rep. Just my opinion.

  21. To anynomous 11:23

    hi Chad!

    Listen fuckface, Chad chases women constantly, offering cocaine and free booze and whatever else. He routinely tells people that he can get " any girl he wants" but I hear more stories of how many women tell him to straight up fuck off...

    What I speak is fact.. Does he get ass once n awhile.. Sure if you give out enough coke and booze ANYONE can get lucky with a skank...

    Come on Chad I know your a nutbag but even you must see the truth on some level

  22. ahahahah I knew that was Chad. I could tell by #1 and #3 BULLSHIT