Kadeibu East

Four things I take away from this latest bit of stupidity from the Lego Wigged fuck that is Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes:
1. Wasn't he supposed to be 'ripped' by Labor Day?  Didn't happen.
2. Wouldn't the 'best section in the house' be the cabanas rather than NEAR the cabanas?
3. He doesn't have much to say about 1 night stands because he's never had one.  With a woman at least.
4. He hangs around with some real high class chicks.
And now, the delusional ramblings of Philly's biggest asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...
I am laying at The Chelsea Pool right now, and the scene is amazing with all of Philly’s and NYC’s “A Listers”, and socialites led by Arthur Kade and Kade Nation so since Hollywood has Malibu, I think with my star power and presence here, and what I am doing for “The Biz” in The East, I have decided to re-name AC to Kadeibu East (I wanted to add East to distinguish it from just Malibu, and for fans around the world to know that we are on The East Coast right now). Last night, I saw Bruce and Demi at Parc, and also Bruce’s wife who is a “ridic” 9.5 who looks so sexual, Eastern Euro Hot, and “Dominatrix” that I was blown away. I think Bruce knew that I approved of the choice, and I thought about having someone sit me next to them to intensify The Star Power at the restaurant, but we decided to just head over to Rouge to do it up, ‘Kade Style”. It seemed like they were having a family get together, so I didn’t want to intrude and bring The Entourage over, but I do think that Bruce may become a fan of “The Journey” if he hasn’t yet, and might want to collaborate on a future project in the 215 with it’s favorite son and star.
The glare is terrible here, so it’s difficult to type, but here is a taste of last night (Opening of new restaurant by Jose Garces (Hottest Chef in Philly who owns Amada, Tinto, Chifa, and Distrito) who was introduced to The Brand (I told him I was a huge fan of his, and that I wanted to write about how much a genius I think he is on my “Famous Blog” because he is ushering in the Tapas Appeal in Philly, and is my favorite chef and concept creator in the city), then Rouge Domination, then Mint.


  1. Hmmm. I love seeing the Chelsea Pool stuff. He obviously gets there first so he can keep a few chaises for himself. Probably puts his bag from B&N on one and the 10$ fedora on the other. SAVED! Why not have a cabana?
    He's a nobody.

    I also love how he makes it his own private VIP area but people are just not caring. I always watch the people in the background and they just sort of buzz about and do their thing like...swim, lay out, chat. No one cares about Kade. They just want to swim at a PUBLIC pool with their families.

    It's so funny. I can't stand it...it is so funny.

  2. Ha. He couldn't get in to Parc and had to "dominate" Rouge instead.

  3. Heh! Also? It's really sad to see men like Kade in their THIRTIES doing the club thing so passionately. NO ONE cares. I did that in NYC when I was 18 - 24. It's just weird. Celebs get paid to go, trust me.

    Also. What WOMEN in their thirties flash their tits? I'm sure they were fine but again, I did that when I was fucked up and in my twenties. People care for a few minutes and then they move on.


  4. Kadeibu is hands-down the dumbest thing he's come up with yet. A true sign that he's getting more and more desperate.

  5. @hellkell...

    That's Kadeibu EAST to you, sir.

  6. "Jothe Gartheth."

    AK 4.7 maybe should have chosen a chef whose name he can pronounce as his favorite, huh?

  7. @ MC 900 Foot: Sorry, my bad. I probably left that off because there is no Kadeibu (I need a shower after typing that) west!

  8. Kade, when will you learn that someone looking in your direction and thinking to themselves "who is THAT ugly fuck?" does not constitute someone checking you out? Get a fucking clue. His wife was NOT checking you out.

  9. @Drew: I'm glad you enjoy the "AK 4.7" nickname. Don't want to toot my own horn, but I actually chuckled when I thought of it. :-)

  10. My hat is off to you, Mr. Legowski.

    And of course, we're all wearing $10 fedoras that we got at the mall lately, right? Now why is that? Who was the sartorial visionary that set us all off like lemmings to make that purchase? The name is on the tip of my tongue...

    Ah well, no matter. But I never leave the house without my $10 fedora!

  11. Ananutherthing...

    Am I reading that right? It says "Cougar Bait" on that shirt he's wearing, right?

    I feel like I should be expressing my giggling with typing, but I can't figure out how to do that.

  12. @Drew

    Pss, $10 fedora, why don't you get the $18 fedora's like the celebrities wear? You know the light blue one that looks like it was made from an 80's couch?

  13. Why are you wearing the cheese-ball, cheap ass fedora at the pool, Arthur? Ass.

  14. In the picture with the chef it looks like the chef is saying "Why isn't the dishwasher in the kitchen washing the dishes?? Tell this ass-clown to get back to work or he's fired".......

  15. A 1 second video? Down with the Torah?

    Fuck, won't this Kade asshole just kill himself already?

  16. I wish Ron would rip my asshole in half with his tongue. Bitches!

  17. I went to Village Whiskey opening night with my girlfriend, i told the host (yes it was a dude) there were 2 of us. He told us it would be an hour wait (to be expected for a new restaurant, especially downtown) and we were really hungry and live nearby so we passed it up. The point is anyone with a wallet couldve gone to this opening, and the crowd he shows were all just walk-ins. Kade style balls ass crazy ass.