Kade Dumbinates Atlanta Radio Show

Well, we truly have a "don't know where to start" moment here! For starters, they laughed at him the entire time. It was terrible. Let's break down some of the details: 
Arthur claims that a producer prepping the interviewee is what happens when doing "international press. The problem? Arthur has not done ANY international press, or else we'd know about it. He would have blogged about it. Secondly, Arthur needs to take junior high geography again. Charlotte, NC is not "international" when one lives in the same country as that place. The word you're looking for Arthur, is "national.
His claim to have created the "modern actor" finally came with a description, and it's quite dumb: he calls the "modern actor" "the actor who embraces who they are no matter what." We're sorry, but we're at a total loss on this one. What does this even mean?  Does he not realize that plenty of actors throughout history have done exactly that? If by "embracing who you are, no matter what" means plugging along attempting to be an actor, even though you suck at it and will never improve, I think the phrase he's looking for is "era of the brain dead actor."
The latest from ArthurKade.com:

I just finished my amazingly amazing interview with the top syndicated radio show in The South, The Ace and TJ Show (After the “Kade Style” Show that The Brand just gave them, their ratings will probably spike to all time highs, and you could just feel they were in pure and utter awe that they were talking to an entity named Arthur Kade who is doing things in “The Biz” that have never been done before), and they and The South now know what it is to deal with “Kade Style”. Here are the highlights, and I am sure I forgot some stuff, but tune in to http://www.acetj.com/listen/ and scroll down for the playback. Legendary Arthur Kade and they already have me under “Best Clip” from our last 2 shows.
1) Receive a call from the intern “White Shadow” who tells me to “Keep It Clean, It’s a Family Show”, and I responded, “Let’s do what we do”.
2) The Producer Pete calls me to prep me once again (This is the main protocol when I do all of my International Press because they want to make sure that nothing is said that will piss off the viewers, and he tells me “Once you promoted this call, you generated quite a response in the way of emails, and phone calls”, and I responded, “I have a VERY large following, and it’s getting larger like a Domino Effect”, and he responded that their show will also help grow it.
3) I went on the air and was greeted by the cast who told me they have become huge fans and admired my work, and what I was doing, and asked me about “The Journey”, and what my goals were. I told them I was a trained actor/former model who became a Financial Advisor who hated his life and sold his company to become an award winning actor, and now has a famous blog.
4) They asked me about “The Kween” (New Video here), and had me do a live version of it on the air to which they absolutely cracked up, and it was obvious that they were in absolute awe as to how quickly I can go into character (As we actors say in “The Biz”, “Turn It On” indicating that we switch from who we are, and bring a “Complex and Extensive” sketch character to life with “Kade Style” Game like “The Kween”), and I told them it’s live origins are from the hours of acting work that I put in, and I created a “Chappelle Like Sketch Character”, that could be on SNL.
5) They said that they believe that I am either the next Sasha Baron Cohen, I should be a Reality Show Star (Everyone wants to see me with a reality show because of how cool and jet setting my life is) or the next star of the WWE, and I responded that I am not the next anyone, and that the name “Arthur Kade” will have his name on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood and be compared to legends like DeNiro, Pacino, Bogart, and Brando, and people will talk about me for making amazing movies and being a “Great Actor”. We talked about how I don’t pay attention to The Haters, and if I let people tell me I will fail, “The I’m dead in the water”, but I love “How People are Obsessed with me”.
6) I told them that I was on 2 hours sleep, and was already up and walking and hitting the gym, and they were probably thinking to themselves, “This Guy is not human!”, and they saw the Work Ethic of the person who is changin’ things forever.
7) I told them about what I had created in “The Biz” called “The Modern Actor” (The actor who embraces who they are no matter who they are), and told them that I am a pioneer like Rosa Parks for all young actors
8 I told them that I have dated everything that walks (Models, Gorgeous Girls, etc..) and that I was not only good at this, but “The Best”. We also talked about how all of Hollywood was reading me, and they asked for fellow celeb’s names, and I gave them the example of the Domination I did in KA with going to a major network like The CN, The hottest DJ in LA and a friend and fan of mine, Marshall Barnes (great friends with the late DJ AM) stopping the music at “My House”, and giving me the mike and announcing to Kade Angeles that I was there to a crowd reaction, and how fellow celebs like Rebecca Romijn read my famous blog, and they just laughed at how one man could have already done so much.
9) They told me they were “Huge Fans of Your work”, and when they asked me to rate myself on The Famous Scale (Tom Hans being a 10), I told them that “I am between an 8 and a 9″, and that the only difference between us was that he and others like “Speidi” (Who they brought up, and I laughed because they are famous for “Famous for Nothing”) was that they have all done it longer, but “No one has ever created or generated the type of “”Buzz”" that I have in just 6 months”, and they agreed with my rating of myself, and we all agreed that in the next 6 months I will become elevated to the A++ Celebrity Level with people like Hanks and Pacino.
10) They asked me if I had T-Shirts or a clothing line, and I told them that dozens of people walk up to me asking about that (I intend to eventually have a “Kade Klothing” (Preliminary Working Title) Line like other fellow celebs like Jess Simpson and Paris, because I want to spread my already large industry wings into “The Corporate World”, and use The Brand to influence fashion trends for years to come, and they told me they would love T-Shirts when they come out, confirming how big a fan their show has become.
11) I signed off with thanking them me for the interview, and I gave them a shout out with “Southern Domination, Kade Style..HEEEELLLLLOOOOO (In “The Kween’s” voice), and they wished me luck. Overall, they came away realizing that they had just dealt with one of the rising most famous people in the world, and were probably like “Wow”. They walked away believeing in “The Journey”, and I am happy that I impacted their life in such a strong way.
“It’s not in the way that you walk or talk, but the way you that use your “”Black Card”" to buy Caviar that makes you a star”….Arthur Kade….09/04/09
New Video of “The Kween”, and pictures and videos from last night:


  1. The Kween video makes me feel weird.

  2. Personality disorder is putting it mildly, right? But sadly, something about that first video made me think that we won't ever see a crash and burn for this guy. Guys like that go on forever. He'll never get even a morsel of the insight or self awareness that precedes the crash and burn. He's too far gone.
    That character, "The Kween?" It reminds me of something that a little boy would do to get a laugh from his fellow 8 year old friends. It was slightly distrubing to see him do that one.

  3. KAIDS rollin' on cheesetacySeptember 4, 2009 at 7:41 AM

    You are just a piece of rancid meat in a very large fail sandwich, Kade.

    The only good thing about that Kween video is it illustrates how truly awful your skin is.

    I'm renaming Acne to "The Brand".

  4. You sad, delusional fuck. You are not famous. You are not important. You are a pathetic, poor, uneducated, unemployed 32 year old jack ass. You skin is TERRIBLE. That will never work in this age of high definition, Arthur. And, I see you were back at douche bag central, Rouge. You remind me of the middle age men who seem to always show up in clubs late, think they're cool, and try to pick up young girls who simply aren't interested because you're old, and - this is important - you're CREEPY. You're just creepy and unsettling. So very, very sad.

  5. Is it just me, or is the audio of that interview not working? When I click "play" it just does nothing.

  6. That fisrt video is seriously disturbing. I feel like a watched a sucide letter. Does that make sense?

  7. Arthur, I think they were just being sympathetic. Kind of in the same way nobody makes a big deal about a retard knocking a glass off a table in a restaurant. It's pretty much the same thing for most people that listen to your ridiculous babble.

  8. Fuck me your'e a deranged cunt , fuck you Kadyshes .

  9. @Rita
    I'm getting the same thing.
    Doesn't play. Would have liked to hear if they made fun of him

  10. Anyone else get ready to punch the screen at around 1:16 kween vid?


  11. They need to put some padding on those walls, but the colour is right.

  12. What a crap radio show that is. Their audio player doesn't even work, and they want to charge a $1.99 fee for a "day membership" to download the clip.

    Signs you know your radio show sucks? You charge people for everything.

  13. that "hasidic" (sic) video is offensive..

  14. I love his temper. Really, I do. It's a clear sign that one day he's going to just explode when something doesn't go his way, or when someone sets him off. The Hasidic video is one of many in which he quickly lashes out at someone holding the camera. I think it's obvious that he goes nuts when people don't do as he wants.

  15. Great. Wonder how long we'll be hearing Kade go on and on about his celebrity status now that he booked a spot on the Ass & Teabag Show, the number 1 morning zoo in Pennsyltucky, Kentucky.

  16. I listened to the show this morning, and have to take exception to how Arthur portrays some of the events:

    1. Arthur did the "The Kween" thing, but for about 1 second. All he said was "Hello Bitches" with his heavy Philly, lispy accent. Nothing near a British accent, and frankly, it was just lame. They did not crack up as he states.

    2. Arthur did mention he was on little sleep, but it was just because he just got in at 5:00 a.m. All I could extrapolate from that comment was that he was obviously out partying and made it home in time for the interview. Nothing really to be in awe about.

    3. When asked about what A list Hollywood celebs were reading his blog, Arthur hemmed and hawed and told about his Cartoon Network buddies and then finally name dropped Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. When he relayed his story about My House where he takes over the mic, the DJs were incredulous and plainly stated that did not happen.

    Arthur comes to the specious conclusion that they were "in awe" of him, but actually they were giggling and laughing through the entirety of the interview.

  17. Good Lord, has King Rapey of Rapeytown ever looked rapier than when he looks dead into the camera in the Kween video?

    And yes, no one will have sex with you. You are a rape-eyed cunt with no talent but a shitload of fuckbrained delusion.


  18. I too love the claim that "all of Hollywood is reading his blog" and the only names he can drop are a couple Cartoon Network people, and Rebecca Rominj (who, originally, he thought was still married to John Stamos).

    I don't know if that's funnier, or the claim that in six months he's going to be elevated to A++ level like Tom Hanks and Robert DeNiro.

  19. That close up in the Kween video is the last thing the victim of a serial killer sees.

    Who wants to bet if he ever decides to come out with a clothing line he'll also make a kids line and call it "Kade's Kid Klothes" and use a shortened version "KKK" and not have a clue why people are revolted by it/him?

  20. This is retarded. There's no way to listen to the audio. Kade linked to a podcast player, but obviously this radio show is too cheap to spring for some developers to actually build a player that works correctly.

    Try the link in my name above for the podcast page.

  21. I think that yellow shirt is the only one he owns with a collar. The only thing that makes me think he's for real is his wardrobe. Would a fake wear the same three shirts all the time?

    What's funny about AK is that all of us commenters probably know more people in "The Biz," or are people in "The Biz" but none of us feel the need to constantly brag about it.

  22. the queen makes me feel like i'm being molested. even though it's just a recording, i'm feeling violated.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Mr. Belvedere meets Cindy BradySeptember 4, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    Sometimes I think RTee is legitimately retarded.

  25. Good gawd, that Kween video is so fucking bad I don't know what to say.

    He does look like a rapist-serial killer in the close up, and I'd hate to see THAT coming at me at noon, never mind at night in a dark alley!

    Artie, you make me shudder, and not in a good way. Kinda like when I have the 'flu, and I'm running a fever and need to puke.

  26. we NEED this podcast guys... come on i want to hear the listeners react

  27. OMG, I LOVE Tom Hans!!! Remember that one movie he was in, about the guy in the place and the thing? That was awesome!

    I hope Kade and Tom Hans do a movie together at some point. That would rock "Hans-style".

  28. Here`s a new link to listen to the interview. I spent 99 whole cents registering for that shitty site to download this, so enjoy.


    Comedy! They laugh at him the entire time and that one female host literally laughs 90% of the time.

  29. http://www.zshare.net/audio/65128668f1cd7c22

  30. to anon above

    i also get that feeling. i think if he was going to realize this it would have happened a while ago

    instead, entering his mid-late 30's hell be in the gutter bragging about whose dick he got to suck and how all the hottest most exclusive coke dealers actually glanced at him as he lay in his own feces

  31. "The Kween" is exactly like every other Queen of England impression, only terrible, and with the worst Brittish accent ever recorded.