I have yet to read this, pretty sure it's just the  same old ramblings of a delusional douchebag who has gone off the deep end.  So, without further ado, more from Arthur Kadyshes...
One of the dangers in picking a monologue to use in front of top agents and casting directors from an amazing movie like “Wedding Crashers” is that people in “The Biz” may have trouble seeing The Kade version of the character (Because I am much better looking then Vince with more hair, slightly shorter, and more confident, I wanted to show the character from my standpoint), in the differences in nuances, facial expressions, and even emotions, and when I take on a movie character that’s in a movie, I want everyone to see my ability to change the character to maximize my strengths and talents, and also show “The Biz” that a successful rising actor like me has the versatility to adapt. Even Though I can see Vince and I being good friends soon, and making “Fratire” movies together, I think that we bring different elements to the table which make us so special.
I have spent hours and hours breaking down the Jeremy Grey character, and watching the movie, and breaking down the film (All successful athletes become experts at seeing a play and team develop, and I am bringing my athlete mindset to the development of characters in future hit movies that I will star in), and I wanted to add more “Machismo”, and a lot of Kadeness to the character (I associate with Jeremy because we are both players who don’t like dating and as I told Sharon today, “I see it as an exercise in futility that leads to what I can get just by buying a girl a couple of drinks”), where I think Vince played him very goofy, aloof, and douchebaggish. I am confident to the point of cockiness, so it was a stretch to have to pull back and become what is not me.
When I met with Sharon, I explained my vision to her, and when we continued to break down the script (I am still a bit raw on the lines as you will see in this video, but it’s getting where it needs to be), she helped me focus through improv exercises, and talking the scene out to see, “That Jeremy is me when my mom (My mom once hooked me up with a Russian F.O.B ((Fresh Off the Boat)) 7 who thought I really wanted to be on a date with her, and when I tried to make out with her she said, “I don’t do that on the first date!”, and I responded, “No Biggie, cuz there won’t be a second date”) and other people try to hook me up with girls that aren’t even close to my league, and I get so frustrated that they don’t understand that Arthur Kade only plays with the best”, and I finally found the emotion that brings Grey to life, and that is frustration. I become so annoyed and frustrated when people “Try to hook me up with girls”, because people always think a 6 is an 8 or 9 because they are friends or relatives, and then I have to be rude and blow the person off since they are homely, and should date an attorney or accountant, not a future movie star. Girls especially will never talk down on one of their friends, but I can read when a girl is less than an 8 because I will ask, “Is she stripper hot?”, “How big are her tits and ass?”, “Has she Modeled?”, and the best one, “Has she dated any other famous people besides me (So I know she’s cool in the Tabloid world I have to deal with)?” I then check her out with The Entourage on Facebook (Greatest invention outside of my blog of all time), and decide whether or not I want to have her.
Frustration is so difficult for me to feel because I have pretty much dominated at anything I have put my mind to (A person on Walnut Street today called me a “Hero”, and I responded “Thank you, but REAL heroes are people who did stuff to save lives in 9/11 like the NYPD”, although the more I thought about it walking to my car, people like all of us have the same make-up because I am saving lives with “The Journey” as well, although I am no where near their courage), and especially with girls that I want (I am thinking about doing videos where I pick up random girls on the street and show the world the different ways that you can seduce a girl and have her that night for a quickie, then get her out of the crib, and then back out again to find more fun), so Sharon did an amazing job in getting me to a point of annoyance and frustration, and I will see her again tomorrow to continue working on Jeremy to prepare for my BIG auditions in front of the top commercial and movie agents in NYC in 3 weeks.
“Sometimes I love my fans like I would my children”…Arthur Kade…08/31/09
Here is the First “Unscripted Rough Draft” of Jeremy Grey (I am still getting the lines down so it will get better) and a new “The Kween”:


  1. The whole text is beyond comment, as usual.
    The thing that interests me, however, is The Kween.
    How can someone (even as deluded as Lego Wig) call this a 'character' that he is 'developing'?

  2. Spongekade Rape'eyesSeptember 1, 2009 at 4:04 AM

    I fucking hate Kade as much as anyone , but this so called character has me laughing my ass off , what a delusional coked up wanker .

  3. I love the Kween. Its so stupid and works perfectly done by a dipshit like Kade.

  4. Yep and Arthur's kids (God forbid he has any) will hate him as much as his fans do. I would bet on this. The daddy issues Arty has will be a self-perpetuating cycle until one of these genetically-challenged freaks of nature finally stops giving a fuck if daddy thinks they're cool enough.

    Don't worry, Art. One day you'll be the one offering abortions out of the back of a salon and insulting your son for spending money he doesn't have and for not getting laid ever.

    Also, GN Kang kills kittens.

  5. That's right Art Work, Just say Hellooo bitches over and over again and we'll laugh every time.

    Reminds me of a bad SNL skit..... GN?


  6. From a friend who lives in Atlanta…

    I was listening (because I started my job today so was up at 7:30am.) There was no interview. The main host, Bert, just said, “Check this douchebag out. Is he for real?” Then he read portions of his website and everybody made fun of him. Another host swore he couldn’t be real b/c he’s an actor and he’s got to be doing a character.

    I don’t exactly think that equates to Kadelanta.
    Cock Gobbler, you’re a douchebag and now Atlanta knows you’re a douchebag.

    Should I read this latest post? I put it up, but have yet to read it. I don't think I even need to.

  7. The most uncomfortable 20 seconds my life occurred while watching the kween video. I do not understand how holding your arms at your chest and turning away from the camera to come up with something to say makes a character, but you a retarded so... If it was way over the top than it might work for 1 skit once.

  8. Helllooooo Bitches...

    Man I really feel bad for this fucking douche. I've watched both of the Wedding Crashers videos and the only difference between this one and the last is that he's reading less. Kade sounds like a teenage valley girl, bitching and complaining, more than he even closely resembles the character Vaughn portrayed. I mean, watch WC and listen to the pauses and inflection in Vince's voice when he does this. Kade isn't even in the same country. Fucking pathetic, considering he has nothing better to do with his day than perfect this shit.

    As far as the Kween is concerned, it appears that "continuing to develop" means absolute shit. This character is as one sided and uncomfortable as the first video, no progress whatsoever. I laugh my fucking ass off, but not cause the Kween is funny, I'm laughing at Arthur starved for attention and willing to do anything on camera to keep this blog going. Fucking whore.

    Team Noto (and yes I want some cheese)

  9. A "tweet" from our "hero"

    monologur training...doing what i do
    about 22 hours ago from web

    I think that about explains everything. When someone actually goes out and trains to be Monologur then you end up with gay dinosaurs, orange hot pants and lots of lies.

    I did some Monologur training myself a while back; nasty business. Its like the Douche Bag Decathalon. To be crowned the Grand Champion of the order of Monolugors you have to compete in 10 events.
    1. Greased up Lego tit toss
    2. Gay dinosaur pantomime
    3. Awkward conversation in bathroom (short film segement)
    4. Gayist mime (3 costume changes)
    5. $50 crack scavenger hunt
    6. Who can pay the most for 1 bottle of booze.
    7. Disproportional chest to back workout ratio
    8. Discus
    9. Cabby 4 square
    10. Who's the bigger asshole

    IF Arthur does succeed then we should be very scared. A monologur with enormous shoulders and a crappy lawyer? No judge can throw that out.

    I need much more coffee

  10. I still can't get past the fact that this creepy motherfucker is considering trolling pop concerts for poon. He's gone beyond just being completely fucking ridiculous, and his behavior is teetering on criminal.

  11. @ Team Noto…

    No disrespect intended…

    ”Fucking whore”? Doesn’t that imply sex and money? May I suggest ‘celibate slut’ as a more accurate descriptor? (The oxymoron = bonus)

  12. What is making me smile right now is the wicked hangover Lego Tits is suffering from - given her 'anonymous' rants here in the commentary last night. Here's what happened:

    She went out for a couple of cosmos or appletinis with the one or two two-faced friends she has left. She bitched the whole time about how this site is fucking up everything for her and how she's really good looking - just ask her!

    After her 5th appletini, she drives home (poorly, I might add...she's Asian after all) and of course, checked the site in an alcoholic haze.

    Being completely fucked up, she finally lets loose with all the anger building inside of her over the (extremely accurate) digs about her the last 10 days or so

    Stays up way too late responding to everyone, thinking she's being very clever with her remarks...which she'll see today when sober and realize aren't clever at all.

    Has to get up early today to do her stupid radio show and has a massive hangover from all the sugary crap drinks she had last night. Is a grumpy cunt all day to everyone at the station.

    So Lego Tits.....sound about right? HAHAHAHAHA. What a loser.

  13. The Wedding Crashers video is so bad, if it were a song on American Idol, Simon would stop Arthur within the first 10seconds and just say "thank you that's enough."

    Arthur would reply "it's really that good huh?"

    Simon would say, "no, it was dreadful. You do not have what it takes."

    wouldn't even be funny enough to let him go on longer for the bloopers reel.

  14. For some time now I've had a gnawing thought at the back of my mind - "Kade reminds me of somebody." (not within my social circle, obviously). Something about him - maybe the hair; the scrofulous facial complexion; the scuzzy clothes that - even on screen -shout "Clear the Area - I Stink!"; or perhaps it was just the rampant drug-abuse. Or even the apartment he lives in. Possibly the success with women - who knows? All very perplexing, folks. But it just came to me - like a Divine revelation, y'know - Arthur Kade is Bubbles from The Wire! (Minus Bubbles' basic human decency)

  15. @ Matt Beauchamp...

    Dude, Monday night is not Lego Tits' Appletini night out...not enough people out to not recognize her on a Monday in Philly. Instead, Monday evenings she spends figuring out better ways to tape her cock to her leg so she doesn't slug herself in the genetalia when she hikes the ball to the other lingerie football whores (ok that I called THEM whores, Kudos??)

    Team Noto

  16. The Kween is so fucking terrible. And that was a party you were at? It sounded like there were 4 people there.

    Drown yourself in the pool please.

  17. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 1, 2009 at 7:52 AM

    I seriously just don't get the Kween thing. It's awful. It doesn't make any sense. What's up with the rabbit style arm/hand gestures and the ecstasy shit?
    I tried, going into the deepest, darkest, looniest depths of my mind, to figure this out. All I can come up with is that he's out of ideas but has to keep coming up with something....anything. The Kween skit is just lousy. You can't even do it properly.
    Time to move on and try something else.

  18. Everybody's coming up to the Kween? From the looks of the video, NOBODY is coming up to you, or your creepy Gayranosaurus Rex in a hat from Rocky I.

  19. shit she disappearedSeptember 1, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    @ Matt, Team Noto

    Brilliant posts. Just brilliant.

  20. shit she disappearedSeptember 1, 2009 at 8:03 AM

    God he looks like fucking Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street in that video: cheap fedora, 3rd degree burn victim skin and a disturbing, terrifying atmosphere. Remember children, if you spot a shark finn i the shadows, run, run for it is Artzits Kruger and he's coming for you, Kaids style.

  21. @ Matt Beauchamp…

    Then (continuing with your lego tits) she wakes up just before 4 a.m. and starts in on me. I knew I had her pegged. She really gave herself up when she said I said; “I can smell Asians”. My sentence was “I can smell silicone and saline over the internet, mostly on blogs”. I wrote that I wouldn’t respond to her response, so I was stuck doing anon. replies. Then it was over. Had to go to work. And now your post validates my assumptions. Thank you very much, Kudos, two thumbs up, you the man! GN…not so much.

    Check out the end of the older post. (Breathing on fingernails and polishing them on chest) Baited her without an ethnic slur, but she’s so uptight and unhappy about her origins, all she could see was an anti Asian comment that she had to strike out at. Plus, you’ll notice the slight tendency I pointed out in her grammatical usage of prepositions and phrases.

    The best is that everyone had spotted her, and called her on it. Her repeated comeback was always in the vein of ‘if anyone disagrees with the site, its Kade or his krew. Must be, No other possibilities”. Oh the irony. Matt with the info bat, home run (right upside her hungover head)

  22. Oh Arthur. Listen, the Kween thing - it's awful. Besides being generally stupid, you've failed to achieve ANY "character development" so far. It's a.) Helllloooo Bitches, b.) Do you have any ecstacy?, and c.) I like cheese - do you have any cheese? Huh. Well.... yeah. Yawn. You can't even improvise anything beyond those sentences or play off the three angles you've thrown out there. Probably because you are a non-creative, coked out, illiterate fool. It's pathetic. Please stop. Seriously.

    More generally, though...your posts are getting really dull, Arthur. Your acting is not improving. The only mildly interesting thing about your recent posts (and I am being generous here) is the extent of your delusions at this point. You really think people like you and professionals in "The Biz" [sic] know who you are. No one knows who you are, Arthur. Vince Vaughn does not know who you are. Jen Aniston does not know who you are. Angelina Jolie does not know who you are. Only GN Kang - a sad third wheel add-on to a morning radio show in Philadelphia (not New York, not Los Angeles, the two largest markets) who is as desperate as you to have people pay attention to her - knows who you are. Not only is she a thrid wheel add-on to a morning radio program in the fourth biggest media market, the show she's on is hardly even near the top of the ratings, Arthur. As of April 23, 2009, per the Philadelphia Inquirer, GN's show was 13th in the market. 13th. Let's see what shows came in before hers:

    1. KYW
    2. B101's Tiffany & Michael
    3. WMMR's Preston & Steve
    4. WOGL's Breakfast Club
    5. WHYY's morning edition (syndicated)
    6. WIP's Angelo Cataldi show
    7. WDAS's Steve Harvey (syndicated)
    8. WMGK's John DeBella (who just reupped for three-plus years)
    9 (tie). WRNB's Tom Joyner (syndicated)
    9 (tie). WXTU's Evans & Andie (Scott Evans was let go last month)
    11. WRFF (rock)
    12. WPPZ's Yolanda Adams
    13 (tie). Wired 96.5's Chio
    13 (tie). The Beat 100.3

    Huh. So your one famous friend is a third wheel add-on on the 13th most popular show in the fourth biggest media market. Wow! Or should I say, wow.

    You look like crap, your skin is terrible, your lips are dry, your hair is a disaster and you need to deal with the wrinkles you are developing.

    Get a clue Arthur. Just get a clue finally, would you please?

  23. What, no Bonaduce? Where's the Bonadouche on this ratings list?

  24. @ Team Noto...

    Perfect. (I meant no offence) Does this mean I lost my Team Noto's number 1 fan status? Damn it. Alright, I can fix this. (walking away with head down)

  25. "Gayranosaurus Rex." Brilliant, Dr. Engine.

    Did everybody catch where Kade compared himself to the police officers who died trying to save lives on September 11th? He backed off at first, perhaps recognizing that he was contending with some serious national iconography there, but then sort of said "oh what the hell" and went there.

    Kade's acting coach must be a amazing actress herself, managing to keep a straight face and apparently betray no signs of discomfort whatsoever while Kade creepily lithpth out one of his monologurs, drained of emotion and stumbling over his words so as to render it incoherent.

    Here's an ACTING CHALLENGE for Kade; do the Wedding Crashers monologur in "character" as the Kween.

  26. @Dr. Engine -- Bonaduce is actually #22. So, Kang can rest her hat on that, I suppose. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Morning_radio_ratings.html

  27. Someone fill me in, why is he developing this kween character? Is this his way to try to show depth in his acting? if so...he accomplished that.

    Thank you to the people who developed this website. Now I dont have to support his site to watch the train wreck and can safely watch from further away.

    Please consider a post on taking predictions on how this train wreck will end.

    Also any information on the whole Ken Osbourne Cartoon Network visit. Ken seemed like a normal down to earth guy what is the real story behind Ken? Thank you, Trainwreck bystander

  28. An open apology to Team Noto and everyone…

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m blaming Lego zits and Lego tits.

  29. @Kudos
    "She wakes up at 4am and starts on me. I knew I had her pegged"

    HAHAHAHAHA is it that easy to get to you people?
    Careful----it's Arthur...no wait! It's Kang! BOO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Arthur,

    You are not "slightly shorter" than Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn is 6'5", and you are barely six feet tall. "Slightly" shorter would imply an inch or so. You're nearly a half-foot shorter than him.

    And you are not better looking than him by a longshot. Even if you were, your soul is filthy, making you be the ugliest person on the face of the earth.

  31. Change "Galveston, TX" to "Philadelphia, PA" and you can see how it'll end for Kade.

    GALVESTON, Texas -- Three people died in an apparent double-murder suicide after an eight-hour, overnight standoff with authorities, police said Tuesday.

    The names of the victims - two women and a man - were not released, but police in this coastal city 50 miles southeast of Houston said they were related.

    Galveston Police Lt. D.J. Alvarez said the standoff began Monday night after neighbors reported hearing gunfire from inside the home and summoned police. It ended about 6:20 a.m. Tuesday after police fired tear gas into the home.

    Alvarez said police had tried to contact those inside the house but were unsuccessful.

    He said police did not find a suicide note.

  32. Kade you need to start wearing Tank tops.

  33. I love how this post starts off: "one of the dangers in picking a monologue to use in front of top agents and casting directors..."

    Let's dissect this, shall we?

    1) It is a danger to pick ANY monlogue to use for anything, because all he's going to do is make a fool of himself.

    2) Top Agents? He does not have an agent and has NEVER even met one.

    3) Casting Directors? Again, he has NEVER met any casting director of any real caliber in Hollywood. Everyone knows this, he just keeps lying about it.

  34. Why can't he do a monologur from a play? Is he too cool for that? Isn't that what most actors do? At least with a published theatre piece, you're not just mimicking something you saw in a movie.

    Ahh, but this is Kade. Doing a theatre piece would mean he'd actually have to read the play... and memorize lines... and develop a real character. Without T Rex arms and cheese.

    And in his video, how come no one else is laughing at him? I mean, WE know why, because he's not funny and the people with him are probably embarassed. But does he not wonder why no one's laughing that this supposedly hilarious "character" he's doing?

  35. shit she disappearedSeptember 1, 2009 at 12:54 PM

    Just in case there was any doubt about this, you don't do fucking monlogues in front of top agents. The big four (Endeavour-WMA, CAA, ICM and UTA) call you if they are interested and usually AFTER you've been cast for something big. Second tier agencies like Paradigm will cast based on demo reels comprised of actual work. They don't let any leper-faced philly peon walk in from the street to perform "monologurs"

  36. Whats wrong with his face?

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. shit she disappearedSeptember 1, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    @what the fudge

    oh they are not embarrassed, they are terrified because that Kween character is fucking creepy. I think we may be witnessing the disturbing transformation from Arthur Kade "Dancing buffoon" to Arthur Kade "Serial Killer".

    @Lego Tits G.N. Kang

    Who do you think the Kween is going to come for first? The monkey won't forget all the times you had him dance for his coke for your own sick amusement. I don't know how you'll be able to hide sporting those lego tits. I suggest you move to Small African Child's Village. Hopefully they'll turn you into bait for the lion hunt so you can actually serve some sort of purpose.

  40. Pan-faced Asian is
    angry. She wants ecstasy
    and cheese you bitches.

  41. @shit- Good point! ITA. Also, good call on the auditioning for agents thing. Even low-grade agents won't have you do a monologur. They'll maybe have you read some crummy sides from Comcast, which luckily Art sucks at too:)

  42. Medium African ChildSeptember 1, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    Dear Father Arthur,

    Thanking you for sending sugar tits to our village. Unfortunately, she is not very useful, her breasts are not a source of honey, and so our people must still climb the Mbongo tree and get stung. Many have since died.

    Sugar tits sit in centre of village in morning and shout into microphone. Now, we have drive-time radio show, which is funny because village have not any cars. Just some flocks of goats and a buffalo. But we are happy, even though she is not source of sweetness (between you and me Father Arthur, she is one mean lady) she am bringing progress.

    Like Madonna and Brangelina, she have claws like vulture.

    I am hoping this communication from your African son finds you well, dear Father Arthur.


    Medium African Child

  43. Much love for Medium African Child!!

  44. Mr. Medium.

    Explain "microphone." We do not know this in Zulu tribe.

    I must thank you for these warnings of the clawed vulture. Once I read a web site link to a "thesuperficial" internet site and was able to see a picture of this woman, but long ago when she was married to the man William Robert. but we will keep a lookout if she happens to come to Zulu.

    Best to you,

    Moc Topsgolb Edakgiwogel

  45. Well said, Amused, well said...

  46. @ Anonymous 8:53

    Kent Osborne has 3 parts on his myspace blog about Kade, and what is really annoying is that he seems to acutally admire Kade. (ie: Artie's refusal to listen to the likes of us and continue on as if he was loved by all is admirable) URGH! If I had a myspace account I would have left a comment about what an idiot he [Kent] is, but I am not getting an account just to do that.

    More bad news is that Kent actively persued Artie to come meet him at Cartoon Network so that Kent and a few other 'fans' there could meet him while he was in LA. Kent Osborne dropped names so that Kade would bother to show up. "My brother directed Kung Fu Panda", "One of the voices on the cartoon I produce (Flapjack) is Brian Doyle Murray, co-writer of Caddyshack" (I would have just said Bill Murray's brother, but whatever) And he emailed Kade twice because he really really wanted him to show. Sigh.

    Also to groan over is Kent letting us know that he found out about Kade's site from Rebecca Romjin/McConnell. No word on if she admires him or finds his Journey hysterically impossible. But unfortunately, Kade isn't completely full of shit when it comes to someone of some value in LA being a 'fan'.

    However, Artie was never up for a part at Cartoon Network, they just wanted to see him in person. Remember the movie "The Elephant Man" where heads of state invited him to dinner so they and their friends could get a look at the real thing? Like that, it is clear Kade is a freak show to that particular LA crowd as well. I actually feel sorry for Artie that he has no ability to realize that. Then I remember what he says about women and cheer them on. Tell him that all oscar winners have jumped off the top of the 'H' of the Hollywood sign before they won their oscars. ALL of them.

    However, Kent Osborn does admit it is the comments that make Kade's blog what it is as much as Arthur does. He gives heads up to "Cosi Queen, ChrisDUDE, The Doc, Jew Steel, Team Noto etc." That was the beginning of July. Nothing on the Kade-experience since. Attaching the url to my username.

  47. I think Kent lives in LA and sees douchebags every day. But a douchebag of Kade's proportions only comes about once in a lifetime and he wasn't going to let it pass without trying to at least meet the guy. Arthur, attention whore that he is, took the bait and arrived at Cartoon Network in his Hamburglar tank top expecting to "dominate" the crowd of extremely talented, creative and original artists that work there. Since he is not talented, creative or original, he settled for some cookies.

    I bashed Kent for thinking that he was selling out to Kadypshit but in retrospect, and after viewing the hilarious "fish tacos" video, I realized that Kent is just as mystified and mesmerized as the rest of us. He asks the same question every day that we all do: how the fuck is this guy for real???