Katchin-guh up with Kade.

With the exception of 3 videos, all of the “Kade Nation Obsession Videos” are simply videos that have been uploaded to or are favorited by the LegoWigKade Youtube channel. It doesn’t upset me that he has done this. Why? Because he WANTS to upset me.
What a loser this guy is, thinking that videos in which Kade is criticized and made fun of are “Obsession” videos. I’m telling you right now Kade, they’re NOT. We don’t have to be obsessed with you in order to hate you (or think that you’re a douchebag). Making videos about you is simply another way of stating that we think you suck dead donkey balls, nothing more. I’ve uploaded five videos that are about you, and I don’t give you more thought in a day than I would when passing gas, so there goes your “Obsession” theory. I know you’re trying to piss us off with things like the new tab, but in actuality it has no effect. What would make us ALL hopping mad, I think, is if you actually succeeded in acting, authoring and modelling…and I have no doubt that you’re trying as hard as you can, but all we see is FAIL and your attempt to mask it by either (1) whitewashing it, (2) claiming it’s all in good fun, or (3) labelling it as “fan” material. We will hate on, undeterred by your silly commentary and pranks, until you are no more than a sniffling, smelly trash bag of a human, dragging his depressed self down a dark alley…torn dress shirt in one hand…handgun in the other…tears in your eyes, blood in your hair, a look of despair under those droopy eyelids…until you collapse against a wall, slide down into a pile of trash, press the barrel of the gun into the upper part of your throat, close your eyes, and whisper, “Kade style.” BOOM.

As for his latest interview (this one with “The Kyle and Jackie-O Show”, another Australian radio program), I haven't listened to it and I won't bother linking to it. There's no point. I truly feel that it'll be the same bullshit that other radio DJs have done to death: either puffing Kade up by pretending to compliment him (and joking about it later), or asking him 'amazin-guh' questions because they can't believe a human being could be so open about being such a fuckhead. He really is cannon-fodder for slow news days and people who feed off of insulting others....like myself and the commenters of this blog!

"In the meantime, this weekend is one of my most hated being Valentine’s Day because it truly symbolizes the lonely and hard path that I have chosen in being a worldwide celeb..." - Celebrities, great actors and otherwise famous people are almost NEVER alone on a day like Valentine's day; you, however, are because of your 'Kade scale', your general douchiness/annoyingness, and your combination spray-mouth and compost aroma. Oh sure, you'll probably brag about hooking up with more hot 9s and 10s, and although none of us would ever want to see a video (you will most likely shoot yourself), we here at LWK say, "Prove it." And just so you're aware: asking girls to kiss you on the cheek DOES NOT COUNT.

"but being the most famous bachelor and “Favorite Son of Philadelphia”, I will be making a celebrity appearance (My celebrity hosting appearance is written about in the Philadelphia Daily News by Celeb/Gossip Writer, Dan Gross using the term “God’s Gift To Women” ((Vid and Pix Below))) and hosting a singles party at the Balls Ass Brand new casino in Philadelphia, Parx, and it’s ultra exclusive lounge, 360, on Saturday, and I’m sure that Gen Pop girls will be lining up at my table and at the door to meet The Brand in person, and perhaps have me do shots of their chest so they can brag to their boyfriends and husbands or even dads about doing that with an Oscar/Emmy winning actor." - You know the drill folks....LIES AND FAIL! Get it straight, Dumb McAss, the correct sentence would be "hosting a singles party at the Balls-ass hot brand new casino in Philadelphia (Parx) and its ultra-exclusive lounge..." God DAMN you suck at this! You're HOW OLD, and you STILL don't proofread?

"I will be taking a stretch limo with members of The Entourage to the event..." - Question about your 'Entourage', Arthur: are they Gen-pop? If so, why are you hanging out with them? If they're not, then surely they must be celebrities or highly successful people, no?

"It is moments like this where I realize that Arthur Kade is a god amongst the Gen Pop in that he is making his mark all over the world as an actor and author, and yet still able to focus on the small things that will make him one of the greatest and most inspiring actors of a lifetime." - Oh, you're making your mark all over the world, all right: as one of the most hated fucking people that nobody knows! Why didn't you capitalize the word 'God' in that sentence? (I think any good Jew would have.) One thing's for sure, Arthur: you inspire us to be better people: you inspire me to proofread before I post; you probably inspire young actors to practice their craft constantly so they don't suck like you do; you might even inspire some of the people out there who hate you to start training and taking martial arts classes so they can beat the life out of you with more skill and confidence. However, if you were thinking in terms of inspiring people to be like you and live a balls-ass hot life...you're wrong.

It's interesting to note that it's snowing heavily in Philadelphia, yet in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (2-3 hours from Vancouver, where the Olympic games are being held), snow had to be trucked in from elsewhere. One might think that, with the stereotypes about Canada, we'd have plenty of snow to host the WINTER GAMES, alas, we don't. An interesting little tidbit for all you Americans who may have been told by a Canadian that snow blankets the country 24/7/365...it doesn't.

Speaking of snow...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! He reminds me of a fat kid that's trying to act tough in front of skinnier kids, what with the clenched teeth and "I will kill you!" remark. F-U-C-K-I-N-G L-O-S-E-R. How could ANY girl in Philadelphia, after seeing this video, have any possible desire to get with him in ANY capacity? What's the appeal? The interest? What is WRONG with those women?

The word 'stupid' comes to mind, and so does a documentary called, aptly, "Stupidity":
It's an hour long, and somewhat interesting. Former President of the American Pyschological Association, Robert J. Sternberg, had this to say in the documentary:
“When you’re talking about people doing the kinds of stupid things like you’d see at Enron, they commit four fallacies.
They’ve been so rewarded in their lives, that they become very focused and centered on themselves, and they stop caring about outcomes for other people.
The second fallacy is what I call the Omniscience fallacy, and that is most of these very smart people surround themselves by sycophants. They start to think they know everything. So, part of wisdom is knowing what you don’t know. These people, instead of becoming wise, become foolish.
The third fallacy is what I call the Omnipotence fallacy. They start to think they’re all powerful, and they start acting as though they can do anything they want.
And the fourth fallacy is what I call the Invulnerability fallacy, and that is, they start to think they’re Superman.
So if you put those four fallacies together, what can happen is that very smart people start to do incredibly stupid things.”

Might this sum up Kade's behavior, or at least account for some of it?

I haven't commented on Kade's "acting ability" as of late, but I recommend that he be cast in the next Tommy Wiseau film (Tommy directed the laughably bad film, ‘The Room’). I saw a comment on one of the videos that said something along the lines of Tommy marketing the film as serious, but after he read some of the reviews citing how horrible the critics thought it was and how many people were laughing at it, he changed his tactics and started saying the film was intentionally made to be bad.

Here's an interesting comment from the last blog post:

Get Kade banned from the G Lounge by emailing them at cs@thebestlounge.com. See if they like all the negative things that he posts and videos in their establishment.

Great idea! People spoke up and sent emails to the hotel that Kade was staying at in Miami when he filmed people at the pool (a violation of the hotel's rules), so why not continue the tradition?

Finally, if anyone would like to contribute a guest post to this blog, or have a picture they'd like to see as the banner for this site, by all means, email it in to legowigkade@gmail.com


  1. So I posted a picture of fuck face on "Hot or Not" to see how he fared when random people rated his looks.

    Not well

    Currently, he has been rated by 36 people and received a 7.6

    Now, that might not sound that bad, except that when I rated the women on there (you have to rate people in order to be rated yourself) I NEVER saw a girl or guy get less than a 5. In other words, the scale is actually from 5 to 10. I don't know if the site throws out ratings under 5 to make people feel better or what, but I saw some UGLY chicks who I wouldn't give a "2" to and they had a 5 rating.

    That means Kade's 7.5 translates into about a 5 or so on a scale of 1-10. HAHAHAHA. Nice work, ass face. Middle of the road. Average. Nothing to write home about. Even I managed to get a fucking 8.2 Kade - and I don't claim to be a model or any kind of pretty boy.

    Of course, we all know this already. I'm trying to grab a screen shot of the rating and the fucking thing won't let me. If you give me an email for Legowig headquarters, I can try sending it there. I can't cut and paste to the comments for some reason.

  2. As a psychiatry resident, how could you possibly wish suicide on someone? All this guy is trying to do is make it in showbiz. Granted, he's despicable, but seriously, you're going to "hate on" until he blows his brains out? You should be ashamed.

  3. Since when do people take Limos to Bensalem, PA?
    They could (but wouldn't) put a Four Seasons Hotel out there and it would still be FUCKING BENSALEM!

    I haven't lived in Phila. for a long time, but all Fucking Bensalem had was a Race Track and then some outlet malls. This is where Kade can dominate?????????????????????????

    Fucking Bensalem!

  4. This is fun. I just emailed G Lounge:

    Are you aware that one of your "Patrons" has been posting Photos and Videos of unsuspecting women who are enjoying a night out at your Club, and posting them on his disgusting website, where commentators and the blogger himself are free to insult and demean them? This has been going on long enough, and you really should look out for the privacy rights of the Women who are Victims of this crude individual.

    This disgusting individual is Arthur Kadyshes aka "Arthur Kade" at www.ArthurKade.com. This is a poor reflection of your Club and your silent consent to victimize unsuspecting women.

    Please re-evaluate your policies.

  5. I think the reference to dear Arthur ending is his life is really not to be taken literally....I'm not trying to speak for LW, but it's all part of the gentlemanly banter. The death scene is written in a somewhat flowery style and I think here is your clue that it's ironc.
    Arthur hasn't as yet even made me feel angry - slightly vexed possibly, but having finally accepted that he's is for real, it really is a matter of knowing how to deal with someone who lies an awful lot and has few or no virtues.
    'Never give a sucker an even break'....that is the best advice in life one could ever give or be given.....because if you feel sorry for that cunt and take your foot off his throat he'll jump up and stab you in the back. And Arthur IS a sucker - feel sorry for him for even a nano second and he'll shit all over you - it's harsh but Arthur is a cunt and has to be treated according to the rules of cuntery.....
    Rule 31; ii,....A cunt must, on all occasions, be treated like a cunt. There are no positively no exceptions.

  6. ....what the fuck did I keep adding 'is' for in random places? AND I fucking proof read it....