He grins at his fantasy win while we facepalm at his reality failure.

How long can I keep doing this, you may wonder? Throwing out insults, marking his quotes in blue, calling him out on statements that I think are suspect...Well, I’m going to do it as long as it takes. I don’t believe Kade will kill himself, nor do I wish such a thing (not only for legal reasons but because I’m not quite that kind of asshole); therefore, this will go on for quite some time. I think that, by the time Kade decides to throw in the towel (which I suspect will take at least another year), everyone who started following Duh Gurney will be gone…and probably me, too (to be replaced by another Kater, no doubt). Until then, however…

Does anyone think Karina Bradley worth mentioning as a fellow douchebag at this point (because she hangs out with Gabbana, aka Michelle Miller), or do we have enough human scrote to deal with as it is? (Directed at Anonymous’ quote on March 22, 2010 3:40 PM from the “Kennerly vs. Kade” LWK blog post.)

From the same post, thanks to Tam for posting the link to http://funmeme.com/post/2010/03/18/How-to-Become-an-Internet-Celebrity-in-25-Easy-Steps-e28093-Funny-List.aspx

There’s been speculation in the past about Kadyshes selling his “company” for a lot of money (the money that he’s supposedly now living off of), and it would be interesting to know if he actually did do such a thing. Is it possible that he's on welfare? The man hasn’t had a job in over a year and he seems to be spending a lot of money (mainly on bottle service and dining out), so where the fuck is the cash coming from? Could this (http://www.actuarialoutpost.com/actuarial_discussion_forum/showthread.php?t=189047&page=3) be an indication, or is it someone else simply using his picture?

March 30th, 2010: The Brand Interviewed By Southern Kadestralia’s Number 1 FM Radio Show (The Rabbit, Amber, And Cosi Show On SAFM


His intro begins with the usual bullshit about being an actor, author and celebrity. One of the first questions he’s asked is about…the Kade scale. Why in the fuck does (almost) everyone who interviews him want to know more about his Kade scale? SURELY there are other, more controversial things (either on his website or in his head) to talk about that will get people riled up and increase the ratings! Why not challenge Kade on his celebrity status? Ask him what the title of his book is and the name of the publisher? Who his agent is? FUUUUUCK! WHY do these radio and TV show people not ask the tough questions? Were they all once part of the White House press corps?
Kade says he puts himself out there (“the good, the bad and the ugly”), but I’ve yet to see anything good about him. The bad and the ugly have DOMINATED his blog since the beginning (especially the comments that he’s received). However, it appears that he was able to keep the interview going with little to no silence in between (I suspect heavy editing on the part of the radio station), so he at least appears to be marginally competent in SOME respect.
It was a short interview (I think this one clocked in at around 5 minutes) and the link is there simply for posterity. Kade didn’t specify how long his appearance on this #1 FM radio show was, which was surprising because the last few times he has thrown out an exaggerated number (like everything else in his fantasy life, he either creates things out of thin air or blows them up as much as possible).

we all went over to some dive bar called “Coco’s” for drinks, and it was great to see the expressions on my classmates faces as they felt the aura, warmth, and excitement that the celebrity and future Oscar winning actor, Arthur Kade provides to any group
A huge celebrity like you? In a dive bar? The place must have been cleared out to make way for Mr. Balls Ass Hot himself!
Also, you mentioned “warmth, and excitement”? You mean when you interrupted them around the 0:35 mark with a loud “CAN I GET A SERIOUS MOMENT HERE?” you fucking asshole?

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to keep on saying it: watching his videos make me very uncomfortable because of what an ASS he is in public (and to other people). He’s a poor, dumb, laughing stock of an annoying blowhard AND a downright rude son of a bitch. He’s like a giant child; he’s got no social filter. There is absolutely nothing (that I can see) to substantiate his grandiose behavior. I know I’m beating a dead horse, but these things need to be said from time to time.

one of the girls who came to watch our performances who read about my groundbreaking and Internationally renowned featurte article in Philadelphia Magazine last year, said about The Kadeicorn, “You’re everything I hoped you would be” (Referring to the amazing looks, charm, and bigger than life personality that The Brand possesses)
It’s great that you pointed out what she really meant and what was ‘between the lines’, Kade, otherwise we might have assumed that she meant that you were a greasy, stinky, annoying, nostrils-the-size-of-buckets FREAK.

Also, his BBC (blogging beach chair) broke…BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FINALLY! Did you leave room in your budget to buy another one from Wal-mart (or wherever the fuck you got it from)? You’re quite the LOSER!

March 30th, 2010: My Suite In NYC Tonight

Yup, it’s a regular room, just as you resident Katers may have guessed. Kade peddles the same old schtick every time, and every time, like an idiot, I report on it, trying to give it some new spin in the form of an insult or a point of view. Eventually I’m going to develop a formula so that those who are still following Duh Gurney from the ‘Wig will know exactly what Kade has been up to, where he’s been and what lies he’s slobbering out this week. It will go something like this: you will visit this website and, on the latest post, you will see a short mixture of letters and numbers (kind of like a Youtube video), each letter and number will correspond to names, dates, places, lies, exaggerations, etc. that I will already have defined and put into a table (if you forget how to read the code, you can refer to the table, which will be in the “Threads to remember” section) and WAH-LAH…you spent 10-20 seconds at the ‘Wig finding out what Arthur was up to and you’re back on your way to your important life. Waddayathink?
The most disgusting thing about the video, which I will NOT link to (besides Kade saying the word “38th” and me suddenly hallucinating that a tidal wave of spittle flew out of his mouth and burned my face as if it was battery acid), was him not only alluding to piss in a toilet BUT SHOWING IT. HE COULDN’T EVEN PUT THE FUCKING LID DOWN. FOR SOME REASON, THE FUCKWAD COULDN’T FLUSH THE TOILET AND PUT THE SEAT DOWN BEFORE HE STARTED RECORDING ANOTHER IMPORTANT KADESTER MONOLOGUE. DOUBLE YOU TEE FUCK YOURSELF WITH A RUSTY SAW.

April 1st, 2010: The Brand Featured In Jezebel And Inside Vandy (The Vanderbilt Hustler)

One of the great things about following Kade and his Gurney is this: whenever Mr. Shitstorm makes something up or blows something out of proportion, there’s always a few people in the comments section who call him on his shit or re-educate him. I’m learning quite a bit about Philadelphia and New York City just by reading the comments! Hell, I think a blog should be started about the Kade commenters! Who’s with me, WHO’S WITH ME? Alright, more on that later.
He talks about going “ridic back stage at a HUGE event”, which turned out to be the Mercedes AMG Banquet at the Pre-Opening of The NYC Auto Show (something that a commenter said wasn’t very private or hard to get into), then drops links to two online articles that CRITICIZE HIM. I don’t know when Kade will learn (if ever) that negative press IS NOT ALWAYS good press! In this day and age, people are starting to wake up (and it’s about god damn time) and see through the media hype, see past the bright lights, and see assholes for what they really are: people to be ignored. Now, when am I going to take that initiative? Shut your filthy whore mouth, I’ve got a duty to fulfill here.
Here are the aforementioned links:


Kade makes the claim that VanderBilt University is (Named after another Mogul, Gloria Vanderbilt). A quick troll of the comments section brings up the following:

5 Axis Diagnosis on 01 Apr 2010 at 3:28 pm

Vanderbilt wasn’t named after GLORIA Vanderbilt, you assclown. It was named after Cornelius Vanderbilt.


Even Wiki Knows on 01 Apr 2010 at 4:16 pm

Vanderbilt University is a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Founded in 1873, the university is named for shipping and rail magnate “Commodore” Cornelius Vanderbilt.

God, you’re stupid.

FINALLY, April 2nd, 2010: Unscripted Talent?

As I was having an amazing convo with an “A-List” “Mega-Bizzer” KA Agent (He has asked not to be identified) who has been following “The Journey” and the progress of my acting career
Either the “Mega-Bizzer” doesn’t exist or isn’t as “A-List” as Fuckedyshes claims. Also, you have no acting “career.” I’ve been an extra, taken acting classes, and traveled in order to pursue acting. I do NOT consider that to be a career. When I’m able to make enough money to live off of as a result of my involvement in the entertainment industry, THEN I may consider it.

his response was “You have become very well known in Hollywood, and pretty much everybody knows who you are,
That’s for sure! “Avoid Arthur Kade at all costs! Your reputation as an actor will be forever tarnished if you so much as have yourself photographed with him! Stay in your homes! Nothing to see here!”

The Brand’s response was, “The Gen Pop all knows that I am going to make millions and be a “”Mega-Star”", but that was never what “”The Journey”" was about. It was just a by-product of me just being a super inspiring and amazing controversial talent, but now I am wondering whether that is backfiring on me, and I will end up being a Multi Media Sensation like Ryan Seacrest, Kathy Griffin, or Chelsea Handler rather than Danny Day Lewis? What can I do to make the winning of “”Lil’ Oscar”" happen faster, and let Hollywood know that I want to be the best that has ever done The Craft”
Opening your mouth and spewing your shit is how this is backfiring on you. Also, winning an Oscar is not the top of the acting world; there are actors out there who have won that little trophy and have not done anything nearly as good since that time. Acting is about WAY, WAY more than shooting for a golden paperweight, but I doubt you’ll ever realize that. Those with stars in their eyes are too blind to see who's leading them (usually down the wrong path).

You are already considered a “”Genius”" for creating the level of exposure you have for yourself
That statement I will agree with because I can’t think of anyone else offhand who has created such a huge amount of hate simply by being themselves (feel free to call me out on this in the comments section).

I have already had my first speaking role aired on Showtime’s Hit Show “LALA Land” where I was featured and made a “Celeb Cameo”
That’s what you’re calling it? I see it more as a “Moment of PWN,” but hey, it’s your world.
You know, Kade, I've heard that Fred Vogel is thinking about doing another "August Underground" movie. You should try and get in on it! I have great faith that you'll DEFINITELY score a speaking role! It's a shame that you were too busy in the financial world to be part of "August Underground's Mordum" because I think you would have been PERFECT for the role of "Guy in coffin who cuts his dick off with a pair of scissors." Now THAT would have been BALLS ASS HOT.

there were so many smokin’ Hot NYC 9’s and 10’s who were all staring at The Brand, his new beard, and fashion forward look that he was sporting ((One of the Entourage nicknamed it “Homeless Couture”" because he said I look Homeless)
They were staring at you because they couldn’t figure out how a homeless guy got into such an “exclusive” event. Either that or they had pinpointed where the "Eau de garbage dump" scent was coming from.

“I look at myself like a modern day Al Einstein or Socrates, because during their heydays, the Gen Pop thought they were weird, crazy, and misunderstood, but now they are considered to be some of the greatest talents in history. I guess sometimes I have to be reminded that what I am doing and the trail I am blazing is uncharted territory, but the ultimate goal is still the same. I really am the first of my kind and will be the first to create a bridge to the Unscripted and Scripted worlds because I am a respected enough personality to do it”
Besides being 'featured' in "Bill and Ted's excellent adventure," Socrates came up with (what was to be later named) the Socratic method, and Mr. Einstein came up with (among many other things) the special and general theories of relativity. You, on the other hand, have an infinite amount of slobber, a never-ending supply of acne and the ability to creep out hairy 50-year-old, one-legged, drooling, mumbling pedophiles. God bless you sir, for you are a toilet paper enigma.

“If Arthur Kade was a gutter, he would drain brilliance”…Arthur Kade…04/02/10
Good lord.

Need I remind you people that International ‘Abandon Kade’ Week starts tomorrow? I might do a few posts next week (but might not, since I said “a weekly abandonment of Kade's blog should also include not visiting the LWK blog as well”) of the comments I’ve collected so far from the beginning of Duh Gurney. They will be divided into three sections: best/funniest comments (from my perspective), people who doubt Kade is real and people who don’t doubt Kade is real.

Thoughts? Questions? Hate?

P.S. Check out Radda's/Hypnogogial's post on Kade at http://raincool.blogspot.com/2010/03/are-you-ace-rimmer-or-arthur-kade.html
Also, for you technical death metal fans:

I know the album this song came from (Calculated) is six years old; that's how far behind the times I am. Nevertheless, I think it's great music and the band should receive more publicity because of it.


  1. Thanks for the update.

    I'm begining the "Abandon/Abort Kade Week" now.

    Gen Pop...........OUT!

  2. That was a long post and I only got half way through before I had to tell you the Arthur Kade on the actuarial forum is someone else. First of all he is clearly intelligent, but, in the muck of it all (yawn, I will find it again later), he says he graduated 10 years before Kade could have. (I sussed it out a few months ago). The actuarial forum 'Kade' is being a shifty cute bastard by using Artie as his user name. If only one of us could pretend to sell insurance, sign in and confront him. (don't look at me, I won't do it) It is definitely not our Arthur, but I would love to know why he would identify himself that way. He is very smart, who ever he is. Does anyone here know insurance?

    I shall go back to reading now. Just had to say what I knew before midnight east coast time. (does the ban go for here as well?)

  3. I don't know if I am breaking curfew but I found the page that tells us the smart Kade on the actuarial forum is not our stupid Kade.


    It is a bit gobldy-gooky for me but they are talking about degrees and smart Kade says "For the record, I am also ABD. I state MS 1994 and leave it at that." I take that to mean he got a masters in 1994 when stupid Kade would have been 7.

  4. Zombie Kade here:

    Definitely down with the boycott- I'm down to looking at cocknose's site of shitbaggery about once a week anyway, so not much of a loss there.

    Could probably use the 5 minutes I piss away over there far more constructively anyway- doing something like picking at toe jam.

    I anxiously await the "best of" selections- first, because some pretty funny shit has been written about barfy and second, because I want to see if I made the list anywhere. And yes, that second reason is feckin' sad.

    And since I know your stringy slobbered mouthbreathing monkeyboy ass is reading this- fuck off, Anal Leakage Kade aka Lispy McSlobberfuck. Your one way "journey" to obscurity city begins today. And you're riding in the douche baggage section.

    Die, you talentless shithead.

  5. Top Things to Do With Your Free Time During the Kade Abortion Week:

    1. Get a SAG Card

    2. Audition for Featured Extra Roles

    3. Go to Night Clubs and hang out with the DJ

    4. Check out Target for new Beach Chair

    5. Talk about all the Sex I had

    6. Look at Public Bathrooms in a new light

    7. Trim my nasal hairs

    8. Hang out with my Loser Friends

    9. See if I can check into Hotel Suites!

    10. Take the Bolt Bus

    11. Go back on Psych Meds!

    It's good to be GEN POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Whilst I respect your writing talents, Mr LW, I feel compelled to comment on the youtube video.
    That sort of appalling noise is music's Damien Hurst - a racket in both senses of the word. I mean, it follows so many rules it's as subversive as Country and Western line dancing songs....'my achy breaky heart' is far likelier to convert out youth to the dark side of anal lust than this formulaic, perm haired devilry. Actually, there's a far better comparison -Arthur - his 'death metal' personality is as rank and turgid as that fellow clearing his throat, accompanied by the drum machine set on 'fast', a bass player who can't be heard and a guitarist wanking the plectrum over one string like he was frottaging a bulbous clit as if it was a punchball....brrrrbrrrrbrrrrrbrrrrbrrrr
    Now, if you'd posted a nice Perry Como melody, or a slutty lady lounge jazz singer bemoaning a gentleman for treating her beastly, now that would get my attention. Class, you see, class is the one thing that humans can't fuck up. But don't get me wrong, I can see beyond the end of my nose ( something Arthur needs 20/20 vision to do ) I know my Schoenberg from my Cage - but really, when all is said and done, I have to agree with the fellow who yelled out at an 'avant garde' concert I recently attended.....'Play something we can fucking sing'! Sums it up really

  7. Wow. The total contents of that room: 1 flatscreen, 1 busted-up beach chair, several piles of paper and plastic bags.

    That's some balls-ass-hot-ass, A list mogul, high-class living right there.

    Gad, any woman roofied up enough to be led into such a place would, upon seeing the squatter/homeless-style decor, rightly assume this is the place she'll be raped, killed and discovered half-demcomposed a fortnight later after people start complaining about the smell.

    Kade's pad is as creepy and sad as he is.

  8. The table the tv is on came with the apartment so he can't claim that as his furniture either (though I am sure he will try to take it with him when he leaves). It is the kitchen island. (I remember that from the video of the place before he moved in when he was excited about two sinks) Don't forget the dirty clothes scattered around the floor by the beach chair! I haven't seen a video of his apt in a several weeks or more, but I would be very surprised if the the carpet of dirty clothes wasn't still there...I bet he smells them before he puts them on, and if they aren't too stiff he thinks "good enough". Garbage bags (presumably with garbage in them) piled up in the kitchen corner and clothes as carpeting. What is he, 15? What floor does he live on? What are the chances of rats invading?

    The worst is that he films it without any thought at all. He is just a fucking gross immature guy. I am assuming now that his girlfriend left *him*.

  9. This blog has totally turned to shit.

  10. So I was looking at Gawker and Kade came up again and I totally misunderstood something fundamental between what Gawker said and the post of Artie's they put up.

    Gawker said "At last, the trailer for the upcoming Angelina Jolie thriller Salt is out. Excitement for the movie is mostly based on the fact that it also features Philly fameball Arthur Kade, who didn't think Angelina was all that, btw."

    Kade said "The Trailer for the movie I filmed and was featured in with Angie Jolie called "Salt" is out"

    In my mind I heard (got paranoid?) "Kade is in the trailer" and I just thought "oh for fuck's sake, we will never hear the end of it now" and so on dial up I watched the whole trailer (that took a looonnnggg time to load), looking closely at crowd scenes. No Kade. Pfew. The movie looks interesting though.

    Also in my defense of misunderstanding, Gawker ended the post with "Which part of Arthur's performance did you enjoy most? Debate in the comments!"

    Of course I had my typical 'I hate Kade' moment when he said "(I should probably have someone from Team Kade contact the production company and see if it's needed for me to come to the premiere with the other stars since I am now a rising celeb and growing Brand name)" I love the comments at Gawker. They are better at being droll than we are.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Humm, one comment of mine seem to be coming and going. I deleted the last one because I saw the missing one I was writing to say was missing, now it is missing again. Confused? So am I, and no I haven't been drinking!

    This time I will just leave the link to Gawker I was making a comment on: (in case it shows up again or doesn't)

  13. dudes - it's kinda not that really funny anymore. this site, his site...you know, the whole thing. R.I.P. arthur.

  14. @Anonymous...

    That's the whole point. Seems like you just don't get it.

  15. RIP Arthur is right.

    He's only doing the "show" for himself and his small band of enablers at this point. No one else cares.

  16. Honestly - making fun of Arthur, bantering back and forth, discussing his lack of touch with reality - all that was and is the point of this site. I think it has spun waaaaayyyy off track and has become......well.......creepy. Also, it could have been a lot more productive if it had a better name. The Lego Wig moniker was known by 10 people. It will not be found by a search engine. Lets get a better name and go back to our roots........which was enjoying a human parody and the incredible witty comments his bizarre site generated. THAT is why we are here. The greats are gone from his site and, sadly, this one. Matt, Kent Osborne, the African Children.....all gone.

    rename the site, take back his site and lets get this shit started again. Please :)

  17. How about we not bother anymore, since he's not worth it anymore. Reality check--Arthur was barely doing anything original after the summer of last yr. It got EXTREMELY repetitive during the fall and winter. You're lying or losing it if you think he's still really worth mocking. I say we deliver Kade the cruelest punishment possible--go back to ignoring him, just like people do in real life and just like people did to him back when he was young. Deprive him of the attention that is his only hope for anything in life.

  18. @ Hypnogogial:
    You're right about the "Kade" on Actuarial. I had my suspicions, however, that Arthur Kade was simply a persona that was trolling us all as I read the posts that the Kade from Actuarial was putting up. But no, it's someone else.
    Regarding Kade talking about being "featured" in the "Salt" movie: it's a damn good thing he wasn't seen at any point in that trailer, or else we WOULDN'T have heard the end of it! You're absolutely right! Thankfully, though, he's nothing more than a gen-pop extra and wannabe.

    @ Zombie Kade:
    Unfortunately, you're not in this selection of Kade comments. I went WAY back (to the beginning) and did a selection from March & April of 2009. But you are definitely going to be in future installments, good sir. Your literary genius has not gone unnoticed.

    @ eg:
    Sorry man, I just wanted to turn the people on to something different, that's all! Rest assured that I won't be doing any more of that nonsense in the future.

    @ Gonzo:
    You might be right, you might not. What do you suggest?

    @ Anonymous on April 10, 2010 6:38 PM:
    The comments WERE witty and it was very enjoyable to read them, and yes, many of the greats are gone (but not all of them). What are your suggestions for a new name? I was thinking something simple: The Anti-Kades. It can be easily found by a search engine when looking for the words 'Arthur Kade.'

    @ realist:
    It DID get extremely repetitive last fall/winter, and it continues to be that way. I ignored Kade for a week and his site still got comments. I think it always will. Those who come to the 'Wig could ignore Kade (and this site) completely and there will still be people who will mock and make fun of him. I don't think that making fun of him enables him in any way or makes him famous (as a commenter said in some previous post). I believe Kade will strive for attention even if he can't see anyone watching.

  19. Is the ban/boycott over then? I stayed away.

    It would be nice to see is his site log info to see what IP's show up over and over. I still think that people are using multiple user names (I have been guilty of that) so there aren't as many people as there seem to be.

    You could call the site:
    "Kade Sucks" (at everything)

    But Legowig does show up in searches most definitely, and auto-fills on Google as Arthur Kade lego -- people do know about the site. I am sure I have seen it come up in comments on Gawker several times. Just sayin.

  20. Yes Hypno, the ban/boycott is over. The duration of "International Abandon Kade Week" was 7 days. Strangely enough, in going through the comments from March 2009 I found that Beauchamp and some others decided to boycott for 5 days (but I don't think they made it past 2).
    Kade did 4 blog posts in the 'Abandoned' week, and the comment counters stand at an average of 38.5 comments per post. Again, there was speculation at around this time last year that people were posting under multiple names. Is it still happening? I don't know.

  21. I am sure everyone is sick of me posting now but the Salt IMDB page is hilarious for the length of it and how many uncredited people get named. Like "pedestrian in tan jacket, pedestrian (no clothing description), escalator husband, student, mourners and reporters (lots of them), man with newspaper, businessman etc etc". No Kade on the list of course.

    Yes but -- the magic HE is, is going to sky rocket the ticket sales so much that they will have him star in the next movie. I guess he doesn't get a mention (as "Greek Italian 'looking' man in suit") even as uncredited because he doesn't *have* an imdb page. (how do you get one? I bet you need a SAG card. Or maybe an actual agent. I should find that out.)
    About the actuarial thing, I freaked when I saw that the first time too and thought, 'oh my god he is playing us!' but I kept looking at more posts looking for a clue if they were the same person or not (that was so boring...insurance is really mind numbing) till I found the one that said when he graduated and went "well ok then, different guy". The IQ level between them is so vastly different, and I don't like being played!

    Even so, I get caught now and then thinking he must be joking...but on the other hand, no one could keep it up for this long. Borat was only Borat in public...when he was 'on set'. The rest of the time he was Sasha Cohen. Andy Kaufman I think kept it up more of the time, but he also ended up a lot more crazy in the end. My point is that Kade is doing it constantly (twitter, pictures, videos and posts). As much as I can't see how anyone is as bad as he is, even more I can't see how someone could fake it for so long. That would be even worse. He is real. (really crazy)

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