FAIL exclusive: Bad videos, a worse layout and a paper penis!

Besides the fact that Kade is a massive idiot, he is also:

1. A Gen-Pop extra (on the set of "Dark fields" on April 28th) who was doing "Family guy" impressions with another extra,
2. A delusional attention-whore who wants the dozen or so haters that visit his website on a semi-regular basis to believe that there are a lot of people who follow "Duh Gurney" and they want him to update his site and make it more interactive, and
3. A joke to humanity in general and a lisping, lying loser...this will be obvious to anyone who reads the cartoonish fantasies that Kade doles out on his trainwreck of a blog (complete with grammar corpses littering the digital landscape).

At least the stupid shitstain has realized that he must constantly be doing/saying something offensive in order to bring the traffic to his website and raise the number of comments (which are currently at the lowest level I've ever seen them) to feed his cracking ego. Behold:

I echo Kevin Brueck (in response to his racist third cousin saying, "Go back to Africa!") when I say, "WOW." I don't know what kind of seemingly heterosexual male would type in (especially in big, bold, red letters) something along the lines of "She Draws Jesse James' Penis For Me!!"...especially!!! with!!! such!!! enthusiasm!!!...but I am finally starting to think that this guy might be a penis-swallowing, vagina-avoiding queerbag...and this is coming from the guy that said that you all should lay off the gay jokes because I didn't want this site associated with hate speech against homosexuals! (I still don't, but when Kade becomes this blatantly open without actually saying that he's homosexual, what else am I supposed to do?)

Kade STILL hasn't learned how to spellcheck or trim his god-awful Youtube clips, but he sure can choose a new site layout (http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/greyzed)! It's almost so juvenile that it should remind the reader of the LegoWig banner I put up back in February. You know the one: the 5 still shots from DOOM with Kade's mug plastered on each? Yeah...sorry 'bout that.

So he """"interviews""""" Michelle McGee in hopes that it will bring more "fans" to his Youtube page and increase the views on at least ONE of his videos, but after waking up on the floor after yet another painful viewing of a Kade video with that horrendous (and horrendously overused) 'Kade out' ending, I realized that I was screaming throughout most of it and didn't catch a lot of what "Bombshell" and "Coke vacuum" were saying...and I don't think I'm the only one who had that reaction. I now have a better idea of what Alex was going through in his Ultraviolence movie viewing in "A clockwork orange" and a new appreciation for Malcolm McDowell as an actor.

Aside from the new Wordpress theme and the adding of titles to at least one video, not much has changed over at Lispy's site: he still has the "Click here: I would love to hear your feedback!" line that opens up a new window to where his Snapvine voicemail USED to be (all that remains now is a few small red x's because Snapvine is LONG GONE); the post archives are (thankfully) still there, so I can continue to gather the best of the Katers' comments; and there's still a silly picture of him at the top of his page. What's new, however, is that you can now follow his latest Twitter braindroppings! Shame that we here at the Wig started doing it months ago, or else he might actually be on to something...but then again, when was the last time Mr. UnLaid had an original thought?

The good news is that there are still some good commenters over there. Does anyone still visit his site? I don't see how he could possibly benefit financially if some of you went there since those stupid t-shirt ads were taken down at least two months ago and his site does not rank in the top 100,000 in the U.S. (as of this writing).

And the journey of Kade spiralling into oblivion continues...much like flushing a turd down a toilet bowl.


  1. His website is so awful it has lost any sense of fun that we had on the comment section. He has had the same post for five days. His Twitter is nonsense.

    He is crashing big time!

    Where is his Warrior Role?

    He's not even going out with a bang, but with a limp dick.

  2. When asked if he should fight Jonny Gosselin, "I Hate Arthur" commented, "You should shove your head up your ass and fight for air."


  3. Tacos and Burritos Be Breaking My Mind. Do This Don't Do That, Can't You Read The Sign?May 10, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    New site looks like royal ass. He picked a theme befit for a high school kid's blog about skateboarding and extreme sports.

  4. Just had a butchers hook at Arthur's new site.
    Now, I may in the past have made one or two allusions to Arthur being a gay and possibly had some sport with this line of country but it matters not to me whether a man inserts his penis into another man's anus or a ladies quimlet - it's true the Lord God made Adam and Eve not Derek and Cyril, and baby Jesus certainly wouldn't approve of the things those gays get up to ( like putting their entire arms up other gentleman's bum) - but live and let live I say. I have also to say that the photo on Arthur's site really is that of a gay man.....no two ways about it, he is a gay bumder. And considering all his lies about chasing flange and what have you, this level of mendacious subterfuge really is a kick in the teeth for those gentlemen who really are inverted and have been polluted with indecent thoughts of bumlove. If I was a gay I would hope Arthur would admit it instead of all that rubbish about loving ladies genitalia....let's face it, what he really loves is cock, balls and bum. Whilst I personally find this repulsive
    beyond words ( I'd rather stick my cock up a cow's shitty arse hole than anywhere near another man) I understand there are these types in the world and I suppose they have to be tolerated.
    So, I know that everyone who reads this ( about 2 or 3 folk) will be marvelling at how tolerant I am and accepting of queers, that's just my kind open nature, the good Lord made me normal and those of us who aren't afflicted with horrid gay have a duty to allow the botters into society....well, I mean, they can have their own clubs etc ( that way their diseases are limited to their own kind) and they shouldn't be allowed near our children, but I'm sure they know that.
    We all have a duty to understand those with mental illnesses like gays etc, and I for one would welcome it if Arthur, one day, felt that he could tell us that he personally enjoyed a cock up his arsehole and a batch of sperm down his gullet.....however vile, repulsive and just plain wrong that is I'm sure everyone would welcome it and could then keep an eye on him making sure he didn't get too close to our children and normal folk.

  5. http://www.theforge.co.za/free-personal-wordpress-theme/

    took him 3 days to install a free generic theme, now that I can believe.

  6. Arthur is looking quite rough in his most recent video; a herpes pustule has made an appearance on his top lip during a food review, I feel sorry for the server and guest that have to endure his revolting table manners. I desperately want to throw a rocks glass at his head.