International 'Abandon Kade Week'

(Anonymous on March 25th, 2010 at 3:42 PM posted the following in the comments section of my last post, and I think it's a good idea. Hell, I'm willing to try it simply to see what happens...)

This event will take place from Sunday the 4th of April right through to Sunday the 11th of April.

It will be a week without you seeking further information on Arthur Kade, and as a result, bring his website and his dubious push for fame to a grinding halt.
Enough already of reality stars with no talent.


Spread the word.

International Abandon Kade Week. 4th April - 11th April.

(Remember, Anonymous, that just because I myself won't go there doesn't mean the other haters are going to join me. Nonetheless, I will oblige you this time.)


  1. I'm in - or out!

  2. Who is tweeting as Legowigkade? If you have a problem with Julia Allison, make a new name. Put Legowig tweets up so we can see what you are tweeting cause it has fuck all to do with Kade. I object.

  3. Thankyou for obliging me. I was trying to get someone's attention, so thanks for bringing it to light!
    I think if we go ahead with the date as planned, it won't give us enough time...so how about we stretch it out another week, so that way we can really spread the word?
    We need to find out if we have a following in order to make this successful, otherwise, we are just wasting our time...
    Damn, getting off that Kade Crack is going to be hard! It's just so damn addictive in jag off value!

  4. I would like to suggest and request eg as a guest blogger (on legowig). Perhaps a few well-deserved compliments about his comment contributions would entice him to share more of his unique perspective. Has he not proven himself worthy? Thank you in advance for your consideration regarding this matter.

  5. Hahahahahahahawhawhaw! As if you losers would be able to collectively get of Kade Krack! hawhawhawhaw!
    What would you fill your lives with without Kade? More Star Wars!

    THE JOKER!!!!!

  6. Anonymous 6:39AM...

    Nope, no Star Wars, no Star Trek or anything else sci-fi in my life. I check in with The Wig and Kadyshes ever now and then more or less to laugh at the hilarious comments posted by the regulars. You, on the other hand, seem not to care and yet you post. Now THAT'S truly pathetic.

  7. By the way, I'm in on the total abandonment of Ass Hammer Kadyshes.

  8. Joker,

    Go bathe yourself in acid!

  9. Honestly, i think either way if its successful or not, it wont really matter in the long run. Im just now checking back with numbnuts here and its the same old same old tired act, getting just enough attention to keep going. Theoretically, we could cut down on this, but hey! hes not going anywhere anyways. Even if his small fanbase were capable of HELPING him i dont think it would be enough. Arthur kade isnt even meme-worthy. His sideshow act will fade whether we're there or not.

    -a regular, da ni99a/confucious

  10. and by "fanbase" i mean people who take the time of day to lay it out for old arthur. ill be checking back in at the legowig..

  11. Sharon is a hack! And so is Arthur as an actor!
    But as a media manipulator, he is a genius! A genius indeed! Like a true herder, he has gathered all ye sheep, and made you follow him to the corners of the earth! From philly to LA to Australia and back again, you sheep obey his demands for attention and keep asking for more directions!
    There are ONLY two types of people in this world, and TWO ONLY!
    Leaders and FOLLOWERS!
    Guess which one you are, oh raggedy bunch of loser followers?!

    The Joker! But the Joke is ON YOU!!! Hahahahahawhawhaw!!!

  12. Thankyou Rada, but I'm not sure what you mean, 'guest blogger'. Anyway, you are correct on one assumption - I do like my scrotum tickled in appreciation. Arthur isn't the only one who likes to be loved.
    I was thinking about the previous post and it basically related to Arthur's embarrassment threshold - stratospheric, infact non existent. He is like the Downs kid dancing at the disco while everyone averts their gaze and pretends it's not happening. But fare play to the challenged one (the Downs I mean)........I'm sure we all cringe at Arthur's lack of talent, his bragging...etc, but what is different is that I feel a duty to mock him, such a cunt will always get my attention. And to the previous poster that's Arthur's victory - so I suppose it must be the Gunt...you know, the one who's into publicity.....she probably thinks that being interviewed is proof that Arthur's journey is steaming full semen ahead, it doesn't matter that he's an oddity, that he can only get attention through being so totally inept and deluded. Say anything you like, he's on tele and that makes him a winner. There's nowt as queer as folk - and that's another thing, what did I read - no mocking Arthur for being a gay? Good fucking Lord....why ever not. The cunt makes out he's elbow deep in rancid snatch batter yet talks limper than Liberace. If he's doing a Rock Hudson he deserves a battering (but not of the quim). It would be the biggest betrayal of the gays since monkeys invented aids.
    Next we'll have to respect Arthur's dad's right of a chance to redeem himself after the sex offences...give the fellow a break, he's done wrong, paid the price (nice cliche) let's give him a second chance - well fucking fuck that for a game of darts, the dirty fucking skanky sticky bald leering weird cunt deserves to be reminded of what he is - the ambidexterous abortionist -and so does his useless cunt of a son.
    After all, just having a bit of sport with them....that's all....no harm done

  13. @ Hahaha aka the jackoff aka the penis arty holds...
    Ever heard of a circus freak? Are the people that view one all addicted just because they stare and are sometimes horrified? You play the part of a cackling idiot expertly. Klispy's annoying but still has entertainment value. You, on the other hand...

  14. I'm in/Out! Maybe I'll even go all April...

  15. Radda x 2,
    I believe that some of the same people who banded together to create the Legowig site also run the anti-Julia Allison site. That's my understanding, anyway. I don't know who runs the Legowig twitter, so I can't help ya there. Sorry.

    Anonymous on March 27, 2010 2:09 AM:
    I think we should go ahead with the abandonment as planned (4th to 11th). It will signify to some (Hahahaha, The Joker) that we're not obsessed, and it will also prepare us for the inevitable demise of both Kade's blog and ours. There are plenty of other people out there to make fun of, and Kade, at this moment, is the chosen one. Also, a weekly abandonment of Kade's blog should also include not visiting the LWK blog as well. (A challenge!)

    eg definitely has proven his literary worth, and I thank you for your request.

    To be a guest blogger, all you have to do is email your thoughts to legowigkade@gmail.com and I will post them as a blog on their own. Also, what I meant to say was that I don't want this site being associated with homophobia or hate speech towards gays. The gay insults against Arthur were funny at first, but I think they've been played out now (although when I post the Youtube video of Kade taking a call from Holden Caulfield in the next post I will most likely be contradicting myself). But hey, y'all will do what you want and I will not censor your comments. It's simply my suggestion.

    Holden Caulfield,
    I agree. I keep going back to Kade's site to read the comments (and if I wasn't doing the Legowig blogs, the comments would be the ONLY thing that I would go back to that site for). Good job with calling that moron, anyway. What did you think of the video he posted?

    da ni99a,
    I remember you! Yes, he is doing the same old tired act. You're also right that he's not even worth being a meme. What little attention his haters give him is not nearly enough for any network to base the decision for giving him his own (probably reality) TV show on. Hope to see you comment again soon.

    The Joker,
    How does it feel to accuse us of being addicted to Kade, yet on the weekend you commented on his "Ochocinco" blog post SEVEN TIMES over the weekend (March 27th & 28th)? The real loser is calling out others for what he himself already knows he is. But your feedback is welcome, for I understand everyone has a role to play, and you have taken on the "hating everyone equally" part. Not an easy task, but someone's got to do it.

  16. This is a weird fucking smeg up. My thing of complaint was that I don't want Legowig to be used against Julia Allison on Twitter. That is a pointless attack unless Kade and Allison are thinking of mating.

    Then misunderstandings ensued. EG -- I am ready to vote for you to be our foul-mouthed-twisty-minded silly party candidate, but I am not the one who suggested it.

    Legowig twitter expainer: oooOkay, um. Why aren't they called something else then? Legowigkade on twitter never tweets at Artshit. NEVER. They are too concerned with with this Julia woman just did. Julia Allison is twice the man Artie will ever be. At least she gets laid. Tell whoever to be broadsided for abandoning ship.

    I plan on ignoring Kade next week. But before then I wrote a thoughtful post on my own blog that references him. http://raincool.blogspot.com/2010/03/are-you-ace-rimmer-or-arthur-kade.html EG will tell you that any kind of comment makes me a giddy school girl. (hint)

  17. url that you can click on. (unlike the snarl above)

    It is longish but heart felt.