A reminder.

Since Kade is still in L.A., here are some words from the wise...

To Wee Willie:
Nothing really noteworthy is happening in the comments section of AK's site at the moment, although I think I recall reading that Twitter Theater might be brought back (which would be kickass).
I've been thinking about doing a few "Best of the Kade comments" posts, but that would take quite a bit of time and effort (not to mention space). I think, if there was a demand for it, I would do it. On that note, I've also been thinking of doing separate posts regarding those who think Kade is fake versus those who believe Kade to be real (which means more comment re-posting). Again, if the demand is there...

To Anonymous on March 24th, 2010 at 3:38 PM:
I do believe that Kade is sane and that he believes himself to be oh-so-great (and chooses to portray himself as such), although I'm aware of the NPD angle (and it's an interesting one). If it is proved beyond a doubt that Kade has NPD, and that NPD is a mental illness (currently, the DSM does not believe it to be), then what we're doing is no better than making fun of someone who has Tourette syndrome or is autistic. If Kadyshes is behaving the way he is because of a malfunction of the brain or because his brain is lacking certain chemicals to properly function, then yes, we should stop needling him...but, as far as I've been able to tell, he functions perfectly well: he can listen, communicate, react to the environment around him, he had a job that required at least SOME mental skills, etc.
I view Kade in the same light as those fools on "The Jersey shore": regular people who think that they themselves are extraordinary, and they will all be made fun of for thinking that way. The real fault would lie with his friends and family, for if they knew he had a mental illness but let him loose on the world anyway (without major supervision), they would be putting him at risk, since no one besides them knew about his condition.
Could it be that Kadyshes has a mental condition that is slowly taking over his brain as he ages? Perhaps we are witnessing some kind of NPD case that mimics dementia; there have been people in the past who have commented on his site that he wasn't this grandiose in his behaviour when they knew him years ago. But again, I don't believe he has NPD (although I'm certainly open to the idea); if he did, then the continuance of this blog would depend on whether or not NPD is a serious mental illness or simply a personality disorder.
In addition, could his apparent cocaine habit be the underlying reason for his behaviour, or simply an addition to it? (I say "apparent" because hearsay is not equivalent to fact.) Some serious psychological and physiological tests would have to be carried out on Arthur to determine whether or not any of this is true. There are a great many factors that one must take into account when attempting to classify one's state of mind: environments, friends, foods, genetics, beliefs, etc.
Since Arthur and/or his friends check in on this blog from time to time, perhaps they can chime in with their own thoughts. I'm not saying that all those who leave insulting messages on the LegoWig Blogspot are Kade's friends (I understand that there are spectators out there who may hate the haters, hate everyone equally, hate because they think we're attacking a mentally retarded man, or hate because they want to see someone follow their dreams without detractors), but I believe they lurk here from time to time, and their point of view would be welcome at this point.

To EG:
Your comments still make me laugh and shake my head simultaneously. What are your views on this subject?


  1. I originated Twitter Theater during his Miami "domination" - it was the gift that kept on giving......... his stupidity and ego were out of control.

    This trip is not giving me anything meaty.

    Last Tweet: something about being a God among Gods.

    He's called himself God, Michael Jordon, Moses, Jesus, Lebron. Nothing new here.

    I'm reading between the limited lines of his tweets, and betting this trip is not going well at all........ his ego seems to be screaming out for attention (that's why the God tweet).

    I'm still holding out for some delusional Tweets.

    Twitter Theater

  2. International 'Abandon Kade Week'

    This event will take place from Sunday the 4th of April right through to Sunday the 11th of April.

    It will be a week without you seeking further information on Arthur Kade, and as a result, bring his website and his dubious push for fame to a grinding halt.
    Enough already of reality stars with no talent.


    Spread the word.

    International Abandon Kade Week. 4th April - 11th April.

  3. “If it is proved beyond a doubt that Kade has NPD, and that NPD is a mental illness (currently, the DSM does not believe it to be), then what we're doing is no better than making fun of someone who has Tourette syndrome or is autistic.”

    I have to disagree here. We aren’t making fun of someone who is helpless, we are protesting against someone who would be our Overlord. Kade is a person who is plastering themselves in the face of the public (to the best of their ability). He has hopes of taking over Hollywood, our TV, our cinema’s, our book-stands, and to become a God in the land of celebrity. No-fucking-way.

    Or it is all a joke.

    Even I still go back and forth now and then if it is real or not but mainly because his peeps aren’t stopping him, they must know it is an act? I think he is for real however, because no one can keep this crap up this long and not actually go crazy or talk themselves into what they are pretending to be, or be definitively caught faking it.

    I think the actual story here is that he doesn’t have anyone who really cares enough to give him a wedgie and take his keys away. That is where we should have sympathy for him, a little. The people who love him most don’t love him either. (I would have been sectioned ‘for my own good’ by my family two months into this absurdity)

    But before you shed tears for the poor creature, realize that he would not give any of us a thought if we weren’t needed to give him attention. His waitresses should be pretty or be fired because they offend his sensibilities. (remember that every time you begin to waver). No one is worthy if he doesn’t deem them to be. He has no social conscience. He has no soul. He is a sociopath.

    I have known my share of narcissists from sort-of to major, but none match Kade. All of them put themselves first but they all had a clue reality was ‘real’. Kade plans on being worshiped. Because he is stupid he won’t manage it, but he would walk on us, literally, if he could. There is no way to pick on that delusion unkindly. That attitude needs to be squished and squished hard. Kade is wrong. He is a mistake, a mutant.

    @Anon 3:42, I don't know why you picked those dates, but if I remember, I will play along.