Kennerley vs. Kade 2: the video.


It's on the main page as "latest video," so if you're reading this a week from March 23rd, you might not see the uncomfortable (at least for me) interview Kerri-Anne Kennerley did with Resident nutbrain Arthur Kade.

It's my job as a Legowigger to document Kade's lies, so a transcript of the video follows (lies in blue):

Kerri-Anne (KA): His name is Arthur Kade. He says that he can get any woman whenever he wants. In fact, he even has a special ranking dubbed "The Kade Scale." Well, even Hollywood stunner Scarlett Johansson is a 10. Arthur Kade joins us from Los Angeles. Good morning and welcome to the show, Arthur!

Arthur Kade (AK): Hello Kadestralia! G'day mate!

KA: Ah, convincing accent. Um, what do you have that other blokes don't?

AK: Well, I have a lot, I mean I have an amazing personality, I'm a former model, extremely good-looking, extremely successful, I've always been successful and I'm on something called "The Journey" which I document on my blog, ArthurKade.com, where I talk about how I was a financial advisor for years, sold my company to become a full-time actor and author, and am now in the process of potentially getting my own TV show. I'm actually here in Los Angeles meeting with TV networks who all wanna meet me, and I'm also in the process of authoring a book, but uh, I've just got that "it" quality that has made me successful, I was number one in my old company and I just kill it Kade style in, in life.

KA: Wow, I'm just absolutely gobsmacked.

AK: That's, uh, that's, that's the reaction I usually get.

KA: Yeah, yeah I guess you hear that a lot.

AK: I do, I do. I actually just finished my first meeting of the day and the reaction was uh, pretty good.

KA: Amazing. Now, who have you in fact dated? What, what, what's your hit rate?

AK: My hit rate, I love it. You just made me sound like Joe Dimaggio, famous baseball player here. Um, I've pretty much been with everything you can imagine: models, supermodels, CEOs, I've slept with several professional athletes...I've pretty much done it all over here and um, my hit rate's been pretty good. Of course, like any other human being, y'know, sometimes you do strike out and one of the dilemmas that I deal with as a celebrity at this point, is there are women that look at me just for my fame, they look at me for, um, just the money that I'm going to make and it becomes very difficult being a celebrity and rising actor in Hollywood to avoid that pitfall, so I actually went and I documented it on the blog through something called "The Drought" where I actually didn't have sex for eleven and a half months.

KA: Wow. That superficiality must be very disappointing for you.

AK: Well, I, I, y'know, unfortunately, I, I only want to date the best of the best because that's what I'm used to...

KA: Well let's get to the best of the best, I want to look at your Kade Scale. Let's have a look at the Kade Scale. I mentioned Scarlett Johansson's not even in your top ten.

AK: No, she's not and I, y'know, as I break down the Kade Scale for anyone looking at ArthurKade.com after this or during this, you'll see why I break down. I have different looks for different, uh, ratings: ten, nine, eight...And I rate why certain people are better looking than others.

KA: Okay, um, uh, expand on, on who else would you not date, that, that we think are pretty fabulous.

AK: Well, if you look at some of the sevens, and I, and you have to keep in mind, just having had the adventures that I've had as Arthur Kade, um, I've seen a lot of these people or have been next to them in real life, so, for instance, Cameron Diaz I have as a seven: she has horrible skin, ultra skinny, very lanky-looking. She kind of looks a little bit like an alien in real life, very tom-boyish, not a lot of sexuality that comes off. Another example is J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez, who I rate as a seven, who I've also seen, y'know, I've been very close to in Miami and New York, and, um, shorter, a little too voluptuous, her butt's way too big, um, and not really as pretty as you would imagine. But then, of course, there are some girls that are just drop dead gorgeous, I was just hanging out with Victoria's secret model Selita Ebanks, Nick Cannon's ex-girlfriend and I gave her a Kade Angeles ten. I also rate by cities; certain cities are better looking than others. But Selita Ebanks got a ten, she's flawless. Gisele, I've met...

KA: Well she just must be all over you.

AK: Well, Selita and I talked for a little bit but I think she might be seeing somebody, but I've met Gisele, I've met Demi Moore in Philadelphia, I mean, young Demi Moore I gave a ten...

KA: How did, how do you rate Gisele? We were just looking at Gisele...

AK: Gisele's a ten. Gi-Gisele is actually the most impressive girl that you can ever imagine. She's probably about five eleven, six foot tall, I'm six two, so...She had small heels, we stood face to face, she's just extraordinary looking, perfect skin, incredible body, great boobs, perfect butt, I mean she is just absolutely gorgeous.

KA: Now, I've got a couple emails from Australian women. Carly from Melbourne says, uh, they sort of checked you out, Arthur. Uh, sorry but attraction is more than just skin deep. He may think he is good looking, however, a man who brags about his ability to have a woman is a huge turn-off to po...uh, female population. What would you say to Carly?

AK: Well, and you're gonna have, uh, uh, y'know, one of the, the keys to my success is I'm probably one of the more controversial and polarizing people in the world, hence why my bi, my blog and The Journey's being followed by millions, and it's because I do put it out there, I'm confident, I live with bravado but I also acknowledge my failures, so, y'know, when I meet girls, especially hot girls, they're all going to have a different reaction from me and with me, but usually the end reaction is that, "Wow, he's hot, he's super cool, he's a ton of fun," which I wrote about on the blog, when a girl calls you fun, that can actually be derogatory because they look at you as a sexual toy instead of dating...

KA: Maybe you could clear this up. Donna Gardner from Adelaide said, "I think he's deluded, he needs to look in the mirror, uh, maybe he's too busy shaving under his arms." Do you shave under your arms?

AK: I do, I shave everywhere. I am actually a huge fan of grooming. I don't like hair both on women and men.

KA: Well, come one, give all the women who just need a chance. What can they do to impress you, Arthur?

AK: Well, first and foremost, y'know, some girls, no matter what they do, are just not gonna be able to hang in my company. But then there are others who, if they are, let's say a nine or ten, there has to be an aura of sexuality, of personality. They just, y'know, some girls can actually move up the Kade Scale because they exude sexuality...

KA: Oh, do tell. Another hint. We're hangin' here. Just give us another hint how we can move up that Kade Scale.

AK: Moving up the Kade Scale: dressing hot, what I call "Stripper hotness," and just giving off the "I wanna sleep with you" attitude.

KA: Ah, okay, now we've got it. Well, women of Australia are feeling much better for this, this morning. Arthur, I just can't explain what an experience this has been and I just want to say good morning.

AK: Thank you KAK, it's been a pleasure. Kade out!

KA: Some people can say KAK and some people can't.

WOW. What a crock of SHIT. I am so stunned by this mongrel of a human being that I've got absolutely no good insults to end this post with (not that I ever did...perhaps Zombie Kade Will Destroy You should do a guest post). It's a shame that Kerri-Anne didn't call you out on any of your bullshit. She seemed to play the "I'll pump up his ego in a slightly condescending way in order to make him say something even more offensive" game, like others in the past have. WHY, in the name of the GOOD LORD, can't ANYONE who has access to the mainstream, call this guy out on his bullshit IN PUBLIC? It's not as if they have standards! They're in showbusiness, for fuck's sake! Do any Australians know what Kerri-Anne thinks of Kade? Any links to video/audio of her giving her thoughts on that human shitpile?

If you're reading this, Arthur: even though I am a hater, I am NOT jealous of you; quite the opposite, as a matter of fact! I would rather remain a nobody than be known to a few hundred people around the world as an egomaniacal douchebag destined to be hated for the remainder of the lives of the people that have read your blog or seen/heard any of the interviews you've done over the past year. It has been said that people hate you because they envy you. Not true. They hate you because YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. There has also been talk that those who hate you are making you famous. That, also, is a bunch of bullshit; your comments have been dwindling as of late. One might assume that there are approximately thirty people out there who visit your blog simply to hate, laugh and have fun at your expense...and you somehow twist their morbid fascination of your (maybe) upcoming failure as being "fans" of "Duh Gurney."

Yes, you're confident, you live with a sense of bravado, you put it all out there...these things are true. I think it's because the mental censor (the rest of us developed while growing up) in your head was either flushed out a long time ago, or you never had one in the first place. Yes, it's better to be yourself and tell the truth, but what you're doing will ultimately destroy you. If your idea of taking over Los Angeles (or Hollywood, for that matter) is to be yourself in an area (supposedly) full of fake people, then you have had too many FailKrispies for breakfast. Some people are out of sync with the world because they haven't discovered who they are yet, while you are out of sync with the world because of who you are (or, more likely, have become).

(For the rest of you, I haven't commented on his last three posts because I've been busy, but I will get to them in time...Wig 'Th'tyle.)

On a slightly unrelated note, could this be the future for Kade?

Toronto letter-bomber says he was getting revenge


An aspiring actor-model testified Monday that he only meant to scare -- not kill -- a host of intended targets such as his lawyer, a judge and two modelling agency owners by sending letter bombs and spiked water bottles.
Testifying in his own defence, Adel Arnaout, 39, said he also wanted revenge against the Toronto Police.
"I wanted to waste their time and money the way they wasted mine," said Arnaout, adding the officers never investigated his myriad complaints against people he believed had ripped him off.


  1. Oh man,

    Please let the Australian ass kickin' tsunami begin!

    MAN - he is burying himself... This is THE best video showing his idiocy. I am laughing so hard I am crying!

    "KA: Some people can say KAK and some people can't."

    Legowig - you gotta report on what's happening in the comments over there, because I refuse to visit AK.com,

  2. Arthur has so many gay mannerisms this really is a Rock Hudson charade.
    I don't think she 'kicked his arse' infact she played right into his hands - kept going on about the kadescale....what about his constant fucking lying, the fact that he's never done fuck all, never achieved fuck all.....this stupid bitch just drones on about 'how would you rate Scarlet Johanson, who have you dated?......'. She never calls him on his lying...all in all a very disappointing interview, she allows the cunt to do what he does on his blog, fucking brag, lie, brag, lie.
    Arthur will see this as a total success and so he should. How about this for a starter question;....

    Q 1; Arthur; You call yourself world famous, you say you're Hollywoods most up and coming young actor...but we can't find you having had any speaking parts in anything - not even a commercial.

    Q 2; So, you are a compulsive liarwho lives in a faantasy world and gets attention by being crudely mysogenistic. You are quite a pathetic man and need psychiactric help.

    Q3; Your father is a convicted sex offender and abandoned you, yet you call him your hero. Doesn't this prove you are mentally abnormal?

    Q4; You have many gay mannerisms. Are you a bummmer?

    .......and that's just off the top of my pin head.

  3. LW Thank you for the transcript so I don't have to wait for it to download. What a shithead bugger nose thing he has ever been in my mind. I have been writing in several of the 30 names on his website lately. Only cause legowig decided to have a life and I didn't.

    Anyone here know what the rules are about making unflattering photoshops of Kade? I have made a few and am not sure whether I should claim them or deny them. Arturd the Zero has used two of them as his twitter photos. And I have a new blog up and I have so far left Kade out of it but won't forever. Rules about smearing in such a fashion? Anyone?

    EG, I want you to go to my blog and leave an eg comment about my newest/last post as only you can. I actually thought of you when I dared to put it up. (stupid daily mail Roflmao)

    Radda Radda


  4. The best delusion of them all is the Fucking Stupid T Shirt! Did he poll a group of 12year old boys and ask them what to wear?! Not to mention the stupid hat!

    If you're going to continue the Charade, clean yourself up. Using that old photo of yourself from 8 years ago is just proving how low you've gone!


    I hope LA is kicking you in the balls. You're nobody, baby!

    A fucking Suburban Limo! Really?

    Based on his relative Twitter Silence, things may not be going well.

  5. that photo is only 2 years old of kade, not 8 years.. it was heavily HEAVILY photoshopped

    lets be honest MOST people dont look very different at 32 then they do at 22.. but arthur is a world class douche that looks old as dirt due to bad skin

  6. Here's a link to Arthur's interview: http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/arthur-kade/xchevpo

    It's the link in my name too since the links don't parse in the comments.

  7. Sorry to bring up an old post, it was just the last one actually. That Karina chick is absolutely hideous. And boy has Michelle Miller puffed up. No personality between them, as full of themselves as Arthur and going nowhere at light speed. Philly trash for sure.

  8. I am sorry Legowig but your continuing referral to Arthur's comments as "lies" is completely, utterly missing the point!! By calling it "lies" you are giving him WAY, WAY, WAY too much credit, don't you get it!?

    These are DELUSIONS. There is a big difference. The dude is ill. He has a serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look it up. What gets me about your comments, Legowig, is that you are treating him as if the guy is sane and is just lying to us. There is nothing to lie about, he is DELUSIONAL, don't you get that?

    PLEASE don't call them "lies" anymore. Call them what they are : Delusions.

    One key trait in Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the complete lack of self-awareness and the lack of empathy. The man has no self-awareness at all. Its a serious disorder. These aren't "lies", as much as a schizophrenic isn't "lying". The lucky thing for the schizophrenic is at least in some of those case there are medications available. There are no medications for a character disorder like NPD.

    He has a complete, utter lack of self-awareness, that is key to the whole disorder, and incidentally that is where the unintentional comedy comes from. Telling him that he is lying is like saying a rabid dog is "lying and just pretending to have toothpaste in his mouth". It doesn't make ANY sense at all, and you are just playing into the whole notion that he is somehow mentally sane and just playing. Come on.

    Call it what it is: Delusions.

  9. Anon 3.38 - keep the fuck up dear - we've been down that road a hundred chuffing times, about as many times as I've been hilt deep up my schoolgirl sweetheart's anus - including leaving a batch of spongle up loitering in the colon.

    Arthur is what is known as a 'Fanatic Narcissist', look it up on Wiki.
    We know what the fuck we're talking about so don't come on here Kadeing it over us.............. I hope he does have a mental illness, makes mocking him even more fun.
    So.... are all compulsive liars deluded? Don't liars exist?
    Would you mind if we said he's a bit of a liar?

  10. G-G-G-Gravy face, G-G-Gravy face
    (Dah dah dah die)
    G-G-G-Gravy face, G-G-Gravy face
    (Dah dah dah die)

  11. I like how Artoad doesn't say he's "met" any of these celebs, he's just been "next" to them. As in way in the background photobombing them.

    His lisp is worse than ever. His speech therapist needs to give him a refund or stop trying to polish this particular turd.

  12. Radda radda,

    I think the rules on photoshopping Kade are open, but if I were to add my own opinions...

    Move away from any references to Kade being gay or hating gays. I could care less if he is gay, and I have nothing against gay people, but I don't want it to be used as a springboard for hate speech against homosexuals. No, I myself am not gay, but I think that avenue of insult has been, as eg said, "down that road a hundred chuffing times."

  13. @Anon 3:38

    No, you are right, it IS delusional more than lying. But EG has a point too. (I think) Basically, we aren't going to feel sorry for him as he won't shut up, and calling him a "liar" reaches into Artie's walled off mind much better than "delusions" does. No one can accept they are in a fantasy world, but they can wake up to having their veracity questioned.

    (Kudos, are you alright? I am afraid the wrongness that is "Kade" might be effecting you. I am honestly concerned.) Gaga is catchy though, I totally admit.

    Legowig, I appreciate your advice, thank you for replying! Though it is really hard not to pull the ‘gay’ card against Kade as the heterosexual tiger he pretends to be (even gays are afraid he might be gay) my worst photoshop made him out to have no sexual parts. That lets me off the hook.

    @EG Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog! My blog is no longer a virgin. It wasn’t what I expected you to go off on, but it left me in stitches none the less, and I agree.

    Radda X 2

  14. Kerri-Anne's voice was dripping sarcasm, which the Australian audience would have picked up on immediately. Kade may think it was a good interview, but anyone watching would know she was "taking the piss" the entire time. They should have out a laugh track in...