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So "",''',"#'"","'""',"'"The Journey"'',"'")''",''""':"""('''';""' is a year old, and it appears that Kade FINALLY got some lines in front of a camera, but these are not scripted lines, nor is he playing a character. As a matter of fact, he's being himself and having a conversation with an ACTOR who is PLAYING a character.
I have to give credit to the editors who did a good job of making it look like Kade can participate in a conversation; lots of cuts, though...I could see that the footage was jumping in at various parts of the conversation (as you may be able to tell by the continuity). I don't see this as being any different than Kade being invited on a radio show to explain his controversial point of view.

(If I do another Kade impression video, I'm going to have to get baked out of my mind on B.C. bud in order to mimic those droopy eyelids.)
I found it interesting in that the dialogue between the two of them moves along quickly (then again, to keep the audience interested, they have to). Amazin-guh-ly enough, his lisp IS toned down...but I could still hear it lithping through. I also didn't hear a lot of the little annoying comments that he usually makes in his other videos, but again, that's a matter of editing.

With all of the success that Arthur Kade is having as an International Superstar and celeb, I’m sure that Alec would really relish the opportunity to sit down face to face and give back to one of “Young Hollywood’s rising stars”, and help a career blossom into the rose that it needs to become. According to the Oxford dictionary of current English, third edition (2001), 'international' is firstly defined as "existing or occuring between nations." I agree with that: Arthur is hated in the United States, Australia, England and Canada. Therefore, I would change his title to "Internationally hated famewhore and wannabe celeb," but this is nothing new to the audiences of either website (ours or his). Christ, Kade! Your shit is so stale that I'M starting to repeat myself!

(Interesting side note regarding Alexa.com: I could not get an idea of how many hits Kade's site has had in the past month because "Historical data not available for sites ranked > 100,000." KADEFAIL and LEGOWIGWIN!)

“Every man wants to take a stripper out of the hood and turn her into their “”Pretty Woman”". That's DEFINITELY not true! And who says the stripper would want that for herself? What if she's perfectly happy being a nasty hoebag? It could have been her life's DREAM, man! You want to take that away from her? Your cruelty knows no bounds, NoseBlade. That reminds me: how's Sabrina Strickland doin' these days?

I was even thinking about inviting Danny Day Lewis (One of my all time fave Crafters who has worked with the best, and whom Arthur Kade has studied at nauseum to perfect some of his techniques and invisibilities) to come on my show in the first season to help revive his career a bit, and show a lighter TV Side that “The Biz” has never seen before while also connecting him to my generation. Mr. Day Lewis is definitely a top-notch actor, but even a guy as nice as him wouldn't appear on your show (you'll never have one) because he would laugh himself right out of that chair and the studio the instant you opened your mouth and started spittling all over his trousers, ya goofy fuck. Plus, even though the man doesn't make movies every year, it doesn't mean his career needs reviving. He's such a good actor that he can afford to do a film only once every few years and STILL be admired by everyone else in the industry. Finally, the guy's already connected to the current generation: Kelis and the word "milkshake" (have a look on Youtube once in awhile).

(I can’t wait to meet fellow Sexaholic, Dave Duchovny, at one of our company parties and talk about how to break the habit) So THAT'S what your book is going to be about! "How to avoid having sex altogether" by Athur Kade sounds like a blast of a title. Well, not a BLAST, but enjoyable....no, not that either. How about pleasant? No, one look at your face and "pleasant" is the LAST thing to come to mind (unless we add a line from Eric Blair's, AKA George Orwell's, novel, 1984: "Imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever"). You know what? I hope you DO meet David Duchovny, I hope he's been warned about you, and I hope he cuts you off when you start spittling off at the mouth to him and has you thrown out of whatever place you're in like a drunken bastard...then he has his burly security guards beat you into a paralyzed state...then he pounds some women in front of you as you're lying on the pavement, drooling blood and excess spittle...then the women do a snowball A.T.M....your mouth, specifically.

I am now questioning my choice in going short, and would also love Kade Nation’s feedback on whether I should grow my hair out again so that I resemble more of a Greek God? DEFINITELY grow your hair out. It will make the morphing transition from your current cranial mop-mess to Super Saiyan easier. Then you can be in videos like this one:

I told a girl last night, “I look so hot on TV that I would have sex with myself”, and she said, “I think you would have sex with yourself anyway”. Of COURSE Junky McHydrantgrinder masturbates! He probably uses his own tears as lube because he has angered (and turned off) so many women that he would have to drop such a powerful drug cocktail into a girl's drink that it would stun a wooly mammoth.

the level of articulation and intelligence that I naturally show impressed even me. Like I said before, it's called "editing," fuckhead. They do that because showing the entire scene between you two, uncut, would have been so long, boring and filled with awkward silence that the audience might have mistaken it for you trying to pick up a woman in a mortuary waiting room while trying to eat Chinese take-out with a spoon.

the cast of Jersey Shore are HUGE fans of “The Journey” already. Oh yeah, that's it! Douchebags who want to emulate a douchebag. I'm going to guess that if any one of them visited your site and read some of your blogs, they would come to the conclusion that you're a loser, a douche, or both, and then go back to tanning and grooming themselves. It would be absolutely priceless if they, as douchebags, called you a douchebag. Could you not see the absolute beauty and humor in that? Probably not. You'd most likely call them "hacks" or something. By the way, Kevin Brueck wants to know how it feels that "You are never EVER EVER going to be famous. Ever." (Kevin's latest comment on Turdbag's Youtube page.) Can you fill the Gen Pop in on that?
And do NOT think that your appearance on "La la land" is going to make you famous. Quite a few of the comments that I've seen on your blog have people hurling insults at you and then saying that they're never coming back. Famous, you are not.

Also, Any Long Time Kade nation Member will remember my hair cut 6 months ago that was short and forward that fans thought resembled a Lego Figure and now in this month’s InTouch Mag, all my celeb counterparts are copying it…Arthur Kade is always ahead of the fashion curve (Pic and Vid Below). "shit she disappeared" was NOT a fan and is not now (welcome back, by the way; I saw your comment in a recent post). So you, myself and the admins here at LWK, and InTouch magazine should be praising "shit she disappeared" for their brilliant commentary on yet another chapter of your laughable life. I would also like to extend thanks to Matt Beauchamp for his Cliffs Notes post, which allowed me to find the first reference to 'lego wig.' You can visit Matt's post here or see the comment here. (Sorry Matt, I couldn't post the screengrab of HotOrNot because it's not a picture file....either that or I'm a moron.)

Regarding your intro to two of your videos ("The Celebs Copy My Hairstyle" and "Johnny Weir"): you're ACTUALLY in those places? I mean, REALLY actually? For real? No way! Like, totally? You're so, like, totally, actually there, and stuff? OMG! Actually? Really and truly?
Why in the holy shit would you have to say that you're "actually" anywhere? Are you accidentally exposing another one of your stupid verbal habits (another being the use of "amazing"), or are you intentionally creating something new for us to feed on?
You know what, Kade? I wish your spinal cord was as flexible as that of a cat's. Why, you may wonder? Because then someone could run up behind you, hit you in the backs of the knees (causing you to fall onto your back), then they would rip your pants off while one of their buddies holds you down and crams a bottle of X-lax into your greasy mouth and compresses it like a Yop (from Yoplait) bottle, shooting that nasty laxative liquid down your gullet, then the guy who tripped you would bend your torso over so your nasty ass would be pointed directly at your face....and then your own chocolate mountain would suffocate you.

On a completely unrelated note:
On December 23rd, 2009 we posted the “Arthur Kadyshes, Creepiness, Coke, and Face Rape” (http://legowigkade.blogspot.com/2009/12/arthur-kadyshes-creepiness-coke-and.html) and linked to a blog by a Philly girl who wrote this article (http://sweetlifeconfidential.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/weiner-of-philly-the-face-raper/). Recently, she did a post for aroundphilly.com about Philadelphia’s Cocaine Culture. You can read more about it here (http://www.aroundphilly.com/cocaine-culture-in-philly-philadelphia-visit/a-5639)

Lastly, I know it's late to be saying it, but a big THANK YOU to ArturdTheZero for coming out of their coma and insulting ol' Arturd in the way that only he can!


  1. ".... and then your own chocolate mountain would suffocate you."

    I would like to request that the word 'greasy' be included somewhere in that sentence if at all possible. Thank you in advance for your consideration regarding this matter.

  2. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Arthur_Kade_scammed_on_TV_show_.html

  3. Why do you hate Athur sooo much, u fuckin super huge loser????

    The guy behind legowig is a much larger loser than Arthur. Definitely a 30 year old virgin.

  4. This is the best website in the universe! (:

  5. I like his tweet where he claims he's been SAG eligible for over a year now, but he chooses not to join.

    I'm not up on SAG rules, but don't you have to be more than an extra... excuse me, featured background, to join?

  6. To Anonymous @ 4:30 PM:

    You must be new here. Get it straight...

    I'm a 30-year-old retarded, pale, fat, greasy, stinky, hideous, envious, worthless, neck-bearded, basement-dwelling, Hot Pocket-eating jealous Gen Pop loser virgin with genital warts, a boring job, no life and no friends.

    So yeah, if you're going to hate, get your shit together.
    (Ah, memory lane.)

  7. To hellkell,

    I'm not trying to defend him in any way, but you are wrong about SAG. You can join after getting 3 vouchers as a SAG extra. Productions only have to have a minimum number of SAG actors on any show, so getting these are rare. I worked very hard and after 2 years, I had one.

    However, there are other ways to join SAG. One way (which we can pretty much guarantee he has not done) is to get a Taft-Hartley. This means that you were hired as a non-union actor on a production but got upgraded to a speaking role. These are pretty common but I'm sure he would have written about this if it happened.

    The final way into SAG is to be a member of a sister union (AFTRA, AEA, AGVA) and have at least one principal role. One year after that, if you are up to date on all dues, you become SAG eligible. This is actually how I became SAG-E. But for this to have happened and for him to be SAG-E already, he would have had to be a principal character at least a year ago. Since the journey has just passed the one year anniversary, I seriously doubt this.

    And please, everyone, stop commenting on him not going SAG the moment he is eligible. This is actually bad advice for an actor. First of all, dues and initiation fees will run close to $3000, so most people spend time saving up. Also, once you join the union, you can no longer do non-union work. Since so much out there is non-union and pays quite well, many people are just remaining SAG-E until they become a "must join". I've been SAG-E for 1 1/2 years at the advice of my agents. I still go out for both union and non-union work, but I do look forward to the day that I join and my career reaches the next level.

    As I said, I'm not defending him. But I want all of us who are against him and his stupidity to be educated on the issues we are discussing. If you have any other questions regarding the industry or what reality is as a working actor, ask.

  8. Ann Onymous: Cool, thanks for the SAG rundown. I had no idea.

    Not like Artoad could afford the dues, he still owes the IRS and can't furnish his apartment.

  9. I agree about the editing of this clip. It makes Arthur seem like a competent motivational speaker. (albeit obnoxious and full of shit) Whenever Art does a monologue (Wall Street, Wedding Crashers, Willy Lomax) he always makes these ridiculous, unnatural pauses. I would love to see a transcript from this clip and then have Arthur do it as a monologue. I'm sure it would be laugh out loud terrible. And they're his words!

    Also to answer nadda's question from the other place, I have a friend who worked on this show. Arthur was not in on the joke. He realizes at the end and according to my friend it's hilarious. I can't wait to see it.

  10. I'm pretty sure the previous guy who ran this blog was a 28 yr old resident physician (psychiatrist) and the current guy who runs the site is "Alex B" who made some of the funny videos from before. Unless I'm mistaken, Alex B is about 21 and is a college kid somewhere in Canada? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  11. Yes, it's obvious we have a new main Lego Wig. The first principal Lego Wig burnt out on Arthur Kade and this blog, and who can blame him? Arthur liked to think that Lego was obsessed with him beyond belief, but in reality, dissing Arthur began to pall for Lego (who had a life).

    Thankfully a new Lego Wig has come forward to run point on hating Arthur for the rest of us, relative dilettantes, who can stop by to slam Artie when we have a free moment.

  12. Hi! I'm a "relative dilettante" N1 - I like it. I was trying to figure out a name for my thtupid fathination for the trainwreck that is AK.

    I love to "stop by to slam Artie when (I) have a free moment"

    Another Relative Dilettante,

  13. To Anonymous @ 4:30 PM:

    Firstly, "Why do you hate Athur sooo much, u fuckin super huge loser????" Actually, none of us here know anyone named Athur so your point is moot. :P

    Secondly, there is no "u"in Legowig. We are just an anonymous bunch of "you" in the plural who are strangely obsessed with this sad, yet fascinating Arthur Kade nonphenonmenon and don't want to drive up his web stats, but still want to know the latest about his non journey with his nontourage to the eventual well of obscurity.

    Thirdly, our esteemed host and moderator (who may or may not be a 30 year old virgin you claim he is or the retarded, neck-bearded virgin HE claims he is) Legowig got it right...

    "you must be new here"

    LMAO, Legowig!

    Another Relative Dilettante,

  14. On the 'jade/kade' post by Arthur - the one where the pretty girl in the red dress hogs most of the photos, there's a fellow with a black beany doing Arthur type poses, pouting lips, moody stare etc. It occured to me, having met Arthur types before, that they usually attract these semi retarded followers who believe in their greatness. I would bet the 'beany hat man' is part of the nontourage, and has latched on to Arthur. What I'm saying is, the quality of Arthur's 'friends' is basically rock bottom - Social misfits, low IQ types, who will buy into Arthur's celebrity persona - and of course with a willing ear, dear Arthur will drill it into them that he's famous. I'm beginning to see Arthur as a 'social' case, someone who can live in society but is inadequate, due to a mental illness. Everyone who meets him will suspect something's wrong, the wiring is fucked up, but it's something more than the monumental narcism.
    Like he's had a bang on the head that we don't know about, a motorbike accident. Some trauma has happened.
    Anyway, I no longer have any lingering doubts as to Arthur....he's %100 genuine - the incredible bragging on the LaLa Land video - I imagine he says all that to everyone he meets.
    He won't ever get anywhere in acting because he can never cover his illness, casting agents will spot there's something not quite right about him, something unnerving. The question is - when and where did he get that bang on the head?

  15. eg.. from someone that knew him before he totally lost it.. YES it is 100% GENUINE..

    him, his pal chag boonswang have been a cancer on the phildelphia scene for years now..

    These people are nothing more than mentally ill famewhores.. you just get used to it.

  16. So I watched the episode of "LA LA Land" last night and here's a working actor's perspective on it.

    If he was in on the joke, this would not be too bad. But it's clear that he wasn't, so this is no better than appearing on "Survivor" or "The Bachelor". No serious actor would do reality tv because after appearing on it, casting directors don't take you as seriously as they did before. They see reality tv "stars" as fame whores, willing to do whatever it takes to get on the cover of tabloids and to be written up on tmz and perezhilton.

    I would not consider bragging about this episode or even putting it on my resume. I have done game shows in the past for the fun and opportunity to win some money, but I don't tell too many people about it (I had to tell my agents because they have to know everything).

    I feel like bragging about appearing on this episode is the same as bragging about being interviewed for a man on the street segment on CNN. You didn't do anything special and everyone could have done it. This in no way was an acting job or representative of any acting skills at all.

  17. "Guess how many teeth I've got" is going to absolutely be my new pick-up line at bars.