Arthur Kade Dresses Like an Idiot for New Years Eve and Calls It Couture

We all knew Arthur would usher in the New Year in Philly and that he would do so wearing some form of unattractive, inappropriate attire. Well, the jacket, shirt and pants weren't so bad. What we don't get is why in the holy hell he was wearing 3D glasses from Avatar (stolen, obviously) with the lenses popped out. He looked like some kind of deranged 1930's gangster merged with a Groucho Marx doll with that cheap wool fedora and those glasses. Even more astonishing is that he calls this "couture." For those of you that don't know, couture is defined as the following: "...the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques." As a commenter on his site pointed out, a Calvin Klein off-the-rack jacket, off-the-rack pants, a tuxedo shirt, and a costume shop fedora do not equal couture. 
It's still amazing to us that Kade doesn't even try to appear intelligent. He really thinks that outfit is couture because he doesn't even know what the word means. He just likes to throw terms out there and see what sticks. 
So it's 2010 and Kade promises this will be "the year of the brand." We at LegoWig fully expect this year to be nothing but more of the same: more failed auditions, no speaking lines, very little press, more drugs, more nights out at clubs, more calling himself an international celebrity without ever leaving the country, more lies that he has millions of fans, more alienation from his friends, and in general just more and more bullshit, because that's all Arthur Kadyshes can offer the world - BULLSHIT.
After an amazing New Years Eve in Philly (I decided to stay at home because a) it was probably Arthur Kade’s last New Years in Philly, and b) I am working on something right now that will be much more advantageous for “The Journey” that I will hopefully be announcing shortly) at a private party at the newest Not Yet Opened restaurant on the 37th floor of 2 Liberty called R2L, and then Recess, it is time to go back to work “Kade Style” and make this the year where The Brand becomes a Global Icon, and takes his next step to Lil’ Oscar. My computer has been malfunctioning since New Year’s so I am fully operational, and will resume regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

A note about these photos - Arthur's stupidity shines like a star considering he uploaded and posted several completely blurry photos. But then we realized, what a great thing he did for us! It's actually so much easier to look at these pictures when his hideous nose, rapey eyes, chapped lips, and neck acne are not plainly visible. So we ask this of you Arthur: please post all blurry photos from now on, OK?

Look folks! Arthur took this home and had sex with it!


  1. R2L's party was not private, it was open to anyone for $150.

  2. My bad putting 'delete' in all the blurry photos comments. You are totally right, they are the best in the bunch, except the last one. That just cracked me up.

  3. He looks like a fucking idiot with those glasses. He's so stupid he I bet he wore them all night, it wasn't even a JOKE!

    Wasn't there an old Three Stooges Bit where Curly put on glasses and asked Moe if these glasses make me seem smarter?

    What was the punchline??????????????????

    Kade is his own punchline!

    Useless Fuck!


  5. I can't fucking believe anyone - even a brainless retard like Arthur Kade - would walk around in glasses like that, with the damn lenses popped out! And he's calling this "trend setting?" What trend? Trends are things that people follow, and so far the trends he's claimed to set already existed.

    Stupid t-shirts meant for 12 year olds? Check.
    Fedoras? Check.
    Untucked short sleeved shirts with ties that don't match? He says he started it, nobody seems to have followed.

    Wearing 3d glasses that he stole from a theater with no lenses? WHY IN THE HOLY CHRIST WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?

    I must admit, I am still dying to know what his end game is. He has spent the better part of the 2009 making himself into the most ignorant, intolerable, laughed-at prick in the world by the very small number of people who actually see him or read his blog. When it all goes down the toilet, where does he turn? Where does he go for a job? Who would hire someone as toxic and as big a liability as him? He would be worthless at any job because he's so far gone down the path to thinking that he's famous. How would he go from his current existence as a wanna-be celebrity/movie star to working back at his previous job selling life insurance? It would be just crushing to him.

    Anyhow, I'll still be watching constantly to see where it goes.

  6. How will he know when he has failed?


    " I hate delivery dudes who can't speak arthur kades language "

    Scene opens in some random apt. building in Phila.

    Knock on Door

    Arthur (From Inside): "Yeah......wha"

    Young Lad: "Dominos Pizza"

    Arthur (opening door): " Hey, do you know who I am?"

    Pizza Lad: "Uhm, Extra Large Pizza with anchovies, and ham and pinnapple."

    " That will be $14.26"

    Arthur: "Really, I'm Arthur Kade...... I can take a picture of you and your Pie and put you on my website and you'll be famous. I'm Arthur Kade"

    Lad: " That will be $14.26"

    Arthur: "I'm a soon to be Oscar winning, NY Time award winning author". "I have a Nation! Women want me"

    Lad: "Sir, I have other deliveries....... $14.26.

    Arthur: "Do you accept Amex Black?"

    Lad: "Cash Please"

    Arthur: "I'll be right back, you can put the Pizza on the Beach Chair".

    Arthur Returns with $15.00....... hands it to the young Lad

    Arthur: "keep the change" "remember, you've just met Arthur Kade"

    Delivery Boy: "Wow Mr. Kade! Oh and Fuck you you cheap piece of shit" " Have a nice evening....remember, you've just met Tom from Domino's and if I see you on the street......"

  8. Blandoh's twitter..."I'm horny. Who should I booty call"

    How about the same sock full of sand you've been using the last year?

  9. There are people who currently wear glasses when they don't need to, for fashion and to look more intelligent. There are glasses made called "cheaters" for these people, which have lenses with no corrective powers.

    I personally think that is asinine and a witless waste of money, but it has been topped by Arthur Kade. Mutilate a free pair of 3D glasses and go out partying on New Year's Eve, bragging about your fashion look! That's right up there with the time he spraypainted "KADE" on a mangy t-shirt or the time he wore a garish short-sleeved shirt with a clashing, garish tie to what he proclaimed was the fashion event of the year.

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  11. Marissa Miller looks like a used-up crack whore these days.

  12. Artoad shouldn't stand next to hot guys, it just makes him look worse, a feat I didn't know could be achieved.

  13. I have a feeling his blog could BE the book. It would fall under 'humor'. His twisted prattle with no editing...selections of our bile (witty and funny and disturbed in our own way) with each 'chapter'. I am not saying he is faking all this, just that all the book agent had to say was "we think your blog could make a great book" and he would have been flattered, ignoring the part where the agent classified it as *HUMOR*. (being laughed at rather than with)

    The only problem with 'blogs turned into books' is that it is already online for FREE. Unless he has actual fans that are keeping mum because they are afraid of us, I can't see a book like that flying off the shelves. It would have to be marketed in just the right way, and the only ways I can imagine would simply bring Artie more haters. Is this what they call a Faustian deal?

  14. Why is this post third when it was posted today and was at the top of the page?

  15. The glasses are a great idea; now we can all watch him fail in 3D!

    Seriously, thinking a pair of stolen 3D specs is an "homage" to his being a movie star is in the same league as thinking a tinfoil hat will stop the government's mind-control satalites from reading your thoughts.


    - Kater

  17. @Anon 4:45, as I said on Kade's site, we don't know who that girl is. You tell us who she is. I can't tell how old she is by looking at her.

    Kater, you are the one who sees him around alone all the time, right? Please take some pictures of that for us. Seriously.

  18. sorry I rarely check his site because he annoys me so much. But yes she is 17, she is in highschool. Look her up- Alixandra Raymond, she is a gorgeous girl but he should not be hanging out with her she's in high school and it would be illegal.

    And yes, sadly I see him out a lot. I need to start taking some pics to prove his lies. Thing is, it would be all too obvious because he is always in the corner alone. LOL, he will totally know I'm taking it. Oh well, starting this weekend, I'm on it!

    Lastly, I don't know if I've posted it on this site but I've seen him begging the doorman at G for 30 minutes to get back into the Mogul room (the night snoop dog was coming) and they would not let him back. It was hilarious. My friends & I made it a point to wave our bracelets (that they give you to get into the mogul room) in his face as we walked past him. I wish I would have documented it. And yes, I know it's very immature but I'm only 24 and we're dealing with Arthur Kade.