Arthur's Big Announcement - He's Going to Sundance as a Wannabe Actor

Arthur teased for an entire day about some big announcement yesterday, and in the end it was simply that he's going to the Sundance Film Festival at the end of this month - something anyone can buy tickets to attend. He wasn't invited. Instead, since he thinks he's a celebrity and part of Hollywood, he thinks he's going to go there and "compare notes about “The Journey” with fellow stars from “Old and Young Hollywood” like Robert Redford, Zac Effron, Paris Hilton, and Joel Schumacher." Yeah, seriously, he wrote that. A guy who has never acted in anything, never spoken a single line in any movie, calls these people "fellow stars."  Not only that, he also thinks that various industry people are going to be interested in an as yet undeveloped, unfilmed, unseen TV show that he lies about constantly and has the nerve to call a hit, not to mention an unwritten, unpublished, unread book that he constantly calls a New York Times Bestseller.
Grab a garbage bag, because you're about to throw up.

Many Gen Poppers have been asking The Brand as to why he skipped leaving town for an amazing and extravagant trip on NYE like he normally would (Last Year was amazing trip to Kadeami where on NYE I partied with Macy Gray and Jared Leto at The Setai and Mokai), and I have been promising that “The Year Of The Brand” would have many surprises to tickle the underbelly’s of Kade Nation around the globe (This is just the first with me unwrapping another special gift for The Gen Pop in a few weeks), and the first answer to both of those questions is now unveiled. Anyone in “The Biz” knows that the long-running Sundance Film Festival is regarded by movie makers as the most famous and premiere Indie film festival in Kademerica, and now one of “The Biz’s” fastest rising stars as an actor, author, and talent, Arthur Kade, will be in attendance. The Brand will be attending the first week of the festival (All people in “The Biz” know that The first week is the one that features all of the “A-List Talent, so I wanted my fellow “Crafters” to get the chance to meet me) with many of his “A-List” peers on The Craft and Directorial side, and it will mark the beginning of a new era for the festival with the attendance of such a rising and polarizing star, and I actually joked with one of The Entourage tonight at dinner, “If people thought Vinnie Chase had a great time in the land of “”Hollywood on Ski’s”", wait until they see the recipe Arthur Kade will be cooking up there”.
The Sundance Film Festival will be taking place in Park City, Utah starting January 21st, and it will be amazing to sit down and compare notes about “The Journey” with fellow stars from “Old and Young Hollywood” like Robert Redford (The Founder Of the festival who I would love to talk to about my unique career path, and how many “Bizzers” believe Arthur Kade will revolutionize the modern acting world and maybe even give some advice to other up and coming actors), Zac Effron, Paris Hilton, Joel Schumacher and others that will be attendance, and I am curious to see all of the potential mega-attention that I get from agents, publicists and fellow Talent asking me about the revolutionary hit TV Show that I have been building with IMG Media for months, and how the authoring of my NY Times Bestseller is going with Trident Media Group, as well as comparing notes with fellow “Bizzers” on the various projects we are all working on at the moment for 2010, plus it will give The Brand a chance to meet and network with well known producers and directors who probably know who Arthur Kade is already after only 10.0012 months into “The Journey”, and perhaps even get a deal done to deliver lines or star in one of their up-coming movies (I was telling another friend today when I finalized the trip, “How cool would it be to have someone just say, “”I think Arthur Kade would be a great fit in my next movie. I wonder if he’s interested?”"”).
The other part of Sundance outside of the ability to see the movies and stars of tomorrow like myself, is that it is one of the great Hollywood party events of the year because every night there are exclusively sponsored parties and satellite clubs featuring fellow celebs and performers (I wouldn’t be surprised to see Usher or Alicia Keys hit the stage to sing), and the hottest tail from KA and NYC comes in for the skiing, snowboarding (I don’t really snowboard anymore because years ago while in doing it in Jackson Hole I hurt my ankle and ended up having a stress fracture that required 6 weeks to heel), and ability to meet future TV/Movie/Author stars like an Arthur Kade. It will be great to meet girls at parties in the village, or on the slopes, and bring them back for private Jacuzzi parties or a brilliant night of “Kadeing”.
Either way, this will be a bit of a coming out party for The Brand where many KA “Bizzers” who have been dying to meet him will now get their chance, and relationships will hopefully be built that will help me continue to redefine The Craft, “The Biz”, and take “The Journey” to new heights, as well as potentially meet a KA 9 or 10 to have some fun nights with that can be my “Cali-Girl”. I am also looking forward to building relationships with The Press and Papparazzi (I have been featured already on sites like The Insider and USA Today, but I would like to extend my reach further to People and US Weekly) there that will be covering The Brand for years to come, and many of them will be hearing about “The Journey” for the first time.
“The Craft evolves with it’s artists, and Arthur Kade is it’s New Darwin”…Arthur Kade…01/04/09


  1. That idiotic face with the squinty eyes and pursed lips he's making in the second video means he's "acting". I hope I never see what he looks like when he's "authoring".

    So the village idiot of Philly is going to buy a ticket and go to Sundance to annoy all the film directors, actors and industry people? That's gonna be a barrel of laughs. I can't wait.

  2. I wish I could go just to stalk Arthur. With a camera. To show that no one of importance notices him or talks to him till he starts slobbering on them. I would be very careful to catch the faces of these 'biz' folks when he approached them and as he tried to tell them who he was and how amathing he is/is going to be. (is spell check off? I am not sure of my spelling here) Anywho, if I had money to throw away and time to spare, that would be fun. A project I could dig into. Keven Bruek should go.

    I would comment more on this post but I have commented out on artie's site and youtube. (my loyalty wanes when I get bored and have a burning need to procrastinate from real life things I should be doing, sorry legowig)