2009: The Year of Kade's Failures in Review (Youtube video exclusive)

Like the rest of the world, we don't really give much of a damn about Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Crisco McLispo Fin Faced Failure"). However, 2009 was a pretty epic and humorous string of failures for our lying, lisping loon named Arthur Kadyshes. Here's a good way to start the new year, knowing full well that Kade is going to alienate even more people in 2010. Check out this video:

Please forgive us if we don't seem to care about this blog as much as we used to. It's really hard to put even 5 or 10 minutes into this thing when you stop and realize that Arthur is retarded and his enablers are just as classless and stupid as him. There is literally zero chance Arthur gets even one speaking part in any production ever, being that he's surrounded by an epic collection of losers and to get somewhere in media/entertainment, you need to have good people around you and have good connections to open doors. Kade has no connections and very low quality help--Last year he started off with Ron Hansen helping him get his site up and GN Kang acting as his videographer but those two have taken on lesser roles, only to be replaced by an inept and retarded midget named Chad Boonswang and a collection of poor, low class, aging failures at life named Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland and Lindsay "Teefs" Furman (the girl with a reddish Lego Wig looking hairstyle). In other words, Kade brought "D" level game in 2009, so I see no reason for us to keep smashing him with our "A game".

The plan for this site is just to keep archiving the horrible and stupid things Kade says, so we'll have evidence of that when he goes ballistic and implodes. Arthur's most likely course of action, when his "acting career" fails, is to start working at the salon with step-mom Raya Yukhimov and Leonard Kadyshes (the dad who neglected him). It would be sad, except that Arthur Kade is a douchebag failure at life.


  1. Standing Ovation! clap clap clap

    Sadly, he'll copy this and post it on his site thinking his fans are paying tribute!

    Favorite moments:

    Kade Braying like a donkey watching animal sex

    A bit o' Monty Python.

    All too good for the Kunt.

    Happy New Year Wig!

    P.S. He has not posted, twittered all day, have our dreams cumb true?

  2. As long as you guys can keep up with the insider info, I'm happy! I don't even read Kade's stuff anymore, even copied over here. It's too draining on my brain to try to comprehend it.

    I'm hoping 2010 brings some videos shot by people that spot him at his stupid clubs, sitting alone in a corner or slobbering over some poor Philly 6 trying to get some bathroom action. The only problem with that is nobody cares enough about him to even notice his presence. Had it not been for WWHM, I'd have never noticed him either!

  3. Gee....... Where Was Arthur (the Poster Boy of Young Hollywood)?

    From People:

    Lady Gaga Draws Young Hollywood to New Year's Gig.

    At Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve poolside performance at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel, the outlandish performer wasn't the only star on display: A gathering of single, Young Hollywood types were in attendance – with some as mesmerized with each other as they were with the singer.

    The performer then headed to her 3,000-sq.-ft. penthouse where, a partygoer says, "the afterparty raged on until the wee hours of the morning."

    As for the setting, the $35 million penthouse rents for $15,000 a night. "Lady Gaga has four bedrooms, a kitchen, whirlpool and amazing balcony overlooking the ocean," a source tells PEOPLE.

    At the afterparty at LIV nightclub, in addition to Panettiere and Connolly, celebrating stars also included rappers Chris Brown, Bow Wow and Akon, who showed up via Diddy's private dinner party on the tony residential community of Star Island. A source says, "Chris was in great spirits, but once he was inside, he stuck to drinking bottled water. He pretty much kept to himself, hanging out with Akon."

    Oh, so that's what a "Suite" is!

    Gen Pop

  4. I LOVE the video! Gave it 5 stars. May I have some more, please sir?? I went to youtube and watched all 4. I never saw the others before. More 5 stars. But I want 20 videos at least. Get editing Alex!!


    ON a side note, I have to add one of his tweets there to the permanent record. "Once a girl gone bad she's gone 4ever and is just a mouth and vagina after" after lamenting that girls can't fuck other guys cause that makes that makes guys sad... AFTER his 'lines of the nite': "bag it and tag it" and "people who aren't retards like us believe in love and commitment"

    Would someone please put super glue on the rim of his glass there at Rouge or G or where ever the hell he is, just for LULZ??

  5. that video was awesome! good job, sir!

  6. Marissa Miller was the girl "escorting" Kade to that douche-tasting guido party at Dusk. That's been noted. No real "story" there yet--if more info comes in, we'll make sure to get the word out. Not clear if Marissa really actively enables Kade... we haven't seen her in pictures with him and we have no reason to believe she's taking his videos or ghostwriting his blog. That's the kind of info we'd need before we put her in bold letters on our blog. Same thing for other fringe Kade figures like Justin Fine (people have written in telling us he's a coke dealer and may have supplied some of Kade's Nontourage, but that alone isn't especially worthy of its own post).

  7. Two twits saying he's 'horny' followed by two to amanda saying he's 'the fire' and all about the vag...then he twits perez hilton. Hmmm...gay, so gay. (And the homo's scream nooooooooooo!)

  8. It's like a battle between the hetro's and the homo's over who will get stuck with brandoh on their team

  9. @kudos

    Maybe the eunich's will take him?

  10. ha ha ha

    The @amanda__c kade twittered his el fuego at, first twittered to him with...

    "if @arthurkade twitters one more time how horney he is I will vomit."

    Yeah, don't be a cute girl and twitter at kade cause he will slime you.

    (her picture in my name)

  11. Oh, my silly, I know who amanda c is now, she writes the blog datingismiserable.com kade did a guest blog on it.

  12. This ad would have been perfect...except the last line...

    Seeking Eunuch

    Date: 2009-11-29, 12:52PM CST

    I have been in the pornographic films industry for several years and I'm so sick and tired of dicks I can hardly stand it! If you have no genitals or are willing to have them removed then you may be the man for me.

    I do not like and absolutely refuse to take part in any of the following:
    dirty sanchez
    strawberry shortcake
    flaming dragon
    donkey punch
    cincinati bowtie
    hot lunch
    golden showers
    cleaveland steamer
    the Paul Rubins
    gramma sophie's curtains
    the Pittsburg landfill
    I'm a mac and I'm a pc
    how to lose a guy in ten gays
    or any other sexual act of any kind.

    If this sounds like your idea of a good time then get in touch.

    serious inquiries only. No weirdos please.

  13. @ Rx2...

    You're right, brandoh said she had an Iowa face. He should call it the 'gade scale'. I think she's very cute.

  14. Kudos, the thing that makes me think he has something sexually wrong with him or is gay is that he can't stop using the word "vagina". Normal straight guys (aside from doctors) don't do that -- do they? Certainly not around me...I have heard it called 50 other things but not that. It is as though he is trying hard to prove something...like that he has actually seen one in his life. It just really feels off to me. Has anyone said that they know of any female who HAS slept with him? Is it possible that he has never had sex with a woman? (Maybe Danielle Poe was saving herself for marraige or something)


    How does 'gramma sophie's curtains' go exactly? Can anyone explain that to me? On second thought, don't.

  15. Found this on Urban Dictionary...

    Arthur Kade

    1. Internet Villain Douche. Supreme douche of the Universe. In 2009 created a blog about his self-described "Journey", referring to his inevitable rise to fame as an actor and his greatness at getting chicks, specifically chicks that he deems are "9's or 10's. In 2009 he surpassed John Edward as greatest douche in the universe. 99% of comments on his blog explain his doucheyness but the doucheness has reached such critical mass it is incapable of self-awareness.

    2. n. complete douche; any person who by general consensus is a complete cheese dick that is unaware of their douchy effect on others, e.g. making others so angry and disappointed in the level of doucheyness that this new asshole has reached that it results in an utter loss of faith in mankind.

    3. n. Any delusional internet faggot persona who thinks they are great and admired by others when in reality they make others want to commit collective suicide in horror.
    Man that guy is such an Arthur Kade; he actually thinks people read his blog in earnest interest when really they are glued like accident bystanders to the sheer doucheyness of the faggot.

    "John has reached the point of a douche intervention from his friends. His Arthur Kadeyness has reached such a point he no longer understands that talking about himself in the 3rd person and how many 9's and 10's he fucks not even Tucker Max could compete in internet blog arrogant doucheyness. Fuck that Kade faggot."

  16. he has a post up now where he says that professionals like lawyers, accountants and doctors will be driving their hyundais while he will be in a Bentley. He is the definition of delusional...

  17. Where is AKZList / ArturdTheZero on Twitter????

  18. ...'John Edward' ?...Is that the cunt who makes out he can talk to corpses?..... he's on the tele over here. His technique is utter shite...constantly asking for 'validation' ( his favourite fucking word) and bullying the poor deceived grieving folk into agreeing with his guesses.
    Of course he also gets his assistants to talk to them in the queue outside to get info...'Hello love, who do you want John to get into contact with?'
    ...'Well, my dear old Bert passed 2 years ago into the other realm and the old cunt hid all his money, then had a heart attack and now I can't fucking find the stash'.
    .....'I'm getting a Bert coming through....pains in the chest area.....did the old cunt hide his money?'

    .....if it's a different John Edward then I sincerely apologise

  19. radda @12:21 AM,
    Most of us only use the word 'vagina' ironically or in a funny way, i.e. "Arthur Kade is the internet's biggest vagina."

    eg, that's the correct john edward. he is the worst. on behalf of all americans, i apologize for subjecting you to his televised douchery all the way in the UK.

  20. This cannot end.... It is the year of Kade, we need to keep up the pressure.

    Legowig, total commitment, total support

  21. Ah, so it is him. Do you all see him as the lying charlatan he is? I mean, he's a proven cheat - still, maybe that sort of thing brings comfort to some, it's a money spinner for sure.
    We have a veritable cornucopia of fakesters here of our own, the dirty scoundrels even have their own tv channel - you can ring up some dodgy looking gypsy bint and she'll tell you total made up bollocks for an hour....and you'll be charged £75 on your phone bill. But really, if one is a daft enough cunt to fall for it then one must expect to be parted from ones money.
    John Edward is particulatly nauseus though, got a mouth like a fucking puffa fish, fucking odd looking cunt.

  22. We have 'phone psychics' too eg, although they're not as popular as they used to be.

    I never understood how Dionne Warwick got caught up in all that BS promoting "Miss Cleo" and her herd of 'psychics'.

    John Edward makes me nauseous.

    I'd like to say I can't believe people are that gullible, but the Nigerian scammers have consistently proven that people are stupider and greedier than even I thought they could be.

    I don't consider the movie Idiocracy a satire, so much as a documentary film!

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