The Beast Is Back - Arthur's Body Continues To Look Like Garbage

What in the hell does any of this mean?? "Transforms from a Category 2 Tropical Depression?" Also Kade, we're all for you taking up Matt Beauchamp on his offer to prove that you can bench 255. We all know you are lying, so put up or shut up. Beauchamp asked for a video of you lifting 255 lbs once, but we want a video of you doing a 10 reps at 255 lbs. Not one rep, but a full set of 10. Let's see it. Lifting weight once doesn't mean shit if you can't rep it. You're an ugly, untalented, unemployed liar. We won't pay you anything for doing either, we just want to offer you an opportunity to prove something for once.

As Arthur Kade transforms from a Category 2 Tropical Depression Over The Atlantic to the Category 6 Hurricane Kade that will be invading, dominating, captivating, and embracing the Sundance Film Festival, “The Journey” is living in the gym (When I saw what my face and neck looked like on NYE, and how FAT I looked, it was a wake up call that a future TV/Movie/Literary star as Arthur Kade can not mail it in like Gerry Butler who has put on 50Lbs. since 300), boxing, playing basketball and soccer, and doing what needs to be done to get back in the shape I can be in these pics below (I also have a contest going with a girlfriend of mine around this, so there is ZERO chance I lose to a girl!!). One of The Entourage who saw me benching 255 Lbs. last night at the gym said, “Holy Shit, The Old AK is back”, and I have been doing 2 a days since NYE and am like an absolute beast right now. It’s on like Kade Kong because when The Brand is in shape, he has one of the best bodies in the world!!!!! I will be detailing The Brand’s workout shortly and Arthur Kade will be the talk of Hollywood at Sundance, plus there is a chance my Cali BFF and Kade Nation Super Fan, Kent Osborne will also be there so we can have a “Kade Style” reunion, so I want to look like he remembers me from my KA domination in June.
“I wonder if Jerry Rice would want to work out with a celeb like Arthur Kade for some publicity?”…Arthur Kade…01/06/09

Before you watch the new videos, let's refresh your memory on this very honest critique of Kade's body from an actual trainer, from back on August 6, 2009. If anything, Kade's body has gotten worse, and, knowing the complete lack of dedication he has to anything, it should be expected that he will not improve much about his body. He looked terrible back then, he looks worse now, and he just doesn't have the ability to change in the time that he thinks he can change.

New Videos:

These next two photos are so completely hideous, there are just no words for it.

Look people! Kade finally realizes that he smells like shit and sweats like a pig, that his breath smells like an old cum rag, and he's trying to do something about it!


  1. You people should see this asshole when he works out. If he's not busy checking his ipod and popping his head around to music, he's looking around for a mirror to flex into. Yes, you heard me - he's one of those pussies who has to validate himself nonstop by flexing and grinning in the mirror. People at the gym laugh at him constantly, I've heard it out on the floor and in the locker room. He barely even breaks a sweat most times. He just does a lot of sitting or standing around, spending so much time resting instead of actually lifting.

    Anyhow, I've read your blog for a while and it's just by coincidence that I'm at the same gym. This guy is a joke and I know so many established people in Philadelphia that can't stand what he's doing. Favorite son he calls himself? Damn, if that's true why do I know several people who are just waiting for an opportunity to beat the shit out of him if he messes with their girlfriends or wives.

  2. That is funny, that first video. Was the guy fucking with him? Junior High arms? Blobbo is not going to win any awards for best body, but lol. Seriously. And the thing that I thought was the worst, his calves, the guy *didn't* slam. Is that trainer a kater like us I wonder? Out to mess with dohdoh's mind?

    It is going to be SOOOOoooo funny when he rips something from these panic work-outs. And I mean literally rips something.

  3. @ Kyle

    The way Kade spends so much time in bathrooms, he shoots videos and photos in them every other blog it seems...I decided a while back the reason was THE BIG MIRRORS.

    You have to sneak us some of these redicutardulous gym shots you spoke of, that would really make our day. Thanks for telling us about his "kade-style" work out ways.

  4. I would love to see a video of The Kade's "workout" (shot without his knowledge or permission, of course). I'll bet he's one of those douchebags who swings the weight(s) around, has little to no form, no idea of rep cadence, and cannot control his breathing (much like what he was doing at the cable crossover station in one of his workout videos posted in August 2009).


  5. The peculiar position of his nipples is the result of attempting to press 225

    Too bad the bar rolled toward his stomach and not his neck. Yellow lard would have come out of his ears.

  6. @ Magistrate...

    The best was when his 'trainer' told him to "touch his chest"...and he fondled himself. That guy had a "what am I doing here" look on his face after that. You know he chose every word carefully from then on.

  7. Crafting. This is what makes the brand an oscar winner
    about 5 hours ago from UberTwitter

    Words cannot describe how absurd this statement is. If he is trying to "cut down" then why the hell is he taking cell mass and protein? I can understand the nos, I take it on days I don't really want to work out, but everything else will put on mass. Such a fucking idiot. I bet that trainer wants to kill himself for taking him on as a client.

  8. @RaddaX2,

    I'm always The Loo. Just for yesterday The Blonde (AKA La Rubia) and I were the emots... just mixing it up a tad. The Blonde and I are VERY odd as well. Very odd indeed!

    Ok... I'm always in '404' mode when he says "Crafting". I picture him gluing macaroni to paper plates and making ghosts out of lollipops. Then again... it's him.

  9. LMAO, @TheLoo re: "crafting" -- your description of him crafting is just hilarious.

  10. Ten reps will never happen. I'd be shocked at a single rep with no help off the rack. I stand by my bet.

    Post the video and I send $500 cash.

    He didn't touch my other offer either - that he wouldn't accomplish ANY of his New Years Goals, not only in 2010 but EVER, with certain exceptions which I enumerated on that post.

  11. @ the Twitter "ArthurKade: Crafting. This is what makes the brand an oscar winner"

    He's talking about sitting at home practicing acting, as if he's the first person to ever do that, or he's doing it better than it's ever been done.

    Such an absolute jackass moron. Never even read lines in a movie and thinks he's practicing in his shitty apartment makes him Oscar worthy.

    Will someone please kick his ass already?

  12. Ok, People... I have cracked the code. This is what he means:

    Crafting is a valuable skill in Runescape. It is a varied skill which enables players to produce items such as jewelry, armor, and pottery for use or trade. At level 40 Crafting, while wearing a brown apron obtained from the Varrock clothing store, a player can enter the Crafting Guild. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at rank 2,000,000) on the high scores for Crafting level is 42.

  13. What I love about what you guys have done is this..
    Chad boonswang and a few of the other players, will be in the same room as kade, but wont talk to him or with him. they pretend they do not know eachother.. which is hilarious since the damage has been done..

    People like Tony Piazza still happily hang out with him everywhere though.. I can only assume because Tony is employed by his daddy he doesnt have to worry about career suicide that boonsawang has to deal with..

    But honestly hansen, etc. the rest of the guys will actually try to be in same room but not speak to the guy.. it's funny how people have to protect themselves.. hilarious actualy

  14. When Arthur says he is "crafting" I think he actually just sits there watching movies in the beliefe that it will rub off on him. He obviously does NOT practice at all. But he mentions a *lot* of movies he watches. IE: his mind sees it as some sort of home work, in the way reading a school book gives you knowledge, watching a movie does the same for an actor. Either that or "crafting" means standing in front of the mirror fixing his hair and making camera faces.

  15. Don't buy Gilette antiperspirant, folks. It obviously doesn't work on that pit-stained lunatic fucktard.

  16. @the loo and the blonde

    Thanks for clearing that up. You two write in a close enough style now that I can actually picture one person switching back and forth with an attitude adjustment to account for the differences. (you are friends in real life, right?)

    @Jbone I know nothing about the weight lifting ins and outs (though I should as my bro in law is a trainer, and my sister does the gym thing every day) ...what about all the crap he eats? Ham, mayo salads, cheese all over the place...my bro in law thinks that stuff is ridicule worthy when ANYONE eats it (he is a jerk), but how does that fit in with his three supplement powders as well(which I will forever now think of as 'cell mate', 'nose explode' and 'up your ass')? How much would you have to work out to work it all off?

  17. I love that it's so clearly obvious he reads the comments, judging by his filming a video buying the items he needs most. People have been ripping on him for months for his BO, bad breath, arm pit sweat, etc. and only now does he find the need to emphasize that he does anything to his body beyond palming his sweaty nut sack and wiping the grease on his face.

    It frightens me to even imagine this, but knowing how Kade always talks about his distaste for body hair on women and himself, I have to figure that he shaves his pubes so often that his mons pubis is constantly red with welts and razor burn. Totally sick, I know, but I have to guess that it's true.

  18. RaddaX2,

    Yes, we are very best friends. There really are two of us... I said to her yesterday that we are like two screeching gargoyles.
    Ardvargk benching 255 is like the Blonde conceding that his chicks are 'kinda cute'. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! (Cute is not in her vocabulary, unless it's meant with sarcasm.)

  19. Can't wait to see how those suppliments interact with Artard's other powder of choice

  20. @ Kyle

    Does Kade even have a trainer anymore? (Would a trainer let him get away with being a narcicissistic lay-about?) That came to mind because even to my totally ignorant mind, all the powders, all the fat, and all the mounds of meat (protein) he eats seems like he is consuming 10,000 calories a day, and in all the wrong proportions. A trainer would make a clear list of what to consume and when, right? No wonder he looks like crap. His skin, his rapid aging (unless he is doing meth as well), why he smells bad -- could all be down to what he puts in his mouth. The rediculous 'partying' lifestyle doesn't help -- though it doesn't look like partying as much as trying to keep up the 'socialite' lable. His nights out look boring as hell to me.

    But anyway, I ramble...I wonder if his trainer has cut him loose like his speech therapist clearly did.

  21. That chicks (17 yr old) Facebook photo has those lame gold lame drapes in the background. So, it's not like THAT was her first time at that place. Where is that? It must stink to high heaven from all the smoke, sweat, jizz, booze, cheap perfume, spittle, etc... who decorated the place? Lawrence Welk?

  22. @Anon 12:18

    You are right, her facebook photo is in Recess(?). (Dusk -- marquis lights on ceiling, curved walls. Recess -- 1970's gold lame' drapes. I will, unfortunately, get to know these places I will never go, and don't want to go, from the decor.)

    @ reality/kater

    It looks like it is impossible to call Kade out for something the girl is doing on a regular basis and her older sister condones. Recess should get in trouble for this and the older sister is crap for thinking it is cool her younger sister hangs in places like that with people like Kade. @Loo, mo slap AND credit card withdrawal for those two.

  23. @ Anon 12:18 - it's called "recess", haha as I said over on his website so fitting for a pedophile like him to be hanging out with 17 year olds at a place called "recess".

    @Radda - I agree, they should not be allowing 17 year olds into a place like that. Haha, someone should call the bars our dear friend Artie frequents and let them know members of his "entourage" are 17.


  24. Gah! Holy chicken legs!