"The Brand" is nearing rock bottom web exposure

Cockgobblin' Kade's website is a great blog to teach children how not to write. It's also a shameless and classless display of megalomania and various personality disorders. However, it is certainly not working out as a marketing tool for Lispy McSlobberfuck. Arthur Kadyshes blogs every day about the most random and minor aspects of his "celebrity life"... you know, buying a TV off the rack at BestBuy, finding out that his new apartment actually has lights (!), and getting speech therapy for his massive lisp and slobbering problem.

The problem is, Kade's site never caught on. Sure, it was picked up (and mocked) by a few other, much larger, sites. But the material was apparently too boring for most people. How do we know this? Well, thanks to Alexa.com of course!

Since Kade's site isn't even in the top 100,000 websites in the last 3 months, Alexa doesn't report full information, because the lines are too low/small for the scale on Alexa's graphs. What they do report is the changes, up or down, for his site now compared to this summer. The numbers are staggering.

Traffic Rank (over the last month): 260,321st (meaning over 260,000 sites get more hits)
Reach: Down 50% in last 3 months
Page Views: Down 70% in last 3 months
Page Views/User: Down 40% in last 3 months
Bounce Rate: Up 39% (Bounce Rate is the percent of page visitors who only look at a single page then leave)

Go here to see the numbers for yourself.

Why  is the 3 month time frame significant? It's not because that was the peak of Arthur's site... no, the peak was back in May, a full 6 months ago. His site was already falling 3 months ago. The significance of 3 months is, that's when this blog was started, about 2.5 months ago. This blog will be 3 months old soon and we're happy to contribute to Arthur's downfall, while also making a backup record of all the retarded things he does, so people can laugh at them for years to come. Keep sending tips and suggestions to our email. Thank you readers, thank you very much!


  1. I can't keep up! This is the last time...

    Lisperado, you are more than offensive
    Your writing is senseless
    You act like a dick
    You’re just a monkey
    And a cocaine snorting junky
    The end is in sight now
    And it’s coming quick

    If we rated you you’d be less than a two
    You’re so stupid that we laugh at you
    And we can’t help but wonder if your gay
    You talk like you’re a three-year-old
    And lisp and lie and look so old
    How long before you're put away?

    Lisperado, you say that you’re a-lister
    But you’re just a pisser
    Who squats when he pee’s
    You think you will be someone
    Oh someone that will be famous and rich
    But you’re just the bitch
    Of legowig and company

  2. You guys rule. Thank you and all of the Legowig community for this critical community service... Kade is such a massive douche, and I'm so happy he is getting his comeuppance. ROCK ON LEGO!

  3. Agreed^^^ He is such a pussy. I love the fact that he reads all of this shit and then tries to figure out ways to get his website on track with big announcements that always fall short. Fail fail fail. Fuck you Arthur go eat some catshit.

  4. Using sitelogr.com gives more info. Like how much his site is worth and how much he makes a day. It was $9 a day a month ago, and now it is $8. Last time I looked his rank was 172,000 or there abouts and now it it 204,930. It says how many visit a day (2519). I don't think they are all unique visits. There is a graph on sitelogr as well that shows visits for his site's history. It is bumpy but definately getting lower and lower...

    Just for a reference how insignificant that really is, put obsidiandawn.com in the site lookup in the top right corner. That is a site 99% of people would never have heard of (!), it gets 15,000 visits a day and is ranked at 42,778. (I get free photoshop brushes from there, great site!) Or perezhilton.com which is ranked at 468 and gets 836,000 visits a day.

    Link in my name.

  5. p.s. the difference in site ranking I think depends on different factors between the two sites. Like world rank versus US rank. Sitelogr has a link to alexia for each site as well.

  6. Did you happen to notice what other sites are from that IP? PunkinHead's and a gay site. HAHA.

    Art is so elite.

  7. @hellkell

    Actually, once you said that I went and looked and gnkang.com is on the same IP as well. I am becoming fairly convinced she is the one who wrote the first few months of his blog. (back when 'he' wrote like a person who made it through highschool rather than the 14-year old writing style we have today)

  8. Hahaha awesome. This blog is more like 2.5789478944 months old....Kade Style.

  9. Great Stuff !

    Thankyou Legowig.

    My bad. I posted a comment on the loathsome lying lisping lickspittlingly lamearse leper`s site. First and last time. Okay, I had been drinking and I know that`s no excuse for behaving badly. Won`t happen again.

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to read the boring, appallingly composed drivel the syphilitic leper writes and some time ago gave up on watching it drool through video taped shitheadedness, delusion and misogyny.

    Good luck on the authoring..shit eating syphilitic leper..