Rihanna's Own Words Disprove the Know-Nothing King Kang

As if following around a serial loser and misogynist didn't show a lack of class and judgment, recently King Kang (GN Kang of Wired 96.5's pathetic morning show starring a sappy fat guido douchebag named Chio) opined that Chris Brown should just release a new album, say a perfunctory "I'm sorry", and win back public support.

Well, as if she can read GN Kang's simple mind, Rihanna herself came out and admitted that she was stupid to keep giving a woman-beater more chances. Rihanna was interviewed by Diane Sawyer and her words are interesting. The linked article is worth reading, if you have time.

As this blog reported yesterday, this is not the first time that Chris Brown beat a woman and it certainly was not the first time he beat Rihanna. According to her, he was a serial beater.

But, you know, he doesn't need to walk around feeling guilty or seek therapy... he needs some public love for some mind-numbingly stereotypical pop tunes. We warned you that GN was associated with Arthur Kadyshes, so you can't say you're surprised to hear her retarded take on the issue. Hey GN, go back to mocassin and handbag shopping and leave the opinion-writing to people with a functional neocortex.

Hey GN, stop sending the wrong message to young people, especially young women. Try to get outside of your fame-obsessed mode and grow up a little.


  1. This is true. Dumb ass fake titted asian whores shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion on anything.

  2. Dumb ass fake titted asian whores should be allowed to have an opinion, but they should keep it to themselves (when its dumb ass)(and they’re fake titted)(and they’re an asian whore)

  3. I am not defending the ignorant bitch, but hey, being an asian woman doesn`t automatically signify ignorance. Keep it above Leper Level maties.

    Should better consider how far removed the scag is from her original patriarchal culture in which women are second class and are expected to benignly accept this even after they cop a bit of biffo from annointed one.

    I reckon the leper fits the profile of a woman beater. Devoid of empathy, hates womens` bodies, no moral compass, possible psychopathic tendencies, drug abuse..It`s all there.

    ..Shit eating syphilitic leper..

  4. Do you think Arthhur should have a funeral for his site cuz its dead.

  5. How the fuck does one do a conference call in any "style"

  6. She is a fame whore, she is the one who plays the asian card constantly, she is the one who shames her parents, she is the one who grinds the organ…NO MERCY

  7. english gentlenmanNovember 6, 2009 at 1:57 PM

    ....I cannot restrain myself. I must defend my sweetheart. I have ocassionally visited this site again after my retirement, but I am shocked to see the lady who has captured my heart receiving so much venemous abuse. I have, in the last few absent weeks, reconciled myself to accepting into my life her over large head........ and now there's no obstacle to my loving her completely. I dream that one day copulation will lead to my Anglo Saxon sperm swimming to her Asian eggs, thus procreating our child. If the little fucker has a huge head then so be it. Love has no bounderies. Her oxymoronic titties, firm yet soft, will comfort the cold English nights....I'll rest my head on her hills of womanhood whilst stroking her shaved Asian quimlet to ecstacy.
    I will be her teacher in life - possibly she is a little shallow and has issues when it comes to good judgement, but with my love and wisdom I will teach her the true joys of a post coitus gaping anus.
    So................ be not too harsh with my prettiest eastern flower

  8. @ english gentlemen…

    Had I known that romance was knocking on her back door (per se), I would not have participated in ‘pulling her chain’. I commend your ability to see beyond a minor physical abnormality. I would like to caution you though; natural childbirth could bring about some difficulties not easily overcome.

  9. Kang is annoying as hell on the radio with her idiotic commentary but in person she is just as awful as nails on a chaulk board. I wish that both she and Arthur could be crated up like the animals they both are and shipped to japan where they love American ex patriots. The fake tits. The skinny jeans, the outfits in general are all the rage there. Please Arthur, take g.n andfly the coop.

  10. just lost interest in the LFL...hard to take a league serious when they make and break the rules as they see fit. We just played against a girl that was 200 lbs that would never be allowed to play for us. Much respect lost for a lot of hard work dedicated on and off the field

    - G-N Kang

  11. If that is really you GN all I can say is you sure picked a bizarre day to post a comment. I mean, sure you want to vent, but did you notice the…fuck it, never mind.

    200 lbs.? What position did ‘she’ play? Or are you referring to krisko, at halftime? Does this mean you are going to quit?

  12. English Gentleman, no doubt you understand the insidious flights of fancy that lead us to the exotic flame eyed beauties of the Orient. I too fell for that look, that hint of something entirely different, the taste of sushi and kimchi, raw fish and garlic, the possibilities of weird sex unrestricted by judeo christian sensibilities, the scent of a woman totally unlike the big breasted small-headed mousy blonde things I know.

    I took the bait, hook line and sinker and have no regrets.

    Kang is a different creature all together and as Kudos quoted me, No Friggin Sympathy.

    Anyways, I thought I would offer the Syphylitic Leper some authoring advice (as opposed to actoring advice):

    Leper, rather than write fiction stories about your life why not write non-fiction stories about teenage vampires who get it on, or boy wizards with with spectacles who fight bad wizards, or Harvard professors of symbolism who solve weird mysteries in Europe. You would win a Pulitzer for sure !

    Shit eating syphilitic leper..