NASA designing special Kade-sized condoms

They really are! If you have an incredibly insecure, douchey guy in your office, family, or have any friends at risk of becoming Kade-like douchebags... consider giving them one of these for Christmas!


  1. Usually condoms have a warning about using them with petroleum products (Vaseline). I hope these (NASA) condoms can withstand the metabolized lard that oozes from The Crisco Kid’s facial pores.

  2. I guess I should explain…I just assumed that if Mr. Actor’not was going to wear a condom, it would be over his entire body and head. I don’t know if the paper bag over his head would afford much protection (for the condom).

  3. I'm loving all the "original" content! Well done!

  4. Hey, it's me AKZlist just wanted to let you guys know my new Twitter account is ArturdTheZero.

    Maybe he'll keep me around for a bit.

  5. Kade's no monster like MATSUI

    Fuck Kade and his bandwaggoning bullshit. One more instance of his equating profile with quality.

  6. What a fucking idiot.

    "What a shame. At least Philly still has arthur kade"

    It's just like Kade to give up so easily and admit defeat, even when it's only 7-3 in the 6th inning. Just like Kade to so quickly admit defeat and move on, just like he does with all the auditions, lies,etc. etc.

  7. Kade is a filthy bandwaggoning chump, but he doesn't admit defeat. He pretends the defeat never happened and that he's a winner. But he's a pathetic, needy, insecure, nervous, weak fuckfaced loser waste of cumb failure that everybody hates.

  8. I highly recommend reading the reviews on Yelp about Tavern On Broad where Cock Gobbler has been going to watch the World Series.


    This was the first one on there and it doesn't exactly sound like an "elite" place The Brand should be watching a game:

    Watched WS game 2 at Tavern on Broad. I had not previously been there since the Zanzibar Blue days, never actually made it to the Speakeasy. Anyway, like Greg L., I found myself there because a friend of mine said it was a decent spot to watch the game. Our first choice was McGillan's, but as we expected it was overflowing by 6 pm. The Fox and the Hound has too many out-of-town fans for my liking, despite the close proximity to my home. Anyway, the positives to Tavern on Broad where their draft specials, which included a 5-8 pm half-off happy hour special, then from 8-12 was $2.50 domestics. Craft drafts for $2.50 for a few hours then switching over to the light stuff to finish out the night was nice. I believe their 5-8 happy hour is every weeknight, but the 8-12 special was probably related to the game, we didn't ask. The crowd was mixed and into the game, which was cool. By the time the game started the place was packed.

    I looked at their website and it looks like they are trying be a nightclub on the weekends, at which point you will not find me there. Their TVs were serviceable for the game, but something was causing them to have a wavy distortion. During commercials they played pop music, which was fine. The acoustics were good when playing music, but not so much for the game. It was hard to hear much of the broadcast.

    We also ordered some food which was just average. The bright spot was their hand-cut fries which were nice to munch on during the game. The bartenders were very friendly, Marissa, I believe her name was, took very good care of us, almost too good by how quickly my beers were being replenished-then drained-it's the WS, my nerves were wrecked!

    I am tempted to give it a 4 for the cheap beers and great bartending, but due to the atmosphere being a little on the generic side, I am going to say 3. I will likely return to Tavern on Broad for a happy hour sometime in the future.

  9. I couldn't help myself from posting this on 'The Krisko Kid' site...

    What the fuck is wrong with your clock? Time change, Mr. Actor’not.

    Shopping bags for luggage, now shopping carts for moving dollies? You are the epitome of ‘low budget’.

    So, the manager of your ‘abode’ is caught up in cocaine too I see. That’s the only way you got into the place.

    “You like to think your immune to the stuff
    Closer to the truth is that you can’t get enough
    Your gonna have to face it…
    Your addicted to the stuff”

    You found an ability that is similar to your addiction…You want to believe it’s getting you somewhere, but in reality (a place where you never go) your heading downhill fast. You’ve gone completely sideways and you’re heading towards the wall. You haven’t risen from anything; you’ve only hastened your journey towards the gutter.

    What now, Mr. Author’not? Theater? Not likely.

    Good job, Douchefag.

    Be proud of being the best…at being the worst.

  10. And as for Boonswang…What up with the bi-curious behavior?

    Guys can’t be bi-sexual; they either do or they don’t. Guess they didn’t explain that in lawyering school. Look who the coke has you hanging out with, you sad little toad. Go sue yourself.

    GN, about the Asian fetish thing…

    Don’t flatter yourself, as you know by now, even $7000.00 didn’t help. Try spending .50 cents on your personality, it will be a better investment. And quit riding Krisko’s snail trail.

  11. FUCK! You're You're (not your)
    This is Krisko's fault, I can't even spell now.

    I bet he caused the swine flu too!