Kade Reality Check: Football Players, not Faggots, Dominate UGA

Crisco McLispo faked an email from some girls from UGA. It's a really poorly done fake email, which has all of  the hallmarks of Kade's own poor writing. It's not new for Cockgobbler to make things up, but I'm surprised he hasn't gotten any better at faking this crap. Later on, there is a video of Kade moving his clothing to his shitty new 1BR apartment, appropriately, in shopping carts like the jobless homeless loser he is. On the bright side, today's a new day and each time the sun comes up we're one day closer to Kade realizing the gig is up and killing himself.

Again, we've highlighted all the parts that are obvious lies, or things Kade can never prove. Makes it so much more fun to read, don't you think?

Being one of the most up and coming sex symbols in the world because of “The Journey”, The Brand has to deal with girls soliciting and wanting me from everywhere one can imagine, ranging from America to Europe to even Australia, and trust me, it is an amazing feeling to be wanted by some of the most beautiful girls all over the world. I am so careful because with Arthur Kade “Blowing Up” and becoming a television and literary star, girls want to be Kaded and “wifed” to try and seal me up for child support or even their own fame. I usually ignore all the emails that I get from girls who want to meet me or have sex with me, but this email that I got while watching my Phillies lose (It’s hard to see a great team that you love lose, but Philly still has me to bring them a Kade Parade once I win my first Emmy or Oscar) was so interesting and cute that I am considering doing it, and the “Kade Like” quote in the email is what sold me.

I never really had the true college experience in my youth because I was busy modeling, working at Neiman Marcus In King Of Prussia, PA (The Brand put himself through school like a champ), and dominating NYC with celebs, DJ’s, and hitting the hottest clubs like SoundFactory and Tunnel. I have always dreamed of going back and partying “Kade Style” with college girls, and now I may have to do it, and considering I am a celebrity and soon to have the number 1 show in America, it could be crazy and allow some lucky fans to party with one of the soon to be biggest names in Hollywood, Arthur “Muthafuckin” Kade. I also love Southern Girls, because they are usually very sexily freckled and natural blondes with great huge boobs, and usually love giving amazing oral sex (I had an unbelievable experience with one of the best blow jobs ever in Kadelanta, when I was visiting a girl who I met in SOBE who was like a “Hoover” and blew me 4 or 5 times in one night there) and they are usually not “Gold Diggers” like I have to deal with here. Here is the email I got (I held back their names to be polite), and I would love to know what Kade Nation thinks, and if I should dominate the University of Georgia, “Kade Style”? Tell me what you think…

Leaders of Kade Nation (just looking for someone of your caliber)
“Even though you’re really busy expanding The Brand and holding it down in Philly, I think you should come to Athens, GA (or Kathens as my friends and I like to call it). Sorority girls at the University of Georgia are always a good time and we’d love to be in your presence. Seriously our mission is for you to come to Athens. I don’t know if we’d be considered 10’s on the Kade Scale (because I know that’s really hard and understandable) but I’d say we’re all fun girls and definitely not below the scale. A few of my other good friends added you recently too. We’re on the Kade train and love your site. It’d be amazing if you could bring some Kade style to Athens.
“Football is what’s good about Athens, but Arthur Kade is what’s good about life”

-you’ll never know what you can get in Athens if you’ve never been here. come find out.”

Here are videos from today beginning the move to the new Chateau Kade (I’m putting some of the furniture in my storage unit from my professionally decorated townhouse in shortly. I also have a potentially amazing opportunity that I have gotten that I have to go over with TEAM KADE to see if it will be an issue with other stuff I have going on, so I will let you know the progress, but it’s BIG.

“I wonder how long it will take Arthur Kade to win “”People’s Sexiest Man Alive”" award?.. 2010?…2011??”….Arthur Kade….11/04/09


  1. So now he's announcing on Twitter he's run out of "deoderant" (spelling......Kade Style).

    He hasn't had any in a year!!!!!!!!!!! People have remarked about his body odor... and we've seen the Sweat Stained T Shirts.

    He's getting grosser! I wonder if he's trimming his nose hair? It must be like a forest in there?

    Glad to see AKZList back on the job.. Twitter Avenger....extraordinare!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drive him into the Ground AKZ!!!!!!!

  2. MC 900,




  3. Kade is such a loner now. I'm pretty sure, based on seeing him alone around town (where before there would be one of his fag hags or loser guy friends) that he's almost completely been abandoned now. The thing is, I've seen him a few times recently and I don't even see the most pathetic hanger-on types around him anymore--meaning no Lindsay Furman, no Heather Yerrid, not even a whiff of Boonswang or Piazza. I'm not sure what's going on, maybe I just didn't see him at the right time, but I'm starting to think he's whittled down his support to nearly zero. And of course, he wasn't invited to a wedding that a whole bunch of his "Players" were at, bc the bride and groom were worried about his douchebag behavior on account of his trainwreck last 10 months.

  4. He Twitters:

    "Theatre audition on sat followed by kissing scene in movie. Can't wait 2 blog this"


    Some poor hard working Actor/ress is going to have to perform a KISSING scene with it!!!!!!!!

    Aren't there Laws to protect real Actors from this slobbering, odiferous Rapist wannabe?

    Out there is a person who has worked hard to become an actor (longer than 7.34983 months); probably takes it very seriously, works nights as a waiter/ress so they can audition during the day. Appears at the audition, well rested, earnest. And then.......... in comes Arthur to read the scene. His tongue is already darting in and out of his mouth, like a lizard. He is sweating profusely...... white spittle appears on the corners of his mouth........ His breath turns foul, an acrid stale decomposing stench. He stares at the Victim/Actor/ress. He lisps his lines........... oh god, it's too horrible to finish............................................................................................................

  5. LOL!! What about Sabrina (The Gunt) Strickland? No sign of her?


    I hear what you're saying. I doubt anyone here hates him because he is a closeted homosexual. I, and probably everyone else here, hate him because he is a terrible human being with little in the way to offer the world. If he disappeared tomorrow the world would not be a worse off place. Here's to hoping you finally get around to working your magic with that rusty coat hanger.

    MC 900 FT

  7. arthur is moderating like son of a bitch.

    Been 8 +/- months since I started posting and nothing has changed. Art, what happened with:

    Emota.com other than you photoshopping their label onto your pics.
    What has happened with your "minor acne." That shit wasn't at all like a cyst like growth" but more like an "algae bloom" and seems to have killed any living cells on your face.
    All your shit is still in a pod?
    Tony Starch still hates you."
    You have not done anything more than "background acting work" in these 8 months yet you talk so much shit that you have done so much even though you havn't done anything.
    Gabbana hates you.
    we know why you hate dating and that is because in that job interview style situation you always blow it. The girls always find you a self obsessed bore with awful skin who is shallow as a piece of glass and also as transparent. Most women "find you sexually repellant."Even if you make it to a second date or even past that it is only because you most likely had an attractive friend like Sean who the girls really wanted.
    Diabetes? Still goes unchecked. Smart.
    Did you ever hear from car girl again? We know the answer. She wanted to pay for dinner so that she could "get the fuck out of there." You were as useful to her as herpes and that is why she pulled the "I'll pay" ripcord and ejected.

    Please know that and rest assured that your blog is funny shit and that is what has made you viable for the past 8 or so add months. I love that a guy who is so fucking ugly, insecure, and downright stupid could be so inventive to Invent all of these different variations of the same thing. And that same thing is nothing. The I'm going to win "Little Oscar" takes the cake. Dude, you couldn't/wouldn't win any award for acting because you don't act. Should I even waste my time saying that your writing and lisping are the worst. You couldn't even be an extra in a major motion picture because you would be so star struck they would escourt you off the set in handcuffs.

  8. So he STOLE two shopping carts? And they aren't cheap. They are over $100 each. You know, Joann's Fabrics right near me recently started charging a quarter to get a cart unchained and useable, which really annoys me to no end and I said so. They say it is because over 300 of their carts have been stolen. I feel for them, but how is a quarter going to stop someone from taking a cart? Even homeless people can get ahold of a quarter. On the way home from Joann's last week, about half a mile away I saw an old lady pushing one of Joann's old carts with her stuff in it and I screamed at her (with the windows rolled up) "Give them back their cart, you bitch!" which cracked my mom up because that is so unlike me and I wouldn't have done that if she could have heard me. But deep inside I part of me meant it. STEALING SHOPPING CARTS IS WRONG. I actually think Joann's did the quarter thing tho so they didn't have to gather up the carts anymore and for no other reason. Wanna see people bring carts back to the stands? That is how. If you want people to stop stealing carts you have to use the invisible boundary that locks up the wheels like my Safeway does.

    More boring blather from Artie...so boring blather from me in return.

  9. Hey Kadouchbag, where has "The Gunt" been recently??

  10. Regarding mcslobber's hair, he really needs to go the Justin Timberlake route (not a fan, but his SNL appearance was really funny "dick in a box" ha ha ha) and I like the e-book commercial he is in now. He knows how to do humble and I have to admire him for that. ANYways, see link in my name for old Justin trying to do something with it and failing, it will remind you of our own idiot. Douchebag needs to cut it short so it is constantly kept looking, like Justin finally did, though Justin's hair is even more curly so he doesn't need as drastic buzz cut, but waaayyy shorter than it is now.

    I am so tired of looking at his hair that his nose doesn't even register anymore. It always looks like he just took off a headband, and wearing ugly hats like he normally does only manages to leave it sweated and greased into hat hair when he takes the damn thing off. All the product in the world doesn't make bad hair look good.

    Turn it back to it's normal color, or ANY normal color, DON'T have your bangs go straight back like that, it looks ultra greasy with all the stuff you have to use to make them stay there, and once you have sorted that, you WILL have to work on the nose because I will notice it again.

  11. @ radda,

    They're more than $100. A great uncle of mine owns a bunch of grocery stores in a major metro area. When I was a baby he'd pay my dad (or anyone else he could trust) $25 for any carts they'd find away from store grounds.

  12. Lisperado, you are more than offensive
    Your writing is senseless
    You act like a dick
    You’re just a monkey
    And a cocaine snorting junky
    The end is in sight now
    And it’s coming quick

    If we rated you you’d be less than a two
    You’re so stupid that we laugh at you
    And we can’t help but wonder if your gay
    You talk like you’re a three-year-old
    And lisp and lie and look so old
    How long before your put away?

    Lisperado, you say that you’re a-lister
    But you’re just a pisser
    Who squats when he pee’s
    You think you will be someone
    Oh someone that will be famous and rich
    But you’re just the bitch
    Of legowig and company

  13. Joann's uses the small plastic ones with the only metal being the undercarraige and the handle, so I scaled down the cost on those, but I know what you mean because a decade ago the metal grocery carts were close to $200 each new. (I remember that from an article about finding so many in lakes and rivers and how much it cost store owners to replace them) So I reiterate: STEALING SHOPPING CARTS IS WRONG! Arthur can add criminal to his list of sins. Even if it is just receiving stolen goods. ;) Oh yeah, and he conned drinks out of the Franklin whatsit bar.

  14. Ahhh...seeing the term "Kade Parade" brings back some memories. From the Kade Cliffs Notes:

    Kade Parade: Any large public procession of nitwits. General term for any large crowd causing a clusterfuck. Example: "After Katrina hit New Orleans, it was a total Kade parade down there for months." [origin: <>parada a stop, stopping place, n. use of fem. of parado, ptp. of parar to stop, end <>parāre to set, 'Kade', modern Philly douche/idiot]

    Kadian Slip: To accidentally use Kade's name for something vile. For instance, "I have to drop the Kades off at the pool" when going to take a shit.

  15. Oh you beat me to it, Radda...

    The hair!!! WTF? How does he even do that? It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen on a human being--not even when I used to work with the homeless. It's HAHR-ribble.

    Although, Radda, shaving his head is just not an option that Anal has. With that honker of his, he'd look like a mental patient in a post-War french film.

  16. @Drew

    He must look like a wet dog after a shower. His bangs must be 5 inches long at least. It looks like he uses brylcream to keep it all in place, though I don't know if they even make that anymore...maybe he just uses vaseline. lol

    You made me smile about the mental patient, the image came straight to mind. I think there is a happy medium between the mess he has now and a #2 cut. The nose will be much more obvious, so if he is unwilling to get rhinoplasty, perhaps a lesson or two in makeup contouring? Like the link in my name perhaps?

  17. Moving............like an A-lister....Kade Style. Dominating the Shopping Cart. Shout out to Shoprite! (sorry, only Philly Grocery Store I remember)

    What happened to the MAD MAN HAIR? With the part?

  18. It would be awesome if someone could get in touch with some UGA sororities and call cum-gargler on this bullshit. How long before we never hear of this again?

  19. @Drew & Radda x 2...

    Laughed out loud at the image of "mental patient in a post-war French film." Glad you were there with me Radda.