Kade's "Players": An Update

Approximately 8.23691 months after mega-douchebag loser Arthur Kadyshes began his "Journey" to a mental institution, he is left with almost no support from his "Players" . He hasn't mentioned a single one of these people, even using their corny nicknames, on his blog in months. If Arthur was a "Brand" or a "celebrity" at all, these people would actually want to spend time with him, help him out, and appear in pictures. Of course, he's only known as a jobless 30-something loser with no style, no intelligence, and no talent.

Here's a look at each of Kade's "Players" and what we've found out from tipsters who know these people. For simplicity's sake, we're going to use Kade's own "Players" list from his website (reproduced on our blog here) as the template for this update.

Chad Boonswang - He's still a huge douchebag inside a tiny body, but he hasn't been seen around Kade recently. We have to give him some credit for that.

GN Kang - For whatever reason, she hasn't been seen (or heard) in Kade's videos for like 3 weeks. Sources say they're still friends, but it's unclear how much they've actually been  hanging out. Kade didn't attend King Kang's underwear football game in Reading, PA last week and it's possible there is a schism developing between the two. We're not sure, but if you know more, email us here.

Marissa Rosen - The Cackler moved to Israel. We're told Tel Aviv. Hasn't seen Crisco McLispo in months.

Hughe Dillon - Still a scourge on Philadelphia, with a total inability to project a positive image for the city. From his site, you'd think that people in Philadelphia were ill-educated fameballs who live on celebrity sightings and getting involved in the minute details of somewhat rich (yet tacky) people's private lives.  Has no clue what actual high class people do and confuses famewhores for legitimately powerful people. Dillon still supports Kade via Twitter and is probably stupid enough to think Kade will amount to something. However, other than being a little slow, this guy hasn't really enabled Kade that much. In fact, his pictures of Kade when Kade was more normal actually just prove how retarded and addled Kade has become.

Sabrina Tamburino and Steve Thorne - Well, they didn't invite Kadyshes to their wedding, which redeems them. They've basically disowned poor Artshitz. Sorry, Crisco McLispo...

Brett Perloff - need more info on this guy. Email us.

Tony Churchirilo - Reportedly hates Kade now. This is a guy Kadyshes claimed to be good friends with before. Not anymore!

Sabrina Strickland - People started calling her "The Gunt" on Kadyshes' blog and since then, no sign of her. Her low point was appearing, extremely drunk, in a video with Kadyshes and Lindsay Furman. She's the chubby one with a raspy voice (sounds like a 40 yr old Jersey woman).

Mark Zabludovsky - Supposedly had moved back from Miami, but absolutely no sign that he still hangs with Kadyshes. If you have more info, email us. However, for right now, we'd have to say this guy wants nothing to do with the Cockgobbler. From his LinkedIn profile, this tool appears to be suffering after being a "Alt-A and subprime mortgage broker"... hahahaha. Too funny that Kade's "friends" are also massive losers. Probably wiped out when the Florida real estate market hit the fan.

Michelle Miller - Strongly dislikes Kade, according to several sources. No sign of her anywhere near Kade recently.

Ania Kukla - Wants nothing to do with Kadyshes. We've heard different versions of the story, but supposedly she was hanging out with/dating Kadyshes briefly after Danielle Poe dumped him. Then Kukla either dumped him or started avoiding him. Not sure what exactly went on, but she's clearly staying far from Kade nowadays.

Sean Jones - No sign of this guy. Kade doesn't mention him and he has never appeared. They're probably not even friends at all and it was just Kade bullshit he hoped no one would call him on.

Danielle Poe - Allegedly treats Kade like the plague. Multiple tipsters say her take on Kade is "avoid avoid avoid". Can't blame her.

Lindsay Furman - Along with "The Gunt", this is the girl that has hung out with Kade the most recently. But it's been 2-3 weeks since she's been sighted around Kade. No idea if she's also starting to avoid him. People say she's desparate for any attention at all, so she probably does hang out with him, even if no one has informed us about it in a while.

Others - Kent Osborn still seems to enjoy screwing with Kade by pretending to be a "huge fan", etc. Kudos to Kent for that, it's quite entertaining. Heather Yerrid briefly made an appearance on the Kade radar, as a ditzy girl who liked to party with Kade, but she hasn't been seen since whenever Kade went to a Phillies game with her a few weeks ago. Lastly, Kade's old roommate Ron Hansen-- we wonder what happened there? Kade was living in Hansen's den for a while (true "Kade Style" accomodations!) but we're unsure if/when Ron Hansen forced Kade to move out. Of course, it's just pathetic that Kade was a 30-something man crashing with Hansen in desparation to begin with.

Lastly, Leonard Kadyshes and Raya Yukhimov (Kade's dad and step mom) have been in more videos recently. We're not sure if they really support what he's doing, as opposed to just going along with it and "being there" for him when it eventually all falls apart and he ends up moving back in with them as a brain dead 35 yr old. It's surprising Kade wants to hang around his parents so much (like his video with his real mom last week) since he's often commented on how both his parents abandoned him when he was growing up. Ugh, what a sad situation... I think he's started to hang out with them more because he needs to get videos of himself with people, pretending to be normal and have friends and supportive family. Since everyone else has abandoned him, he's stuck using his dad to go to an Eagles game (instead of having friends to go with). No word yet on whether or not Leonard really refers to Arthur as a "waste of cumb" [sic].


  1. Man...that list reads like a Who's Who of rejects from The Hills Have Eyes and even THEY have disowned Lispy McSlobberfuck.

    Kade is fading fast.

  2. ARTHUR,




  3. Lisperado, you are more than offensive
    Your writing is senseless
    You act like a dick
    You’re just a monkey
    And a cocaine snorting junky
    The end is in sight now
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    If we rated you you’d be less than a two
    You’re so stupid that we laugh at you
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    You talk like you’re a three-year-old
    And lisp and lie and look so old
    How long before your put away?

    Lisperado, you say that you’re a-lister
    But you’re just a pisser
    Who squats when he pee’s
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    But you’re just the bitch
    Of legowig and company

  4. Oh boy fuckface is working on "something big." Since his last big announcement was that he was moving into a freshman dorm room I can hardly wait. Maybe he is referring to his "deodorant project."

  5. brilliant! The fastest way to ruin anyoine is to attack or expose the people they hang with. fucking brilliant. keep it up!

  6. Who is Hughe Dillon? Or Hugh Dildo? Or Huge Dildo or whatever? I'm not in Philly

  7. @matt beauchamp

    phillycitchat.com is Hughe Dillon's site. He follows around the 'movers and shakers' of philly at boring parties and takes pictures of them.

  8. I spelled it wrong, link in my name.

  9. Great post!
    The reality around Kade posts are my favorite!
    Keep up the good work!

    Kadyshes' situation is sad, at best.

  10. fellas,
    your info is a little inaccurate... a few of kade's recent videos have boonswang in them. like the other day when he was in back of the mercedes (squished in) and he said it wasn't very kade style... that was boonswang in the background. and his car i believe. boonswang is the only other tool in philly desperate enough for companionship to hang with a d'bag like arthur, who is also desparate for companionship. match made in heaven

  11. @Anon 6:10...

    Don't you mean KADEaven?

    OK, so here's a link to what could be my favorite and also most childish Twitter to Crisco McLispy...


  12. I mean the one posted at about 9:08EST on Thursday night.

  13. wow! thank you for including me in the update Lego! AND i'm right under Lindsay Furman? time to masturbate!

  14. @Kent...

    C'mon, who hasn't masturbated to Lindsay J. Furman? She'd be perfect if she'd never say anything and you could keep her locked up in a room with no access to anything that would allow her to fame whore herself around.

  15. None of you guys have clearlymet Lindsay F. in person or you must all live in kentucky.. plenty of hotter ladies to jerk it to..

  16. it's true, i have not met her, but i love her bangs and her devil-may-care attitude. plus, it was the combination of being mentioned in a legowig post AND the proximity to Lindsay that made me want to masturbate. (which i did) thanks legowig!

  17. Actually, even Hughe Dillon doesn't think too highly of Philly's Least Favorite Son: